FAWC 1: Comfort Zone


"That was very bad, ignoring me and going straight to your computer," he said as he rubbed his palm over her ass. He slapped her hard enough to make her cry out before rubbing where his hand had landed. She could feel her lower abdomen tightening as he ran his fingertips up her ass crack before going back to rubbing. "I had planned on taking you on the kitchen counter, but you tossed that idea out the window." she was more prepared for the smack this time, and she held back her moan, but barely. "Oh, you like that, do you?" He spanked each ass cheek in quick succession then, and she couldn't hold back her moans anymore.

The rubbing and spanking continued until she was panting heavily and crying out with every slap. When he reached his hand down to push a single finger her, she almost lost it, "Please, Dax!" she begged him and arched her back to give him easier access to her depths.

"Please, what, Jenna?" He slid his finger out of her and traced her juices over her ass cheek.

"Please, just fuck me. I can't take this. I want you in me!"

He chuckled and let her slide to her knees beside him before he stood. Reaching down, he took her by her hair and used it to get her into the bed on her back. When she lay back watching him, he spread her knees apart and ran his hands down her thighs and then up to her hips, deliberately missing her mound which was swollen and ready for him. He stared at her for a minute and she could see his erection twitch and pulse. On his knees like this, she could see his balls hanging tight and ready near his body. They looked big enough to fill her hand to overflowing. She flexed her hips and spread her legs wider, watching as he admired her womanhood lain out before him.

With a sigh, he bent and pressed his mouth to the top of her slit, flicking his tongue over her clitoris and making her moan. Her fingers tangled in his hair as he sucked her outer lips and only occasionally gave her the touch she craved. "Jesus, Dax! You're going to drive me nuts doing that! Touch me, please, oh please."

She felt him sigh against her before his tongue whipped along her slit in fast repetition that had her pulling his hair in an attempt to hold him tighter to her body. He moaned against her, sending vibrations through and across her flesh that made her cry out. He held the backs of her thighs and spread her open with his thumbs while his tongue tasted her deep folds. Her juices were running down her crack and over her ass as he closed his lips over her sensitive button and began to suck gently and then with more pressure.

He had to readjust his hold on her thighs when she thrashed around on the bed. Her hands left his hair to fist in the sheets as he brought her to the edge of climax in a matter of seconds. When she was almost there, crying out and raising her head off the bed to watch him eat her, he pulled his mouth from her and began kissing his way up her stomach. "Mmmm, dammit, I was almost there."

"I know," his wicked grin above her as he rubbed the head of himself over her folds, making her shudder and thrust her hips in an attempt to catch him. "I'll let you come, don't worry."

His head bent to her shoulder, where he set his teeth as he slid himself along her slickness with more power. Every time he came to her opening, he would press against it then pull away at the last moment. She wrapped her legs around his hips and moved against him, trying to get him to stop this torture and just enter her, when he rose up, laughing. "Not yet, love," he whispered as he pulled himself away from her entirely and took one of her breasts in his hand.

The squeezing pressure on her breast was almost painful until he took the nipple in his mouth. He didn't try to take as much as he could this time; instead he played with only the nipple and the areola. With his lips, he pinched and pulled her nipple until it was a hard pebble attached to her groin with a red hot wire, sending spasms through her lower abdomen every time he touched it. His teeth were gentle as he bit the tip of her breast and pulled it out as far as he could before she cried out under him. When she thought she wouldn't be able to take much more, he moved to the other breast and gave it the same treatment.

Her nipples and breasts were so engorged when he finally pulled away from her body completely and straddled her hips. His balls were a hot weight against her pubic bone. She thrust her hips against him, reveling in his moan at the pressure on his nuts as she ground against him. He slapped playfully at her breasts until she stopped moving under him.

"I want to show you what I found while you were asleep this morning," he said and reached up to a shelf that was installed over the headboard. This position put his erection against her cheek, and she took the opportunity to run her tongue over his balls and pinch as much of the tight skin as she could between her lips before taking as much of them into by mouth as she could. His hand knocked against the top of the shelf as he fumbled with the feel of her mouth on his sack. "Damn, Jenna. Be careful or you'll make me lose it too early. I'm already on the edge just with you under me right now."

"If you didn't want me to use my mouth, you shouldn't have put them so close," she flicked her tongue along the area where his balls attached to his body just to make her point.

"Touché," he managed to sigh. "But I still want to fuck you, and too much more of that will make it a short session."

Jenna smiled up at him as he looked down at her, a few thin silk scarves in his hand. Without moving himself away from her busy mouth, he stretched to tie her wrist to the headboard, testing to make sure the bond wasn't too tight. He tied the other wrist in the same way before reaching to open the drawer in the night stand. Now his hot flesh did leave her face and he moved to open her legs and sit between her thighs. He had something else she couldn't quite see in his hands until he started to roll what looked like rubber rings over the condom.

When he had put three rings around himself, he reached back to the nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lube. She didn't think he'd need it, she was so turned on, but he went about rubbing some over himself and the rings. When he was done, he put the lube back and then positioned himself over her. He slid in her easily with all the help from the lubricant, but the rings were still an unexpected feeling as they slid along her walls.

She gasped at the sensations the rings sent ripping through her body. Dax smiled as he bent to kiss her, gently exploring her mouth with his tongue as he took his time moving within her. The rings seemed to hit every right spot within her, and it wasn't long before she was screaming and arching against him, her legs squeezing tight around his waist in an attempt to get him to stop moving for just a second. The pleasure that rode her body continued to make her twitch around him, and he groaned into her shoulder as he struggled to keep the slow motion steady. She had grabbed the silk scarves in an attempt to pull herself away from him when her orgasm broke and overwhelmed her.

Jenna was out of breath as he continued to use the same slow motion within her. His arms shook where they propped him above her and his groans had begun to grow louder the longer he went. When she could think again she knew that he was close. She wrapped her legs around his hips and began to gyrate her hips against him, keeping the slow rhythm going and reveling in the sounds he made as his own orgasm built. Her juices dripped down her ass cheeks as she felt the rings doing their work on her even as she was trying to bring Dax to his own climax.

Almost painfully slow, his thrusts began to pick up speed and urgency. His breath grunted out of him as he tried to hold on and make it last. Jenna picked up the speed of her movements until finally, Dax crashed into her and she could hear his balls as well as feel them smack against her ass. The force of the thrusts made her throw her head back and yell for him. "Oh fuck! Oh, Dax!"

She bucked her body under him as he slammed deep inside her, his orgasm making him shudder and the rings move over spots she didn't even know she could feel. He crushed himself against her with so much force that she moved up the bed until she could feel the headboard against the top of her head, and she bore down on him as much as she could to milk his load from him. Even as his body quieted, he continued to move within her and make both of them shudder and moan.

"God, Jenna," he said as he finally slid from her. He reached over and untied her wrists before nuzzling into her shoulder. His hand reached down to squeeze her thigh where it rested against his hip. They fell asleep like that.

* * * *

He felt the pull of the moon and knew he wouldn't be able to fight it again tonight. He had to change, and it was going to hurt because he had waited too long since the last time. His howls tore through the night as his body ripped itself apart and was pieced back together again.

The fur on his body was thick and wiry, and he flexed his newly changed claws and muzzle. The scents in the air were much more defined in this form, and he caught the smell of fresh sex on the air. In this new form, it took very little time for him to reach the place by the river where the two couples had competed for the loudest. The air was still rank with the stink of diesel, but that wasn't the smell he was after.

He moved to the spot nearer the road where the Mustang had been parked, picking up the slightly less offensive scent of gasoline and the tang of semen from the discarded condom. Following the scent of the car would be difficult when it crossed the more traveled asphalt, but he would at least know which direction it went.

* * * *

The house was a modest two story tucked a mile away from the nearest road behind a thick bit of brush. Jesus, did the woman not want anyone to come snooping? She had led him on quite a hunt down the winding county roads. He had lost her twice and had to back track before he would pick up a trace of her scent. It had been getting more frequent until he had found the house and the land that was saturated in it.

When he found the house, he went back into the brush to change back to his human form. With the sun only minutes from rising, he would have to find a place to sleep that wouldn't get him a nasty sunburn. Digging a shallow hole, he curled up and pulled the cloak of sleep around him like an old friend. After a change and a chase that long, he'd be lucky to wake before nightfall.

* * * *

The Mustang was parked next to a truck in front of the house when he woke. He didn't remember seeing it the night before, but he had been exhausted when he finally found the house. Jarrod had hunted and eaten, and then settled in for a long wait. The sounds of the woman being brought to pleasure by the man brought his hackles up. He knew in his gut that she was supposed to be his and the thought of her rutting with that human male was all but unbearable. A werewolf always knew when he had seen his destined mate, whether she was human or otherwise.

When the sounds of their lovemaking ceased and he was sure the two were asleep in the house, Jarrod stole across the lawn up to the nearest window. It opened into the kitchen, and he moved on. Past the living room, a bathroom, and a back mudroom he finally came to the bedroom to see the man sleeping alone. The bottom floor had been empty other than this man, so the woman must be upstairs.

He couldn't risk entering the house, so he backed away and looked for a way to see in to the second floor. There was a small porch roof over the mudroom that had a couple windows in easy reach, and he made short work of jumping to the shingled roof. The first window opened onto a bedroom that was obviously the woman's, but it was empty. He hit pay dirt when he looked into the second window and saw the woman sitting in front of a computer busily typing away.

The leap down from the roof was nothing for his powerful hind legs and he made it with ease. Glancing back up at the window one last time, he walked back out into the woods to wait for his opportunity.

* * * *

The day was nice when the girl went for a walk. She had the goofy smile that only a relationship in its early stages could produce. Her dress floated around her knees, allowing the breeze to reach her bare nether lips. The man was still asleep, but she felt too alive to stay still long enough to anything like sleep. It had been a long time since she'd felt this alive, since Ty had left her hurting and alone.

Anne walked down a well-worn path to the creek that ran behind her house. It was late enough now that the water would be warm on her skin. She regularly bathed in the creek in the summer months, and that was probably part of what had half the small town a few miles away calling her a witch and whispering behind her back. Tyler had once defended her, but in the end he had just been like everyone else.

It had been on the banks of this creek, where she lay naked in the sun to dry her skin, that she had imagined a man like Logan. He was kind, funny, and gentle -- but only when he wanted to be. She had learned in the last few nights that gentle was neither the only way nor the most fun. It had been nice to have a man help her discover so much about her needs, and not force her into doing anything she didn't want to.

With thoughts of Logan racing through her head, Anne stripped out of the dress and sat on one of the large stones on the side of the creek. The sun warmed her skin, and soon her thoughts turned to fantasies about what he might do to her next. Her hand slipped between her legs where she found she was ready for him already. Tentatively, she slid her fingers over herself. A moan rose from her lips as her fingers slipped over her clitoris and down into her folds to her opening. Her hips moved against her hand as she brought herself closer and closer to climax, only to find that she missed the thrusting of a man filling her.

She continued to pleasure herself, letting her moans serenade the silent woods around her, until she heard the huffing of an animal between her and the creek. Her hand left her mound as she sat up to stare into the face of a monster so hideous she couldn't help but scream.

Its muzzle was filled with sharp teeth and covered in a thick, wiry fur that almost buried its eyes from sight. The creature stood on its hind legs like a man, and it was obviously male. She watched in fear as it approached her on her rock, sniffing the air as if he could smell her waning arousal. The monster got so close that she could feel his breath on her inner thigh, and she let out a little squeal as fear paralyzed her.

The muzzle opened and the creatures tongue whipped out and, before she could move out of the way, raked over her sex roughly. When she screamed, the animal threw its head back and howled, displaying its now very large, very erect equipment. She finally broke out of her surprised stupor and scooted backward off the rock. Gaining her feet, she ran toward the woods hardly believing what had just happened. The crashing behind her was real, though, and the creature caught her before she could get more than a few yards away.

He dragged her back to the rock she had been sprawled on and pushed her down on her back. His clawed hands held her down while he lowered his muzzle back to the apex of her thighs. When she clenched her thighs together, he growled and used one hand to pry them apart so he could lick her again. She cried as the large wolf-like monster continued to lap at her mound, and shuddered even as her body began to respond to the stimulus. If she truly was a witch like the people in town accused her of being, she should have been able to cast a spell to kill the monster. But she was just a girl who preferred her own company to that of others, and she could not defend against the monster.

The rough tongue lapped over her clitoris, making her moan. It took that as encouragement and sent its tongue deep into her. As much as she feared the creature, the feel of that tongue twisting deep inside her had her moving her hips against the muzzle. She moaned when the tongue pulled back out of her, but when she opened her eyes it was a monster between her legs and not Logan.

Anne looked down the monsters body to the massive erection that jumped every time it sniffed her body. It was already leaking the creature's fluid in thick drops that slid down the shaft. She snapped her thighs shut and cringed away from the seeking muzzle, only to scream again when the wolf-man growled at her. This time, when he forced her legs open, his claws pierced her skin.

* * * *

Jenna stretched away from the computer and let out a little yip of surprise when hands grabbed her shoulders. Dax laughed at her as he gave her a massage and her head sank to the desk with a moan.

"How's it coming?" he asked as her tension leaked out onto the floor.

"It's dark," she replied. "Darker than my writing normally is, at least."

"Well, you don't usually have characters that are werewolves, and most of your shifters don't stay in their shifted forms for this long," his hands moved up into her hair and she sighed as his fingers began to rub her scalp. "It makes sense that it would be a darker story."

She groaned when his fingers left her hair, and she sat back up in the chair. "How much have you been reading?"

"I've read the whole thing," he said with a sly grin on his face. "When you finally take a break to get some rest, or remember that I'm here and want to cuddle, I let you sleep and come up here and read. This one's going much better than the last one, and you've already passed the fifty thousand mark in just under two weeks."

"I still don't feel right about it," she turned in the chair to face him.

"You also haven't left the house since we went to that bar. Nothing else has happened that even remotely resembles what's going on in your story." He pulled her to her feet and into his arms, laying a light kiss on her lips before steering her toward the stairs. "Let's go out on the porch so you can at least get out of the house for a while."

"You're laughing at me."

"Yes, I am."

"You're an asshole, you know that?"

"I know."

He led her out onto the porch and sat behind her on the swing, his legs on either side of her. They rocked for a while, listening to the distant howls of the coyotes that infested the area.

* * * *

Anne stopped struggling as the blood loss weakened her. The monster didn't seem to care whether she moved or not, and clambered up on the rock to loom over her. With a low growl, he pushed between her legs. Tears leaked from her eyes as she felt herself tear to accommodate him, and she wondered if Logan would never wake up to find her gone. It pumped between her legs a handful of times before reaching its release, just like an animal rutting. Just before she blacked out, Anne realized this actually would have made a good horror story.

* * * *

Jarrod leaned back against a tree and watched the house. The distant howls of another male like himself had him growling every so often, but the other male would not find him. He had recognized the rutting howls and rumbles of another werewolf and knew he wasn't alone in the area. When he heard the screams his ears had perked up, but that just meant the other wolf had taken a woman in his shifted form. They were not mates. This one would be his mate, and he would be able to hold his human form when he took her.

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