tagFetishFay 02 - Fay Goes Travelling Ch. 01

Fay 02 - Fay Goes Travelling Ch. 01


(Fay is 23 years-old with tumbles of ginger curls, pale blue eyes and huge, 32FF boobs. This story continues a year after the last 11, so no need to read them unless you want to! And if you'd like to know more about Steph or Sammy, I highly recommend you do an author search for mjmurra – characters used lovingly and with permission)

Fay walked out of the small, family-run hotel, blinking in the bright, mid-morning sunshine. She shaded her face with a hand as she idly brushed strands of her wavy, ginger hair out of her face and looked around. It'd been late when she'd driven into town last night, and this was her first chance to explore. As she looked up and down the quiet street, she mused on the previous year...

A year ago she'd been a sexually frustrated and curious 22-year old, but had quickly learned what delights were out there for a beautiful, filthy girl. Following the first week of furious exploration in which she'd discovered watersports, bedwetting, panty pooping, scat play, anal sex, BDSM, humiliation, gang-bangs, spanking, caning and more, her life had become a whirlwind. She started a lesbian relationship with her flatmate pushed herself to find her sexual limits – failing to find any!

Now, at 23-years old, and following a year of depraved and filthy sex on a near constant basis, she'd retained her youthful, clear looks and was still asked for ID when she tried to buy wine from the supermarket. Her wild mass of copper, wavy hair, petite, 5'3" size and cute clothes (she loved the 'schoolgirl' look and often favoured ankle or over-the-knee socks and short skirts with t-shirts or tight blouses) were often at odds with her eye-popping curves – most teens don't have such slim, shapely calves and soft, round thighs with a deliciously round and full bottom and tidy, ginger-fuzzed pussy, plus her petite waist and firm, pink-nippled boobs which were a tremendous 32FF and all natural. Today she was dressing down slightly in black leggings and a casual t-shirt that clung to her breasts in a sexy but not revealing way. Simple make-up and pumps completed her outfit.

But whilst she looked as fresh as ever, she'd grown jaded and decided that what she really needed was a holiday rather than a new sexual experience. Her relationship with Nadia had broken down, and a complete break was the order of the day. So, one name-from-a-hat destination, trans-Atlantic flight and an hour's drive later, Fay found herself in a quiet, leafy town with no friends and, crucially, nobody knew anything about her. The hotel was quiet so she'd booked a week but let the owners know that she may extend.

Right, she thought to herself, first order of business is to get some coffee inside me and then I need to get my bearings. She'd consciously decided to head to somewhere that nobody had heard of – she wanted a sedate, average town rather than a tourist trap. She didn't need attractions, just to decompress, read some books and recharge her batteries. But she needed to know where to eat and where to shop, too. Fay wasn't convinced that television was a suitable point of reference, but the town in reality looked much like the version in her head. Shops and boutiques in two-story buildings flanked the main road, with quiet, residential streets taking up most of the space. A school, an adult store (interesting...), a car dealership and, ah!, a that'll do the trick.

It was a bookshop, which was a great start as she'd left her Kindle at home and liked to read, so she could stock up. It also boasted a café, so she could grab a coffee and relax for a bit – after all, that was the whole point of the trip. Entering the store, Fay took a seat by the window so she could look out on the quiet street. The odd car drove past, but it was 11am on a weekday and most people would be at work or school. She exhaled deeply, settling into her seat and realising that she'd not felt this relaxed in a long time. The last year had certainly been fun, but she'd also started to feel stressed and tense. She gathered her tumbling hair back into a loose ponytail and then started to look over the menu.

She was startled by a presence standing over her, and jumped slightly.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare you," smiled a rather beautiful girl in khaki trousers and a white polo shirt. "I said can I get you a drink?" Fay was slightly flustered. She'd developed a thing for girls in glasses and this girl was lovely, with enchanting green eyes as striking as Fay's pale blue ones and red hair, like herself. Snapping herself out of her reverie, realising she was possibly staring, she glanced back at the menu, as much as anything just to make herself stop staring at the waitress.

"Yes, yeah, could I get a medium latte?"

"Oh, you're British?" The girl smiled again and Fay could only stare in reply. "We don't get many tourists here."

"No...I...yes, I'm maybe just...it's just a short break." Why am I incoherent, Fay shouted at herself in her mind. The girl smiled again.

"Ok, latte coming up." The khakis were very tight and the waitress had a great bottom, Fay observed. Then she stopped herself looking – this was supposed to be a break from all the debauched behaviour she'd been indulging, and on the very first morning she's checking out a waitress. So she can what? Lure her into a lesbian tryst before leaving town like some bad boy in a song? Fay shook her head in despair with herself and her silliness and went back to looking idly out of the window.

Fay almost totally managed not to ogle the waitress openly when she returned with the latte (Steph she was called, according to her name-badge) and said she'd maybe order food later. As she slowly drank her coffee, she wondered about herself and her plans. She knew that her thoughts were being stirred by the pretty girl in the glasses, but regardless, did a break mean no fun at all? That seemed a bit strong. She definitely needed to avoid some of the riskier things she'd been doing, but no fun at all would soon start to spoil her holiday, surely? Of course, logistics were an issue – she'd not gone a week without wetting the bed in the last twelve months, but she was in a hotel bed now, so she'd be too embarrassed and, besides, it was rude to her host. She'd also start craving a spanking within a few days if she knew her needs, but she knew precisely nobody in this town and did not want to start off her trip by getting arrested for indecency or something! She could wash her clothes in her room, though, so she figured that as long as she did not get too carried away then she could at least have some fun using her knickers as a toilet...

This thought was just crossing her mind when Steph returned to check on her. Fay blushed crimson, not that the young waitress could surely even have imagined what was on her mind, and ordered a second latte just to make the girl go away. This time she didn't try not to look, admiring the curve of her waitress' bottom in the tight uniform she wore. Great work, Fay, she thought, no way are you making it to the end of your first day without being bad! Her brain was full of half-conceived ideas, ranging from the plausible – somehow seducing Steph in the toilets – to the ridiculous – ravishing her on the table in full view of passers-by then getting Steph to spank her for her outrageous actions. Fay shivered, and was aware that her nipples had stiffened. Given the size of her boobs and thus the attention they attracted, she was always conscious that if her nipples were visibly poking against her t-shirt then this would get them even more admiring glances, and now surely was not the time. That said, her pussy was definitely wet, and she crossed her legs under the table, enjoying the slight pressure caused by her tight leggings. The two lattes had started to work through her system and she briefly pondered wetting herself there, revelling in the idea of being so dirty as to deliberately piss her pants in a café, but decided against as leaving a puddle of pee for Steph to mop up was unlikely to increase any remote chance she might have of getting the sexy, bespectacled girl into bed.

She needed to get out of here before her fantasies took her too far, she decided. Leaving a generous tip on the table, she stood up, smiling shyly at the waitress as she left who shouted some cheery 'please come again' platitude. Fay dimly noticed a second waitress, shorter and pretty in a slightly saucier way. Unaccountably, she seemed to be almost glaring at Fay. What did I do to her? The redhead wondered as she walked back onto the street, nearly bumping into another customer – Yet another attractive girl? This town is hot! – as she exited.

Fay's dirty desires, the one's she'd crossed the Atlantic to get a break from, had clearly come with her. She walked quickly back in the direction of her hotel, her mind swimming with images of Steph the waitress. It was the glasses that had done it. As she walked she imagined Steph towering over her (she'd looked a good six inches taller than Fay), pulling her over her athletic looking thighs and spanking her until she cried, wetting and messing their panties together...

The curvy redhead was tingling from head to toe as she hurried across the lobby and into the lift to her hotel room. She should have known that it wasn't being at home that had made her a pervert – it was just her. She was the one who'd let a stranger spank and cane her, who'd deliberately wet herself, wet her bed, let her roommate piss over her and in her mouth. She was the one who'd shit in her knickers on purpose, had sex with homeless men, had sex for money, drunk people's pee. She'd even eaten...

The lift opened and Fay all but tumbled out. She was so aroused she almost felt drunk. She needed to be nasty, or at least as nasty as she could on her own in a small American hotel room. Her urge for the toilet was very strong, so she knew exactly where to begin! Rounding a bend in the corridor to her room, she was brought up short! Her door was open and a cleaning trolley was outside – they were servicing her room. Immediately, some of her arousal turned to panic. She'd been planning to wet herself, but in an erotic rather than embarrassing way! Now that her room was occupied, she realised how badly she needed to pee and felt her bladder start to protest at the strain.

She drew level with her doorway, the door ajar, her mind cycling through the best story to get herself some peace quickly, but what she saw next etched itself into her memory. The maid looked to be about her own age, maybe slightly taller at around 5'6". She was slim, with what appeared through her clothes to be smallish, pert breasts. Her bottom was curvier, filling out the back of her polyester uniform. Her honey-blonde hair was gathered into a high ponytail, revealing her wholesome, good looks – very symmetrical features, like someone had been asked to create a standard, pretty girl. All of this was secondary, however, to what Fay saw the maid doing.

Her blue uniform shift had been hoisted up at the front, revealing more of her shapely, white thighs than Fay may have expected to see of her room cleaner. The maid's hand was in her own panties, clearly masturbating. In her other hand, she was holding the knickers that Fay had taken off last night and they were pressed to her face. Fay could see and hear that the other girl was inhaling deeply, her pink tongue darting out to lick the gusset. Fay hadn't done anything she shouldn't have in the panties at least, but just the scent of her pussy was enough for the blonde. Fay was dumbstruck, and stood motionless in the doorway for a moment, but the maid must have caught the peripheral movement as she started, flushing a deep crimson she dropped Fay's underwear and pulled her hand away from her own pussy, trying to straighten her uniform, which stayed bunched up, showing Fay the cute, green, cotton shorts the girl wore, which were visibly damp at the front.

The blonde stammered "Oh...miss...I, oh, I wasn't...I mean...please, please don't say anything! If Mrs Harris hears any more reports she'll let me go and I really need this job. Please, I'm sorry, I was just..." Fay hadn't replied as she was dumbfounded. Finding a cleaner, such a pretty cleaner, masturbating in her room whilst sniffing her knickers had not been something she ever expected to see. And now the girl had tears rolling down her cheeks, smearing her eye makeup. Stepping into the room, Fay closed the door behind her.

"I'm fairly sure you're not supposed to go through the customer's clothes," she said gently, approaching the other girl. "And you definitely aren't supposed to," she looked meaningfully at the girl's still exposed knickers, "well, do that!"

"Please don't tell on me, please, I'll apologise, I'll make it up..."

"It's ok." Fay's tone was more reassuring. "I know a bit about doing things you shouldn't."

Leaning forward, she kissed the cleaner full on the lips. The blonde pulled away, gasping "What are you..." but Fay cut her off.

"Shh, you were licking my panties, you like girls and you like my pants." She kissed her again, enjoying the feel of the blonde's soft lips. "You don't want me to tell your boss, well ok. But you liked my panties, so you can help me with how I like my panties!"

"I don't understand..." the girl started to say, but was silenced by more of Fay's kisses. Overwhelmed by the voluptuous redhead's advance, the maid stepped back, but Fay followed and when the maid's calves hit the edge of the hotel bed, they fell onto it, Fay on top. She carried on kissing the maid, who was still too stunned to respond, but she was not trying to get away, and as Fay slipped a hand towards the cleaner's damp panties she did not resist. Fay cupped the blonde's mound through her panties and she responded instantly, gasping under the continuing kisses and arching her back, grinding her pussy against Fay's fingers.

"See, I knew you'd like it!" The blonde still looked confused and scared, but her body betrayed her, and she started to kiss Fay back, and used her hands to grasp Fay's large breasts through her bra and t-shirt.

"I do, I'm sorry, I do, I'm sorry," she whispered like a mantra between kisses.

"Don't apologise to me, I won't tell on you." Fay smiled wickedly. "But here's what I like!"

The maid felt Fay stiffen and saw her forehead crinkle with concentration, but was lost in playing with Fay's boobs and kissing her pouting lips. So for a second she did not realise what was happening. For her part, Fay knew exactly what she was doing. At first, a year ago, overcoming two decades of toilet training had been hard, but now she used her panties and bed as often as she used a toilet, so relaxing and giving in to her urge was easy. The familiar but still treasured feel as the first spurt of pee gushed into her knickers, soaking quickly into the gusset, the thrill as the second, longer spurt soaked beyond her panties, trickling around her thighs and wetting the material of her leggings, then the torrent. As she was straddling the cleaner, a lot poured through her clothes and started to splash onto the maid. It was then, when Fay's warm piss started to spatter onto her belly, crotch and thighs that the maid realised what was happening.

"You're peeing on me!"

"You had fun with my underwear – this is how I have fun," explained Fay, still kissing the other girl. For her part, the maid made no attempt to move. The ginger girl's piss splashing onto her cunt, soaking her panties, uniform and the bed they lay on was thrilling her, by far naughtier than her tame fantasies. She ran her hands over Fay's round thighs, feeling the clingy, hot, wet material of her leggings as Fay's piss soaked her inner thighs. Fay was still stroking the maid's pussy, and now slipped a hand inside her cotton pants, soaked with Fay's own pee, to find her smooth, shaved pussy. Rubbing her in the same way she touched herself, Fay was pleased the maid responded as she'd expected, gasping with passion. Overcome with shame and fear at her discovery, thrilling at Fay's touch and kisses and overwhelmed with confusion at her response to being peed over, the maid came suddenly, screwing her face up, kissing Fay urgently and whimpering as her lithe body ground against Fay's curves.

Deciding to save her own orgasm, Fay rolled off the blonde, collapsing onto the bed by her side. "That was fun," she giggled. "I promise I won't tell your boss, but I hope you've a spare uniform!" Both girls looked at the maid's uniform, which was visibly soaked up the front.

"I...I do," she stuttered, confused. "I should change your bed too."

Fay grinned again. "No, leave it. I'll put the do not disturb on, but you can come in here anytime."

The maid stood up shakily. Her makeup was smeared from crying and kissing, her uniform was a crumpled, pee-wet mess and her mind was all over the place. "I have to go. I mean, I'll come back. I mean...I have to go." She almost ran from the room, and Fay heard her scampering off down the corridor with the cleaning trolley, presumably to change in a utility room or somesuch. Exhaling contentedly, Fay relaxed back onto the bed, enjoying the feel of her wet leggings and panties and idly licking at her fingers, tasting her maid's pussy, realising that she'd just pissed on and had sex with a girl without even asking her name. It was going to be an interesting rather than relaxing holiday after all. She wondered if the beauty with the glasses would be anywhere as much fun as hotel cleaners seemed to be in this town?

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