tagLoving WivesFay Meets The Prince Ch. 02

Fay Meets The Prince Ch. 02


Dedicated to real life Don

Fay's education continues

Fay had understood that Rajeev intended to present her to Prince Kyrhan. She was really excited by the idea as Rajeev had instilled in her mind that Kyrhan was exceptionally well endowed and knew how to deal with hot girls like her. She thought it wise to tell Rajeev that she wasn't his property, that he couldn't decide just like that who would take her. Rajeev smiled and replied in a quite authoritative voice :

- Like it or not, you're my fuck-toy, now, girl! You should feel proud that I have dispensed my seed in your womb! Hush with this discussion : women's mouth may find a better use than discussing with men!

Rajeev looked at her with a hypnotic gaze without adding anything more! He could have forced her to obey but he didn't even touch her. To her utter surprise, Fay felt her excitement ebb down... He snapped his finger, pointing to the ground and her knees suddenly felt like jelly and she fell on her knees. It wasn't a brutal move as if the floor had suddenly given way : she just knelt at the feet of Rajeev! He took out slowly his cock : it was long and meaty, already hard. Fay knew it quite intimately : it had ravaged her ass hole, less than two years before, exploring places that she would never have thought she would ever allow a man visit. She had cooperated as completely as possible, muffling her screams that could have alerted neighbours, opening as wide as she could to accommodate Rajeev's massive manhood!

Fay knew perfectly that, this time, she was to service Rajeev's cock with her mouth and her throat while a girl named Preeti was intercepting Don and probably offering him similar services to prevent him from returning to find their bedroom empty!. The same submissive stance she had felt when Rajeev had buggered her was fast overwhelming her. After only a slight hesitation, she clasped her hand behind her back. Then, inching forward on her knees, she took the head of his cock into her mouth and began working its impressive length in. That was something she'd never done before, giving head to a stranger she didn't know on the previous day! She wasn't forced in any way, she hadn't been beaten or blackmailed, her brain was functioning quite normally apart that she was sure that it was something she HAD to do! Rajeev could see she was at the same time scared by the control he had on her and thrilled by the idea of giving a blowjob to some mysterious and powerful Indian man!

Rajeev started immediately to push his cock into her mouth. She had no problem until he bumped against the back of her mouth but she had just taken two ridiculous inches! She tried to relax her throat, knowing that the next steps would be much more difficult to handle! Rajeev was cooing encouraging words and surprisingly, it helped her to calm down! Rajeev resumed thrusting deeper into her gullet... With each thrust down, Fay worked more and more of his cock into her throat. When he reached her uvula, her gagging reflex told her to pull out but she had conquered it when she had given head to Don : she wasn't a complete debutante! He reached her tonsils and that was the boundary of the charted territories : no one, not even Don, had ever gone further down her throat!

Rajeev grabbed her hair, feeling she was afraid to go further! She couldn't pull his cock out of her mouth, even if she wanted now! Rajeev was just too strong for her to escape from him. Fay was a very practical person : she was always taking into consideration only the available options... In the present case, she had just one : Rajeev wouldn't stop before she had the whole length of his cock buried in her throat! Each time her gagging reflex seemed about to take her over, he just increased the pull on her hair and the pain forced her to obedience. He just left her a few seconds, never a full minute before thrusting again down her throat.

Rajeev pulled back, just the strict minimum for Fay to fill her lungs. When her ragged breath showed she had been able to do it, he thrust hard back into her mouth without warning, pushing deeper than he had ever gone, plunging deep into her throat. He could feel her starting to panic beneath him, but this time, he didn't stop : there were just two more inches to go and she certainly could accommodate them this time. He had just to force her to abandon herself completely to him! Fay realized then that it was just the mushroom shaped head of his cock that blocked her breath! When the cock went further down her throat, she could get the air so much needed by her body as the shaft was slender than the head! She relaxed slowly! Now she had learned the knack, she felt she would be able to service Rajeev more comfortably for both of them! She now knew she could breathe around his cock!

- You're a very good cock sucker, Fay! You'll make a good little whore, you'll see! Now, let's try to get it all as deep as it can go!

Pushing on her head gently, Rajeev sank the last inches of his cock into Fay's throat, until he couldn't get any deeper. He immediately started to see saw deep in her throat, enjoying the heavenly sensations Fay offered him, especially when she was gagging on his cock : her throat throbbed and clamped alternately on his cock. He could feel her squirming beneath him, but not offering any resistance and not trying to escape. He knew he was dominating her and when she would have enjoyed it for some time, he knew that she would be his obedient pet, ready to satisfy any whim from him.

Rajeev had the pleasure to notice Fay had kept her position on the floor with her hands firmly clasped behind her back. He stroked her hair with one hand as he would have done to a dog.

- You've made a fine job, Fay, but once is not enough! Be a good whore and take again that whole cock down your throat. I want to see all of it, buried in your mouth, but I would like you to do it willingly, without any prompting from me!

- Yes, Master!

Fay loved to be used by a dirty old man, so deliciously authoritative like Rajeev! She would love even more to be shared between Rajeev and Don but she would have to be quite shrewd to obtain it : Don was in a difficult position, being more and more openly cuckolded! Fay considered this period just as a training session to teach her how to give more pleasure to men : she loved Don but she also loved to cum and make other men cum!

Rajeev gave a gentle slap on Fay's head to tell her she was to start immediately to do her girly duty. She engulfed his cock and started to work it into her mouth. This time, she was on self control and she seemed to enjoy it tremendously. When his cock reached the back of her mouth, she paused for a second, relaxed ostensibly her throat, filling her lungs with air. She then plunged her eager mouth around his cock as fast as she could. Tears came to her eyes when she began to gag but that didn't stop her downward move. The head of Rajeev's cock, slipped past her tonsils and slid into her throat much faster than on the first attempt. She filled her lungs with air as soon as she could! When her lips rubbed against Rajeev's pubic hair, she stopped to enjoy what she considered a triumph. She looked toward the Indian man, looking for an approval or a commendation about her efforts!

- Nice job, Fay! We will start that way, each time we meet, if you don't mind?

Fay nodded even if the question was purely rhetorical! That was the first time Rajeev announced clearly that they would meet again! Reminding how Rajeev had made her perform, she pulled back by around three inches and began to bob her head back and forth sliding along the whole length of the magnificent cock she was massaging in her throat. The gagging reflex still occurred but she seemed now quite able to manage it, for as long as Rajeev could sustain it!

Rajeev was now just concerned by his own orgasm building up in his loins. The efforts she was providing, with her hands still clasped behind her back had forced her to rely on the strength of her thighs and of her belly. She felt contractures in her belly but she continued to operate, disregarding the pain! Sweat was flowing liberally from her forehead and her whole body was gleaming with perspiration. Her chin was covered by her saliva and it had cascaded on her tits. A small rivulet had reached her navel and was menacing what Rajeev had nicknamed her little air strip. But Fay didn't stop for these mere inconveniences : she was a cocksucking slut on a mission! She was perfectly aware that if Rajeev now told her to deep throat any man, even for a fee, she would open her mouth wide to take him into her mouth, like the whore she was fast becoming!

Rajeev was on the verge of an Earth shattering orgasm. Fay's ministrations felt now too slow for his needs. He placed his hands behind her head and started to use her mouth just as if it was a pussy! He pounded her throat for all he was worth, pistonning relentlessly into her throat, setting the pace as fast as he could. Fay followed as fast as she could, pressing her lips around his cock! With one final thrust, Rajeev buried the whole length of his cock into her throat, and a wild torrent of hot cum erupted straight down her throat. Rajeev ordered her to swallow it all and she immediately complied with delighted slurps!

Fay cuddled in Rajeev's arms, gently recovering her composure. She didn't want to press him into action but Don would return anytime to their bedroom and she needed a good long and warm shower to make most of the traces of their activities disappear. But in the same time, she didn't have had her ration of cum in her pussy! She now desperately needed the release! Rajeev looked at his watch :

- Time to go home, Fay! You need to refresh to avoid Don to discover anything! I don't want you to go back home, wearing these westerner clothes! Now you have had Indian sperm in your ass and your stomach, I want you to always wear Indian clothes until you return to England if not definitively! Here is a kameez I chose just for you and here are shuridars, a sort of tight pants! Tomorrow if we meet again, I will teach you how to wear a saree and it will become your uniform from now on!

Rajeev handed her a piece of cloth to wipe her body clean. She hastily put on her kameez (long tunic worn with a long scarf named a dupatta) but Rajeev told her to stop. She obediently froze. Rajeev took in a drawer an egg like device, he expertly shoved into her pussy. Fay enjoyed the presence of the egg in her pussy even though it wouldn't be enough to make her cum! Perhaps if she brushed her thighs together, she might... Rajeev lifted the waist line of her shuridars and accompanied her to the door of the bedroom. When he kissed her good bye, he had an electronic pad in his hand. He pressed the button and suddenly Fay felt the egg deep in her pussy coming to life : it started to vibrate, as if it was twirling inside of her. The sensations were quite pleasant but much stronger than what she could withstand while keeping a normal stance to walk to her bedroom!

- Rajeev, please shut it down! I can't return to my room with that device buzzing in my pussy!

- Why not? Just hurry up : twenty yards to the lift, five storeys and again twenty yards. You may just have to keep a grip on handles not to fall down when you reach a climax but I am now sure you can operate quite efficiently under maximum stress! You need the release this love egg will give you! If we meet again tomorrow, I will show you how an old dirty Indian man like me can make a proud young English wife cum like a queen!

On her way to her room, Fay had to lean onto the walls to steady her as she enjoyed climax after climax under the unending stimulation of the love egg. Rajeev had given her the remote and she could have stopped the vibration by just a flick on the on/off toggle and nobody would have known it but Rajeev had told her he wanted her to get back to her room with the egg vibrating at maximum speed! Rajeev had uncovered her submissive tendency and she couldn't be bold enough to disobey to such a direct order! She shook so much that she had trouble entering her card into the card reader that opened the door. She finally succeeded and closed the door behind her. She collapsed on the floor, totally exhausted by so many climaxes with virtually no respite between them! She took the remote in shaky hands and pressed the off toggle! She sighed when the vibration died in her pussy.

Fay was now in a hurry : she took off her kameez and run under the shower. She emerged from it, twenty minutes later, fresh and clean with her hair fixed in a high bun. She wondered when Don would arrive. From what she had heard of Rajeev's instructions to Preeti, he would be totally exhausted, unable to have a noticeable hard on. Fay wished that Preeti would have made a serious job as she had decided to keep the vibrating egg in her pussy. It was inert for the time being but she would have problems explaining its presence to Don if he was able to enter her pussy! Fay decided to put on a red see through nightie that was too short to fully cover her ass. The top was a half bra that left the major part of her tits including the nipples totally exhibited. She had decided not to put on any undies underneath! It was a rather slutty outfit that Don had offered her for their wedding anniversary but she had never worn, too shy to put on such whorish clothes. She wondered why she had taken it in her wallet! If Don was too tired to take advantage of this provocative display of her body, she would put it again on to meet Rajeev on the next day. HE would not miss such an opportunity!

When Don arrived finally half an hour later, he was obviously really exhausted. Fay didn't comment on the traces of lipstick on his neck. She had to help him to the bathroom for a long soak in the tub. Fay helped her husband to disrobe and she could find the print of a girly mouth on his buttocks : he had left Preeti in such a hurry he hadn't had the time to clean himself thoroughly. Don proudly showed her the ten thousand bucks he had won but he didn't speak of his feats with Preeti! Fay wasn't cross with her husband as she had dallied with a stranger as much as he had... While he rested in his bath, she returned to their bed and negligently switched the toggle button to on. She arched her back wildly in front of the wave of delicious feeling that hit her. She allowed herself to cum twice before she switched off again the vibrator!

When he emerged from the bathroom, Don praised his wife for her very attractive way of welcoming her husband when he returns home! But he announced that he was too tired to even kiss his superb wife! If he had talked her about his encounter with Preeti, Fay would probably have abandoned her idea of returning to Rajeev's suite! But he stayed mute : so there was no reason to deny herself so much pleasure! Fay took off her nightie not to soil it as she wanted to put it on during the next morning! Fay woke up four times during the night. Each time, she switched on the vibrator and waited patiently for her second or her third climax before switching it off again! Each time, she thrashed wildly about don was snoring quietly!

Fay put on again the nightie to take her breakfast with her husband : he seemed quite interested by his wife's outfit but he seemed more interested to meet his new conquest. So, as soon as he left, Fay put on her kameez without bothering to put on her shuridars. She scurried to the door of Rajeev's suite and knocked. He smiled when he discovered who the intruder was!

- Fay, a pleasure to meet you again so soon!

She knelt at his feet.

- I enjoyed so much our encounter yesterday evening that I decided to come back!

- Quite nice but wouldn't it be more like : "my husband has deserted me to jump into Preeti's bed?" No offense, Fay, but always be completely truthful with me or with Kyrhan : we always feel it when you disguise even partly the reality! Don't feel cross against your husband : he doesn't know the kind of training I test on you. When he will realize that you can now offer him the same services, he won't be so much interested by Preeti!

- Yes, I hope so, Master!

- You may be sure of the outcome! Now Didn't I ask you to put on Indian clothes?

- This is the Kameez you gave me!

- Yes but you forgot the dupatta and the shuridars!

- I know, Master but it was just a decoy as I couldn't wander in the hotel corridors in such an outfit..

Fay pulled up her kameez, appearing to Rajeev's bewildered eyes in her red nightie and very high red leather sandals! Rajeev whistled slightly :

- Fay, I love your inventiveness : you are forgiven and in a perfectly adequate outfit to continue our discussion!! Come and sit on my lap!

Fay didn't need to be told twice! She cuddled on Rajeev's lap, her legs wide open for her mentor(s probing fingers. Rajeev's first investigation was to plunge a finger into Fay's totally offered pussy. He took it out of her, completely coated by a thick dew. Fay tried to explain why she was so wet!

- Master, it's just the vibrating egg you placed in my pussy!

- Don't lie : the batteries could last just four hours!

- I knew it nut I killed the egg as soon as I entered my bedroom and since then, I switched it on for very short periods, when I was in the mood to make me cum. The last time I used it was when I was walking to your suite. I wanted to be dripping wet and ready for you, Master!

- A very commendable eagerness, slut!

- Hmmm! I really like when you speak dirty to me, Master!

- Then, you'll be served, just as you want, little whore! You are one of the best cocksucker I've ever met, just second to Princess Kira! You suck cock like a very experienced whore! I made you eat the cum I deposited on your body and you enjoyed it very much! It's highly nutritive! When you'll have a large number of men to satisfy, your only food will be their sperm! Is that clear, my pretty whore?

- Yes, Master! May I inquire if you really want me someday to service paying customers?

- Personally, I would send you to a brothel to earn your keep immediately but the Prince might have other ideas! Let's play with what we have on hand!

Rajeev lifted Fay from his lap almost effortlessly and placed her beside him. Then he extracted his magnificent cock from his dhoti. Fay couldn't remove her eyes from the long pole dangling less than two feet from her eyes! Then Rajeev plunged his fingers into her pussy to pull out the string holding the vibrating egg. It popped out of her pussy with a liquid plop that Fay thought awfully shameful. He then lifted her again from the bed, turned her until she was facing him. He made her move around until his cock was wedged into her gaping pussy hole.

- Give me your mouth, slut! You are going to impale yourself on my cock with no effort on my part! I will let you sink on my dick, then you will have to lift up your buttocks and impale yourself again, until I fill your pussy with my cum! I just hope you will like the up and down movements but it will be your problem, not mine! You are here to give me pleasure, not the other way around!

- Yes, Master!

Fay had called him master on her own with a delightful simplicity : he had thought he would have to force her to do it! Kyrhan will praise him for his success! He was sure that this girl was meant to be dancing on his cock and on Kyrhan's! He reached into his suitcase and pulled out a long black piece of rope. He tied the rope around her wrists. Fay was way past protesting now! In fact, she was beginning to really enjoy being used by some dirty old man as long as his cock was big enough to stretch out her holes just as she liked it!

Suddenly, Fay could feel his cock pressing against her pussy. She had been waiting for that moment for so long, since she had entered Rajeev's suite! As he had told her, he let gravity do its job and even the slight movements of her breathe made her ease down on his cock. No cock had ever entered her so slowly! It felt so good to feel it sliding into her! He played with her ass, slapping it with his palm. She squirmed in response and he got deeper into her. But her pussy wasn't accustomed to receive such a big intruder : after a moment, her downward move stopped completely! She placed her tied hands on Rajeev's thighs and she lifted her buttocks by about three inches, before letting herself slide down along his shaft! She moaned when the impact pushed the head of his cock deeper by almost a full inch. She immediately placed again her hands on his thighs like a dutiful slave but the second impalement didn't induce the same progress even when Rajeev used his hands to increase the speed of her frantic shoves!

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