tagGroup SexFay's Birthday Present

Fay's Birthday Present


It was nearing Fay's birthday and I was wracking my brains trying to think of something unusual by way of a 'surprise' for her. Well what can you get for a lady with refined taste and a Beetle in her garage?

Leafing through the paper one day my eye caught on an advertisement for a company called '6 Of The Best'. It promised something unexpected and stimulating for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. Nothing to lose, I thought, and rang them up.

It turned out that '6 Of The Best' referred to that precise number of men who had set themselves up as a sort of private male 'full monty' troupe. They could be hired to perform at private parties, ladies nights and, as in the case I had in mind, private homes. This sounded like something really different to give Fay a birthday to remember -- 6 men doing a personalised strip-show just for her (well and me too to watch her reaction). Quickly I made a booking and arrangements for the night of the birthday.

On her birthday Fay and I went out for a meal in one of her favourite restaurants. I had given her an 'official' gift of a black ½ cupped Basque, nylons to go with it and a long diaphanous robe to wear over. Needless to say she was not wearing these to the restaurant but had promised to show me how they fitted later in the evening. Our meal passed by in pleasant conversation, good food and a very drinkable red. As we walked back to the car she was in a mellow mood.

We arrived back at about 10.30. I had arranged with the guys to arrive just before that time and to wait outside. I could see their vehicle parked just across the road. I gave them the signal that I knew they were there and escorted Fay in. She suggested that it was time to slip into something a little less formal and stepped into her bedroom try on her new lingerie. Quickly I sent an SMS to the guys telling them that the coast was clear for them to come in. Quietly they entered the house. I go them into the spare bedroom without any sound, so that they could get themselves ready for their performance. I told them that I would knock on the door when it was time for them to come out.

Shortly after these manoeuvres had been successfully completed Fay came out of the bedroom looking erotically stunning. The black robe was perfect. Through its dark and sheer material I could see the shape of the Basque, black against Fay's pale skin, the sensuous look of nylons fastened to the suspenders of the corset leaving a glimpse of paler flesh at the top of her thighs and most erotic of all the outline of her breasts and nipples seen through the robe. The ½ cups held them high, slightly protruding and beautifully shaped. She was a sight to behold.

The champagne was opened and I mixed a Kir Royale for us both. Making an excuse I slipped out of the room and knocked quietly on the door to the spare room. The idea was that they would wait outside the living room until they heard music and then come marching in ready for the show. They had sent me two CDs beforehand to be played for their show. As Fay lay back languorously in her almost revealing attire, we clinked glasses, sipped our drinks and I put the first CD into the player.

Imagine Fay's face as the music started. It was not the quiet romantic air that she had expected but brassy, blowsy stripper tunes.

The door swung open and in marched the blokes, all in shining silver 'overalls'. Well I reckon Fay nearly jumped out of her skin. The sight of six hunks marching into her living room to the sound of wild music had her rocking back in the chair. But I could see also a bit of panic there too -- after all it is not every day that you dress in revealing attire to suddenly find seven, including mine, pairs of eyes trying to see through your scanty coverings. The glass nearly fell from her hand but she had enough presence to manage to keep a hold. I reckoned I had achieved maximum surprise -- what was more as it was their last event of the evening the guys had promised a special performance.

One of them lent towards Fay giving her a very admiring glance. It was probably not every day that they had a lady dressed like this to view their act. He took the glass from her by now quivering hand, set it to one side, and gently raised her to her feet. The troupe surrounded her, no doubt admiring what they saw. They started dancing and swaying in a circle. One at a time they stepped forward wishing her a 'happy birthday' and kissing her fully on her mouth. I could hear Fay gasping. Then as the dance continued they drew her into it with them. In the high heels that she had on her movements to begin with were a little jerky but they soon had her moving with them to the rhythm. One by one they took one of her hands and drew it down the fronts of their uniforms to the top of their legs and drew it over their crotch. Fay seemed to be going into a trance with all this attention. Just as gently as they had raised her from the chair they moved her back to it and sat her down.

Things now started to hot up further. To the continuing beat of the music one of the group was propelled forward in front of Fay whilst the others gyrated behind him. Slowly, expertly and seductively he wriggled out of the outer layer of shiny clothing. Fay was breathing hard as she took in his movements. A strong masculine torso revealed itself to her. As he stepped clear and kicked his clothing aside he wore nothing but a small glistening covering over his manhood with a string back held in place by a bow-knot at the side. He moved himself towards Fay thrusting his firm body up and down in front of her face. Her eyes were glued on him. For a moment he leaned right over her and let the cloth brush against her mouth. Again I heard a groan coming from her as she sensed the closeness and size of the horny male.

As his body passed back and forth against her face his hands felt for her breasts and nipples through the diaphanous cloth of her robe. She jerked sharply as he found the two erect nubs and started to rub them gently. We could see that her control was slipping. Her hands came up and felt the outline in his loincloth and her mouth opened and closed in surprise at his size. Before she could do anything further he slid away to be replaced by the next man. Man by man they repeated their seductive movements in front of her, teasing her with their intimate movements, tempting her with their bodies but never letting her manage quite to see past the cloth hiding their powerful masculinity.

Her breathing was coming harder by the minute -- never before had she had such a living, moving, seductive birthday present like this.

As the sixth man stepped back from working his body against Fay's lips I knew from their instructions that it was time for me to put on the second CD. The tempo and tone of the music changed. Gone was the blare of the brassy notes to be replaced by something altogether different. The lights were lowered and the deep insistent pounding rhythm of African tribal drums entered the room.

The men stepped up to Fay, carried her to the middle of the room and lowered her onto her knees. Their hips swayed one by one in front of her. As one man danced for her, another would kneel behind, rubbing his hands in circles against her breasts. Then one of them approached her and stood still, swaying only slightly. He took her hand and moved it to the knot at his side. Placing her fingers on this he nodded to her to undo it. Her fingers trembled against the cords, fumbling with them. Then she pulled and the bow came undone. In a second the cloth fell away in front of her. A fully erect penis stood out proudly towards her. It was by my standards huge. I could now see what the 'Best' was in their business title! These men were super studs -- at least if this one was anything to go by.

As the drums beat that slightly sinister and threatening note he edged towards her, holding the back of her head with the palm of one hand and guiding the tip of his erection with the other slowly back and forth across her lips. Side to side it moved, rubbing along her lipstick, seeking an opening of her mouth. Fay seemed mesmerised by his girth and length. Her eyes seemed to be trying to take in what was touching her. Then slowly, ever so slowly, I saw her tongue run along her lips to moisten them and then it flicked almost shyly against his cockhead. The man behind her squeezed on her nipples and her mouth opened in a reflex response. The tip of the penis disappeared inwards, her lips stretched with some difficulty around the flesh of the shaft. It was like a sacrificial scene. A comely woman on her knees paying homage to the god Pan as his minions stood around her. She swallowed in more of the erection. Her cheeks were swollen out by its size. The just visible movements indicated that her tongue was, with difficulty, massaging him inside. He was groaning with her ministrations and she was making sucking and gagging sounds to accompany this.

If this had gone on there is no doubt that within a few minutes he would have exploded in her mouth but this was not part of the act. When the moment was right he slid himself out, his penis now shiny and slippery from Fay's attention. The drumbeat continued and up stepped the next man. Again her hand was drawn to the knot, again the cloth fell to reveal another massive erection, again it brushed her lips, again her mouth opened in homage and her tongue played tentatively along the shaft before drawing it in. Fay's head moved slowly back and forth trying to take more and more of the man in. She worked on the shaft in a trance like state in time with the drumming.

Like the first man, the second chose his moment to withdraw, to be replaced by the third, and then the fourth, fifth and sixth. All lived up to one another in the shape and size of what they had to offer. Fay serviced them all with increasing concentration and devotion her mouth eagerly tasting the offerings. But as it turned out the night was still young.

Whilst it had just turned midnight the men indicated that they were in no hurry to depart. A slightly dazed Fay was helped up and the robe that had been covering her figure and leaving it enticingly semi-obscured was now slipped from her shoulders and her arms freed from its sleeves. Now the men got really excited. In front of them, standing in her high heels was a sight to make any man lust for more. The nylons and basque set her figure off perfectly. Following the dark lines of the nylons upwards eyes rested on the pale brown hair covering her mound. Above it the black line of the Basque defined the start of her torso and moulded it into an alluring shape. At both front and back nylons and basque were joined together by the black lines of the suspenders creating yet a further erotic effect. At the top of her body the Basque had cupped her lovely breasts, brought them closer together and made them jut forward firmly from her body. At the tip of both breasts her nipples had responded to the stroking and were standing up large and proud.

With Fay still in a dazed state I suggested to the guys that we should guide her through to her bedroom for more serious sex. No-one disagreed. I also whispered to them that it might be an idea to tie her to her bed as she liked bondage and it would be particularly exciting way to take her given the way she was dressed. Apart from which I privately thought that if the idea of accommodating a group of, unknown to her, men made her nervous being tied open would prevent her stopping the orgy that was due to begin with her as the centrepiece.

Carried into the room by one of the men, she was laid down gently on the bed. We used some ties that had been used by Fay and I in the past and set to securing her ready to be serviced. Each wrist was put into a tight loop and the ropes secured to the posts on either side of the bed. At this stage in proceedings her body formed a lovely and vulnerable Y -- shape. Realising what was being done Fay started to ask what was going to happen. The guys all laughed. She started to protest about her predicament but one of the men leaned across and started to kiss her passionately. This quietened her down -- particularly when someone else started sucking on her nipples.

The next move was to place her legs in a position that would facilitate sex. We pulled them up towards her chest despite some token resistance. Once up like this it was a straightforward next step to tie the bonds around her knees and again to the two corners of the bed head.

As the seven of us admired our work, and most of all, the woman we were going to pleasure, her reaction was a bit stressed! She tightened hard against the knots used to tie her down. With her wrists tied back above her head and her legs spread wide there was no prospect of hiding her breasts or her vagina from our eyes. This did not stop her from trying to pull her knees together to hide her wide-open and vulnerable genital area. This she could not do as I had made very sure that her limbs were tied securely akimbo and she remained exposed and accessible to all. Needless to say the men gathered around her were very soon exploring the attractions of her body. Her breasts were squeezed, her sensitive nipples were stroked and pinched, and fingers probed between her legs and inside the cleft of her buttocks. Fay jerked and squirmed as she experienced these preliminaries. Despite her wriggling she seemed to be accepting her fate, indeed her moans were growing in intensity.

As she laid spread open and helpless on the bed the guys talked to her about how they intended to exercise her in the hours ahead.

We decided to start by arousing her with oral sex. One of the men managed to get under the cords somehow and once more encouraged her to take his penis in her mouth. At the same time others were working on her nipples and the luckiest man had taken a place between her thighs and was sucking and chewing vigorously on her labia and on her clitoris. We could tell when he was reaching her most sensitive spot by the way her outstretched body involuntarily jerked. The guy with his cock in Fay's mouth came pretty close to losing control as he managed to get her to 'deep-throat' him. With the incessant arousal taking place on most of her erogenous zones, I could see her legs starting to tremble and twitch in spasms. These movements were accompanied by gagging crying sounds from her mouth as she reached an intense climax with the full length of a penis still filling her mouth - its swollen head touching the back of her throat. Fay was rapidly reaching the point when she was ready for penetration.

The '6 Of The Best' men quickly decided that drawing lots would be the fairest way of deciding the sequence in which we were going to have sex with Fay. Given the rising sense of anticipation it did not take long to establish the order of play.

I think we were all a bit tense and worked up as the first man got onto the bed. Whilst everything had gone well up until now we had no idea of how she was going to react when her body had to accept a stranger's penis for the first time. When she felt the firm downward pressure on the mattress caused by the first guy's weight Fay strained to lift her head off the pillow to see what was happening. For a few moments she seemed transfixed by the unfamiliar sight in front of her of the man's naked body and his very erect and very large penis manoeuvring into position to take advantage of her exposed femininity. Then as he eased himself into position between her legs we could see her muscles straining and tightening as she realised that the situation was real and that she was about to be impaled by a cock the size of which she had never had to take before. But any movements she now made were to no avail. She remained spread out in a wide-open vulnerable position, ready to be had at his will.

I watched on fascinated as he started to work on her. As his body stretched over hers she gave out some little cries. It was clear to her that with him positioning himself above her the group sex session was about to commence and that her first penetration of the evening would take place any second now. To begin with we could see the man moving a hand through the pubic hair on her mound. A finger stirred slowly up and down against her vaginal lips and clitoris. Then to the accompaniment of a squeal from Fay it was inserted into her vagina moving about using her inner moisture to lubricate her entrance. As she wriggled at this intimacy he appeared to be stimulated by her vulnerability. He continued to toy with her this way for a short while. As he brought her to a climax with his fingers her head was shaking from side to side, her feet and legs were attempting to pull inwards and she was making little mewling sounds. Inevitably however much he tried to work on foreplay the build up of his own excitement got the better of him. He moved his hand to his by now painfully erect penis and started to rub this up and down between her labial lips. Her eyes opened wide as she realised what was about to happen.

Her body continued to make short sharp little jerks, still responding to the orgasm she had just experienced. We could all see him smiling down on Fay with desire and in the knowledge of what he was going to do any instant now. Accompanied by a shout of lust from him, and a loud drawn-out cry from Fay, his hips pushed forward and down and the engorged head of his large penis suddenly slid out of sight passing the labia and into her tight vaginal passage. Her spread-eagled body jolted frenetically as the penis disappeared into her private parts. In her emotional response to being entered her knees pulled against the restraints, her calves jerked and waggled up and down and her hands clenched tightly several times. As the intruding penis started to work backwards and forwards stretching the walls of her passage her cries turned into sobbing, panting moans. These noises were accompanied by a breathless outpouring of ecstatic words from her first lover of the night as he inched into her - and the sounds of lewd encouragement and envy from the rest of us as we voyeuristically watched the tableau being enacted in front of our eyes. What a sight it was. Fay spread out in lingerie, dark legs, white tops to her thighs, pale breasts pointing vertically from the cups, whilst between her spread legs a naked muscular man drove his hips back and forth with enormous gathering intensity.

Fay was held firmly in place attempting hard to accommodate the lengthening thrusts between her legs, incapable of stopping her first enthusiastic pleasuring of the night and his deeper and deeper penetration. It was not long though before her moans and gasps changed their tone and she started showing all the signs of responding to the movement inside her sensitive body. It was also clear from his actions and his words that the man in her was enjoying the experience of mounting her. Soon he was moaning and groaning in unison with her, his buttocks rocking backwards and forwards with increasing force as he sought to work himself as deep as possible into her between her widely parted thighs. After about ten minutes of this exercise the change to shorter, swifter movements, the grunting sounds he was making and the look of concentration on his face signalled to the rest of us that he was building rapidly to his climax. Sensing the changed thrusting of his penis Fay was also clearly aware that he was on the point of coming inside her. As the moment arrived when his frantic, jerky, pumping began she started to moan loudly and to flex and tug against the bonds in the throes herself of another orgasm. He leaned forward and passionately 'French-kissed' her whilst her knees continued to move with little horizontal sideways jerks and her buttocks wriggled on the pillow. When the climatic pressure inside the man was released spewing a series of sudden powerful spurts of sperm into her he rose up on his arms shouted and swore noisily in a mix of ecstasy and crudity and pumped and pumped away deep into her body seemingly trying to reach her womb. As his body's spasms slowly reduced in intensity he collapsed on to her breathing deeply and his spent penis gradually reduced in size and slithered out. For her part Fay's eyes were closed and she was making short gasping sounds as her body shuddered in a reflex response to the lustful insemination that she had just had to accommodate. As the flaccid and slippery penis slithered from her body she let out a little startled cry. Staring between her legs we could all see the pale colour of sperm leaking from between her vaginal lips - the visible evidence of her first impregnation of the evening.

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