As I wait in the airport for the announcement to board my plane...I am entranced with the man who has captivated me these many months. If only he were closer, he appears to be everything I am looking for in a partner. So in tune we have been these long months that I feel I have known him forever. It's not just the cyber sex we share...it is everything. He knows that I have a slight fear of flying...an unease that tears at the belly, making it clench....so he is entertaining me with tales of his cats...his job....his cock as it twitches in front of him.

I hear the boarding call and hastily bid him goodbye assuring him that I will log on as soon as I get to my hotel room...the convention doesn't start until the morning so I will have lots of time to play on-line, I have even packed a new scrap of lingerie or two to surprise him on web-cam with. I have been dreading this convention for months...so boring...all technical stuff...that's why I have IT people so that I don't have to know these things...but the powers that be decided I needed to get away. And here I am, on an airplane...woo hoo...cant even access the internet or text from way up here.

Stirring in my seat, I realize that I have slept the whole way and that we are starting our approach to the airport. Taking a deep breath, my stomach in knots, I grip the arms of the seat until my fingers are aching, which is good...it focuses my mind elsewhere. Ground under us, I let out the breath that I didn't know I was holding and look around me...I am always amazed at how relaxed all the other passengers are. Gathering my things, logging onto my IM as soon as the pilot gives us the ok...I frown...where is he...I send an offline message...no reply.

Standing and getting my luggage from the overhead compartment, I line up to disembark the plane. The airport is busy, but since I had no checked luggage I move right to the exit and scan the crowd for a card with my name. I approach the driver, hand over my luggage and am whisked to my hotel. Checking in I hurry to my room, tossing my things on the floor as I reach for my laptop eager to be in touch with my cyber lover. A frown creases my brow, only an offline, "Trusting your flight was uneventful and that you are tucked into your hotel room...had a few errands to run...be with you in an hour or so...just leave your cam on for me...and I will buzz you when I get back...kisses lover"

Yawning I step into the bathroom, turn on the hot water and step into a steamy shower, letting the jet spray cascade over my back, turning to let it beat at my nipples, I run soapy hands all over my body, probing into each nook and cranny...smiling as I hum a tune. A solo dance in the shower as I imagine my lover here with me...making a mental note to tell him how close I felt to him as I caressed my body.

Grabbing a big fluffy white hotel towel I wrap myself in it and step out of the shower. Standing in front of the mirror waiting for the fog to evaporate so that I can see myself, I hear my computer come alive with the special sound that tells me my cyber friend is here. Smiling, I turn from the bathroom, dripping and approach my laptop. There he is, his smiling face watching me as I approach. I let my hips sway, the towel gapping to allow him a brief glimpse of flesh with every step.

Watching the chat box I read...how was your flight...answering, I slept the whole way lol....he nods as a smile brightens his eyes. be right back, pops up...so I return to the bathroom...the mirror finally clear...and drop my towel to the floor..running my palms over my swollen nipples...still red from the hot shower...I hear a knock at my door. Reaching for the towel I rush to the door...and yell "hello" Room Service rings back to me. "I didn't order anything." I yell back..."Convention Welcome Basket" the man answers back.

"Oh, OK, just leave it on the desk please." I unlock the door and run to the bathroom, shutting the door behind me. Waiting til I hear the door close once again, I open the door and approach the bed...mind focused on the computer...

My scream of fear cut off by the hand clamped over my mouth, my hands yanked cruelly behind my back as a voice whispers, "don't make a sound not even a whimper." My heart pounding, holding my breath, I cast my eyes around the room looking for a weapon. Hoping that my cyber lover will come back and see what is going on ...will summon help for me before it is too late.

A blindfold is tied tightly around my eyes, and my hands are secured in front of me...a cold metal object is run down the cleavage of my breasts as I feel my towel drop to the floor. A husky voice demands me to stand still... not moving...as he places the laptop on the desk. "If you are good then when I am done I will leave." I hear typing on the keyboard..."I have just left your cyber watcher a message...it instructs him to stay in view and watch the show...if he attempts to call anyone or I see his hands moving...I will hurt you."

My heart so loud it hurts my ears...not only must I endure this...but he must watch , helpless...tears soak the blindfold as I quiver....my naked breasts heaving with silent sobs. I stumble backwards...strong hands grab me...and pull me forward...laying me on the bed. My arms are tugged upwards and tied to the headboard...concentrating on breathing...I turn my head from side to side trying to loosen the blindfold.

"There he is...he is reading the note...and looks horrified...but he is not moving...I think he sees the knife in my hand...ok...now to show him the weapon that is in my pants..."

I hear a rustle of clothing...the jangle of a belt...a zipper being lowered...and the sag of the bed as the monster sits down...too close to me...can smell him...my nose wrinkling...wanting it to be an offensive odor...but quite the opposite...my traitorous body reacting to the mere scent of this man.

Tender hands push my legs back. I feel them being tied...and the rope passing behind my neck...pulling my legs up and back...exposing my sex and my ass. I shudder as my shaved pussy gives up its juices to this fiend. A soft touch, runs up and down my spread and quivering thighs...moaning softly, unable to stop the sound. Thinking of my cyber lover...he must see the wet between my legs, see my body quivering with desire, not recoiling in horror. He must be appalled at the behavior of my wanton body.

My heart pounding so hard...its beat like a drum in my ear. Can hear the breathing of my intruder...my senses attuned to his every move. Pulling at my arms, tossing my head side to side... I can feel the bed sagging, fingers playing along my thighs...tears spilling over my cheeks. Hot breath on my lips as a pair of soft lips brush lightly over mine...a gasp escapes...but they are gone before I can even attempt to pull away.

The bed moves as his body lifts...breathing out and taking a sweet gulp of cool air, listening...waiting ... torturous long moments. Not even realizing that I am holding my breath...until I feel the bed sagging...and I let out a long panicked moan. The feel of soft hands, caressing, almost lovingly, my thighs parting under the skillful plying of strong fingers. My mind in turmoil...this invasion of my body...my very senses...willing my lungs to scream out in denial. All that issues from my lips is a soft shushing sound, almost of acceptance.

Oh, what must my cyber lover be thinking of my behavior? Will he never speak to me again? Will I never hear his soft sighs..words of encouragement as he brings me to orgasm from afar? Twisting in the bonds that hold my hands firmly above my head, grunting as I pull and strain. Finally able to deny this would be rapist...my lips form the words...Stop, let me go!, but they never verbalize, as in that instant his lips descend without warning and seize my swollen labia, pulling and tugging, sucking them into his hot, wet mouth. My hips lifting of their own accord to meet his tormenting mouth.

Unable to stop my greedy and hungry body, my juices flow, spewing from my tight dark hole, soaking his face, bathing this strangers tongue in my golden nectar. Pumping to his mouth, arms taut, fingers curled into fists, the nails biting into my palms, legs needing to extend..my head lifts up and I stare into the darkness of the blindfold...excitement building deep within me...as I scream, not a denial but for more. OMG....deep shame turns my flesh to crimson, tears soaking the blindfold, sobs wracking my body.

My anguish seems to spur him on, fingers parting my nether lips, tongue darting from my stiff clit to my puckered and winking back door. Fast and hard his tongue moves on my slick skin...bringing my clit to life...it bucks and leaps with every stroke of this mans tongue. A finger pressed against my tightly clenched sphincter, steady pressure, not entering but on the verge. Tongue teasing my clit, it pulls free of its hood...standing alone, exposed and vulnerable, the bauble that pierces my hood scraping my button as his tongue flicks, probes and brings me to the brink of orgasm...my breathing faster, ragged...mind reeling in shock as the pleasure registers and I shudder, ready to explode.

Sensing a change, I feel the bed moving again, he steps away from me as I frown, unbelieving that he would stop. I listen as the flick of a blade opening assaults my ears. Shaking my head in denial...a whispered ," please don't hurt me" is met with a groan of anguish from my attacker. Pausing even in my breathing, I listen. His heavy breathing is close to my face as he leans over me, and then...ahhhhhhhhh, my legs are loose. The knife was used to cut the rope that held them spread and back on my chest. I lower my legs, flexing the taut muscles...sighing..."thank you."

My arms are released but still bound together at the wrists. Letting them go slack, I lay very still wondering if this is over. He moves back onto the bed...and climbs on top of me...I can feel his hard cock nestling between my pussy lips, butting up against my throbbing clit. He pulls my arms around his neck, positions his cock at my entrance and kisses me...hard, bruising, hot...his tongue forcing itself past my lips, making itself at home in my mouth, searching for my tongue...it dances along the edges as he steals my breath.

Shocked at the intensity of this kiss, my heart beats a staccato rhythm, hips grinding at his cock. My clit begging for the head to stroke it, my lips gaping wide to reveal my inner passage, where my true treasures await. Arching into his kiss, my breasts scraping his chest, his hand moves to my face, stroking my cheek...and then...his cock pierces through...legs wrapping around and ankles locking at his back...drawing the invading cock deeper harder and faster.

Hands stroking my face as the driving shaft fills me, stretches me, makes me scream into his mouth...body reacting on instinct, quivering and shuddering, not able to take anymore, my cunt pours its cum juices onto this strange cock, sharing my most intimate of fluids to this rapist.....screaming, muffled by his mouth, he sucks the air from my lungs. As the orgasm reaches its apex and finally starts to subside...my arms and legs wrapped around the man who is pleasuring my body against my will...my eyes open, to see colours and light. The blindfold is gone...how long I am not sure , but I am staring into the most intense eyes I have ever seen... the most wonderful smile...a face so handsome that in my shock I whisper his name.

Returning your smile, as my body quivers, last vestiges of orgasm traversing along fired up nerve endings. Using my tied arms to pull your head down, your lips to mine...the kiss so passionate and welcome that I cum again, just remembering what you have done to me.

Gasping as I explore the mouth that seems so familiar all of a sudden, delightfully wriggling under this body that I have seen so many times on cam that its every nuance is etched into my brain. Laughing out loud, the terror and embarrassment breaking the surface, bubbling up in a joyful rolling giggle.

My cyber lover, here in the flesh, fulfilling my most deepest darkest fantasy....

Whispering, "Make love to me now....please." Watching your eyes as you untie my hands, I caress your soft cheeks, trace the hard line of your jaw, feel your muscles rippling as I run trembling fingers over your chest. Sighing softly...eyes sparkling with lust for you...cant get enough of you....realizing that we have a whole weekend to explore our every fantasy.

Glancing over at the laptop and seeing a blank screen...what a way to meet. I ask you how are you ever going to top this fantasy. With smiling eyes, I watch as your lips descend to trace a trail of butterfly kisses from breast to breast...

We'll think of something you whisper back.

To Be Continued...

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