He awoke with a start. Had he been having a bad dream? It seemed so real. He dreamed he had been wrapped up tightly in a sheet and carried away. Somewhere. He tried to think. It was all a blur, as if seen through a drug haze.

"No matter," he thought, "a warm shower will clear my head." Tensing his muscles, he stretched out his arms, only to find he couldn't move. "What the hell!" he said, trying to move his arms. As the cobwebs cleared from his brain, he discovered that he was strapped down to a table. There was a strap across his chest, one on each wrist, and one over each knee. The straps on his wrists and knees completely encircled them, and were attached to the tabletop by a metal cord. He was able to rotate his arms and legs, but if he pulled on them, the straps cut painfully into his flesh.

The strap across his chest was attached to the tabletop under his armpits. It was loose enough to allow him to breath, but cut into him when he tried to sit up, or flex his chest. He was still able to raise his head, not that it made any difference.

"This is not good," he murmured to himself, in a masterpiece of understatement.

He felt cold. As more cobwebs cleared away, he discovered he was nude. No, not nude, he was naked. Nude infers you have some control, and he had none. He was lying, strapped down, naked, on what appeared to be a table, his arms spread at a forty-five degree angle away from his body, towards his feet. His legs were spread at a thirty-degree angle. As far as he could tell, he was perfectly horizontal, and completely helpless.

By lifting his head, he was able to see his surroundings. There was precious little to see. There were candles burning all around him. Each one was roughly three feet away, encircling his body. Two at his feet, two at his knees, two at his hips, two at his elbows, two at his shoulders, one on each side of his head, and one beyond the top of his head.

"Thirteen candles," he thought, "someone has a sense of humor. Good thing I'm not superstitious."

Looking upward, he could see nothing, only flat black nothingness. The view to the sides was little better, revealing, through subtle differences in black, what appeared to be black velvet curtains.

There was no sound. It was so quiet, he could hear the blood rushing through his ears. No. Now that wasn't true. He could hear something. Tiny tapping sounds, like something small on a hard surface, just at the edge of audible. He concentrated so hard on listening, he almost missed the tickle at his feet and legs.

He jerked his leg away from whatever was there, then felt the same thing on the other leg. Something was moving along his leg. Now it had crawled up on his leg, and was moving toward his body.

Raising his head to see what it was turned out to be a bad idea. It was a cockroach. It was crawling up his thigh, then across his hip, and up to his ribs.

"Ugh!" He tried to shake it off. Even though the straps cut into his chest, he flexed his muscles, trying to shake it off. The cockroach stopped, wiggled its antennae, then scurried off his shoulder.

He relaxed with a sigh. It was too soon to relax, for there were two new cockroaches crawling on the inside of his left thigh. They moved up to his crotch, then over his dick, through the pubic hair, and up to his navel. Although it tickled, it was disgusting at the same time.

There was no use trying to shake them off, so he just turned his head to keep them off his face. He was able to feel more of them crawling along his side, and then up on his body. More and more of them crawled up on him. It seemed like he was covered with them, although there were fewer than twenty. He endured it for several minutes, until finally, the last one crawled off and away.

His respite lasted only a few moments. Soon he felt something different crawling on his belly. When he looked, he saw it was a spider. Not a small spider, this one was easily two and a half inches in leg span, while its body was at least an inch long. That may not sound very big, but a spider bigger than your nipple is a large spider.

"Eeeehhh!" was all he could say. He was not afraid of spiders normally, most of them were too small to be afraid of, but his disquiet of them was directly proportional to their size. This one caused him to shiver.

He shivered even harder when its big brother arrived and started to stroll up his right arm, and its even bigger sister thought his neck was a great place to hang out. Their smaller children and grandchildren, all scurrying across his legs and chest, soon joined these three. Thankfully, they stayed away from his face. All he could do was lie as still as possible and hope they would crawl off as soon as possible. There was nothing for them to eat on him, so they left after a minute or two.

Nothing new happened for five minutes. He spent that time shivering from the coolness of the room, and where he could still feel the spider tracks. His skin crawled and he wished he could rub himself where all the bugs had been.

He was surprised by the rats. They swarmed over him like a tide rolling in. Pain be damned, he jerked, and pulled, and wiggled trying to get them off of him. The straps cut into his skin, but he didn't notice. Every muscle in his body was tensed from his effort to get the disgusting rodents off.

"No! No! Get them off me!" he yelled. "Help! Help me! Somebody, please, get them off me."

This was a primal fear. He could no more help being terrified than he could help getting hungry or thirsty. Tears streamed from his wide-open eyes. His lips pulled back, his mouth open in fear. Images of being eaten alive paralyzed his mind. Sensory overload hit him and he fainted.

Sitting in his living room, talking with his male friends, he would have sworn that men don't faint. Sissy females fainted. Women passed out at the slightest provocation. But a real man would never faint, no matter what.

He was wrong.

When he came to, he was still shaking. The rats were gone. The spiders were gone. The cockroaches were gone. Adrenaline still coursed through his body, causing him to shake like someone with advanced Parkinson's disease. His body was drenched in sweat, making him feel even colder. He breathed in short gasps. His eyes jerked about, looking for anything, but he could only see blackness and candle glow. His pulse was easily 200 or higher.

He screamed when he first saw her. To him, she appeared suddenly at his feet. In actuality, all she did was step through the curtains, but he didn't know that.

All he could see of her was her head and feet. She wore a black mask that covered her face from her nose to her eyebrows, with her dark eyes looking out of two holes. Her blazing red hair cascaded below her chin, and her blood red lips were curled up in a superior smile. On her feet she wore black, open toed, strap backed, four-inch heels. Covering her body, from head to foot, she wore a black cloak.

He had thought he was on a table, but from the way she towered over him, he realized he must be almost on the floor. "Would, would you free me?" he asked.

"I will be glad to free you, pretty boy, but not right now," she said. "Right now, I have plans for you." She took a step and stood between his legs. "My oh my, aren't you promising looking. I think I'll put you to a good use first."

Her hands came out of the front of the robe, moving up toward her neck. Bright white hands and long fingers were all he could see. Each fingernail was two inches long, filed to a point, and painted black. Her deft fingers quickly loosened the catch, allowing it to drop down around her shoulders. A quick flip of her hand and the robe was off her shoulders and held like a tube in front of her. Smiling and looking down her nose at him, she slowly lowered the robe to the floor beside his left hip, where it formed an almost perfect cone, with the collar open at the top, like a small volcano.

She had an impressive body. Slim and well proportioned, she looked strong enough to give major hurt. Smooth muscle played under well-toned skin as she stepped up to straddle him at his waist.

The predatory smile on her lips was quickly turning into a grin of triumph. "I guess I have you right where I want you, wouldn't you say?"

He was speechless. From this angle he could plainly see the black lines that formed a web design on each tit, with the quarter sized, brown nipples at the centers. A small spider was tattooed just above each nipple. Directly above her navel was a three-inch high, two-inch wide, bright red hourglass.

She had no pubic hair, but on her pubic bone where the hair should be, she had a three-inch round cobra head, mouth open in a hiss, long red forked tongue showing, red eyes staring, and fangs dripping a greenish fluid.

Chuckling softly, she pointed to the hourglass, "Do you like my new tattoo? You know what it is, don't you? It's an hourglass, just like a black widow spider has. Do you know what a black widow spider does after she mates? She eats the male! I think YOU look, mmm, mmm, De-licious!"

If he hadn't been tied down, he might have been tempted to flee. Instead, as he looked up into her swollen, wet, pussy lips, his cock started to get hard.

"Oh! My!" she said, licking her lips "is that for me? How sweet of you!"

Stepping back between his legs, she knelt down. "Let's see if you like this," she said, as she wrapped both hands around his dick.

He screamed! Her hands were like two blocks of ice. All the blood instantly drained from his penis, which quickly shrank to a one-inch stub. "My God! Are you dead?" he yelled.

"Maybe. Now make it hard again, or you will be too." She placed her hands on each of his thighs and dug the nails into his flesh. The pain was stimulating, and his penis started growing again, something he thought it might never do.

"That's a boy," she said, "I knew you could do it. I think I'll help you!" Leaning down, she flicked her tongue on the tip of his dick, causing it to jump and grow longer. Smiling at her success, she bared her teeth, opened her mouth, and gently took the cock head into her mouth. She closed her teeth around his shaft, just below the head. Keeping her teeth just tight enough, she pulled back, stretching him even more.

The stimulation caused him to grow to full hardness, so she closed her lips around the shaft, and, sucking hard, pulled back, allowing him to come out of her mouth with a loud POP.

"I see that you're ready," she purred. "Now it's my turn."

Rising up, she walked around his prone body, until she stood over his head. He was looking straight up into her swollen pussy.

"Time to give me a little pleasure," she said, kneeling down and putting her cunt directly over his mouth.

With his lips on her pussy, and his nose pressing her asshole, he thought the smell would be bad, and the taste would be worse. He was wrong. She tasted of honey, and smelled of honeysuckle. Sweet and delicious! He licked with enthusiasm.

"Oh, yes! Lick it! Oh, yes, that feels so good. Harder! Harder! Mmmm, oh yeah! Yes, yes, right there! Oh, yes, you ARE good for something."

She ground her cunt onto his lips and tongue, alternately going forward and back, then round in tight circles. Faster and faster she went, until she was gasping for breath as her climax came closer.

"Yes, you son of a bitch! Harder. Suck my clit! Harder! Sonofabitch! Fuck. Oh, fuck! Suck me! Now. Now. Now! Aaaahh! Aaaahhh! DAMN!"

She clamped her thighs around his head and squeezed as she hit her orgasm. She jammed herself down hard and she shivered. After a few moments, she moved off his face, and he gasped like a drowning man coming to the surface. Panting, he worked to catch his breath.

"That was good! Very good! I think you deserve a reward."

She stood up and walked back to his crotch. Stepping across his hips, she slowly lowered herself down until her pussy was poised on top of his cock, the head just barely inside her cunt lips. She hovered there for a few seconds, letting the suspense build, then, without warning, she dropped down hard, engulfing his dick and slamming their pubic bones together hard.

"Argh!" she screamed. Baring her teeth at him, and with a wild look in her eyes, she gripped his shoulders painfully, and started riding him. She lifted up all the way, and then dropped down hard, again and again. With all her strength she fucked him, causing herself to cum over and over again.

An idle observer might think she was trying to give him pleasure, but he would be wrong. What she did was only for her, and if he got anything from it, it was only by accident.

When he started to slam himself back into her, she doubled her efforts, trying to get more orgasms before he came.

Her mind continued to work, even as she climaxed, and she watched him closely to see when he was about to cum. When she saw and felt that he was on the edge, she slowed down just enough to reach into the cone of her robe and remove something from it. He did not notice what she did, nor did he see what she took out.

"Look at me when you cum! Open your eyes, you fucker. Look at me!"

He opened his eyes at her demands. Closer and closer he came to his climax. He opened his eyes wide just as he started to shoot off into her. She smiled, feeling his spasms, and dropped a three-foot long black snake onto his chest.

"NOOOOO! AAAGGHHHH!" It was too late to stop his climax, and he continued to shoot his seed into her hungry cunt, even as the snake slithered toward his face. He shook his head back and forth, trying to stay away from the cold reptile, while he came harder than he had ever cum before.

She quickly scooped up the snake before it reached his face, and dropped it back into her robe.

He was completely drained, covered in sweat, and hyperventilating from fear. All he could do was shiver as he watched her stand up. A large drop of sex juice oozed out of her cunt, and fell on his crotch.

"I bet you'll remember this fuck, if you survive." She stooped down and scooped up the robe, removing the snake and draping it over her shoulder. "Goodbye, stud!"

Hips swaying, and with the robe hanging down and dragging on the floor, she walked away from him. The robe pushed against a candle, tipping it over, and causing it to roll over to the black curtain. The flame started to lick against the fabric, which started to burn.

The woman had slipped through the curtain before he realized there was a fire.

"Stop! Come back! Fire! Come back and let me go. Help me! HELP ME! HELP ME!"

He fought with the straps, causing his wrists, and knees, and chest to bleed. He was unable to break the straps, but continued to try until the smoke overcame him and he passed out.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

He came to in a hospital room, his wrists, knees, and chest wrapped in bandages, and an oxygen mask on his face. He looked around and saw his wife sitting by his bed.

She looked up when he moaned, then smiled at him. She stood up and walked over to him. "Are you okay, my darling?" she asked, love and worry showing in her dark eyes.

"I think I'll live," he said, moving the mask out of the way. "The snake was a good touch, but the fire was a little over the line."

"I'm sorry, sweetheart. The fire really was an accident. There was no damage to the basement, and you must admit, it was one hell of an ending for a memorable Halloween night."

Thank you for read my story. Please vote.

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