tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFear and Lusting Ch. 03

Fear and Lusting Ch. 03


(Note to the reader: This is the third chapter of the first part of a three part erotic novella I've tentatively titled "Making Love to Horrible People." Each part consists of about 4 or 5 chapters. I hope you enjoy it. Any feedback is more than welcome.)

Over the next couple of days, Dan tried to get Jen to tell him what she had planned. He tried to get her to see that it was crazy and unreasonable for her to try to entice some horny teen from some sleazy on-line ad or personals, or worse – to hire some prostitute. It was just too risky. Besides, he asked her, how would she really feel about him fucking some young girl?

"Turned on," she said.

"Come on. Maybe in fantasy, but in reality you wouldn't want to know that was happening while you're here and waiting for me to come home!"

"Who says I won't be there, too?"

Dan just stared at her and realized she had already planned something. Not only that, but she wanted in on it. The beast locked inside the footlocker in his mind stirred and growled. "What are you up to, Jen?"

"Don't worry. I know just the right girl and I know where she lives and I know just the right time to grab her."

"No, absolutely not. I might fuck a willing 18 year old, but kidnap someone?"

"Oh, stop it. I wouldn't let you rape a little girl in a million years, you know that." She reached up and held his face in her hands. "Trust me. Although, I don't know her that well, I think my instincts are right and she'll relax and take anything we give her with pleasure. If I'm wrong, then we'll get out, tell her we were just playing out a fantasy and didn't mean any harm and we'll leave." Dan just looked at her.

"Listen," she continued. "You made my fantasy come true in a very creative and satisfying way, now trust me to do the same for you. I'm not going to make a monster out of you, I promise." She kissed him and with that face in front of his eyes he lost sight of what was troubling him.

It was around 8 o'clock on Saturday night and the two of them strolled up to the small apartment building and Jen produced a key. Dan looked at the names on the mailboxes in the foyer and saw Kristen James listed at number 22. He pointed it out to Jen as she unlocked the front door and she nodded. Earlier in the week, she had noticed the girl left her keys out in the little cubby space she used during the yoga class she and Jen both attended. Jen had excused herself early from one class and took them when the desk attendant was distracted. She had brought them to a nearby locksmith and had them copied. She returned to class about twenty minutes later and held her stomach and said she wasn't feeling well and drove home with the new set.

Dan stopped her outside the apartment. "Does she have a roommate?"

Jen smiled up at him. "Didn't I tell you not to worry? I took care of her. She's on the date of her life," she giggled as she opened the door and they entered. It didn't sound like anyone was home and they carefully checked both bedrooms. Dan was almost thankful she wasn't here. He was desperately curious, but this seemed too dangerous no matter how much Jen reassured him. He knew she had a dangerous side, and he loved exploring it with her, but he certainly didn't want anyone hurt.

"Well," he said as he took off his ski mask. "Looks like your plan's a bust."

Jen turned to him and pulled him in to one of the bedrooms. "She'll be home in about a half hour. Remember? This is Saturday night. The yoga class I see her at on Thursdays and Saturdays gets out at 8 and is probably 15 or 20 minutes from here." Dan put his ski mask back on and finally relaxed into her plan. Maybe this thing would pull off all right, he thought. Even if she didn't calm down, they could just tie her up and be gone well before anyone noticed anything.

He reached out without thinking and grabbed Jen's similarly masked jaw. "You're going to be in charge of making sure that little girl is ready for me, aren't you?" Jen's head nodded slightly. "I'll surprise her and hold her, but you have to gag her quickly before she screams. Are you ready to do that?"

"Yes," she whispered. Dan took the bag off his shoulders and unzipped it and gave her the ball gag. He zipped it back up and led her back into the living room. He dropped it by the side of the sofa and led Jen over to stand near him by the door, in the small space between its hinges and the nearest wall. If the girl opened the door all the way, she would notice it hit them, but even then wouldn't be able to see them. Dan left Jen crouched there and tested the wall switch closest to the door and was happy to see it lit up only the two floor lamps bracketing the TV. He went over and pulled out the plugs and walked back to the door. He flipped the switch back down and threw the bolt and returned to lean his back against the wall. Jen sank down on her knees and leaned her head against his thigh. They waited. They waited with ski masks on.

The bolt started to turn and Dan tapped Jen's shoulder. She brought the ball gag up in her hands and pulled it taught as she rose up a little. The door opened slightly and Dan guided it gently back to stop slowly in front of his face. When he heard her flick the light switch a few times, he strained to hear her take a step inside. He could just hear the fabric of her clothes shift as she stepped into the room. He slammed the door shut, the edge of it clipping the girl's shoulder and spinning her around as she gasped. Dan reached out and grabbed her shoulders and spun her around again so her back was to him. By the time she was summoning strength in her arms to fight, he had slid his hands down to hold her wrists together behind her back and had moved his pelvis onto her back as Jen knelt in front of her knees, keeping her off balance. "NO!" she started to cry as Jen shoved the ball gag in her mouth and pressed her head back into Dan's chest as she tightened and fastened it.

"Listen, little girl," he whispered into her ear. "Don't struggle. We want you to be good and submissive and do as we tell you. If you don't do as you're told, you will be punished. Be a good girl, and you might actually enjoy this. Understand?"

Kristen whined and tried to struggle, but Jen slapped her hard on her cheek and Dan squeezed her wrists mercilessly. "Understand?" he repeated. She nodded and gave a muffled affirmation. Dan extended her arms behind her back and held tight on her hands as he said to Jen, "Bind her." Kristen tried to run as Jen took pressure off her legs, but Dan wouldn't let go. Jen reached out and grabbed her throat and helped pull her back.

"Another move like that and we stop being so nice," Jen said in a voice that surprised Dan. He had heard her be loud, commanding, angry and lustful, but he had never heard her like this. She sounded like she meant it.

The girl stopped struggling and Jen bound her wrists with the duct tape. Dan walked her to the bedroom and threw her face-up on the bed and immediately got on top of her. He sat on her hips and she couldn't move as she stared fearfully up at him. Jen took a couple of candles out of the bag she brought into the room. She had brought them so they could see what they were doing but could still keep the light dim so Kristen had less of a chance to identify them. There were other uses for them, too. She lit them on Kristen's dresser and took out two more and lit them on the nightstand near the bed.

Dan could see Kristen's features now and could make out long, straight blonde hair, blue eyes and a face with delicate and fine features. She was a little smaller than Jen, but her body felt just as powerful under him. He wanted to see it. Dan took out the knife and lifted her sweatshirt. Kristen started to moan and struggle, but Dan cut anyway. As he pushed the knife up and out and worked it up to her neckline, Jen got on the bed and lay down at Kristen's head and pushed it down so Dan could cut through the heavy seam there without hurting her.

Kristen's breasts pushed against her white bra as she breathed and shivered. Dan reached down and cut open the bra without even thinking about it. Her tits were smaller than Jen's, probably B-cups, with small nipples that were already hard. Dan dropped the knife next to her and then grabbed her tits in his hands and squeezed them together. Kristen tried to scream past her gag, but Jen held her head down and shushed her. Dan leaned down and licked and sucked her nipples, feeling the hard nubs enter his mouth and harden even more as he licked. He felt her rib cage thrust under her skin as she breathed in sharply from his attention.

He wanted to see the rest of her and he moved quickly off the bed and grabbed the hem of her sweat pants and pulled them off. She gave a high pitched moan and tried to kick her legs up, but he reached out and swatted them back down and then pinched them between his knees as he stood over her. She wore only her tight cotton panties now. Dan leaned over and grabbed the knife, pulled up on her waistband and cut them off her in one decisive stroke. Kristen yelled behind her gag, but Jen kept her head still.

Kristen tried to twist her hips away from him, but he pushed down on them and looked at her tight little stomach and closely cropped dirty blonde pussy hair. He felt his cock begin to thicken as she struggled under his grasp. He lay down on top of her and grabbed her throat.

"Get the ropes," he said to Jen. Kristen squealed and strained, but Dan smothered her. Jen got off the bed and withdrew lengths of silky white rope from the bag and placed them on the bed and began to resume her position at Kristen's head.

"Take your clothes off," he commanded in a husky whisper. Jen stood back up and took off her tight, black sweater and black spandex leggings. She hesitated and Dan barked, "All of it!" Jen undid her bra and slid out of her panties. Her beautiful body stood above him as he pressed himself against the little girl on the bed. He looked at her and his cock grew into a full erection. "Now come over here and kneel beside me on the bed." Jen complied and he lifted himself and took one hand from Kristen's throat and grabbed Jen's masked head and forced it down onto Kristen's face.

"Kiss her. Kiss that bitch." Jen's tongue sought Kristen's mouth and licked her shaking lips. She probed her tongue behind them and Kristen opened her mouth and they kissed. Kristen let out a surprised and excited groan. Jen kissed her passionately and ran her hands over the girl's tits and face. As she was doing this, Dan got off of Kristen and put one of her legs between his as he stood at the side of the bed. The other leg, he lifted and bent up and out so it rested on the bed and her cunt became exposed. Kristen squealed again and tried to push her leg back down, but Jen reached a hand down and started massaging her clit while she kissed her. Kristen relaxed enough so Dan could tie her ankle to her thigh. She moaned worriedly and Jen increased the tempo of her rubbing. Dan did the other leg the same way, as he sat on the leg he just tied. He took a long length of rope out and secured it around the leg knot and then tapped Jen's shoulder with the end. She immediately looked up at him and took it, but was unsure what he wanted. "Turn her over."

Jen yanked on the rope and Kristen yelped and flipped over onto her back. Dan cut away the remains of her clothes and then got another small length of rope that had a metal loop at one end. He tied it around her neck, but not too tightly, and let the loop rest in the small of her back, near her bound hands. He then had Jen run the long rope he had given her through the loop and tie it off around her other leg knot. Kristen could no longer try to close her legs without also strangling herself. She laid there on her stomach with her head raised, trying not to tighten the ropes and her throat made soft, frightened moans that pushed out around her gag. Dan looked down at her tight little body and made his final decision. He scooped her hips up under his arm and shifted her body so her knees were at the foot of the bed. He walked around to stand behind her.

"Get up on those pillows and push your pussy into her face," he ordered Jen.

She placed a couple of pillows in front of Kristen's raised head and sat on them as she thrust her cunt into the girl's face. She forced Kristen's head to rub her clit with her nose and ball gag. Dan looked at her sexy hips thrusting down and her beautiful breasts rising and falling and could no longer resist taking his dick out. It sprang past his zipper and tasted fresh air and flexed its full girth in front of Kristen's tight little teen hole. He reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks and pressed the tip against her pussy lips, pleased to find them wet and ready. Kristen moaned loud and long and Jen pressed her head closer.

"That's right, little slut," she said in a whispered shout. "Moan and yell and vibrate that ball gag against my clit. I'm going to watch you get raped while you get me off!"

Dan thrust forward into her tight little cunt and felt the firm hug of her vagina. Kristen shouted behind her gag, but her head was almost bobbing as she tried to rub Jen's clit with it. Dan pushed in as far as he could go and let out a loud groan. He pushed her ass cheeks apart as he began thrusting in and out of her wet little hole. Kristen seemed to be uttering a long sustained shout, but it didn't seem like crying or begging. Dan wouldn't have noticed either way, so lost was he in the pleasure of invading this beautiful little girl's body while Jen watched and rode her face. He fought hard to keep from cumming and tried to squeeze the muscles that controlled his bladder in order to keep the sensations at bay. Even still, after a few minutes, he was just too excited and had to withdraw.

"Take her gag off and make her lick your cunt!" he ordered. Jen reached down and undid Kristen's gag. The girl didn't scream or talk, just breathed deeply and opened and closed her mouth. Jen thrust her wet pussy onto her lips and Kristen began licking and moaning louder. Dan knelt down and stuck his tongue in her ass and she squealed into Jen's pussy. Jen wrapped her hands tighter around her head and pushed her harder into her cunt. Dan pushed his tongue in as far as it would go and fingered her soaked pussy. He pulled out two moistened fingers and stuck them in her ass and Kristen's head jerked and shook as she worked Jen's clit even harder. Dan stood back up and replaced his fingers with the head of his cock and leaned over Kristen to add pressure. His head pressed into her ass and she gave an animal grunt. He pushed it in further and she began emitting a high-pitched whine as he thrust all the way in and gently began fucking her ass.

"Be a good little girl, Kristen... That's right, be my good little girl... Just take my cock in your tight little ass and this will all be over soon... I promise... Oh, you're doing so well... Lick that pussy and take my cock... Oh, Daddy's so very proud of you..." He couldn't tell for sure, but with Kristen bucking her ass up at him and her muffled shouts of indiscernible words, she might actually have been getting off. Dan began fucking her tight little asshole even harder as he pressed down onto her.

"Take it, little girl! Take my cock in your ass! Be a good little slut and let me ass fuck you! OH! Oh God! I'm gonna cum in your ass! Take my cum you little fucking ass slut!"

There were a few orgasms Dan had had in his life that he actually remembered and would sometimes think about. The majority of them had been with Jen, but this one joined that prestigious club. He felt a thrilling ripping sensation tear through his body and his hands and feet went completely numb. All he could sense was his enormous head buried deep in this little girl's ass. The next thing he knew, it was pumping his cum into her and he felt all the energy of his body sucked into his cock and flushed into her asshole. He had to rest lightly on her back for a few seconds as the last of him dripped out. He pulled himself out of her and then off of her and leaned on the bed next to her, his eyes tracing up her bound legs, firm ass cheeks, smooth back and sweaty face as she turned and smiled at him and rested against Jen's pussy.

"Hi," she said between deep breaths. She gave a little laugh at Dan's puzzled expression and then looked up at Jen. "You fuckers were supposed to come tomorrow afternoon!"

"Wouldn't be much of a rape if we did, would it?" Jen said as she took off her mask and was glad to feel air on her face again.

"No, I suppose – "

"Shut up and lick my clit you useless whore!" Jen commanded as she pulled Kristen by her hair and forced her mouth back onto her pussy. Dan peeled off his mask and felt his erection returning. Another long night, he thought.

The three of them sat on the couch watching late night TV - mostly dressed, in case the roommate came home early from her date. After they had exhausted themselves for a couple of hours, Jen had confessed to Dan while the girl was in the bathroom that Kristen was someone she used to baby-sit when she was a teenager herself. They had stayed friends, albeit distantly, but had recently been spending more time together at the yoga class they both attended. Jen knew Kristen had a crush on her and used it to suggest this scenario and she had accepted.

Kristen lay with her head in Jen's lap and legs draped over Dan's knees. "You guys are awesome," she said. "You're just so kinky and sexy and you look so good together. I wish I was in a relationship like what you guys have..."

Dan rubbed her knee and looked at her face. Although she was almost twenty, she still looked like a naïve kid. Maybe it's still normal, he mused, to be innocent at that age. He wanted to tell her that what he and Jen had wasn't for everyone. It might not even be for them, but it was simply what they were doing. He looked at Jen's face and saw she was watching the TV with a blank expression. Maybe she was already bored. Maybe she was distancing herself from everything that had happened. Probably both.

"Well, Kristen, look... we should probably get going before your roommate comes home," Dan said as he got up. He spit out the line he had rehearsed in his head. "I had a really great time. This was a fantasy of mine and you made it come true and I can't tell you how much it means to me." He smiled and leaned down and kissed her lips with affection as Jen stood up and gathered their things. "I hope we can do it again some time."

"Me too!" Kristen exclaimed. "Call me, ok?" she asked Jen.

Jen looked back and gave a smile and wave as she walked out the door. "Sure. Thanks. Bye." Dan could clearly see it was insincere and Jen's face was a mask more impenetrable than the ski mask she had worn. They got in the car they had parked around the corner and Dan started the engine. It was the middle of summer and he rolled down the window to let some air into the stifling space. The distant and omnipresent noise of the city surrounded them. Dan leaned over and kissed Jen's lips. Although they were warm, they barely kissed back.

"Thank you for arranging this. It was spectacular."

"Of course," she said simply, her smile sincere, but her face inscrutable. The distance between them widened and became a chasm. She was an object on the other side that he was straining to see. After a few seconds he gave up and hoped he could find a way over to her some time later.

As they drove, Dan thought about the mistakes he had made. Sure, Jen had dragged this out of him and couldn't reasonably blame him for what happened, but what the hell did that matter to a woman's heart? He fucked that girl in front of her and enjoyed it. That had to leave a mark. He wished he wasn't as big of an idiot as he was, but there was little to do about it now. He loved Jen desperately and wished he knew how he could make her forget about it and they could just move on. Move on to what, he had no idea.

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