Fear of Flying


Lifting her body from his, standing astride the lounger, she glanced down at his swimming shorts, said, "Is your cock hard for me, Jack? Is your cock hot for me?"

The exact words her mother had used, he recalled, feeling a tremor run through his body as Carol's fingers brushed his swollen shorts to reach once more for the beer bottle, her other hand meanwhile slipping loose the bows which tied the bikini pants at her hips. They came away as she raised the bottle, he saw the soft golden down which was neatly trimmed, had the briefest glimpse of her swollen lips as she brought the bottle to them.

Then she began to slowly stroke the bottle against her wet cunt, parting its lips, making them swell even more. Her hips began to gently pump back and forth above him, the bottle parted her cunt wider, she took a pace forward with each foot, rested the bottle on his chest and then forced herself onto it.

"Oh Jack!" she sighed, as if it was his cock which had entered her.

She stirred her hips around, the pressure of the bottle on his chest was a little painful but Jack could not take his eyes from the euphoric expression on her face. She bent a little, to grip the bottle firmly in both hands, and began to rise and fall on it, bent lower still so that her hair brushed his face but kept her mouth a tantalising distance away from his.

Now he was yearning for her, he needed his cock to be where the bottle was, and she was aware of this. Straightening her long legs, rising above him again, she slowly withdrew the bottle, held it up to the light to look at it.

"I wonder if it's any fuller than before?" she mused. "Want to see, Jack? Want to taste me?"

"Oh yes," he nodded, and she brought the bottle to his mouth, tilted it to his lips.

"Imagine I have a cock, Jack, and this is it. Suck me and please me."

Jack's lips fastened on the bottle and the beer trickled into his mouth, along with anything else she had filled it with, she began to stroke it back and forth and he sucked it in the same way that Mary had earlier sucked his cock.

"And now I think Jack's cock is hard for me," Carol decided, peeling down his shorts, closing her fingers around him and slowly sinking onto him.

The delight was delirious, Jack never wanted it to end, but still he was worried, said, "Someone might come, Carol."

"Oh yes! Someone will!" she laughed. "You!"


From the lounge, hidden by the curtain, Mary could see her lover and her daughter embracing on the lounger, Carol tucked into Jack, his arm cradling her to him. Through the open French windows she could hear their voices.

"We've got a night flight back, haven't we Jack?" Carol asked.

"That's right," he answered, his fingers stroking her cheek.


"Why good?" he asked, hating night flights himself.

Carol snuggled deeper into his embrace, kissing his chest, said, "Because then we will have a blanket draped over our laps and this time I'll do more than just grip your thigh and stroke your cock."

Jack chuckled, said, "And your mother, meanwhile? What will she be doing?"

Still hidden, Mary grinned. She would be on the other side of him, sucking his cock while her daughter held it. Darling Carol had played her part to perfection, got every line word perfect as they had rehearsed them.

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