tagNonHumanFeast For The Beast

Feast For The Beast


19 year old Miranda sat in the chair while her mother stood behind her brushing out her long blondish brown hair. The white dress she wore, settled perfectly around her plump body. Her 36C tits, pressed tightly against the bodice. Her virgin pussy ached for something that it would never have.

See, today is Miranda's birthday, unfortunately it is also the day she is going to die.

Once every 50 years, the dragon that lives around the cliffs above the village where Miranda grew up, demands a virgin sacrifice. She must be an adult and she must come of her own free will.

She is to be taken to the cliffs at sundown, chained to the pole there, gagged then left alone. No man or woman was allowed to see what happened after the sacrifice was left. If any one was found there by the dragon, they would be killed and the village would be destroyed.

It had come down between Miranda and another girl on who would be the sacrifice, when they heard the dragons roar and knew that the time had come once again.

Miranda agreed when she realized the other girl had just turned 18 two days before and was engaged to be married.

Her parents had begged her to reconsider but she had been adamant. Now she sat at her window, while her mother pulled up her hair as she waited for sundown.

Miranda walked silently beside her father as she walked with the men from the village towards the cliffs. "You don't have to do this Miranda." He said quietly as they neared their destination.

She turned to him with a smile, her steel gray eyes sparkling in the suns fading light. "Yes I do daddy. I'm not willing to have the village destroyed and Nick took Victoria's virginity last night." Her father looked at her in surprise. "They told me today. Nick isn't willing to lose the woman he loves just to save the village."

Her father's eyes darkened with anger. "They will be driven from the village for this." He swore with vehemence in his voice.

Miranda touched his cheek. "Perhaps, but it is done. I am the only virgin over 18 left in the village. So I must do this. I would rather give up my life then see the home where I was born and raised destroyed." She kissed him softly then moved towards the pole with the shackles waiting for her.

She turned her back to them then leaned back against the pole and the mountain wall. Her arms rose above her head, her ankles spread apart. A leather gag was placed over her mouth to smother any screams she may make.

She closed her eyes while she felt the cold metal clamp around her wrists and ankles. When she felt the man pull away, she opened them to look into her father's watery eyes. He kissed her on the cheek, and then stepped away.

The men watched her for a minute, and then slowly one by one they all turned away. As far as they were concerned she was already dead. The village would mourn for her and a gravestone would be placed in the cemetery with her name. Her name would never again be spoken; she was no longer in this world. It was as if she had died of natural causes or a disease, she just ceased to exist for them.

Her father was the last to turn away. He gave her a watery smile and told her he loved her. She nodded, and then watched him follow the others back down the hill.

Miranda stood there, bound and gagged while she waited. She watched the sun make its last attempt then slowly lower over the mountains. She looked down over the water as she waited for some sign, then she heard the sounds of powerful wings beating against the sky. She lifted her eyes and gasped.

The dragon was at least 30 feet long from the tip of his head to the end of his tail. Green scales covered his body; his mouth was open showing razor sharp teeth, as smoke furled from its nose. Sharp claws came out of its body as it landed lightly before her.

She watched in fear, as its green eyes moved over her body. She closed her eyes when she felt smoke flow over her. When she opened them again, she gasped against the gag. He had turned her dress to ash. She stood naked before him.

She flinched as a long scale with a sharp claw attached touched her stomach then lowered to between her spread legs. "My name is Xavier." The dragon said as he touched the top of her pussy. "If you please me, I will let you live. If you do not, I will kill you. Do you understand?"

Miranda tried to speak through the gag but all that came out was a low moan. Since that didn't work, she nodded vigorously. She had figured on being his dinner, but if she had a chance to live, she was going to take it, whatever it entailed.

Xavier lifted his eyes back to hers even as he lowered his scaled claw down between her legs. He spread her pussy lips open then lightly touched her clit with a sharp claw.

Miranda gasped when he first touched her, and then moaned as it moved around her clit, stimulating it. Her eyes darkened with passion as he turned her body on. She had played with herself many times over the past year, but her fingers didn't feel near as good as his claw did.

She watched as he lowered his huge head. She cringed at first but when all he did was stick out a long tongue, she relaxed.

She watched his tongue as it moved between her legs, sliding into her virgin hole. "Mmmmm..." She moaned against her gag as he slowly tonguefucked her.

Xavier kept his claw moving over her clit as he slowly slid his tongue in and out of her virgin body. When his tongue brushed against her barrier, he moaned low in his throat. He kept expecting the villagers to send a maiden that wasn't pure to him but so far they had actually done as he demanded.

Miranda was moaning around the gag as he pleasured her with his muzzle. When she felt his other claw, wrap around her breast, she gasped again but all he did was caress it.

Xavier lifted his eyes to hers, watching as he slid his tongue deep inside her and pushed her closer to release. Her body was moving against his snout and claws, as cries escaped her lips through the gag. He felt his cock rising out of his sheath and smiled.

He slid his tongue faster and deeper inside her and heard her cry out against the gag as she pressed her body hard against him. He could hear the shackles clinging against the metal as she humped against his tongue.

"Mmmmmmmph, mmmmmmm, Agh, ugh..." Miranda moaned against her gag as she was pushed quickly towards orgasm. She felt him lift her body a bit as he slammed his tongue deep inside her and screamed against the gag as her body suddenly stiffened in release.

Xavier kept tonguing her through her orgasm until she hung limply against the chains binding her. He finally pulled out of her body and smiled at her. "You will do. Let's see how well you pass the second test."

Miranda lifted tired eyes to his wondering what the second task could be. She found out quickly when she felt the shackles around her wrists and ankles give way. She dropped to her knees exhausted then gasped as she saw his huge cock rising in front of her face.

It had to be at least 12-15 inches long and at least 3 or 4 inches in diameter. She tore the gag from her mouth and looked up at him. "What am I supposed to do with that?"

Xavier grinned as he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her towards him. "You are going to take me in your mouth my dear."

"I..." Miranda's protest was cut off as he suddenly shoved his cock deep into her mouth. She managed to somehow get about 4 or 5 inches of him inside her but that was it.

He seemed satisfied though because he gripped her head and started pulling her back and forth over him. "Suck me little virgin." he purred as he pulled her down over his hard shaft.

Miranda had never seen a real cock let alone had one in her mouth before and didn't have the slightest idea how to suck on one. Especially not one as big as his. She slowly moved her tongue over him and heard him purr in pleasure.

He seemed to like that so she did it again while she let him move her head back and forth over him. When his claws stopped moving, she got the idea and started bobbing her head up and down over his hard shaft while she worked her tongue all over him.

"Yes, that is it; oh you are good at this. Is this your first time?" He asked lowering his eyes to hers.

She lifted her eyes up to his over his body as she nodded her head. "That is good, now suck me good girl." He shoved his hips forward and she almost gagged as he tried to slide into her throat. She lifted tear filled eyes to his and he smiled his dragon smile.

"Swallow my sweet." He shoved his hips forward once again.

Miranda didn't understand why he wanted her to swallow. When he slammed forward again, she did as he asked and looked at him wide eyed as at least 2 or 3 inches of him slid into her throat. She breathed heavily through her nose as she tried to figure out what to do next.

Xavier however wasn't complaining. She had a tight throat that was caressing him. "Yes, that feels good." he pulled out letting her breath quickly before he slammed into her throat again. By the third time he did this, she got the idea and was able to take him on her own.

Smoke started unfurling quickly out of Xavier's nostril's as he forcefully fucked her face. "Oh fuck, yes, so good." he cried pumping hard with his hips as she sucked on him. She grabbed the base of his cock and began to stroke it.

"Yes, oh yes, take It." he purred as he fucked her face faster. Suddenly he pulled forcefully out of her mouth. Miranda was surprised until she watched a huge load of white stuff come shooting out of the head of his cock and hit her in the face.

She pulled her face away as he shot again and his cum landed on her chest and stomach. By the time he finished cumming, her body was coated.

Xavier was breathing hard as he dropped to all fours and his cock slithered back into his sheath. "I knew you would never be able to swallow it all." he said to her confused look. "I didn't want you to drown in my cum before I have a chance to have you."

Miranda had been wiping up his cum with her fingers and putting it in her mouth when he said this. At his words, she looked at him in surprise. "Have me?"

Xavier smiled as he lifted a claw and rubbed some of his cum into her hair. "Did you believe that was all there was to it? Did you expect me to kill you or eat you now?"

She looked at him curiously. "Well, yea. I mean I never expected what happened. I assumed I was going to die today."

When Xavier laughed, it came out as a loud roar and the cliff shook with the power of it. Miranda wrapped her arms around her body in fear as she watched him.

"Oh my dear, you humans are so silly at times." He lowered his muzzle down until it was nearly in front of her face. "I don't want a virgin sacrifice for a meal my dear."

Looking at him curiously, she placed a hand on his stomach. "Why then?"

He leaned closer as if divulging a great secret. "I am the last of my kind. At least I have never seen any. Even dragons have needs."

Miranda may have been ignorant about men but she wasn't stupid. She smiled as she pulled herself to her feet then wrapped her arms around his body as she lifted her eyes to his. "You don't want a meal, you want a lover."

He nodded, "But why the virgin? Why threaten the village?"

He moved slowly away from her and sat back on his paws. "Do you think they would willingly give me a lover? I prefer to be the first to sample the goods of my lover. Do you really think they are willing to hand over a virgin for me to take to my bed?" he laughed again although the cliff didn't shake this time.

"Oh no my dear, the first woman I took from them lasted three days before she died of fright. She was rigid and cold under me. Her heart finally gave out the minute I moved my snout towards her.

After that, they were more willing, but you are the most willing of the women I have been with. That is why I demand that she come willingly, if she does not, there isn't much point."

Miranda watched him as she thought about what he had said. She had heard the legend growing up but now it made sense. "Every 50 years, you come down to the cliffs and demand a virgin sacrifice. She must be over 18 and come of her own free will." She tilted her head to the side. "Why every 50 years?"

He actually smiled at this. "Human's don't live as long as dragons do my sweet." He held a paw out to her; she noticed that the claw had been retracted. "Most of the girls I get are usually in their early to mid 20's. I don't understand why humans would wait so long but since it takes care of my needs, it really doesn't matter. Usually after 50 years, she is too old to please me anymore. I settle her in a cave and let her die in peace."

She took his paw and gasped as he pulled her against him. "I guess that makes sense." She looked up at him. "So what happens now?"

He smiled as he lowered his muzzle once again towards her face. She watched him, then closed her eyes as she felt his tongue slither against her closed lips. She wrapped her arms around his body, and then slowly opened her lips.

Xavier didn't try to strangle her with the kiss. He let his tongue duel lightly with her own as he lowered his paw back between her legs.

This time he didn't slide his tongue inside her but one of his claws. He was careful not to cut her and moaned as he felt her hump against him.

He fingered her for a minute or so while he kissed her then slowly pulled away. "Now we go home my sweet and I make you mine. Turn away from me."

She smiled at him seductively then turned so her back was to him.

He wrapped one arm around her and lifted her body against his powerful one even as his wings pushed out. He kicked off from the ground, gliding into the night sky.

He was in flight, with her pressed intimately against him, when he snaked his long cock into her virgin snatch.

She screamed out in pain as he penetrated her, but before long she was moaning like crazy as he slid his cock in and out of her with long, slow thrusts. His claws were wrapped around her body, holding her close to him as he fucked her while they flew to his home.

Xavier's hips pushed forward and back as he slithered deep inside her tight hole, his eyes closed even as he flew over the mountain to his cave.

When they landed, he released her body and Miranda dropped to her hands and knees as she pushed herself back against him, feeling him slide deeper into her body. "Oh...It feels so good." She moaned as he slowly thrust into her.

Xavier lifted his upper body, watching as he penetrated her with his large cock. He moaned around his snout, sending smoke through his nose as her body caressed him. "You are very good. I think I will keep you." He groaned as he thrust into her harder and faster driving deeper with each penetration.

"Fuck me...Oh fuck me." Miranda cried as she felt her orgasm rising in her body. Her body was shaking with her thrusts against the dragon who was buried deep inside her. "It feels so good. Please make me cum." She begged.

Xavier licked at her back with his tongue as he wrapped one claw tightly around her body, pulling her more intimately against him as he continued to slide into her. "Ohhhhhh...Oh yes..." Miranda mewled when he ran his claw over her clit again. "I'm gonna cum." She screamed suddenly as her body convulsed.

Xavier felt her body clench around him. He closed his eyes relishing the feeling of her tightening around him but didn't stop his thrusts into her body. He just fucked her faster and harder while she screamed out in pleasure.

He lowered his snout down over her back until he could reach her breast with his tongue. He wrapped it around her breast and felt her shiver. "Oh yes...I love this. Don't stop." She cried as she pushed herself back against him ferociously.

Xavier was surprised at how hard she was fucking him back. Most of his sacrifices were leery about having a dragon fuck them, but this one was welcoming him deeply into her body. She was begging him to fuck her.

He wondered if what he had told her had any impact on how she was reacting or if it was just that she was as hot as he was. Her juices were coating his shaft and he had a hard time not just letting go.

He held her close as he rammed his cock in and out of her pussy while she begged for more. He pushed her into 3 more orgasms before he let himself find his own release deep inside her body.

After it was over, he covered her sleeping body with a blanket, and then lay down beside her with his wings tucked close to his body. He wouldn't need another sacrifice for a long time. She was younger then the others. He knew that she was an adult but he had overheard the villagers saying that she was only 19. It would be many years before she was too old to satisfy him anymore.

As he rested a claw across her stomach, he knew that he would spend the next 50 years in sexual bliss with his virgin sacrifice.

The End

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