tagErotic HorrorFeast or Famine?

Feast or Famine?


Stephanos, resplendent in unrelieved black except for his blood red silk cravat gazed pityingly down at the young girl bowed over the fresh gravesite. Her bitter and copious tears only served to feed his growing hunger. His violet eyes glowed in the gathering gloom as he searched for the right emphasis on which to continue his pursuit. Having grown bored with the usual hurried feeding frenzies of his youth, he had a deep-seated yearning to replenish himself with this tortured beauty. Her wrenching wails excited the blood coursing through his veins. Stephanos hesitated no longer, stepping out of the shadows.

Marianna was beside herself in her grief. Her arms wrapped around her middle, mourning Dmitri. The townspeople of Dubrovnik leaving her to her own devices. Unforgiving in their condemnation of her, for what they perceived her role had been in Dmitri's death. Marianna and Dmitri had had such plans. They were to have been married in the chapel of their village, Dmitri insisting that being a soldier was a credible way to earn the necessary money to set up their household. With his death, their dreams had died. His family unrelenting in their hatred, for they had never approved of her. Marianna was in such despair, she considered ending her life. Then she could be linked forever to Dmitri. Sensing a presence behind her, she raised her tear-drenched emerald eyes framed by her black mourning veil to the man hovering quietly.

'Please leave me to my grief. I have nothing to offer you.' She whispered hoarsely. Her gaze however had connected with his hypnotic stare and she could not look away.

'Forgive my intrusion' his spellbinding voice breaking over her, 'I had thought to offer you comfort. I meant no disrespect.'

'Leave me Sir. I would be alone to mourn him.' Her voice was adamant despite the tiny frissons created by those eyes and voice. Marianna lowered her gaze then, refocusing on the mound of dirt in front of her.

Stephanos was incensed. No one, no one dared be so dismissive of him. This churlish girl! Her impudence will cost her he vowed silently. He felt his fangs start to protrude, but now was not the time. His blood boiling with more than lust. He was in a very fine, very rare temper. With a calculating last look at her bent head, he retreated momentarily to gather his thoughts. He merged with the shadows once more to await a more fitting time to return to her side.


Marianna shivering with the cooling shadows swirling around her slowly gathered her body up. She dropped the single white rose that had been grasped in her hand to the ground atop where Dmitri would be, swallowed for eternity. The last one to love her, her parents surrendering last year to the fever that had swept through and decimated her village. She walked towards her childhood home, her steps heavy, her gait slow. She unlocked the front door and headed for the stairs to her bedroom, no appetite apparent. She had been unable to eat these three days past when Dmitri's body had arrived to be buried. Marianna undressed with the same lackluster movements, her pain-filled eyes closing in relief. Her ordeals momentarily over as she slid into dreamless sleep, all her energies had been spent in seeing a proper burial for Dmitri.

Stephanos had followed her easily, ever watchful. Detecting no other presence in the house, he had waited for her to snuff out the candle and then limberly climbed the trellis adjacent to her balcony. Stephanos moved stealthily across the floor, gliding effortlessly over to the bed where she lay restlessly moving under the covers, moaning softly. Moonlight streaming brilliantly inside, through the opened balcony doors to stream across the bed. His lips parted in an unholy grin, watching her chest rise and fall, the ribbons of her nightgown had unlaced to the point where they rested over the top part of her chest. A tiny gold crucifix circling her neck, her raven hair spread across the pillow. Reaching out one long bony finger, he hooked his nail under the lacy edge and moved it lower. His eyes gleaming in appreciation at the milky unmarred flesh exposed, the succulent deep red nipple jutting prominently in the cool night air.

He inhaled the scent of lavender wafting from her skin, his cock showing a flicker of interest then extinguishing. Stephanos, aware that to fully be aroused, he must take some of her blood and mix it with his own. He leaned in and pressed his lips on the swell, just above the areola. Blowing gently, he watched that nipple crown even further. Dark passions exploded in his mind, possibilities vying with each other for dominance. As these streamed through at a frightening pace, Marianna mumbled 'Dmitri.' One word. Stephanos avowed that he would erase her memory of Dmitri this evening with all of his being. He never broke promises to himself.


Stephanos stripped himself of the trappings of humanity, thoughtfully and carefully folding his belongings. He strode back to the bed and positioned himself on top of Marianna's thighs, jolting forward to sink his fangs into her breast. Marianna woke with a startled gasp, watching that dark head touching her where no man had touched her before. When she moved her hands grasping his hair to push him away, Stephanos raised his compelling eyes and stayed her without speech. Enticed beyond her comprehension at the magnificence of his forceful gaze, she was caught like a fly in a spider's web. Stephanos' eyes were eddying vortexes of passion, flaming with unrepentant need.

'Who are you? What do you want with me?' Marianna cried softly. 'Let me go! Get out of my house! I will scream!' All the while, her racing thoughts mocking her with the knowledge that the villagers would not lift a finger.

'I am Stephanos' he intoned, casually lapping at his dripping fangs with his tongue. 'And I am here because your beauty and innocence called to me. I know your thoughts before you do and before this night is over, you will know the passion that I have for you. Make no mistake, from here forward; you will be mine to do with as I wish. Please me, and it will be easier for you to gain acceptance.' Stephanos deliberately chose that word, knowing that Marianna sought to belong.

Marianna slowly expelled her breath. She had watched him move his mouth, had seen him taste her blood. She knew now that he was a vampire. Curiously enough she did not fear him, nor was she repulsed by his actions. She wondered briefly if he had placed a spell on her, then decided it was of no consequence. He had already started the process of dining and she knew all was lost. Denigrating herself over her earlier lapse in judgment in thinking to end her life, she now knew she wished to live. Her lethargy dissipated and she fought him like a wildcat. They raged in battle as she knew her beloved Dmitri must have fought to stay alive. Alas, unevenly matched and quickly overpowered, Marianna resorted to one last desperate act. With Stephanos firmly entrenched over her thighs, his knees holding her in place and his hands holding her arms down as they extended over her head, she reeled back and then thrust up in an attempt to bite him, her teeth sinking into his shoulder. Stephanos smiled for Marianna had unwittingly bound herself even more tightly to him. Instead of freeing herself, she was his unequivocally with that small exchange of blood.

'Ah, my feisty beauty you forever belong to me' he purred. 'I am your master from this day forward.'

Stephanos sunk his fangs into her unblemished breast and drew greedily from her there. A bead of rich blood pooling to run down the slope into the valley between her breasts. Swiftly moving along her body he randomly nipped her further in his explorations. No thoughts of gently initiating her were present; he was captivated by her spirit and her liveliness. Kicking the coverlet backwards with his foot, he nudged her gown up over her waist, feasting for a moment on what he uncovered. Those silken thighs were waiting there for him. Marianna's body shook with needs she didn't understand. She writhed under his masterful touch, squirming heedlessly, her mind drowning with sensations. Nerve endings tingling repeatedly over her entire length, anticipating, feverishly giving consent.

When Stephanos plunged his fangs into her thigh, her upper body rose upright unbidden and grasping his hair this time, pulled him more tautly over that fair skin. Her skin so heated, his body still cold was a welcome relief. Drinking his fill, Stephanos sealed that wound with a lap of his tongue. He could start to feel the blood surging to his cock, growing heavy. It had been a long time, too long since he pierced a woman's flesh with his member. He had chosen this woman with exquisite care. Acutely attuned to those experiencing grief, he had sought her out, far from his own normal hunting grounds. Having lived for over five centuries, he could count on one elegant hand the number of times he had mated.

Aware that Marianna was untouched, he guided her hand to his swollen cock and encouraged her to clasp it. She experimented for a few minutes, running her hands over him, learning his shape, texture and strength. Emboldened by his pent up breath releasing in a harsh manner, she grasped him more firmly, stroking his cock harder and faster. Seeking his eyes for approval, knowing she was pleasing him by the dilation evident. Her untutored hands found a natural rhythm and she applied pressure at different points.

Patiently, almost tenderly, silently Stephanos allowed her this freedom. Knowledge that she was his for eternity had him wanting to teach her. With desire kindled, his patience was soon spent. His fingers explored her moist opening, testing her readiness. He teased her lips, running his fingers through her curls, tugging at them, feeling her heat. Marianna moved under his hand seeking answers to these strange feelings aching through her body in unfamiliar places. Embarrassed by the wetness she sought his eyes yet again with her unspoken question.

'Marianna this is desire. This is your body preparing itself for my pleasure and what will be your pleasure.'

Marianna should not have been surprised that he knew her name. It became increasingly apparent that he knew everything. Stephanos' eyes flared reading her thoughts. She was ready and willing and unfilled. Before he fucked her, he was going to taste her. No longer immune to her charms, no longer angry, he was still ravenously hungry to sate those burning passions. Moving further down her body, he placed his lips and tongue over her pussy. He thrust his tongue inside, feeling her tremor beneath and around his touch. He moved his tongue in and out of her, building that pressure still, Marianna's hips pumping and thrusting naturally to meet his. Mindlessly she matched his passions. Just when she was on the brink, he pulled back to plunge one fang into her clit. She gasped falling over that brink and spilled her juices onto his waiting tongue.

He drank deeply, just as he had earlier against her thigh. Stephanos rejoiced, feeling her cum over his tongue, juices running down his throat charged his erection further. This was as out of control as he allowed himself to be. Dominating and pleasuring Marianna was thrilling him to no end. He watched the last of her orgasm and then glanced at her face. She glowed in the moonlight rampant desire lingering in her eyes.


Marianna was beside herself, still uncomprehending what had happened. Her whole body alive and tingling and she had Stephanos to thank for that. Finding a confidence in herself that was previously unknown, she boldly scooted down the bed to his mouth. She captured his lips, biting and nipping at them playfully, silently imploring him to continue. She wrapped her long legs around his waist and cradled him against her center. He still had a touch of coldness to him, but less so than before. He felt good, he felt right nestled between her thighs. She wiggled her hips a bit, her passions far from spent. Stephanos was amused by her blatant inexperienced attempts at ravishment, a more than willing participant.

Being amused however did not mean he was going to indulge this any further. He moved his hand to his cock and seated himself fully inside her warmth, easily breaking and surpassing her hymen. She demurred without signs of a struggle, causing Stephanos to wildly and blatantly move uninhibitedly. He had not been intimate with a virginal woman who had so willingly invited him to fuck her without protest. Her earlier mutiny forgotten in his quest to make her his, she was now in total submission. While he stroked his cock in her pussy, he also stroked her clit, feeling the raised welt left by his fang. More ardent than ever, each stroke raising his body temperature, his movements unrestricted. Bracing one elbow at her side, he reached down to capture a nipple, feeling it pebble. Whereas before he had limited feelings, his mind exploded in a kaleidoscope of colors. This coupling surpassed his expectations. Marianna's body was tightening around him, gripping him as no other had before. Her moans were increasing, her breathing reduced to panting. Slick with her juice, Stephanos felt himself expanding even more and knew he was close to cumming. With one final thrust, he sent them both over the edge. Keening wails of passion were mingled together. Stephanos pumped himself endlessly into Marianna, the closest feeling to being alive he had experienced since his crossover.

He gathered her close and working his way up her body, polishing off that droplet nestled between her breasts before continuing to her mouth. He ground his mouth against her forcefully for a moment before gentling the kiss. Careful to leave his cock where it was. Their initial mating complete, still left him craving more. For the time being, he was content to caress her and drowse in her arms. Having slept the sleep of the undead for over four and a half centuries, he found himself curiously spent in a different way. Marianna embraced him to her, holding as close as she could for dear life. While just as tired and spent, she was energized by her coupling with Stephanos. Just before drifting off herself her last thought being that her vampire was worth keeping.

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