tagErotic HorrorFeast or Famine? Ch. 02

Feast or Famine? Ch. 02


Marianna awoke with a start, the sunshine pouring through the window warming her body. Keeping my eyes closed, I stretched, unfamiliar muscles screaming out in protest. Wondering at these mysterious aches and pains I opened them to foreign surroundings. The breath hissed out of my throat, my feeling of well being evaporating immediately. I made the sign of the cross without hesitation, rising to my knees to cry out to God.

'What further evil has been wrought against me?' I railed silently. 'Has not enough misery been rained down on my head?' I received no answer.

Scrabbling around on the bedclothes I left it to find my belongings and to leave this strange place. Escape uppermost on my mind. My rapid expirations making me slightly dizzy. I grasped the bedpost to steady myself. Looking down I was struck by the fact that I was in a most beautiful white lawn nightgown, something I didn't own. My fears escalating with each passing moment, my body jerking frantically at how I arrived here.

Forgetting my purpose of finding my own clothing I raced to the door, stumbling when I tripped over the hem. Falling heavily against the door I scratched at the doorknob, knowing instinctively I was locked inside. Angry and frightened tears streaming down as I faced the implications of my imprisonment. I turned to study the window, realizing that there was no escape there but moving towards it to see for myself. Dejected I sunk to my knees as I gazed at the ground at least forty feet below. I stayed here incoherent and inconsolable until I realized that my arm and fingers were burning from the directness of that beating sun. Glancing down, noticing the reddening skin I hastily moved away, memories of the previous night flooding back. In horror I relived them.


Stephanos slumbered undisturbed as his body was rejuvenating. He had swept Marianna away in the dead of night to his castle. Watching her shallow breathing as she nestled against him unknowingly brought him new resolve to keep her with him forever. He had swathed her in the sheerest of nightgowns and kissed her brow. Replete with the good he had done for them both this evening past. Once he had settled her into her new home, he had gone to lock himself away until the next sunset. Rest imperative as the first fingers of dawn were spreading across the sky. His last thought before succumbing, that he had gotten himself a hellcat!

Marianna scrubbed ineffectually at her eyes as if to erase the memories. All this served to do was to reinforce the blinding headache I had. Unsure of my next move I sat scrunched up into a tight ball, making myself as small as possible. Forlornness etched on my face. Plaintively I craved the return of my life before it had been turned upside down. I frowned in concentration knowing there was something or someone I had forgotten. Struggling inanely I remained ignorant. Whatever it is it will return. I had to remain hopeful.


Startled that my thoughts had wandered so far away, I was surprised to see that darkness was forming. I had been sitting all day. Cramped beyond belief at my bent posture I rose awkwardly to my feet, observing for the first time the basin of water in the corner of the room. I shuffled over with the intent of washing away some of the residual stickiness. Stickiness I knew to be spilt virgin's blood on my thighs. Suddenly enraged at what I had lost, I scrubbed furiously as Lady Macbeth had done fruitlessly wringing her hands.

Sensing his presence, incensed at my captivity and vulnerability I spun around to face him. Letting out a heart stopping cry I launched myself at him, nails curled to rake against his face. All my fury centering on his arrogance and presumptions. Stephanos easily captured my hand and pulled it high up behind my back bringing me against him. Chest heaving I glared at him, thoughts of spitting at his face, then I thought better of it, eying his volcanic expression. Mutinously I tried to stare him down, haughtiness evident in every line of my body.

Stephanos laughed! Appreciative of her spirit and thinking her beautiful in her fury. Knowing she would rather claw his eyes out he knew he had to put a stop to this rambunctious and futile endeavor immediately. Intent on bending her to his will he leant in, causing Marianna to bow her body backwards. A small sharp cry crossed her lips. She struggled to no avail, whimpering, the rage seeping out of her body at his determination to dominate her. Satisfied that she grew cognizant of his power and her helplessness had him straightening once again. Reveling he sunk his fangs into her breast, her crucifix swinging wildly with her jerky movements. She soon settled down and let him drink his fill.

With an avaricious gleam in his eye he backed her against the bed and turned her around so that her belly was against the bottom board. Unceremoniously he lifted her nightgown up off her body and slid his hard cock inside. For her impertinence he fucked her hard, uncaring whether she was ready to receive him. Marianna for her part found herself reluctantly responding to his thrusts and was ready juice dripping out of her pussy. Their earlier duel had incited her, the fine line between rage and passion crossed effortlessly.

With my arm still bent behind my back and bent forward there was little I could do. I was standing on the balls of my feet to accommodate Stephanos' cock. The physical strain only heightened our coupling. Sheathing him in my wet heat I took him completely inside. Each thrust bringing me closer to that ethereal feeling of the previous night. This I remembered clearly, the rest of my life before him shrouded in mystery. I could feel myself coming apart all over his pulsing cock a sigh of pleasure escaping my lips. I no longer cared what he did, it was rapturous.

Stephanos feeling that Marianna welcomed him fully leant in once more to sink a lone fang into the side of her neck as he came slamming into her openness. Satisfaction glowed from him starting on the inside. Not wanting to damage her porcelain skin, he laid his tongue over where his puncture mark was on her neck, once again sealing it. He licked the blood off his fang and released her arm. He then stepped away to allow her the luxury of standing.


Marianna caught herself basking in the afterglow shrugging unconsciously. I rotated my head and running the tip of my tongue over my lips, I was shocked to find that I hungered for more. Swiveling around, I pounced on Stephanos, not in anger but heated passion. Caught unawares we tumbled to the floor. Laughing delightedly at the look of shock on his face I curved my lips into a wicked grin. I was susceptible to the things that only he had made me feel, experience and forget. Remembering his cock in my mouth I advanced down his body to where it lay quivering. Kneeling between his knees my face resting in my hands I just gazed at him for a minute. The silkiness of his black hair springing back at my touch. I spread my fingers through it, watching interesting things happen to his cock. Saliva making an appearance at the corners of my mouth. I was ravenous for his taste and smell. Impatience lapping at his body over my supposed inertia. I let my eyes traverse up to his and once I had his gaze locked onto mine I moved my mouth over him. Spellbound caught in his darkening eyes, eyes filling with unrestrained fervor.

Emerald clashed with violet heating instantaneously. Neither of us looking away, feasting on the matching desire swirling. My mouth hot and wet capturing him, enfolding him. I started sucking as if my life depended on it. Deepening my strokes, my tongue and lips running rampant as he grew larger still. My nipples puckering as they grazed against the sides of his thighs and the carpet beneath our fallen bodies. Pushing him further with my gaze and mouth I wanted to rock his world and to nudge his superiority aside.

Stephanos read accurately all the emotions that were reflected in Marianna's eyes. If she thought he was going to ensorcelled by her, she was sadly mistaken. Let her have her little rebellion, he was the victor as he watched her head bobbing up and down on his fully engorged cock. Her raven hair flowing freely over his thighs, perspiration on her upper lip from her exertions. Stephanos triumphant at bringing her to her knees. And she was learning fast. 'She's turning into a good little cocksucker, an added bonus' he mused. He encouraged her further by lifting his hips to her eager mouth. Bucking wildly at her tongue flicks. Stephanos felt the final surge approaching, just as Marianna did.

'AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!' His cry echoed through the bed chamber. Fuck that was fantastic! Copious amounts of cum jetting forth from his cock to her waiting mouth. Marianna captured it all and kept sucking him. He spasmed his last and exhaled noisily. Once Marianna knew he was temporarily done, she rested her cheek against his thigh, licking the last of his cum from her lips.


'Marianna, come here!' The voice was imperious. I had been drowsing against his thigh, my body reacting immediately to the peremptory tone. Resentful that he spoke this way to me after what we shared, I remained where I was. I wasn't learning this lesson of obedience easily. Stephanos sighed at my mulishness and rolled to his side. He bounded gracefully to his feet and went to the armoire on the far side of the room. Wrenching open the doors he viewed what was stocked there. I sniffed indifferently and closed my eyes. On my back, I stretched my body languorously against the thick carpet. He must have found what he was seeking because he was once again at my side.

Whap! Whap! Whap! Startled I rolled away or tried to, my hands flying to my naked breasts. Stephanos had straddled my thighs and as I brought my gaze up I could see the long handled whip he was carrying. Poised to strike again he was frowning with intensity and impatience. I had angered him with my continued opposition. Cringing I waited the next meting out of punishment, for indeed this was punishment. Fear replacing that satisfaction, my smile disappearing. My eyes huge orbs hung open feeling lost and defenseless with no escape evident. My breathing rapid and thready, I was losing my mind! He danced that whip at random lightly flicking it over my skin, not harshly but with enough force to impose his will on my insolence. I needed to learn humility and subservience quickly or I wouldn't survive as the whip cracked again.

Stephanos was moody, stirrings of anger contorting his beautiful features. He was not violent despite his natural tendencies. He much preferred captivating her with his demeanor and charm, but as a last resort he would do this, display this physical demonstration of his powers. Much to his chagrin he regretted the point they had now arrived at. However he would not mark her skin and he had no intentions of fully breaking her spirit, he just wanted her to be more amenable to his needs. Vampires had them too. Repetitively he covered her entire body with those flicks. He wielded the whip from long practice eventually subsiding at the bottoms of her feet. His patience asserting itself again at her compliance and her meekness at accepting his supremacy. Marianna was a match for him in multiple ways, but not when it came to his authority overriding all else without question.

Marianna sighed when he dropped that whip at last. Maybe submitting to him was to be my penance and my salvation. Stephanos reached down a hand to pull me up. I gratefully went. Rising I enmeshed my hands in the whorls of hair on his chest. He playfully tugged my curls below, inserting a finger then two stretching me out. Placing my hands on his shoulders I inched my legs apart to steady myself. Tangling my eyes with his again I felt his power my breath increasing. His fingers slick with my juices moving rapidly now. He swiftly brought them up to our respective mouths and we suckled them. My eyes dilating at the taste of myself, his also. He then plunged back down to repeat the process. Juices flowing onto my thighs I squirmed against those fingers wanting more still.

Tremors threading down from my belly, my pussy pulsating and luxuriating against his magical fingers. Thrusting my fingers into his hair, I brought his mouth crashing to mine.

Savoring him I stuck my tongue inside to duel with his and to mimic what was happening elsewhere. God he was breathtaking. I groaned into his mouth as I came gloriously all over those questing fingers. Breaking the kiss I turned my face to his chest to enjoy the lingering effects of my orgasm.


Once Marianna had recovered herself, they moved to the bed. Tumbling to the strewn bedding they set about doing something they really hadn't done prior to this point. Slowly, thoughtfully they explored one another's bodies. Hands and lips seeking out undiscovered treasures and relatively untouched parts. Stephanos rolled Marianna onto her belly and allowed his hands free range. Kneading and shaping the delicate muscles of her back, he kissed his way down her spine all the way to the soles of her feet. Tickling her with his tongue he brought a giggle to her lips.

Thoughtfully I rolled onto my back beckoning with my hands I drew Stephanos to me. Clasping my arms around him marveling at the tensile strength throughout his body. I wrapped my legs around his waist resting there. I took his face between my hands and straining up touched his lips with mine melting into the kiss. Enthralled with his tenderness I pressed forward. His skin alive against mine I moved against it craving the contact. Contentment coursing through my veins.

Stephanos willing followed where she led this once. His cock stirring against the continuing wetness of her pussy seeking the hidden entrance. He brushed his thumb against her clit causing a small exclamation to fall from her parted lips. Receiving her unspoken signal loudly and clearly he eased into her waiting warmth. Slow, long, even strokes in accompaniment with his thumb. She wiggled her hips and drew him further into herself. The loving that took place then was sweet and heartfelt.

Marianna practiced at clenching her muscles against his hard cock. Pulsating, my ankles encasing him to my warmth. I instinctively stretched upwards to nibble at his chest a tiny pinprick forming there from my quick nips. Lapping the drop I bucked my hips. Sheer joy spreading through my body at Stephanos' responses. Delighting in the impact we fostered in each other. Without thought, absent of time and reality we came in surrender to one another.

'My Lord Stephanos, I will stay with you forever.'

'Marianna, of your free will, I accept your offer.'

We sealed our bargain for the rest of the night.

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