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Katherine knew beyond all doubt that she had changed after being Couched On Her Terms. Her first little sampling of being a Domme after all those years as a sub felt beyond fantastic. She knew in real life, the life beyond fantasy, she was still mostly the same devoted, obedient, sacrificing wife she had always been ... mostly. But now there was another side to her, one that could be assertive with her wants and needs, have them honored, and all the while give great joy to herself and to one or more others. After leaving Lee's apartment she had been exhilarated, irrepressibly effervescent, sated completely yet more incurably insatiable. She loved Life, and she loved herself -- something she had to admit she hadn't felt for a long time.

It wasn't that she liked ordering someone around --that wasn't it at all. If she had had to tell Lee every detail of every request, if she had needed to plan every tiny aspect of that experience, it would have been tedious and totally boring. What made this fun, erotic, and enlivening, was that Lee and she understood each other, so it only took a few words or even just eye contact to explain what she wanted. Even as a Dom, Lee had really enjoyed pleasing her, and it seemed that they both usually got more excited being the witness to and the cause of the other's excitement! Neither was all take and no give, but rather a balanced mix. So it seemed perfectly right for her, Katherine the Sub, to also be at times Katherine the Domme.

And it had worked!! All the wondering and anxiety of whether Lee would really submit, all the fears of whether she could tell him what to do, especially in his own home, had all evaporated once they began. She couldn't wait to ask him to be her angel again, and thought about him very often in her spare moments. It was odd, though, because she had always wanted him, but ironically for the first time she felt less needy, less insecure about his attention and affection. True, it was still highly unlikely they would ever be full-time lovers, but they had gone deeper, to a stronger place in both of them.

If he had responded only as a robot, without his spark, his obedience with naughtiness, his ability to take control while still being under her command, she would have stopped it immediately. She didn't want to teach a dog to jump through a hoop, but to know a brilliant, strong man would be willing to use all his knowledge and creativity, all that made him strong, to temporarily but totally serve her. That's what had made it work -- that neither set aside any of what made them powerful, neither one dumbed down for the other. Lee had often expressed that he was more excited by her as she became stronger, more educated, more accomplished in life, because then when she offered herself as a gift to him, the gift was all the more valuable. For the first time she really and truly understood what he meant. The thrill came from the mutual agreement of two "highly marketable" people, as employees and friends and lovers, that was never forced, never demanded, never cheapened. How could she have known how very much more fulfilling this could be than the "sit, stay, roll over" barked orders she had often read about in BDSM stories?

Without a doubt she was a new woman, and no matter how long it might be before she could again be in the Domme role, no matter how many times or how deeply she was a sub as a wife and/or lover, she would be ready for the next time.

Thinking it might never happen, Katherine was delighted when the opportunity came, even though it was indeed a long wait for her. How often she had envisioned it all, brought herself to orgasm so easily with the memories of the last time and anticipating this time. Her only fear was that she might have to masturbate in the car just before seeing Lee again because every time she thought of what would happen she got deliciously, achingly excited. Of all the problems to have, being too horny didn't seem to bother anyone at all, particularly her.

She had emailed Lee a few days beforehand with some small requests, a few little purchases -- nothing to put any strain on him, but just enough to show he also took efforts in advance for their precious time together, that he really meant to serve her. There was the practical side, too -- she wasn't in much position to do shopping when she was lucky just to get a couple hours to be with him. Other than that email, she made no preparations other than in her mind; she dressed normally, with all regular undergarments, and nothing "sexy" in her attire or mannerisms. If only she could stop from creaming and smiling like she owned the world. Well, perhaps she did, in a small way.

This time she didn't pause at all when she strode up the stairs to Lee's apartment, in fact she seemed to glide to the top effortlessly, too thrilled at being there to admit to herself the time it took to reach his door. Of course, he was there to open the door for her, and he closed it again behind her. As before, they looked for a few moments into each other's eyes with that silly grin possessing them. She didn't say anything but took the one step needed to reach him and gently but passionately enveloped him in her arms, their deep kiss a nearly reverent joy of reunion and memories. She wanted him so very much, longed to take him there in the hallway, to treat him to all the pleasure he deserved from a sub. But that wasn't the agreement this time. Instead, she managed to stop kissing him long enough to ask in a barely audible but impassioned tone, "Will you be my angel tonight?"

In a surprise twist, he picked her up enough to push her up against the wall, pinning her totally with the full weight of his body. Her toes were practically off the ground as his pelvis kept her immobile while he pulled her wrists with one hand over her head as far as they would go, and with the other ravished her tits as he nibbled and bit and sucked and licked her neck and face. He was so hard, so ready for her, and she realized that he, too, wanted desperately to skip all the plans and fuck her right there and then. His nearly violent passion began to frighten her, yet when he reached from her breast to her pulsing pussy, rubbing it hard and with ownership, she came so intensely, screaming her orgasm into his mouth as he pushed his tongue almost to her throat and basically fucked her mouth as he rubbed her through a long climax. She was glad to be pinned against the wall because she knew she couldn't stand immediately afterward. He had taken her, brought her to orgasm so fast, so dramatically, that when it was over she could scarcely realize that it had even begun.

His attitude changed, even though his fiery lust was burning throughout him. Almost as if none of that had happened, he pulled her away from the wall, supported her gently as one would hold a highly prized and delicate object, and caught her gaze. Shaken still from the massive orgasm, it took her a few seconds to focus on his eyes, but when she did there was a smile in them, his lust under control, and she understood. Lee had not only released her almost too intense passion so she could be a Domme with a clearer head, he had also reasserted that he was a very dominant, physically powerful man, so by contrast his submission to her would be all the more apparent. After all his years as a Dom, he showed her that he still was one, had not gone weak in any way. As her smile grew in recognition of this, and Lee's grin broadened in acknowledgement, he looked her steadily in the eyes, released his grip on her, clasped his hands behind his back, and sweetly replied, "Yes, Ma'am."

Katherine for several moments couldn't move, or think, or make a sound, and all that time her undeniably masculine angel waited patiently. She snapped out of her daze, leaned forward to kiss him lightly, and managed to articulate, "I'm so glad." Fully herself now, the self-possessed woman who walked through the door only a few minutes before, she asked if he had gotten all the things on the list and had made the simple arrangements she had requested. His humble affirmative nearly melted her resolve, but she stood taller and became the queen she wanted to be.

"Please pour champagne for both of us and prepare my bath." In moments she heard the muffled pop of the champagne cork expertly removed, and her angel appeared with two fluted glasses on a tray with the opened bottle. She was in the bedroom adjacent to the bathroom, so he set it on a nightstand, poured out two glassfuls, handed her one, then disappeared into the bathroom. She heard the water running and soon noticed the aroma from scented bath salts dissolving in the warm water. She had nearly forgotten about the glass in her hand until he returned and picked up his. The quietly toasted each other, clinked the glasses together, and sipped the champagne. Immediately, before examining the bottle, she realized he had gotten the special-order Korbel Le Premier, her favorite champagne. She was already in heaven and the night had hardly begun.

She set her drink down, indicated for him to continue drinking if he wished, and slowly strip-teased for him. Her non-sexy clothes seemed to become the silk veils of a harem dancer the way she sensuously teased them off. Just before revealing her nipples or ass, she would stop to get a sip or two of champagne. She slithered out of her panties with her back to him, so when she turned around she would be entirely naked while he remained in his normal clothes. A quick hug, a few big sips, and she walked to the bathroom, stepping gingerly into the just hot enough water.

He soon followed, kneeled on the thick bath rug, pushed up his sleeves, and turned off the water for her. Katherine instructed him that he should bathe her well and thoroughly, but that he was not to touch her skin with his, not yet. So he slid on the exfoliating bath gloves she had requested, and gently washed her back first so she could then lie back in the sweet smelling water. He then very tenderly caressed her face with the sudsy gloves, being sure to get behind her ears and all along her neck. With infinite care he rinsed her face, taking extra precautions not to get any suds or water in her eyes, caressing her skin with a soft washcloth in a way that felt to her more dear than any other touch. She sat up while he massaged her scalp with shampoo, gently washing her medium-length wavy hair while still wearing the gloves, then rinsing her off using a small pitcher to better control the flow of water. With her head still tilted back he drizzled water onto her chest, especially her nipples, explaining with a wry grin that he would wash there next. His hands touched her so lightly all over that with the gloves on she felt like a canvas being painted by an artiste. While cleaning her, he delicately massaged her, both relaxing and exciting her with his slow and controlled methods. He cleaned every inch of her with reverence and fascination, either at what he was doing or how she responded to it. The only place she forbade his touch was her most delicate areas where the gloves would be too abrasive. Those she washed herself, using extra soap for ample suds, rubbing around her pussy and between the lips slowly and luxuriously, saving her aroused clit for last. She stopped when her breathing became too husky, then she turned over and slowly soaped her ass, again with far more soap than needed, but enough to allow her to easily slip first one finger, then two, inside and to stroke herself several times, under the attentive watch of her aroused angel.

After a quick rinse she stood and showered off the rest of the soap as the tub drained. Using a huge fluffy towel, he patted her dry in a respectful manner, and when he reached her feet, set one at a time on the edge of the tub, he gave them a quick massage through the towel. The thick cloth around her like an oversized toga, he led her to the bed and poured her another glass of champagne. She asked him to enjoy a shower, too, adding a wink that clearly indicated it would be in his best interest. How wonderful she felt with her extra softened, clean body, ever so slightly buzzed from the champagne and her passion, and to hear Lee doing a simple thing like taking a shower. In all the years she had never been able to have that pleasure, so she savored this perhaps silly joy as much as the champagne.

When he emerged, a bit damp but otherwise dry, and with a towel wrapped modestly around his waist, she told him she wanted him to get dressed in his nicest suit, or even a tux if he had one. A quick flash of confusion ran across his face, but the hardly perceptible shrug of his shoulders clearly stated that it seemed a fair request, albeit an odd and unexpected one, so he did it. Katherine was thrilled to watch him dress up for her. In a far distant thought she wondered how super it would be to dress up with him for a formal event, and the fun of sex before and after, with teasing throughout the event. For now, he would be her butler, her Cary Grant-like treasured saintly servant.

When he finished dressing, with all the accessories down to the cuff links, she was stunned at how beautiful he was, how awe-inspiring. Clothes don't make the man, but they can certainly accent him. Even more she knew what a gift this evening was, how precious his submission to her was, and how she would be sure to honor him as best she could ... while still doing what she wanted, of course. Katherine dropped her towel on the ground and walked to him, enjoying immensely the thrill of his tall rugged body enhanced by the tux, while she was completely unadorned and nude, all the more petite and seemingly fragile. But despite appearances she felt the more potent because of her nakedness, and he was more her submissive for his attire that exposed only his hands and head. The freedom she felt was glorious, and she wanted to jump upon his and smother him with sex, but the suit stopped her, reminded her of her plans. Instead she leaned toward him, he leaned down, and they kissed almost politely as one would in a reception line.

Empowered, she returned to the bed, and after another sip of champagne, stretched out on the thick fleece blanket. "Please light the candles then turn out all the other lights," she said. She had requested at least six candles, and there had to be perhaps a dozen of varying sizes, some scented but never in conflicting ways. "Were you able to find a small peacock feather?" He showed her three to choose from, and she selected the one that seemed the softest yet firm.

"I want you to feather touch me all over my body. (Oh, please feel free to have some champagne while I describe this.) The idea is for you to reveal the sensuality in every part of me, to awaken my senses with the infinitesimal not-quite-tickle of the feather tips. It will be your paint brush of a sort, and with it you will draw across all my nerve endings the picture of erotic desire. At no time is any portion of you, or your clothes, or your breath to touch me, but for at least fifteen minutes I will feel you, your touch, your passion, through your caresses with the feather. Touch every part of me, from between my toes to my forehead, but only the external part of my pussy. I want you to possess me with only a hint of a touch and without penetration. If you touch me directly, or you do this very poorly, clumsily, I'll have you stop, step back for a moment or two while I let my frustration and irritation recede. Obviously, I don't want that to happen; I want to escape into the sensation you provide without interruption, your feather's touch as one continuous line traced everywhere on me. Do you have any questions? Do you think you can do this? ... Excellent. Let's finish these glasses of champagne, then begin once I'm settled."

Katherine doubted she'd often need to give such instruction to Lee since he was so quick to comprehend, but she didn't want any misunderstanding, not just for her pleasure but to help him to be successful in what she asked of him. She had no desire to punish him, and her, by stopping the feeling for even a moment. She saw in his eyes more than heard in his "Yes, Ma'am" that he understood not just what she wanted but why. A fresh bit of champagne in her, she confidently nuzzled her small, nude body onto the fleece, squirming a bit in delight and to find just the perfect position. When she was still for a while, looking away from him, her angel began his task.

She felt the tip of the feather rest on her lower back and stay there for a moment or two. She smiled knowing that his strength and control would allow him to move that feather precisely as he wanted and to the best effect. With even just this tiny touch, she couldn't hold back a quiet sigh of total contentment. He allowed a bit more of the feather to rest on her skin before gliding it straight up her spine, and more slowly back down. He then dripped it down between her ass cheeks, surprising her with his quick boldness as a few feather tips tickled her pussy, but he didn't let it stay there at all and instead slid it up to the small of her back again. His timing always varied slightly, and he never maintained a predictable pattern, so she was constantly mentally on high alert for what might be next. After tracing up her spine he wiggled it down the left side of her back, then almost avoiding her ass he then sent it all the way down her right leg to the sole of her foot. He added a bit more pressure there so it was stimulating not annoyingly tickling. Somehow he sort of bounced the feather up her inner leg, not letting it ever lose contact with her skin, but alternating the gentle force of it on her. He stroked back and forth across her ass, her hips slightly gyrating in response to the exquisite sensations.

Ever so quickly he traced up the right side of her torso then lingered along her right arm, caressing the underside, the elbow, the forearm, and teasing the hand into turning over to receive more. He pulled the entire feather between each finger, and with the last continued that touch up her arm to her shoulder. Back down he zigzagged it extra slowly, only dancing over the hand this time, before making little circles along the full length of the upper part of her arm. At the neck he stroked her under the chin, causing her to smile and lift her head to expose more of her neck. The thought crossed her mind that she wished he'd just bite it, just once, but she knew he wouldn't, not yet ... still, the thought made her enjoy the feeling all the more. It felt most odd to her when it traced her face, and she noticed happily that the feather was free of dust or unpleasant scent; in fact it was somewhat exotic, something she wanted to discover again, but for now the feather wandered along her hairline at the back of her neck. To do so Lee had to slightly move her hair out of the way, but she felt this to be not a violation at all but an extra consideration -- so she wouldn't have to move her hair, nor lose his touch there if she didn't. How wonderfully thoughtful.

Down her left arm the pleasure seemed to spiral, but since her hand was near her body, he took the feather from her left thumb directly to her hip, removing again any complacency and replacing it with greater attention to his actions. Brushed across her lower back, then returning along the base of her ass, he then worked the feather down the left leg in triangles of varying sizes and shapes. As ever, the timing stayed inconstant, even within a single triangle. He caressed her left foot in a way that felt very much like a tongue, but yet she knew it wasn't because she heard his breath far from her feet. He must have practiced or studied for this, she contemplated, further imagining schools for feather touch with him as its master. Soon the length and breadth of the feather lapped up her leg, back and forth in a broad sweeping motion. Between her thighs he made it act like a marionette with a mission, making her spread her legs farther apart to discover just what that mission might be. Just when all of her every thought was focused on her pussy, the feather split her ass cheeks briefly before modestly tending to her back. A groan escaped her, but she loved him for his ability to tease her, to raise her to awareness and heights she could never imagine before and never forget after.

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