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February Heat


I felt her warm gaze upon me and I glanced furtively in her direction as I sat with a group of my friends at a bar in Fredericksburg, VA while she sat with two guys whom I was certain were gay. She was a pretty woman in what I guessed was her late twenties with a playful smile and beautiful blue eyes. Her long blonde hair framed a clear, angelic face with enough mischief to make her incredibly intriguing to me.

I smiled at her and then turned my attention back to my friends and my beer. I continued to make eye contact with her over the next thirty minutes or so and at one point I looked over and saw her kissing the taller of the two guys she was sitting with. I felt disappointed and dismayed that I had misread her friends and that my long dry spell would continue. I looked away and when I looked back at her seat she was gone. Her disappearance was short lived and the next thing I knew she was standing in front of me with her delicate hand outstretched.

"Hi, I'm Alex," she said in a sweet sexy voice. Her blue eyes and alluring smile were even prettier up close and I took her hand in mine and shook lightly but firmly

"Hi there, I'm Jeremy," I replied. I felt my pulse quicken and the intoxicating scent of her perfume wafted over me. It had been years since a pretty woman had approached me, much less one 15 years or so my junior. When I'd been in my thirties and married I had often had women approach me but in my mid forties and newly divorced it happened with what seemed like the frequency of Haley's Comet sightings. I was content with my life and I didn't feel the need for a woman to make it whole but if I was honest I did miss the physical contact that a relationship brings.

"Do you want to dance?" I said quickly. I could recall having game once but that was so long before that the art of making small talk with a woman was foreign to me and I figured I could think about what to say next while we danced.

"Sure," she replied with a warm smile. I held her soft hand and led her onto the dance floor where my buddy Jay was spinning tunes. Her beautiful curvaceous body moved gracefully to the music and she looked into my eyes and ran her hands down my well defined, muscular chest.

A playful smile danced on her pretty lips and I had a sudden urge to kiss her but she quickly turned her back to me and pressed her supple round ass against my crotch. I felt my cock swell to a semi turgid state and I gripped her full curvy hips, feeling her tapered and trim waist, as she ran her fingers through her thick blonde locks.

She moved her hands down her beautiful body and put her hands on mine squeezing them gently and continuing to sway to the music. I wondered if she could feel my heavy cock swinging inside my boxer briefs and right on cue she turned to face me. Her pretty face beamed and I instantly wanted to press my lips against hers.

I glanced furtively at her full breasts. They were firm and her low cut dress displayed them to perfection. Our eyes met and she ran her hands over my firm pecs again as her body moved in a series of fluid sexy sways. It had been months since I'd been laid and I wanted to ravage her. I wanted to make her my priority and bring her to new heights of sexual pleasure.

She turned back around and pressed her delicious ass against me again, making my cock swell even more. My hands returned to her soft hips and I pulled her gently against me.

Her neck craned and she looked back at me, flashing a knowing smile that made my heart jump in my chest. Our eyes locked and she turned back to face me. Her soft eyes beckoned me to her and I bend down and kissed her soft, supple lips. Her tongue flicked playful from her lips and slid against mine.

My heart raced and I moved my hands to her beautiful curvy body as our kiss deepened. Our tongues entwined and her hand brushed lightly against my heavy dick. I hungry look spread across her face and she whispered something low and inaudible.

"What's that?" I asked in a soft whisper. I could feel the warmth of her body through her thin cream colored dress and she shivered subtly as she gazed into my eyes.

"I said we need to get out of here," she sighed. Her hand brushed against my heavy, swinging dick again removing any doubts about what, exactly, she was saying.

She led me from the bar with my hand in hers. It was a surprisingly warm February night in the DC metropolitan area and as soon as we turned the corner, out of sight from the prying eyes of our friends and the many strangers at the bar, she pinned me against the wall and pulled my lips down to hers. She was taller than most women I'd been with and I only had to bend slightly to kiss her.

Our lips pressed tightly together and our tongues entwined. Our kisses inside the bar had been playful and enticing but outside were were like a pair of randy teenagers. Her fingers moved down my body and she grabbed my stiff dick through my jeans.

"Mmm, I knew I felt something nice while we were dancing," she looked around the empty alleyway and smiled. "I can still hear the music. Let's dance some more."

Alex kissed me hard and then turned to face the wall as she reached down and lifted her dress up, exposing her gorgeous, pale, heart shaped ass. She looked back at me with a sultry gaze and gave me a devilish smile that left no doubt what she wanted.

I quickly fished my painfully hard cock from my jeans and eased the back strap of her thong to the side. The rich scent of her juicy pussy wafted up to me and I inhaled sharply drawing it into my lungs as I pushed my needy dick into her wanton hole.

A soft, low moan rose from her chest and she pushed her soft ass into me letting her pussy swallow me whole.

"How do you like it?" I asked. I brushed her long blonde hair away from her neck and kissed the sensitive flesh along her collarbone as I squeezed her full hips in my hands. I backed out slowly, savoring every slippery inch of her sex and then paused for her to answer. I wanted to take my time and build to a crescendo but we were outside in public and the longer we took the more likely we were to get caught and possibly arrested.

"Fuck me hard and fast," she groaned as she looked back at me over her shoulder with need in her beautiful blue eyes.

I thrust into her as she asked. The sound of my body slapping against her ass rang in my head and I felt my climax starting to build. Her eyes held my gaze and she chewed on her bottom lip sexily as she responded quickly to my thrusting manhood.

Her body started to quiver and she let out a single high pitched squeal as waves of pleasure washed over her. Her breathing labored and her legs grew wobbly. Her eyes were glossy and distant and I quickened my pace.

My hips thrust hard and my cock pistoned into her creamy depths like a jackhammer. I sped past the point of no return and I tensed my belly to delay my impending climax.

"I'm gonna cum," I groaned as softly as I could manage under the circumstances.

"I'm on the pill," she smiled. Her message was clear and I thrust several more times and then erupted inside of her frothy womb. I came so hard that it felt as if my dick had exploded and I pushed it balls deep before the final ribbons of cum pumped from my balls.

My cock slipped from her gaping, well fucked hole and I quickly stuffed it back into my pants as she straightened her thong and let her dress fall into place.

"Ooh, squishy," she giggled as she pulled me to her and kissed me long and wet. My orgasm had done nothing to diminish my want for her and as we continued to kiss I felt my slimy, spent dick begin to stir anew.

"Oh and by the way, my friend thinks you're hot," she giggled. "He was the one who told me to go over to you."

"Yeah?" I teased. "What's he hoping for a threesome?" I ran my hands up her sides enjoying the feel of her soft, supple curves and trying to picture her naked while strange images of her friend popped into my head. I'd never had a threesome and I had never wanted to do so with another guy but suddenly the idea sounded exceptionally hot.

"Sort of, yes. It wouldn't be the first time he and I went down that road. Are you game?" She mashed her soft lips against mine and reached between my legs cupping my cock and balls.

"Sure, I'll try anything once," I replied with a wry grin.


"Yup, why what do you have in mind?" I asked. My heart was pounding in my chest and my cock, despite my recent eruption and my age, was starting to swell in her talented fingers.

"I want to watch you two blow each other," she said in a low lust filled tone. Her eyes fluttered and her cheeks flushed crimson. She looked around nervously and smiled brightly. "Would you try that?"

"Would that get you hot?" I teased. My fingers slid up her thigh. I could feel the sticky mess of our combined juices on her soft, silky flesh and I had a strange desire to lick her soiled pussy. I had never done that and I had truthfully never even considered it but in the context of our conversation it sounded extremely appealing.

"You get me hot. That would make me combust," Alex purred. Her pretty eyes gazed pleadingly at me and her lip curled into a perfectly adorable pout face.

I moved my hand to her molten sex and pushed my fingers into her depths making her moan wantonly. Her hard clit poked out from its hood and I held it between my thumb and forefinger.

Alex's eyes got wide and she nodded slowly as my fingers moved up and down the small shaft of her engorged clit. Her legs started tp quiver and she inhaled sharply.

"Don't stop," she moaned in a low tremulous voice. She leaned back against the wall and put her hand on my shoulder as her entire body started to shake, twitch and spasm.

I stroked her clit until her climax subsided and then pulled my cum covered fingers from between her legs letting her dress fall back down to her knees. Her eyes widened as I brought my slimy fingers to my mouth. I'd never tasted my own cum before, with or without pussy juices mixed in, but I inhaled deeply drawing the heady aroma into my chest before slipping my digits into my mouth.

"Oh god," Alex groaned. She watched excitedly as I slurped our juices from my hand and then glanced over my shoulder with a pleased smile.

"There you are," said a deep unfamiliar voice that sounded simultaneously manly and effeminate. I turned to see her friend behind me. He was a good looking guy with a little bit of a Ryan Reynolds vibe which was probably why he was wearing a Green Lantern shirt.

"Here we are and here you are," she said with a mischievous grin. She wrapped her arm around my waist and turned us both so we were facing her friend.

"Jeremy, this is Kevin," she said. Her eyes looked hard into his and she nodded slowly drawing him closer. I could smell the fresh musky scent of his cologne and my head started to spin. He was close enough that I could feel the warmth of his body and my mouth became dry.

"Hi," I said sheepishly. "Nice shirt."

"Kevin," Alex purred in a velvety smooth tone, "Jeremy just said he'll try anything once and you know that thing I told you that I really wanted. He is game if you are."

I heard her words and they registered on a subconscious level but it was as if I was in a dream state. I felt like I was outside of my body looking down on the three of us and it all looked hazy and unfocused.

"I'm game," Kevin said confidently. He reached out and ran his hand down my chest and a low, involuntary moan escaped my trembling lips.

I struggled to process what was happening. I felt Alex's hand on my ass and her other was moving up my thigh as Kevin brazenly cupped my suddenly semi-erect cock in his big strong hand. I looked at him quizzically and he smiled knowingly.

My hand trembled and I shivered as if I was cold but I was anything but as I reached out and touched his chest. He had a nice muscular, but not excessively so, body and I felt his nipple stiffen through the thin cotton of his tight green shirt.

"That's it," Alex cooed. Her warm breath danced along the nape of my neck and I turned to face her. Our lips met in a soft, gentle kiss and her hands and his continued to work my body like a Stradivarius.

I kissed her hard, savoring the taste and feel of her impossibly soft lips. My cock had grown to a full raging erection in my jeans and his firm, knowing hand was working its magic.

"We need to go," I gasped in a brief, and fleeting moment of clarity. I slipped my arm around Alex and squeezed her tight. I looked into her beautiful, glimmering blue eyes. "Where can we go?"

"I live close. Kevin can drive," she squealed excitedly and tossed him her keys. Her body was literally shaking and she kissed me hard, once more, before leading us to her small SUV. She climbed into the back seat with me and grinned playfully at him through the rear view mirror.

Alex's right hand moved to the back of my neck and she pulled me to her. "I want to watched Kevin fuck you," she purred . She grabbed my rigid dick with her free hand and kissed me hard before I could completely process what she had said.

She cooed and purred softly as we kissed. Her hand fished my cock out of my jeans and she stroked and squeezed it while Kevin drove to her Fredericksburg apartment.

My hand moved up her thigh. Our tongues entwined and I toyed with the top of her thigh high stockings before moving the front panel of her skimpy thong to the side and caressing the slick wet folds of her overheated pussy.

A long low moan spilled into my mouth and she spread her legs wide. "Lick me," Alex panted. She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down between her legs. The heady smell of pussy and cum surrounded me and I inhaled long and deep drawing it down into my lungs. I couldn't believe what I was about to do but without hesitation I pressed my lips to her swollen labia and plunged my tongue into her depths. The taste was similar but different than straight pussy and I liked it. My tongue flicked across her clit and I eased two fingers into her tight, wet canal.

My fingers curled up towards her pelvis and made contact with the soft sponginess of her gspot. Her legs immediately started to quake and she clutched at my head, digging her fingernails into my scalp. She mashed her drooling pussy against my face and cried out as she bucked and writhed beneath my eager tongue.

"Oh fuck," Alex purred. She pulled me on top of her as she slumped back in the seat with her legs akimbo and a far off look on her pretty face.

We kissed long and slow until her car drew to a stop in front of her apartment. Alex straightened her clothes and I stuffed my semi-erect dick back into my pants before we climbed out of the car.

Kevin led us to the door and Alex unlocked and opened it, letting us into her home. It was a well decorated and quaint one bedroom apartment with cream colored walls and a pleasant floral aroma.

Alex brought the three of us together beside her bed and started tugging at Kevin's clothes. She looked playfully at me and I followed her lead and unfastened his tight jeans. My fingers brushed against his bulging dick several times and each time my pulse quickened.

My mind was racing and my cock grew stiff in my jeans betraying my excitement as Alex unfastened them. She pushed my pants and underwear down to the ground, letting my hard dick spring free and Kevin lifted my shirt over my head leaving naked and exposed. Their hands roamed over my body and Kevin grabbed my cock as I lifted his shirt off.

Alex dropped Kevin's pants to the ground and squealed with delights as his big dick popped into view. He had an impressive cock and she sank to her knees between me and him. Her pretty blue eyes fluttered between the two of us and she alternated licking us both as we both watched with wide attentive eyes.

Kevin put one hand on my shoulder and I shivered subtly. I'd never been touched like that by a guy. My chest heaved and his eyes held my gaze. It was surreal and I felt him pull me closer. His expression became quizzical and I nodded letting him know that I was okay with whatever he wanted. I liked being under his control. It played to my somewhat naturally submissive sexual nature.

I felt Alex's warm mouth engulf my turgid prick and I looked into Kevin's warm eyes as he pulled my lips to his. I couldn't believe that I was being kissed by a guy but his lips were surprisingly soft and his tongue slipped playfully into my mouth making me moan softly.

"Holy fuck, I'm kissing a guy," I thought. My hand moved almost instinctively to his cock. It felt strange touching a cock other than my own. He was noticeably thicker than me but about the same length and I could feel the heat emanating from his pulsating manhood. It excited me to be holding his cock and I found myself wondering what it would feel like and taste like in my mouth. That thought shook me a little but I knew what I had to do.

I dropped to my knees beside Alex and put my arm around her slender waist. "Teach me," I whispered in a low raspy tone. My voice trembled with fear and excitement and I leaned closer, brushing my lips across her soft smooth skin. The fresh scent of his manly body filled the air around me and I found it more than a little titillating.

Alex's mouth opened and his cock slipped from her lips. "Lick it like an ice cream cone and then do what you like done to you," she purred softly as she looked deep into my eyes. Her hungry gaze made me shudder. She put one hand on my shoulder and gripped his shaft with the other. A playful smile danced on her lips and I kissed her quickly. I felt her soft warm body through her dress and I realized that while Kevin and I were both naked, Alex was still fully clothed making the dynamic different than I'd imagined.

My tongue flicked out of my mouth and I dragged it up the underside of his dick. It was slightly salty and Alex moaned deep and low as she watched with eager eyes and her mouth agape as if she was witnessing something truly special.

Her breathing deepened and I glanced down to see her hand busy between her legs. She'd already cum thrice and I'd cum once but Kevin hadn't cum yet and I wanted to change that.

I opened my mouth wide and wrapped my lips around the bulbous tip of his dick. I felt like I was dreaming but Alex's coos of encouragement let me know it was really happening. I felt her hand on my dick and she leaned in kissing my face and neck as my head started to bob. I'd never before sucked a cock, real or latex, and I struggled to take more than three inches of his meaty dick into my mouth.

Kevin grabbed my head and sighed deeply. I glanced up at him and our eyes met. He smiled brightly and nodded knowingly. I hardly knew him but I was sure that he'd once been where I was once. An inexperienced guy with his first dick in his mouth.

"Relax and open your throat," Alex said reassuringly. She planted butterfly kisses on my face and the pleasant fragrance of her perfume filled my head. I was bewildered by what I was doing. I'd never considered having a bisexual experience and having her there with me made it much easier to rationalize. It seemed, somehow, less gay with a woman there helping me and while I had nothing against gay people I was dealing with a lifetime of conditioning that made me feel like I was doing something wrong by sucking cock.

I did as she suggested and let his cock fill my throat. He moaned urgently and his breathing deepened. He was clearly excited and close to climax and until that moment I'd been unsure what I'd do when he came but as the moment approached I knew what I wanted to do.

I grabbed his saliva slickened shaft and stroked it with his head inside my open mouth.

"Cum for me," I panted wantonly as I gazed adoringly into his eyes. His legs began to tremble and his breathing labored. My body tensed in anticipation of his release and he let out a deep guttural moan.

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