tagBDSMFebruary Is Handed Over Ch. 01

February Is Handed Over Ch. 01


As they walked toward the gilt doors that opened into the room, he had a slight smile on his face and a spring in his step. Wearing smart casual clothes he felt sure he'd enjoy the lunch, way more than she would, which excited him more. She was wearing a cotton print summer dress with buttons down the front. The last 4 or 5 were undone and as she walked in her summer heels the skirt moved around her showing glimpses of her smooth and slightly tanned legs. As she moved it was obvious she wasn't wearing any underwear. He ample breasts swayed with the motion and the thin dress material occasionally moved to show no visible panty line. Her loose, longish curly brown hair moved with her walk. He didn't fail to notice people watching her as she passed as she walked a pace behind him to his right, after all this was the reason he chose her clothes that day. He wanted people to notice her and know she was with him.

He reached for both doors and swung them open on to a large sunlight room decorated in Louis XIV furniture. Ahead at the far end of the room were two sets of French windows, opening out on the Champ de Mars. To the right he could just see part of La Tour Eiffel and to the left the École Militaire. The windows were shut but the sun streamed in on this warm summer day. In front of one of the French windows on the left of the room was a long dining table, set up to seat 5. One facing and one backing the window with one seat on the left of the table and two on the right. On the right of the room backing on to the dining table was a low pale gilt settee facing a large white marble fireplace. To the left of the fireplace was a single comfortable chair that matched the settee. In front of this was a low white marble coffee table. To the right of the fireplace was a high backed dining chair slightly angled to face the settee. The chair had been particularly placed as it obviously belonged to the dining setting. As he entered the room, she could see in front of them a waist high circular occasional table with an intricate inlayed top. Curiously the table had no bowl of flowers or other adornment.

"Good afternoon gentlemen" he said as he walked brusquely in to the room, heading towards the fireplace. It was then that she could see 3 men sitting on the sofa and one perched on the arm of the far end of the sofa, all being handed whisky tumblers from a silver tray by a quiet, well dressed waiter.

"Glad you could all make it" The gentlemen nodded but didn't say anything, concentrating on receiving and tasting their drinks from the waiter who finished what he was doing, tried to linger a little but on being noticed, quickly left the room.

"I'd like to introduce you to February" he said as she sat down in the highbacked chair, motioning her to him.

"Why is she called February, seems an unusual name to me?" said the young man perched on the arm of the settee.

"I name them after the month that they give themselves to me" he said.

"and why does she always look down, I can't see her face?"

"That's how we like them." said the older greyhaired man sitting closest to the entrance. "Actually" said the man "our possessions are instructed to never look a man in the eye, they must always look down and when being addressed are allowed only to look towards a man's genitals, to remind them of their main role in live: to please men." He continued/

"Well thank you again for coming, especially Angus," he said nodding to the 3rd man on the sofa "and for bringing along your nephew young Stuart. It doesn't seem that long that I was sitting there, a young man, ignorant in the ways of the world, being given my first possession by Angus. A beautiful dark haired beauty who served me well. I'm honored to continue the tradition in giving one of my prized possessions to Stuart. I hope he has as much enjoyment as I did all those years ago." The men smiled and nodded to each other.

"I'm forgetting my manners, let me introduce you all. To my immediate left is Sir Ian, a long term friend of my family who came to that lunch all those years ago. Thank you for agreeing to come along today." The older greyhaired man nodded and smiled. "Next to him sits my father's best friend James who has known me all my life." The middle man on the sofa, smiled back and raised his glass, taking a long sip. "Then as you all know we have Angus and his young nephew Stuart, who is just starting out on this journey."

"Now then gentlemen, lets get back to the matter at hand," he said as he turned his attention to the girl. She was now sitting bolt upright in the high backed dining chair, her hands in her lap, with her ankles crossed. "I've spoken to Angus on a number of occasions and made sure that I've picked a possession that will delight Stuart. I prefer my possessions to be polished, cultured and intelligent. I don't believe in make up, preferring natural beauty to shine through." As he spoke he took up a position standing behind the chair leaning forward slowly unbuttoning her dress from the top. She then moved her arms behind the back of the chair and knowing what was expected of her, sat up very straight arching her back so her breasts became more prominent.

As he undid each button he opened the dress slightly, revealing more and more of her flesh. "I like an ample bosom, not too much but enough so that I have something to hold on to and that will sway with any momentum I chose to give it. Her nipples have been taught to respond" he said as he moved the dress fabric to show her breasts completely. The nipples were soft but didn't react when he touched them gently. "However sometimes they need to be reminded to obey." With this he lifted his right hand showing he had hold of a small riding crop. With his left hand he reached forward and held her breast placing the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, encouraging the nipple to stick out between his fingers. Quickly he drew the crop down and struck her nipple hard. She gave a quick cry of pain and her nipple immediately redened and hardened. He let the breast fall. He then roughly picked up her other nipple and gave it the same treatment. He then went back to unbuttoning the dress with one hand whilst caressing and pinching a breasts with the other. "That's better, see that they stay that way." He said severely. She continued to look down but bit her lip, showing the pain she was now in. Her breasts looked ripe and in pain from the crop but her nipples remained hard and deep red.

"Her breasts are great to play with when you're inside her mouth. They now take a lot of abuse, or rather she does and I do like to see it in her face. Its not fun if you can't see her pain. Her body reacts, she twitches and tends to open her mouth more with pain, accept more of my penis, try harder which I like."

"Pain is good" said James "I enjoy their pain. I particularly like the training, taking a willful possession and degrading it to such an extent that it fights back and then I like breaking them, like breaking a wild horse. Its not the complaint creature that enjoy so much as the journey she's been taken on to get there." He smiled as he spoke. "I tend to seek out the wild ones and when I've done with them, taken them to the depths of depravity, I hand them over to a friend in the Middle East who then passes them on. They get more rough treatment there than I ever give them. I like the way in the end they plead and beg me not to let them go, knowing how miserable their future will be as they are warn out and thrown away very quickly in this environment. They beg and promise to be more complaint and more depraved and promise me endless pleasure from their bodies. They beg for more pain and I know I've finally broken them and they know it and are disgusted with themselves for wanting the pain and cruelty I can inflict more than anything else in life." He said.

"and do you relent?" added Stuart concerned about their future.

"No silly boy, I am already eyeing up my next possession and planning how I'll tame her. My man drags them naked, screaming and crying from my sight. Bruised and bleeding from the worst session with me they've ever had, begging me to hurt them more... Nothing like it my boy, nothing like it"

As the cruel man finished his story, the final button on the dress was undone and the remaining dress fabric fell away and off her shoulders showing her body completely. "I've enjoyed every part of her and have enjoyed giving my own training, though not to the same extent as James. So now gentlemen, let her pleasure you each in turn."

With this she lowered herself off the chair to her knees and let the dress fall off her arms. She crawled upright towards the settee and started to undo the trousers of the first man. An older man, probably in his late 60s. Wiry and slight but obviously enjoying the event as he sprung forth from his trousers ready for her mouth. With her arms still behind her back she lent forwards losing her balance falling in to his lap taking his penis in her mouth she began to lick and suck slowly at first with her mouth all the way up to the end of his penis. Moving back slightly every now and then to catch her breath, she went back to work carefully and thoughtfully.

"She's been taught to pleasure a man with her mouth whilst keeping her hands behind her back. This allows full access to those magnificent breasts which jutt forward so invitingly but also means that her body weight works against her, urging her further in to your lap. She has to use all her might to pull back to breathe. Touch her breasts, enjoy her." With this the old man grabbed at her breasts and started kneading them as she pleasured him slowly and deliberately.

"Pull on them, hurt them." called out the cruel man but the old man continued to enjoy the pleasure he was receiving as he forgot about the breasts dangling in front of him.

"She's on a protein only diet today and didn't eat at all yesterday. I tend to do this as it heightens her need for your sperm. I'm keen for her to realize that she survives only because of what I and today you give her. That her existence is dependant on my pleasure. Also her eating only sperm a couple of days a week helps concentrate her mind on her role in life."

With this the old man went rigid, his breath changed as he twitched, filling her throat with his sperm. She didn't miss a beat but continued her rhythm sucking all she could from him. When finished she continued to lick and clean him and then did up his trousers.

"My turn, come her eand see if you can get me there as easily." The cruel man said in a taunting way as she backed off the old man and crawled upright to the cruel man. He lay there splaying his legs, enjoying her undo his trousers and again put her hands behind her back. He reached forward grabbed both breasts roughly and pulled her on to his penis. His roughness obviously hurt as she moaned but didn't pull back. "enjoy this!" he shouted as he pulled and squeezed her nipples twisting them in more and more painful ways. "I'm not going to give up to you that easy, you'll have to work for me today girl." He pulled her breasts using the nipple and pinched more and more gauging her pain. She winced and twisted her breasts slightly away from him as she continued to work on his penis.

"No you don't, she's good, steady rhythm, despite the pain. Can I borrow her for a weekend off you sometime?" he said smiling.

"Well that all depends on Stuart, after all I'm giving her to him if he'll have her. With that the cruel man winced and squeezed harder on her breasts than he had before as he came. Like before she sucked him dry, licked him clean, redressed him and moved back, this time with tears in her eyes.

"Now Angus your turn. I hope you enjoy her. I remember you mentioning that Stuart had a thing for grey eyed brunettes with firm breasts. If I remember correctly this is seems to be a family trait as you and your brothers always seemed to come to events with such possessions."

"Yes I like the long hair too, something to hold on to. The breasts are truly magnificent and just the right size. Not keen on breast that are too large. I like no underwear and large breasts don't work that well without support." He was holding her hair away from her face as she moved up and down on him, slowly working him to an orgasm. He smiled, closed his eyes and leaned back in the chair as he came, pulling her mouth further on to him, stopping her from breathing. She started to struggle from lack of air and he came back to the room and let her go. She moved back gasping for air.

"Now Stuart its your turn, try and hold on as long as you can, you'll enjoy it more but remember she's been well trained to pleasure a man as quickly as possible. This helps with short taxi rides, elevators, restaurants, toilets etc. When you get more experienced and she knows you better she'll bring you close but not too close and keep you there for the longest time and will only take you past the point of no return when you tell her too." With this the young man jerked and moaned as he came in her mouth. Pulling her off slightly to see him spurt in to her mouth. She eagerly took him again, cleaning him up and then crawling back to the chair and resuming her seat.

"What about you, aren't you going to join in?"

"No Stuart, I had her mouth several times on the way over here. I'm going to enjoy her in a minute as I take her from behind on that table over there." He said nodding to the hall table that she noticed before had nothing on it.

"She'll be wet and ready for me now, having pleasured you all and knowing how much this has pleased me. You have to understand that when I met her the thought of anything but the missionary position disgusted her, performing oral on a man was unnatural in her eyes. I've been careful not to have trained that out of her too much. She lives to serve me in any way I want and my enjoyment watching her servicing you with her mouth turns me on, doubly so as I know she doesn't enjoy the work at all. Remember also she's a lot younger than you" he said motioning to the 3 old men on the settee. "Frankly servicing 3 old men is abhorrent to someone of her age. She does it despite herself and this greatly adds to my enjoyment"

He moved towards the hall table and waited for her. Without a word she stood up slowly and followed, bending over the edge of the table, still wearing nothing but her heels, spreading her legs as best she could and standing on tip toes, managied to bend over with straight legs, laying herself flat and available on the cold wooden table, her arms extended over her head.

"Gentlemen will you join me?" With that the 4 men got up from their seats and walkedover to the table.

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