tagText With AudioFeeding a Slave

Feeding a Slave

byJoseki Ko©

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As she reaches over and kissed him goodnight he held her close and kissed back.

"Oh no kitten. You have to finish me off."

The girl with a look that could only be described as predatory presses her ivory flesh deeper into his strong body feeling his growing thickness pressing into her belly. She looks up at Him, licking her lips hungrily melting to her knees before Him. Her small hands sliding down His leathers over His thighs, gasping softly as His thick cock springs forth. Her small hand clasping around His thickness, stroking gently as thumb presses into the throbbing vein. She leans forward her satin tongue snaking out to lap at the head of His cock, running around the rim before sucking just the head into her hot moist mouth. She began slurping just on the head as her hand trails along His thickness, her other hand moving to His heavy balls.

Her head moving down His hard shaft, slathering and slurping over His cock as thumb rubs along His cock. her head a flurry of movement along His hard shaft, her mouth wet and moist as she slurps on His thickness, kneading His cum heavy balls as fingers trail over His prostrate to His ass gently rimming the tight hole before gently probing, tip of her finger popping the tight rim as her mouth slides greedily along His hard throbbing cock making small circles with her finger in His ass as her moist mouth sucks hard and fast on His thick shaft, slurping hungrily as she rolls velvet tongue over the thickness, her finger sliding deeper into His ass as she opens her throat and massaging His cock with her throat as she takes all of Him, her tongue rolling over His hard cock as she sucks hard and fast, her finger driving deeper into His ass, hand massaging His heavy balls.

Her hips begin thrashing wildly against thin air as she sucks on His thickness, His pre cum oozing from the head to slide down her throat guzzling it all down as pointed tongue presses into the slit sucking for more, fingers driving deeper in His ass as she slides them in and out in a flurry of movement. His precum coating her tongue, her throat as she rolls satin tongue over His hard cock, kneading His balls seeming to want to empty Him into her mouth as she sucks hungrily for His hot seed sliding a second finger into His ass as her head bobs up and down on His hard length, tongue rolling over the smooth slick head. Her face buried in His lap, her mouth hot and moist as she slurps and slathers over His hardness, His hips rocking slamming the head of His cock against the back of her throat, gagging her for just a moment.

Her throat opening to massage His cock as she sucks hard and fast, His hardness deep in her throat, her fingers driving deeper and deeper into His ass in rhythm to her mouth feeling His hard cock throbbing in her mouth, satin tongue presses against the throbbing vein as tongue probes the slit for His pre cum. He arches his back and his mind empties as he explodes into her mouth

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Yes!"

She feels His cock jerk wildly in her mouth as His hot thick cum splashes against the back of her throat, guzzling it down as she sucks for more, small hand kneading His balls to empty Him into her mouth. He arches again pumping more into her as his hand closes around the back of her head pulling her in as he thrusts. She moans deeply as His cock rapes her mouth sending vibrations through His thickness, her belly tightening with her need to cum.

He grins feeling her shiver against him and knowing what causes it. He watches her hips thrashing wildly against thin air as her needy pussy quivers and spasms in her need, tongue rolling over His cock lapping up every drop of His cum. Her slick pussy spasming hard as sweet juices squirt from thick swollen lips. He looks down to see the ivory skin of her body glistening with her juices. He sighs as he is spent and grins down at her. She reaches up to touch His cheek softly. Her eyes aglow she rises from her knees her soft lips pressing against His in a deep kiss.

"I love you." she whispered the desire evident in her voice and inflections.

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