tagLesbian SexFeeding the Emptiness Ch. 02

Feeding the Emptiness Ch. 02


After that lazy and gentle brush of lips, she falls into a quiet slumber. My initial concern that I had drank too much abated, by the soft smile gracing her lips and the arm around me that tightens occasionally as she dreams.

But even as Ava sleeps I feel myself drawn to her, like the moon pulling the tide, I want to wash over her. I'm unable to stop my gaze from lingering, and my fingers from caressing; I want so much to taste her again, to feel her against my lips, my tongue, my teeth. But I refrain, thinking it would cross a line, some boundary of trust given to me as she lay in my arms. So I content myself with the light brush of fingertips against creamy flesh, committing to memory, every dip and curve, every freckle and mole, trying to capture the uniqueness of her.

It's as my hand smooths over the lean muscle of her shoulder and down the sweep of her spine that I feel it. An abrasion. Rough and raised under my wandering fingertips. I quickly push myself up with my forearm to see it better. I find scars, cruel lines crisscrossing down half of her back, that in my earlier haste I'd neglected to notice. I feel all at once protective and possessive, as anger curls heavy in my belly and compassion fills my breast, that someone other than me has left their mark on her. I want to wrap her in my arms and hold her close, and simultaneously I wish to bare my claws for whoever caused these wounds, to rip their throats and tear theirs limbs.

The sudden movement must have woken her, she stirs and stretches, as a sound akin to a purr rumbles from her chest. A lazy smile lifts her mouth before noticing my dark expression and frowning.

Her hands come up to cup my cheeks tenderly, concern etched across her face. "What's wrong?" Her voice still rough from sleeping.

"Who left these marks on you?" I ask, low and dangerous.

She raises a hand distractedly, and starts to fidget with her hair. "When the people of my village discovered I was having visions they... They dragged me into the street and..." She looks away with a shaky sigh, biting her lip. Though her voice didn't tremble as she spoke, her blue eyes had begun filling with tears, like the spring frost melting.

A few moments pass, with just the sounds of the fire crackling beneath the hearth filling the room. I find myself at a loss, I'm not used to trying soothe or relieve pain, being more adept at causing it, and I am unsure of how to console her.

"Turn over." I say, breaking the silence. I try to keep my voice soft, but the anger I feel towards her abusers seeps through my clenched teeth. Her brows knit together in confusion, but she still moves to comply with my request and turns to lay on her stomach, her hands placed under head. I swiftly straddle her thighs and look down at her bared flesh, fighting the urge to leave my own marks, to claim her for myself. Instead I brace my hands beside her, leaning down to kiss the length of each and every scar, and when I'm finished I begin the trail of kisses anew.

She turns her head to watch me and I suddenly have a deep, overwhelming urge to feel her everywhere, craving every inch of her skin on mine. So with frantic urgency I start to remove my suffocating clothing, lifting my shirt hurriedly and throwing it carelessly across the fire lit room. Seeing my desire she quickly moves to help, sitting up to unbuckle my belt as I hastily remove my boots so we can push off my trousers and underclothes.

Finally I'm as naked as she, our heated,aching flesh coming together in a fierce intensity. Capturing her mouth with mine, tongues sliding and seeking, we sink back down into the sheets, a mess of tangled limbs, active with passion and need. Arousal pools hot in my belly as wetness flows from my center, her fingers dig with excruciating pleasure at my back, before scratching upwards to clutch desperately at my shoulders. I nudge open her knees and settle between her thighs, pressing down intimately. She breaks the kiss with a loud moan, back arching at the first intimate contact, wrapping her legs around my hips as I begin to rock against her in earnest. Breasts and bellies slick with concupiscent sweat, sliding together, her heart pounding at my chest, every thrust punctuated with panted gasps and the wooden clap of the bed against the wall.

I can't remember the last time I felt this kind of need, something other than the constant hunger for blood. I cannot get enough of her, her warmth, her tenderness and this intangible something she's filling me up with.

I drop my mouth to her throat, sucking hard and nibbling on that pale skin, feeling each moan vibrate against my lips, before soothing the reddening flesh with a swipe of my tongue. Changing position, I straddle her thigh, grinding down onto firm muscle as she thrusts up against mine, marking each other with arousal. My forehead rests against hers, breaths coming hot and fast as we move together with frenzied intensity.

I force myself to slow my hips, not wanting it to end too soon, eliciting a frustrated whimper from the woman beneath me. I slip a hand between us, filling my palm with the warm, supple flesh of her breast before drifting my touch downward, brushing over the fluttering muscles of her abdomen, until reaching lower to find her wet and swollen, her evident desire coating my fingers.

I raise my head, using my free hand to brush the hair from her face and look into those burning blue eyes, holding her gaze as I slide two fingers deep into the wet, pulsing heat of her. Her head falls, back arching off the bed as she wraps around me and we begin a steady rhythm of hips and fingers, rolling and thrusting towards a mutual climax. My thumb strokes and circles her clit while my fingers are pumping and curling against the soft, slick, rippling texture inside her. She's close. We both are. The hips beneath me are becoming more erratic as waves of exquisite pleasure pulse through me, her thigh giving me such perfect pressure against my clit. My mouth descends on hers for one last sloppy, uncoordinated kiss before we're both pulling away to scream out our orgasms, she comes throbbing violently around my fingers,flooding my palm in her release. I stay inside her, slowly bringing her down with gentle strokes as her body continues to clench and flutter around me.

When her trembling ceases I withdraw my fingers, causing a soft whimper to escape from her lips. I lift them to my mouth, taking in that intoxicating scent before my tongue darts out to taste, moaning indecently at her ambrosial, salty sweetness.

Before she has even had a chance to catch her breathe I settle once again between her thighs. Such beautiful and glorious thighs. I begin to kiss a slow, savoring path down her body, starting at the hard, demanding peaks of her nipples. I set my lips to one, pulling and sucking it into my mouth, tongue flicking and twirling over hardening flesh as I simultaneously roll and pinch the other between my fingers. Her hands come up to cup the back of my head and tangle in my hair, holding me to her with surprising strength. I clearly haven't been working hard enough I think.

I could spend an eternity at her chest, luxuriating in every gasp and whimper elicited from her lips, but I have a much more succulent goal in mind. With one last sweep of my tongue and squeeze of my palm, I drift lower, leaving wet, open kisses as I go. She urges me down with a gentle pressure, until I'm resting comfortably between her thighs, still glistening with her previous release. I take a few moments to lick up the remaining moisture, moaning with each delicious taste and smiling when I discover the most delightful mole, nestled at the very apex of her thigh.

My hands are on her knees, pushing them further apart as I start to kiss along her soft inner thigh. Looking up to find her watching me, a wolfish smirk curving my lips before finally pressing against delicious, dripping heat. Her breath hitches, bucking forward with need as I grasp at her hips, urging her to writhe against me, rolling and thrusting, hands tightening in my hair. With every movement she continues to moan, her rapid breathes echoing off the stone walls, making shivers run through my skin.

My lips move against her, humming in pleasure as thick arousal pours from her and coats my tongue; I run the fullness of it over the entire length of her, hungrily licking over and over with increasing pressure, flicking her swollen clit with each pass. I thrust inside her greedily, tasting and devouring, moaning, my eyes rolling back with each heavenly taste, before moving up to capture that aching bundle of nerves. Thankful groans issue from the woman above me as I suckle harder, building her up to a crescendo until she's crying out and crashing over the edge, muscles trembling and pulling taut before collapsing exhausted onto the sheets.

She pulls weakly at my hair, bringing me back up to her, our sweat soaked bodies sliding hotly together. She smiles contentedly before her mouth moves up to capture mine, hungrily tasting herself on my lips, swallowing each others satisfied moans. Gently nudging my shoulder, she silently urges me to lay back onto the mattress so she can wrap herself around me. Her head resting on my chest as her fingertips draw lazy patterns across my collar, leaving goosebumps rising in their wake.


As the sweat cools on our bare skin, bodies resting, aching and sated, I know I have to leave. My fingers have been running absentmindedly through her hair while she sleeps, postponing my inevitable departure. The sun is just a few short candle-marks from rising and I need to find a suitable place to rest for the day.

Taking one last lingering look, I reluctantly slip from beneath her, covering her in blankets before I move to gather my things.

"where are you going?" She asks, her voice rough and graveled from over use.

I sigh. Of course it wouldn't be that easy. I turn to her, laid out enticingly on the bed, her hair still messy from our passion and her eyes holding mine imploringly.

"I have to go." I tell her. "The sun will be up soon."

She laughs then, bubbling warm and sweet from her chest. Her face illuminated by such an honest amusement.

Seeing my confusion she simply raises her hand to gesture around her, and says. "No windows."

And looking, I see it's true, there's not a single crack or crevice the sun's rays could slip through in the entire cottage.

I look back at her as she utters one word.


End of part 2.

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