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Feeding Time


I levitated her down through the skylight of my roof, lowering her lightly onto my dark chocolate colored couch. It was very dim here, in my lair. A one room, open plan warehouse loft, bathroom downstairs, not that I needed it but I had human friends... sometimes. I conjured a tiny, bright ball of green witch-fire as I landed lightly, feet first on the light tan wooden floor beside the couch. Her porcelain features looked odd as the green light fell on them. Her black hair fell around her face, framing her strong, almost square, jawline and the hooked nose. As I collected the cloth bandages and hot water I would need for cleaning and strapping her wounds, I thought of how she had appeared in front of me in the middle of the path without a sound. The scent of her rich, cinnamon spiced blood had made it difficult for me to retain my more human outlook on an injured woman, and I had brought her here... to my lair. Why had I done that?

I looked over at her stretched out over the couch. Her ample breasts slightly rising and falling with her breathing. I so knew why I had brought her here. I wanted to run my cold, pale hands up those creamy white, muscular thighs, under her gorgeous deep green knee length skirt. I snapped out of the staring and continued moving around my place. I put the jug on in my little kitchenette, flicking on the normal lamp and extinguishing the witch-fire with a snapping motion of my wrist. It made it easier for humans to see, and even though the light hurt my eyes, I knew she'd probably feel more comfortable if she could see where she was... when she was fully conscious.

Also, now I could more clearly see the cut above her left eyebrow, it wasn't as deep as I had first thought thankfully, but she was definitely bleeding quite a bit from the gash across the back of her right shoulder. I began with the cut above her eye. It would be quick to sort out. She stirred slightly as she started to come round. It looked as though there were other shallow lacerations but she'd have to be awake when I looked for them. Her black, short sleeved shirt was shredded in the back and I wondered what could have done this, short of something like me. I hadn't sensed another in the area and I usually knew if one was on my turf. Unless they were weak and pathetic. Although I suppose weak doesn't necessarily mean less vicious, now does it? The top two buttons of her shirt had popped open. I could see the light green lace of her bra. Her dusky pink nipples showed through the lace and begged to be stroked. I imagined she would be the kind of girl that wore matching underwear, I resisted the urge to tear her clothes off right then and take her and feed on her while she was out to it. She wouldn't know the terror as I drained her dry. But I had lived so long only feeding off humans when I was given permission, that it felt wrong to do it now. She was fucking lucky though, it was close, very close.

Her lips were on the thin side and the black lipstick she wore made it more noticeable. But it wasn't unattractive on her. Her cheek bones were delicate. Like her wrists... and her shoulders. Actually, she was quite slight I noticed now that she had shifted and lay out straighter. I was much thicker, not overweight, but muscular. Definitely not as slight as her. She would be roughly 5ft. 4in. if she was standing. Her spiked heels were 3 inches high, no wonder she'd appeared my height. She had a typical hour glass figure, just the way I liked my women and I hoped she liked women too, because otherwise I was gonna make a fool of myself when I hit on her.

She started to become fully lucid as I washed the laceration on her shoulder. Her long eyelashes batted slightly as she opened her eyes and I fell in love with the summer sky blue colour of them instantly.

"Don't worry," I said calmly and quietly, "You're safe now. I don't know what happened to you, but you are in my house at the moment and its just the two of us. So you're perfectly safe."

Her smile dazzled me and I had to stop myself from biting her outright.

"Thank the Goddess. I asked her to send me some help tonight," the human said as she slowly sat up, wincing when she realised her shoulder was injured.

That's when I realised she was a witch and was glad, as she wouldn't freak out I was what I was, but I knew she'd be nervous and well... yeah... still worried. I mean I do like to drink blood... that usually worries the living.

"So, are you gonna drain me dry, vampire, or not?" The witch asked vehemently, but with a wry smile.

"To be honest... I considered it. Your blood smells terrific, little witch. Like cinnamon," I returned with as little blood lust in my voice as I could manage. Half-surprised she had picked me so easily, it had been awhile since I last fed however.

"Now if I may inquire, Lady Witch, what your name is and how you came to be injured? I'm about to make some tea, apple if you'd like some?" I said as I placed the cleaning cloth next to her on my coffee table, rose from where I was crouched beside her and walked over to the kitchenette area.

The way she looked at me made me glad I had worn the tight, black leather pants and pale blue wife-beater t-shirt that showed off my breasts. I reached up for the mugs in the top cupboard, my back to her. Giving her the opportunity to blast me into oblivion with a fireball, I could tell fire was her element from the crackle of it through her hair.

I knew I looked good, because vampires are designed to be the perfect predators, our human features refined to perfection when we turn. Its why humans find it hard to escape us. We draw them in. They desire us. I had dull average green eyes and thin, mousy brown hair before I was turned. My breasts nothing to write home about. But after the turn, my eyes started to brighten with an amber sheen and my hair became long, black and thick. Even my breasts filled out. Its hard not to notice me now. I'm also 257 years old.

When the fireball didn't come I smiled to myself slightly before turning around to make the tea.

"I love apple tea. The name is Hazel. And well to be honest, I'm a hunter."

That froze me to the spot, mid tea pouring even.

"A hunter you say. Well then, it is I who must ask you if you are going to kill me, Hazel?" We looked at each other across the room, she had no weapons but magic would have been her main weapon anyway. I, myself had some shielding magic and was faster than a bat out of hell, running away would be an easy option.

"After you have given me safe haven?" She snorted, "Hardly. Indeed, let's have this tea and we shall discuss what I am hunting as it would most likely concern yourself anyway..." Pointedly, Hazel trailed off as I hadn't given my name to her yet.

"Kalliope." I introduced myself as I settled into my arm chair next to the couch.

"Kalliope... I know that... You are Kalliope?" Hazel's gaze intensified and I felt her consciousness brush against mine, her mind trying to ascertain if I was being truthful.

"Yes I am. Otherwise you'd be dead. Sitting in a vampires apartment, bleeding all over the place..." I gestured towards where my couch was darkly stained with blood, deep burgundy as it soaked further into the material.

"Then the Goddess has definitely heard my entreaties and I count myself most grateful you found me, Kalliope." Hazel smiled and I felt a sharp tingle in my cunt. My heart beat, it hadn't done that in twenty years.

"Now I know this is terribly rude of me and all... but I have to ask. Can I see your fangs please? I've never seen them up close before." Hazel watched me closely. I sighed not knowing what to say. Then decided.

"I guess you'll be wondering the whole time if you don't see them?"

"Truthfully, yes. I'm curious... its a flaw of mine." Hazel winked at me.

"Then I will show you on one condition. You are not to touch me. The scent of your blood will be harder to ignore with them out and if you touch me I might attack you. Fair enough?" Hazel's eyes widened. She was in her early hunting days I realised. Probably in her mid twenties, at a guess.

"I understand." Hazel lent forward as I opened my mouth.

Generally our feeding teeth aren't visible, another way to hide amongst humans. They are retractable and razor sharp though... and long. I saw her blue eyes widen as the canines literally extended slowly out of my gums. Making them long and very noticeable. I closed my mouth and they sat on the outside of my lip. The points grazing under the bottom line of my full lips. Hazel leaned closer, too close and my hands were on her shoulders instantly. Pushing her away, as I jumped up and across the room. The sharp tang of fresh, female blood heavy in my mouth and my nostrils. Blood-lust sang in my veins as I faced the wall. Waiting for it to quieten and go away.

I turned around after my teeth had retracted.

"I'm sorry, Hazel. You were too close and you smell really um... tasty to be honest. I haven't fed in awhile. Once again, my apologies, Witch Hazel." I said formally, bowing at the waist.

She was a bit shaken but to her credit, Hazel bowed formally back.

"Understood and accepted, Vampire Kalliope. I knew I was too close."

Relieved, I approached and we sat together again. Hazel sipped her tea as I finished tending to her shoulder. Strapping it up, I rose and went to the bedroom area of my one room. I threw back a black curtain and went through my wardrobe. Selecting a white shirt I went and handed it to Hazel. She grinned her appreciation as she slipped it on and I sat down again.

"OK, basically. I've been hunting a shape shifter through this city. It has three forms. One is a man, one is a wolf and the last is a harmless looking cat. I followed it three days, but tonight the wolf form caught me unaware. Jumped on my back and then attempted to bite my forehead. And no, I won't be turning into a werewolf. Shape-shifting isn't contagious." Hazel smiled as she said the last part. But if she knew about me, she should know I used to hunt other demons like me but without good behaviour credits. Maybe that's why she's grinning.

"I'm assuming this creature has done serious harm and that is why you are hunting it?' I asked, refusing to help kill an unfortunate.

"Of course, Kalliope. The main reason I knew you would help me is because this creature is hunting you... that's how I know what you are. I've seen you feed while it stalked you... I was stalking IT. It was sent after you. But we didn't know who you actually were." She leaned back, the white shirt still unbuttoned. My pussy clenched as I imagined pushing the folds of the shirt roughly off her shoulder and feeding from her gash as my fingers rubbed her nipples. I wanted to know if her panties matched that bra.

I absorbed what she told me while I hungrily let my eyes roam over her curves. I saw her smiling at me and knew she was loving the fact I couldn't help looking.

"Well, if we're hunting it then you better get some rest before we go after it. You're injured and conjuring will take more out of you. We'll let you heal and then make a plan and draw it in. The wards on this place are blood sealed and I doubt it will get in here." I decided as I went back to my black curtain wardrobe and collected fresh linen and blankets for her. The bed was remade in a matter of moments. I levitated her to the bed and she arranged cushions for sitting up. I returned to the couch and busied myself cleaning up. Refusing to look over at her in my bed, framed by my burgundy sheets and black duvet looking like a vampire queen. I'd love to turn her and we could play well into the centuries together.

"I'm so glad to have found such a beautiful ally. And famed warrior no less, just when I needed one. I've heard many stories of you. The old stories are passed down and we all know how you have hunted them and you're rules of etiquette. I've heard other much more interesting stories of you though..." Hazel wondered aloud to herself, more than to me.

"I heard you once killed a witch... maybe 200 years ago now. It is said she was your lover."

I stiffened, I had hoped they had tired of this story or that it had been forgotten over the decades.

"It is true. Althea was my lover, and also traitor to her own coven. When demons found some of the witches in her coven and killed them, the witches became suspicious there was a traitor. I was still a young vampire then but I was made with honour and loyalty. My sire was of the old kindred and I was taught a respect for life and the lifeblood of those who we feed upon. They came to me and asked my help, as these demons were breaking the old laws. I caught Althea in bed with one of them, a demon, screaming out where we had hidden the last ten witches of her clan as she came. I was heartbroken and the blood-lust won. I didn't even stop to interrogate her. I ripped her throat nearly in half and drank from it while it splashed over my face, then I put my fist through the demon's head and walked out of the room. Reported back to the coven and left the city. I've not returned to Madrid since."

My blunt honesty had shocked Hazel, but she stared at me and smiled.

"Traitorous bitch. I understand your lack of restraint. Are you able to stop feeding once you start?" I glanced sharply at her. The question had caught me off guard.

"Of course, I'm not a mindless fiend Hazel. We vampires can choose how much we take from our victims. Some like the kill. I only fully drain the wicked, that's why we have the mind capabilities we do, so we can tell how evil someone is. But if I am near death and require the blood to heal it is harder to stop."

I hoped she was out of awkward questions. The sunrise was coming and I needed to rest. I looked over at Hazel and my wetness spread heavily throughout my underwear, I had to remove them soon, they'd drive me nuts otherwise.

"You must be thirsty," Hazel said, as she looked at me from under her lashes. Slyly her eyes slipped over my body, caressing it in places I wished her hands were. I stretched out.

"Its too close to dawn to hunt for the scum of the Earth. Tomorrow night." I smiled and lay on the couch. "Please don't open the blackout curtains while the sun's out. I'll burn up quite quickly." I enforced before settling down.

"You should feed, Kalliope. Got any in your fridge? It won't gross me out, I promise."

"I am fine, thank you, good night Hazel."

I smelt a faint trace of steaming blood as a mug of AB negative materialised under my nose, exactly 37.1°c. My fangs elongated on their own. I took the mug and drank it down, AB neg was my favourite, of course, it had to be one of the rarest vintages.

"Thank you Hazel. That was perfect." I said as I finished. She vanished the mug and we slept.


The sun was sinking below the horizon as I woke from my slumber. Another steaming hot mug of blood next to me, O positive this time. And one other thing. Hazel straddling me, in her underwear. I knew the panties would match the bra, I smiled inwardly.

"So I was sitting here all afternoon trying to wake you, you really are dead when you're asleep, aren't you?" She waved it off, carrying on, "Anyway, I was sitting here and I was watching you and the more I looked at you the more I wanted to feel your ice cold hands on me. I've been sitting here, on top of you like this, for five minutes. But I don't want you to drain me... so drink the blood first."

It was my turn to be shocked. I lifted her with one hand and sat up properly, re-adjusting to support my back with the arm of the couch. I put her back on my lap.

"Don't get me wrong, sugar," I started, "But this is a little weird. Its not everyday a hot, talented witch wants to actually talk to me. Let alone want me to fuck their brains out." I picked up the mug and drank it down in one long swallow. Licking the excess blood off my fangs with my tongue as the mug vanished again.

And then Hazel kissed me. Licking the blood off my chin with her tongue, she teased my lips open and her tongue entwined with mine. Sharing the blood as she kissed me deeply, with fangs out and all. The kiss became deeper, rougher and more urgent. The desire welled in me and my pussy started to moisten at the thought of all I wanted to do to her. My hands traced her sides up to her breasts encased in their green lace trappings. I tore the bra away, she protested but I silenced her with a sharp smack on the ass. She gasped, but she wriggled on top of me. Trying to connect her cunt with some part of me. My fingers found her nipples and started to roughly roll them back and forth building the pressure while she moaned into my kisses. I lowered my head and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth, the sharpness of my teeth excited her as I dragged them across her aureola. My hand reached around her back. My fingernails scratching red welts down her back while she arched into my mouth. Gagging me on her beautiful tits. My other hand kneaded the breast that wasn't in my mouth. The hand I had behind her back flicked toward my dark wooden four poster bed, the ropes extended out of the frame and I stood easily with Hazel's long, white legs wrapped firmly around my waist and approached the bed.

I could feel the slickness of Hazel's desire seeping through the thin lace of the panties that would never have kept me out. The smell of her juices made me hotter and more desperate to hear this little whore witch screaming for me. I slammed her against one of the posts of the bed frame at the foot of my bed. My left hand finally touching her pussy lightly through the lace of her panties. I felt her fingernails enter my flesh and then I felt my blood seeping down my back. At some stage she had removed my top, and my pants were undone as well. My right hand grabbed her by the throat and I stepped back, holding her vertical with my right hand while I ripped her panties off with my left. I flicked my left hand and the ropes snaked along the top of the frame and wrapped themselves securely around her arms, ensnaring her. I let go of her throat, flicked my right hand toward the base of the bed and more ropes snaked across and held her legs open for me. She looked worried now, slightly fearful. I could smell it on her and I loved it. The blood-lust sang as I looked at her naked hanging from my bedposts, her pussy glistening with her desire for me. Her smell intoxicated me. The sex and fear mingling with her own sweet scent. But through all the fear, she looked at me with such lust that I nearly came right then. I swiftly entered her viciously with my fingers then. Driving them hard into her straight away. She bucked against the palm of my hand, grinding herself harder onto me, while I started to slide three of my fingers in and out of her pussy. My fingers dripped heavily with her slickness. I added a fourth finger after she stopped writhing as much and was used to my quick, vicious thrusts. My mouth found her nipples again and my other hand was pulling her head back by her hair. But I was careful not to put my mouth to close to her neck, I'd end up feeding deep if I did that. Soon, I worked my mouth down, leaving little bite marks down her front. Not deep enough to draw any blood. But marking her as mine and warning other vampires away from her, my Scent would cover her by the end of this night. Everywhere.

I reached her pussy and started licking rhythmically with flat strokes from her slit where my fingers still pounded, slower now, upwards ending by flicking her clit with the tip of my tongue. And swirling it around before starting back at her slit and repeating the motion over and over until her breathing deepened and she started crying out for me.

"Oh god Kalli, please I need more.. open me up. Mmmnhh... god please give it to me." My mouth spread in a grin as I sucked her clit slightly now every time I reached it before restarting again. Intensifying the tingling she felt spreading all over her body, I heard her heart start beating flat out. I felt her body open slightly more to my hand. And I slid my fist inside. The tightness around my hand was incredible as her pelvic muscles spasmed around my fist, registering my presence and craving it. I slowly and slightly moved by hand back and forth. Sucked deeply on her clit and she came all over me. I lapped up her juices as I slowly, carefully, removed my hand, easing down to three fingers as I drove her toward another climax, riding her last one out.

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