Feel Your Skin


"What do you mean?"

"Do you think maybe we can help each other with our needs? I know it's crazy, but the lab is empty and no one is going to find out."

She paused and gave it a serious thought. "You know, when the vibrator broke and you had to use your hand on me, I actually preferred your touch over the machine. With all of this technology, I've realized that I've lost sight of certain things. These sex toys can do a lot, but they can't replace a human touch."

"I agree. When I tried out your sex toy, feeling your tongue was the best part."

"So we're in agreement," she said with an eyebrow raised. "I feel your skin, you feel mine. We'll get these crazy feelings out of our system. Agreed?"

"Do you even need to ask? I think you should already know the answer."

Dr. Ledgard smiled and tossed her bra to the floor. She walked over to her son, and without giving him any directions, she started to undress him. It wasn't long before the both of them were standing completely naked before each other.

"What next?" he asked.

"Lean back on the lounge chair. It's my turn to do all the work. You deserve it."

Robert obediently did as he was told and leaned back on the seat where his mother had recently orgasmed. His throbbing hard cock was pointed straight up in the air and was desperately waiting to be satisfied. He watched as his highly educated and respectable mother opened her legs and positioned herself over his cock.

She slowly lowered herself, and Robert used one hand to hold his erection straight up so that it would enter his mother's body. A feeling of warmth came over his body as the tip of his penis touched her moist vaginal opening. Her vagina provided more than enough natural lubrication for an easy entry. She continued lowering herself and his cock slid all the way in. Her entire body weight was rested on his lap.

"God that feels so good," he moaned.

"You've earned it. Now let's see if I can finally get rid of what those pheromones have done to me."

Dr. Ledgard wrapped her arms around her son's neck and she slowly started to gyrate her hips. They were face-to-face and looked each other straight in the eyes. Once her vaginal muscles became accustomed to having a hard cock inside, she began to pick up speed. Before long she found herself riding her son's raging hard cock. She bounced up and down in a way she had never done before. It was the most depraved and lust-filled sexual encounter she had ever had in her life, and with her own son at that.

Her newfound sexual cravings made for her forget about the taboos she was violating, and how prim and proper she was supposed to be. She didn't care about anything except for their sexual lust. She rode him so hard that the expensive and highly advanced laboratory was filled with lewd sounds of them fucking. Rhythmic slappings echoed, and so did the noises of her wet vagina being fucked.

"I need to cum!!" Amanda cried, almost in a hypnotic state. "I need to cum so bad!!!"

Fluids once again flowed out of her vagina and onto the floor. Her nipples were harder than they've ever been before, and every muscle in her vagina began to contract. Robert came at the exact same time, shooting load after load of his cum inside of his mother's body. They both breathed uncontrollably as they satisfied their newfound lust for each other.

When it was over, they both collapsed for several minutes with their sweat and orgasmic fluids everywhere.

"Are you okay mom?" he asked.

"Never been better. I don't think I'll ever be the same again," she replied jokingly.

She playfully slapped him on the chest and stood up as he stared at her naked body. She loved the fact that he never got tired of admiring her figure. It made her feel special in a weird way.

"What are you doing? I'm too weak to go anywhere."

She smiled. "I'm going to get more pheromones so that we can continue experimenting. We also need a mop and some paper towels to clean up afterwards."

For the first time in Dr. Ledgard's medical career, she opted to work in her lab while completely naked, with cum flowing down her legs.

The End

A special thanks to Stormbringer for his amazing ideas, and to Chanks420 for the story concept. This story was also inspired by one of my favorite movies, "The Skin I Live In." Watch it if you have a chance.

Your votes & comments are appreciated.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/10/18

More please.

Part 2?
I love it!

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by Anonymous05/01/18

An orgasm is an orgasm!

As always, that was great, a little short but sweet.
More, please!

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