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Feeling Bossy


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I feel like being bossy...want to take some orders? mmmmm...good. Get nekkid. Want you on your knees with your ass sitting on your feet and your knees spread wide. You can put something under your knees to make that more comfortable if you need to.

Want you to stretch your ass cheeks apart so you can feel your hole stretching a bit and then sit back down on your feet. mmmmm.....ready? Want you to start on your nipples. Give them a couple of nice hard pinches for me. Don't be gentle.mmmmm How's that feel?

Now I want you to run your hands across your chest...down your thighs and up your inner thighs stroking lightly. Don't touch your cock yet. Pretend that it is my hands sliding over your body, stroking you everywhere. mmmm....your hands are mine right now ok baby? they'll do my bidding and be my stand in.

I want you to cup your balls, weigh them in your hand. Don't stroke your cock yet, but look at it, is it hard yet? Do you want to touch it baby. Want to stroke it nice and slow for me? Wait till I give you permission now. While you are waiting your hands should still be gliding all over your body. touch everywhere your hands can reach. With one hand roll your balls between your fingers. Reach back a bit and rub your taint. Give it some good pressure and then go back to rolling your balls in your fingers. mmmmm....Let go of your balls and sucks two fingers into your mouth. Get your fingers all nice and soaking wet for me and then go back to your balls and imagine its my mouth rolling and stroking your balls so well.

Mmmmm.....alright....want you to touch your cock now baby. Start with a soft touch and two fingers. Don't wrap your fingers around your cock just touch them to it while keeping them straight. Slide those two fingers up and down your shaft starting at the underside and slowly rotating around the whole shaft as you slide up and down. Keep your fingers straight though...no cheating and curving them around your shaft and trying to stroke yourself proper. You need to be patient and do as your told.

Stretch your knees apart farther. I want them to ache just a bit for me. Good boy. Wrap your hand around your cock for me now baby. Start stroking it slowly...all the way down and pull the skin all the way up and pinch it over the head of your cock and then slide back down again. Nice and slow to start. Feel good? mmmmmm

Wouldn't it be nice if we had a small anal plug to put inside you while you did this? So you could be aware of your ass as you stroked your cock. mmmmmm.....Wet your fingers down again, suck them into your mouth and fuck your mouth with two of your fingers. Get them sopping wet. Very good. rub your fingers on your hole baby. If you want to, put the tip in and fuck your a bit for me.....mmmmm really like that. Don't stop stroking your cock nice and slow like I told you to. Don't speed up. Just nice slow strokes up and all the way down.

Back to your ass now hmmmm.....Imagine that's my tongue poking into your ass, rubbing all around...making you feel so good.mmmmmm. If it feels good, push your finger in deeper baby. Get yourself ready for me to take you. Imagine the feel of me wearing a strap-on and lubing you up and fucking into your ass in short little strokes till my thighs are touching yours. Wouldn't that feel good baby? mmmmmm. So want to do that with you.

While you are fucking your ass with your finger (or two...whatever feels good for you baby...we can work our way up)...remember to keep the stroking on your cock slow and easy. I want you to focus on pleasing me. Do you feel good. Say Bella's name if you feel good baby. Tell me how good I make you feel with those sexy as fuck sounds that you make when you stroke your cock.

Want you to imagine that it's me doing all of this to you. Fucking you with my finger and my tongue. Sucking your cock into my mouth, my pussy, my ass. Want you to stroke your cock in the way that gives you the most pleasure now...but don't stop playing with that ass of yours. I am willing to allow you a little leeway depending on your comfort level but your finger better be on your asshole or I will be most displeased. Don't forget to tell Bella how you feel while you stroke. Say my name. I'll know that you have and it will please me.

Mmmmm....I have this picture in my head of your stroking your cock on your knees...whispering my name. Makes me so fucking wet. My juices are running down my thighs because of you. mmmm....you are being a very good boy.

Want to push you down on your back and then climb on your cock and fill my pussy with it while you are lying on the ground. mmmm....that would feel so good baby. I would fuck myself up and down on your cock and you would feel the wetness of my pussy as it drenched your balls. Your cock would glide so easy baby. All the way up and then down your cock. Filling me up. Making me feel so good.

Imagine all that precum on your cock is my pussy juices slicking your way. Making you glide so easy as you fuck in and out of my pussy. Then I would pull off your cock and go to reverse cowgirl so I could see my ass. Your ass is mine baby. And I would lean forward while you fucked your hips up and into me and have you spread your legs a bit so I could get to that plug in your ass. And while you fucked my pussy baby....I would fuck your ass with that little plug. Do you still have one hand on your ass? I don't care if you are just rubbing or fucking yourself with a vengeance but you better have that hand on your hole.

Want to listen to your moans as that plug goes in and out of your ass. mmmm....god so wet for you baby. You make me so hot. Yes baby...fuck your ass and stroke your cock for me baby. Want you to come for me. Want you to come with my name on your lips. Want you to say who makes you feel so damn good. Want you to call Bella's name when you come baby.

I want you to watch that cum spurting out of your cock and lick it all up with my tongue...eat it all up. You are so hot baby. So fucking amazing. Fuck yourself good...make yourself feel so good. mmmm...baby my pussy is aching for you. Wants you inside so bad...wants to feel you push in and push all the way to the hilt till you bounce off my cervix. And then I want to return the favour. Put you on your back and push my strapon into your ass. I`d start gentle and you would moan at the sensation. Filling you up. Want to start fucking you nice and show and then when you are good and ready and lubed up I want to fuck you hard and forceful. Want to make you feel so damn good baby...until the only word you will remember is my name. Want to make you come so hard. Stroke your cock and fuck yourself and come for me. mmmmmm

Ohhhh...yesss....was that good for you baby? Because it pleased me very much. Good boy.

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by Anonymous04/09/18

If only

I Will be listening to all of your instructions it may not be perfect because I want the real thing but damn your hot

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