tagText With AudioFeeling Bossy Pt. 06

Feeling Bossy Pt. 06


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Oh baby boy, I have such plans for you today. Is it hard my pretty to give up control to me? Is it hard to wrap your mind around your desire to please me? You want to please me don't you pet? You need my control, you crave it with everything in your slutty little body. I know it and deep in that place that you try to pretend doesn't exist you know it too.

The sooner you realize pet that I am in charge the better off you will be. Stop fighting my control precious boy. Don't you think I see you sitting there listening to this audio and pretending it is just entertainment. Don't you realize that until you accept that you are powerless against me you will never experience the peace of true obedience. You must obey to fully understand the power of your submission. Are you brave enough to try pet?

Just because I'm not there with you doesn't mean my control of you is any less real. I know your heart leapt when you saw a new recording. You are listening right now because you want my control of your thoughts and actions. Isn't that true baby boy? I want you to say it right now. I want you to tell me how much you long to belong to me. Tell me how devoted you are to me. Tell me how you ache to do everything I say.

I know what you like to do when I am away you dirty little slut! I know you like to stroke your cock and make a mess. You don't get to orgasm just because you are in the mood my slutty little boy. When you want to play with your cock you need to be listening to my voice. Your orgasms belong to me my little slut and I can only receive them if my voice is echoing in your ears when you come. You may masturbate only when I am instructing you do you understand? I need to make sure that you do it properly my messy little cum slut and that requires your obedience to my instruction.

Before we play today you will need to get some supplies...hehehe...I can see you are getting nervous already aren't you precious? Get your favorite lube and a small container. A shot glass would do the trick but if you are worried about aim get yourself a coffee mug....oh look at that nervous shudder you just did hehehe....delicious. Don't worry about why I want these things lovely boy. Your job isn't to think, it is to obey.

If you aren't already naked then strip for me. I want you laying on your back. You need to focus yourself so that you will be able to do exactly as I command. Don't you touch your cock until I give you permission little pet.

Lace your hands and put them behind your head. I want you to take a few deep breaths to calm and centre yourself so you will be ready to be my pliant little fuck toy. You do want that don't you lovely boy? Take a deep breath in and hold it for a few moments and then release. Do this a few times so that you are calm and relaxed and ready to be obedient. Now I am going to let you touch your body pet but not your cock just yet. You know its better when I tease you don't you? I know you are excited to be my pet today aren't you? Will you obey me like a good pet should?

I want you to spread your legs wide, wide enough so you feel the stretch and then I want you to touch your legs with one hand and then the other. Still laying on your back just let your hands wander down as far as they can reach. Touch your inner thighs and get as close to your cock as you dare without actually touching it. Rub your hands on that lovely crease where your leg meets your groin. Rub your chest and your arms and if you are the type of pet who likes his nipples tweaked then do that for me too. Make sure its nice and hard because if I was there I wouldn't go easy on you.

Does it feel nice to be touching your body at my command? Is that a shiver I see going through you. Does it fill that need inside you when I tell you what to do and you obey without question? Remember that I know what you need. How do I know you ask? You read the title of this audio didn't you my little cum slut. You had to know what I would be asking of you and yet here you sit listening. Maybe you are trying to play hard to get and sitting there with your clothes on stroking your cock and telling yourself this is just entertainment. You are robbing yourself and you are robbing me if you are doing that precious and it makes me sad to think it. You need this and yet sometimes you fight my control. Silly boy you know you need to give up your pride and let yourself feel the true joy of submission.

For my less stubborn pets please excuse the interruption but I have to keep all of my horny little boys in line so that you can be my obedient, pliant little cum sluts. I hope you have continued to touch your body as I was speaking. I want your hands touching everything, arms, legs, neck, face, stomach. Touch yourself everywhere I have allowed you but remember that I haven't yet given you permission to touch your cock.

I want you to suck two fingers into your mouth. Suck them nice and strong for me. Roll your fingers in your mouth and push them deep. I want you to gag on those fingers for me precious boy. Imagine you are worshipping my fingers and showing your devotion with lips and mouth and tongue. Fuck your slutty mouth with my fingers pet.

Mmmmmm. I want you to slick up your cock for me now. Get it nice and wet and slippery for me. Slide it between your fingers and give yourself just the stroke to make yourself hard and hot. What are you doing masturbating on your back you lazy slut. Get on your knees and kneel up straight. I expect you to show your desire to serve in every line of your body. Your body is your offering to me little boy and I cannot accept a sloppy present now can I?

Keep stroking that luscious cock of yours. Make it a present for me. Hold it out for me as you stroke. Push your cock through your fingers the way you would if i ever deemed you worthy to fuck my pussy. Do you think you could ever be worthy of the honor of sinking your cock into my warm, wet, hole? I doubt it my pet, but consider this your audition and show me the best that is in you.

Are you getting ready to come baby boy? Can you feel your balls drawing up slightly. Do you want to come for me? Mmmm. You are so lucky to have caught me on a generous day my lovely. I am going to let you give me your sweet, hot cum. Grab the cup or shot glass and make sure you aim true my sweet. I don't want one precious drop of your cum outside of that container. Come for me precious boy. Be a good boy and come for me and catch it all. Such a good boy. Doesn't it feel good to obey me?

Just one more step to show your devotion. Have you ever tasted your own spunk before baby boy? Mmmmm you are going to do this for me. Raise the glass to your lips sweet heart and tip it into your mouth for me. Swirl it around and savor the taste before you swallow it down. Does it feel strange my pet to have a mouth full of cum? Or does it feel right? Does it feel good to be owned? Such a good boy.

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