tagIncest/TabooFeet: A Mother's Discovery

Feet: A Mother's Discovery


Elizabeth Holiday was a 37 year old mother of two. She lived in a nice suburban town just 20 minutes from the big city. She was a florist and made a pretty good living. Enough to support two kids, a son, Justin, the oldest at 20, who was away at school and a daughter, Kristen. Age 18. Elizabeth was very young when Justin was born and her husband passed away a year after the birth of, Kristen.

Elizabeth is still a very attractive woman and can easily pass for 25. She's 5'5 and about 110 pounds. Thanks to the new gym that opened up around her area, she's been able to keep in shape. Her breasts are a firm 34C and her legs are long and muscular, but not too much. Her hips are very shapely. She has long strawberry blonde hair and green eyes that can cause any man... or woman for that matter, to get lost in them. Her skin is smooth and she loves to keep her pubic hairs neatly trimmed.

Since she hasn't had an active sex-life in 18 years, she spends a lot of her alone time in her room, playing with her pussy. Using whatever she can to pleasure herself. Banana's, cucumber's, dildo's, hair brush handle and even the end of her TV remote.

She's into quite a few things. Her husband use to perform anal on her plenty of times. Whether it was with his cock, fingers or tongue. It definitely wasn't off limits. One thing she never thought about though, was feet. She took good care of hers, but never thought anything sexual about them. Not until last night, that is.

Last Night

Kristen had just gotten home from school and quickly went to her room to study. She was kind of a bookworm. Always wanting to do well and expanding her knowledge so she could become successful in life. She retrieved her history book from her bag and sat down on the bed. She was wearing a new pair of shoes that she had bought a few days ago and figured she could break them in at school. Bad idea since her feet were now killing her. She untied her laces and kicked them off, one foot at a time.

Kristen picked up her history book and began studying. Her feet, however, were still bothering her. She figured a short little self-foot massage couldn't hurt. She rested her right foot on her knee and gently started rubbing the instep. This wasn't pleasing her aching feet. That darn sock was just getting in the way. She pulled the sock off her delicate foot and dropped it to the floor. She then continued with her massage. Now her foot was happy as her fingers worked her heel and made their way up to her toes. Her pointer finger was moving between them now. The more she did this, the heavier her breathing had become. She was getting turned on. For so long she wanted to have her toes sucked. All the guys she's ever been with have never done that for her. At that very moment, she finally decided to do it herself. She had never tried it before.

She moved her head down just a bit and lifted her foot to her face. She inhaled the smell. Not bad for a foot that's been in a new pair of shoes all day. It had a very faint odor. Nothing disgusting. Her tongue escaped from between her lips and gently touched her big toe. It felt great. She didn't stop there. She moved down the line, finally stopping at her pinky toe. She took that little sucker into her mouth and give it a very soft nibble. She then moved back up the line, 'til she arrived back at her big toe. Her mouth again opened and took it inside. She rolled her tongue around it and soon, was sucking on it like a small cock. She could feel her pussy tingling. Her panties were getting very wet.

She released her toe from her mouth, rubbed her hand down her foot and moved down to her heel. Her tongue touched it and made small little circles. She traced her tongue up the heel, to the instep and settling it once again at her tongues. She was so horny. She dropped her right foot to the floor and rested her left on her lap and slowly peeled off her sock. She again brought her foot to her face and inhaled the faint smell. "Mmmmm" she thought to herself. Again her tongue danced around her toes, her heel and her instep. Again her mouth was sucking those toes like 5 tiny cocks. Her free hand found it's way into her jeans and was rapidly rubbing her panty covered pussy. She could feel the wetness seeping through the fabric. Her hand was now wet and decided to put some of it on her foot.

Her wet hand was now rubbing her juice all over that beautiful left foot of hers. She could see it glistening on her toes. She took those toes back into her mouth to taste herself. So sweet.

She couldn't take it anymore. Her pussy needs some attention. She stands up and now her jeans are nothing more then a pile on the floor, the same with her t-shirt and bra. Her panties are slowly being pulled down her legs until they too, meet the floor.

Kristen took a look at herself in the mirror. She's a good 5 foot 3. About 100 pounds with hips like her mother and tits, just a little smaller. Her dirty blonde hair rests on her shoulders and her baby blue eyes pierce through the glass. She's admiring her body now and mashing her tits together, pulling on her nipples. She can feel how hard they are. She sits back a bit on her bed and raises a foot in the air and points her toes. She looks back into the mirror.

"Mmmm, this feet are so wonderful. Why guys never suck on my toes is beyond me. They're so delicious."

She brings her second foot up to meet the other and gently rubs them together. She now brings both feet to her face and takes her two big toes into her mouth, allowing her tongue to play with them while inside. Her legs now part and she sucks on her finger a big and slowly traces it to her rock-hard nipples, making circle motions on them. Back into her mouth her finger goes and out again. Now her saliva covered finger finds it's way to her folds. She can feel her clit but she doesn't want to cum just yet. Her finger darts inside her juicy hole like a bullet. She can feel her inner walls. Her breathing has intensified and her wetness has increased. Her pussy is making squishing sounds. A second finger enters. She's loving this. She brings her foot to her face with her free hand and begins licking her heel while the fingers over her other hand attack her hairless pussy. There's a huge wet spot on her bed. Little does she know, someone's watching between the crack of her door.


Elizabeth had gotten off work early night and just wanted to kick her feet up and watch some TV before starting on dinner when she heard a noise. It was coming from Kristen's room. She traveled up the stairs and heard some soft moans coming from behind the door. The door was open just a crack and she peered inside. There she saw her daughter pulling off her left sock and bring her foot to her face. She watched as her daughter used her tongue to play with her toes. Elizabeth wanted to stop this, but she couldn't. She was mesmerized. Here she was, standing in the middle of the hallway and watching her daughter please her foot while looking through a crack in the door. She just couldn't look away. She was actually getting turned on. She had never thought a foot could be so sexy. She was admiring her daughter's feet. They looked so perfect and obviously like her, she took good care of them. She soon got a shock when she saw her own flesh and blood step out of her clothes.

She watched her daughter the whole time she played with herself. She could feel her own pussy dripping with excitement. She wanted to go into her room and play with her dildo, but she held off. She wanted to see this sexy woman cum. She wanted to see her squirt. She didn't have to wait much longer. Her daughter let out a moan that could have easily woken the neighborhood. She watched as her daughter's orgasm subsided and she calmly relaxed on her bed. She saw her daughter rub some of that sweet stuff on her feet and almost came herself when she watched her lick and suck it off. Elizabeth got to see the climax, now she wanted to have one of her own.

To be continued...

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