tagSci-Fi & FantasyFeldare Tales: Like Cats and Dogs

Feldare Tales: Like Cats and Dogs


The wind howled over the eaves of the rather run down looking homes that fronted the main avenue through Vilkbin. A cloaked shape walked the street, wrapping it tightly to their body against the wind and driving rain. Finally the figure turned into a lit doorway, its glass-enclosed lantern swinging wildly in the winds. A hand emerged from the cloak and banged on its door. A moment later, the door opened and the cloaked figure entered the doorway. The door banged shut after the figure had passed in.

Inside the entry hall, the figure opened the cloak wide, sloughing from her shoulders. It was a female, but not a human. She was human sized, or very nearly so. Short, soft fur covered her, from head to the tip of her long tail blue-gray in color. She had a feline face, with huge luminous green eyes, and a permanent smile under her inverted triangular nose. Her ears twitched through her shaggy mane of hair, also blue-gray, and just as soft as the shorter hair on her body. Her oddest feature were her lower legs, they were very cat-like, with reversed knees, and a stance of being on the tips of the toes.

A short man took the cloak from her and carefully hung it on a hook in a small alcove, along with others. He looked at her appraisingly. "You are more lovely than people say." He said, his Ghantian bearing a heavy Eastron accent.

Sharesh, the rakasta looked back at him, regarding him with her large eyes. "Thank you." She said, smiling with long canine fangs. "You're very kind." She was wearing a abbreviated half-top, that terminated just under her rather sizable breasts, and a short skirt that only covered from just above her pubic mound to just below her crotch, perhaps eight inches high. A silken loincloth poked out from the upper hem of the dress front and back, its length considerably longer than the skirt's own, and it hung to nearly her knees front and back.

He let his beady brown eyes wander up and down her excellent figure. Muscles played under her fur, softly moving whenever she moved, causing the fur to shimmer slightly. She regarded him in return. He was only just barely five feet tall, and rounder than she preferred men to be. His head had a shock of white hair around its fringe, with a large bald spot. He was not at all her type, but if the pay was right, she wouldn't complain. He smiled at her. "Your price was very high, but you look more than worth it."

She extended one claw from her index finger, and touched it to his chin, gently dragging it over his skin. "Oh, I am." She crooned at him. "I sex better than I look." She said, smiling. "And I look amazing." She started moving toward him, her hips gently swaying side to side, and her tail swung around to caress his thigh just below his groin and wrap all the way around it.

He suddenly looked very nervous. "Uh. I. Uh. I was sent to collect you, actually, I am not Victor."

She stopped advancing, but her tail still slid up and between his legs. "Oh?" She said. "Well, I'm not above the occasional free sample, to keep the fans happy." People would one day learn that once Sharesh was in 'forward' mode, there was seldom a reversal.

He said. "I sincerely wish I could, Miss, believe me." He said, smiling nervously. "But Count Vilkbin said you were to be delivered right away, and NOT recently used."

Her pretty, but alien face showed disappointment, but relented. "Very well. What is your name, then?" She asked as her tail slipped from his thigh.

"I am Alexei Davinov, The Count Victor Rocherko of Vilkbin's personal assistant." He said. "We will be with the Count shortly." He led her to an enclosed stable where a coach and team awaited. She was driven across the town and out into the surrounding mountains, after about twenty minutes of observing the charming countryside, which appeared to be mostly stunted trees, rock formations, and muddy fields, she entered into another enclosed garage. Throughout the trip, Alexei simply watched her from the seat across the coach. He opened the door for her and led her through a large manor house to a beautifully appointed sitting room. Wood-paneled walls contrasted with lovely paintings of castles hung upon them. There were several ornate suits of armor on stands about the room, and a large number of weapons mounted to the wall.

"You are Sharesh?" A voice asked from the doorway.

She turned languidly toward the door, her reflexes told her to do so quicker, but her professional senses told her that this was the customer, and startling him with displays of her feline capabilities might be less than a good idea. She looked over at the man, tall, well-built, with broad shoulders, strong arms, and stout legs. He was wearing clothes very similar to Alexei's, but more finely tailored and of better cloth, very subdued, black and gray. "I am." She said to him, giving him a small smile and slinking toward him. His hair was slicked back, as so many men in the Eastern Realms did, and it was black as jet. The thing that she most noticed, however, about him was his eyes, they looked black as well, and they had no whites. She was used to that, in her own eyes, but not so with humans.

He watched her approach. Her long legs and the tail swinging slowly behind them seemed to catch his attention. "I did not know you were not human." He said, looking again at her emerald eyes.

She slowed more and struck one of what she thought of as her best poses, her arm on the back of a high-backed chair and her hip out, with one hand on it. "Will that be a problem?" She said, softly. She had run into racism before, but it was rare, and usually could be overcome, especially in a bedroom.

He regarded her a long moment. "No, not for what is being asked of you." He said, smiling slightly.

She grinned slightly, allowing her long fangs to show, and stood again and finished closing the distance between them. "You're Count Vilkbin?" She asked, looking up into his eyes. He was very tall, she noticed, especially for a Eastern Realmsman, who tended to run to the short side.

"Yes, I am he you were contracted for." He said. His face rather embarrassed for one who had promised so much payment.

She stepped closer, and inhaled deeply. He was a dog lover, she decided, he had the smell of a hound upon him. Many men loved their dogs, and the dogs were good friends to them, and unbelievably loyal. She liked dogs, to a point, herself, though the ones who did not know her tended to bark. "You seem ashamed to have hired me." She said. Giving him a hard stare. "Does my chosen profession seem less than honorable to you?" She had crossed this road before, as well, and it was a tougher nut to crack than simple racism.

He regarded her with those black eyes. "No. I am embarrassed by whom you were contracted." He down the hall, its walls were lined with paintings of men who were all handsome, all large-shouldered, and all looked a lot like Victor. "If those great men could see me now, they would laugh." His eyes were sparkling, and she thought there may be tears in them, but they did not fall.

She smiled softly at him, softening her eyes. "And by whom was I contracted? All I know is that half my fee was received by Mr. Undertoe, and the traveling expenses, which were considerable, coming from Ghant." She let her tail slide along his leg, moving upward.

Victor sighed. "You were contracted by the men of my village." He said. "Oddly enough." He chuckled humorlessly.

Her eyes widened in honest surprise. "I was?" She said. "You must be one well beloved noble, that your people pay to have your needs tended to." She smiled wider. "It's hardly something to be embarrassed about."

He grinned again, a predatory grin. "No." He said. "That they did it, bothers me not in the least." He said. "As you said, it would be a kindly gift from one's people." Then he inhaled deeply, letting the air out in a long sight. "It is why they did it that causes me to be ashamed."

She liked this man, despite his apparent discomfort with her. She noted his Ghantian was flawless, better even than hers, with only the slightest trace of Eastron accent. "And why did they do that, since it seems the root of your discontent?"

He smiled bitterly, then looked at her again, meeting her emerald orbs. "Because I have been hurting their wives and daughters." He said. "Badly." He added.

She was a bit taken aback. "Milord, I do not work with pain artists." She said, taking a small step back. "I have a friend who specializes in such..."

He shook his head. "No. I'm no sadist, Miss Sharesh." He said, smiling sourly. "I am simply voracious in my lusts. And I am untutored in the ways of women." He continued. "And they wish for you to 'train' me how to love a woman and not hurt her so badly as I have been."

She nodded, and stepped back. She did not like sadists much, and some of them could not take no for an answer. But she did not get this feeling from the large man before her. He spoke the truth. She said. "As a noble of the Eastern Realms, to take any woman in your land is your right." She said. "And their lives are yours, so far as I know."

"I love my people." He said, defensively. "I try hard to be a good leader to them." His shoulders squared. "They are good folk, and do not deserve the pains I have inflicted upon them in exchange for their loyalty and hard work."

"Is it so hard to not hurt the women you take to your bed?" She asked, her face a mask of concern. "I mean..."

"It is when you are a werewolf." He said. His eyes flashing at her. "That is what they would not tell you, and why you may wish to reconsider your contract." He smiled at her, that predator's smile again. "For even though I try, I often hurt my partners, a few nearly to death." He said.

She did not back up. "I have taken the contract, and you do not violate any of my requirements to fulfill it, as Mister Undertoe would have spelled out to whoever made the arrangements with him." She looked at him with eyes hardened again. "I will try to 'train' you then, werewolf or no, you are a man first." She said, grinning. "And if you know much of me, you would know that animals do not daunt me either." She looked at him playfully. "You are male in all your aspects, are you not?" She asked.

"I am sure that whomever sought you out knew that." He smiled. "Very good, I wish to be a better leader, and if I could quit hurting my people, that would be a good start." Then he said. "And, yes, I am quite male in all my guises."

She walked up to him, and put her hands on his chest. "Shall we begin then?" She purred. He was handsome, she decided, and that usually made her job very easy. He put his large arms around her, and bent down to kiss her. She looked up and let him do so, opening her mouth slightly. This was usually the first point in which men balked. Her tongue was very unlike a human tongue, it was very thin, compared to a human's, and very rough, with tiny combs on its surface for grooming herself. His tongue ventured into her mouth and seemed to be fascinated with her fangs. Finally, he moved past them and deeper into her mouth, and touched upon her rough tongue's surface. She pinned his tongue between hers and the roof of her mouth and pulled, taking his tongue deeper, and pulling if from him a bit, and the kiss grew a bit tighter, their lips pressing together with more force. Then she let it go, causing him to draw back and break the contact.

"You are aggressive with me?" He asked. "I thought you were to teach me to make love gently."

She smiled and moved her hands to his sides then back. "I plan on it, but first I need to see what you are doing wrong." She said, purring into his chest. "And tongue lashing, even from a werewolf, is rarely harmful." She giggled gently.

He looked at her. "I believe these shall be a very interesting few days, will they not?" He asked as she caused rather remarkable sensations to move outward from his chest with her purring.

She smiled up at him, and he felt her tail between his legs, sliding over the tight cloth of his pants and over his genitals. "I am sure it will." She said. "It is the real reason I am in my profession, you know, the money is strictly secondary."

He grinned widely. "It is good to see people that enjoy their work." He said, then gasped as the tail slipped up the back of his shirt and traced along his spine with its very soft fur.

She liked getting that reaction, he was not made of stone, she decided, and said. "Let us go somewhere more comfortable, Milord." She said.

He said. "Victor, please, for the intimacy we are likely to be sharing." Said the Count of Vilkbin.

She smiled as he took her hand and led her down the hall and up some stairs. "Victor, then." She said, Purring the name.

After climbing the stairs, up two floors, they came to a massive ornate door. Gargoyles and Dragons twisted and twined in the woodwork. Several hundred hours of skilled work went into this door alone, She figured. He opened the door and ushered her in. Beyond was a huge bedroom with a massive four-posted bed. There was no canopy on it. That would be too effeminate for a man like Victor, she decided. There was very little furniture, save the bed. There was only a large padded chair, and a small table beside it, and a small couch near the window, that looked out into the darkness. As they entered a flash of lightning lit the room in startling black and white for a brief moment, then the colors of wood and gold and red came back. The bed linens were silk and incredibly expensive-looking. She touched the bed as they moved toward the couch with her free hand.

"You have good tastes in room decor." She said. "It is very masculine, yet beautiful in here."

He smiled to her. "Your abrasive tongue is quite smooth with words, Sharesh." He said, grinning. "This will be the classroom, I suppose, for your lessons."

She smiled brightly, her fangs gleaming, and her emerald eyes glinting. "I have taught in far less beautiful surroundings." She said.

She reached up to him both hands and took hold of his neck. He bent over to her as she pulled him down, kissed him deeply, and slid her tongue into his mouth. She gently used it to drag over his tongue, flipping hers upside down to do so. He moaned at the sensation that it provided him and put his hands around her waist, the soft fur under his fingers felt good, and the taut muscles under that felt even better.

He suckled on her tongue gently, then she felt his hands move to the fastenings on her half-top. He untied them and the top fell to the floor in two pieces. His hands then moved around to her chest, and squeezed the thinly-furred breasts.

She gasped as he put pressure to her chest, and she felt her nipples stiffen under his attentions. She put her hand around one wrist, and kept the other on his neck. He started to squeeze her well-shaped breasts harder, then harder still. She slowly extended the claws on the hand outward, with the whisper-soft kiss of a razor's sharpness, the claws wrapped about his thick wrist.

He tightened the pressure on her already compressed breasts, and she winced. Suddenly, the pressure was gone from them. He leaped back and held his wrist. "What did you just do?" He demanded.

She waved her hand before him, the claws still extended, and gleaming. They were not simply a normal cat's claws, things of clear sharp bone-like material. He then saw they had plating over them, gleaming like steel, and sharp as a razor's edge. "If you hurt me, I hurt you, Victor." She said. "Else how am I to 'train' you?"

He started laughing. "I see now the fullness of my people's wisdom." He said, grinning wide. "They found a woman who could tame my lusts by besting me in sheer deadliness and guile."

She smiled, relieved that he was not wroth. "You said you wished to learn. I will teach you." She held up a warning claw. "But if you try to hurt me for administering a sting to you, then I leave."

"I will not." He said. "At least I will not on purpose." He added.

"Good enough for now." She said. "Okay, where were we?" She reached out with the clawed hand and pulled him to her again. "Lets try that again, without quite so much force, breasts are sensitive things." She said, smiling up at him. "And you were doing well up until the pain."

He began squeezing them again, and was obviously mindful of the claws that rested on his skin this time. He squeezed tightly, but not enough to hurt, but more than enough to do the job. She purred into his neck. "Very good, Victor." She said, her breathing now faster, and hotter. "You're a quick study." Her tail now reached around to his back again, and slipped up his tunic. He arched his back and she started unbuttoning the front. He held the pose, to let her finish, then she slid the shirt off of his shoulders. He was muscular, and widely-built. She liked that in a man. She licked his chest with her serrated tongue causing him to gasp.

"Again, you play roughly with me and I must restrain myself." He said.

She grinned and licked his neck. "Do you have a problem with village women hurting you by being overly aggressive?" She asked him, letting her whiskers tickle his chin.

He shook his head, and groaned as she bit his neck gently. "You make me wish there were female werewolves, Sharesh." He said. "Those teeth are magnificent."

She kissed under his ear. "I am sure the village women think highly of yours until you use them too hard. Note I did not break your skin, and I wager mine are sharper than yours."

He grinned. "You are likely to see very soon if they are." He said.

She took half a step back from him and reached for his belt. He watched as she unbuckled it and pulled his tight trousers off his legs. He was indeed well-built, she saw, and she let her tail slide up his bare flesh and up to his groin, and wrapped the tip about his erect shaft as she lifted one foot, then the other, to remove his shoes and pants. He was moaning in pleasure before she had finished the second shoe and pant leg. She leaned in and put her tongue to his leg, sliding upward in one smooth motion to his groin, and releasing his manhood with her tail as her hand took over. She then moved her tongue to his shaft, and gently lapped at it, up the side to his cock's swollen head. He twitched at the amazing sensation of combined roughness, wetness, and the vibration of her purring. As she stood back up, she released his manhood with her hand, and put her arms about him, pressing herself against him with her entire furred body.

He believed that it felt quite wondrous. Her soft fur was warm and incredibly soothing, but the woman's form beneath it aroused him. She turned her feline face up to him. "I hope you are not overly fond of fellatio." She said, bluntly. "I cannot perform that act." She opened her mouth and displayed her very sharp fangs. "Someone would get hurt." She giggled as his face registered what she meant.

He smiled. "During that particular part of love-play, I have yet to hurt a woman, so I think that we can bypass that lesson." He said, stroking her blue gray hair and enjoying the loud purring that his petting elicited in her. She grinned up at him. "You do know human women like being petted too?" She asked.

"I did not." He said. "But I will keep it in mind in the future." He moved his hand down her back to her rump, and the sleek fur there. "I never thought I would find fur quite so erotic." He murmured.

"I'm fond of it." She said, and stroked his pubic hair with her hand, then wrapped her fingers about his girth again.

She sat upon the bed and beckoned him to her, and he followed. "You've not been so rough, Victor." She commented.

"I am still human." He said. "The training will be mostly for when I am, well, other than human."

She grinned, then laughed. "I have to deal with being other than human at all times." She thought a moment. "Can you control the change? Or must it come upon you?" She asked.

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