tagBDSMFelicity's Twisted Bet

Felicity's Twisted Bet


Felicity's nipples were achingly hard but she couldn't spare a hand from driving as the big 4-wheel drive bounced wildly in the ruts of the backwoods track. "Both hands on the wheel," she thought to herself "Almost there." It was her first kidnapping and she was surprised at how much it was turning her on. The vehicle rolled to a stop in an open space in the trees and Fliss looked around with satisfaction. The two-hour trip to her hideout had seemed endless but the spot was wild and isolated which made it perfect for her purposes. The equipment she had built stood ready for use. A rustle in the back shook her from her reverie.

Twisting in her seat Felicity smacked her palm down on a blanket-shrouded bundle and was rewarded with an indignant, albeit muffled, squeal. Still grinning she slid out of the truck and opened the rear door. The blanket was dragged aside to reveal the fruits of her victory. The small but shapely female who lay shackled, blindfolded, and gagged in Felicity's backseat was her friend and opponent, Nancy. Fliss didn't even try to resist the urge to torment the helpless. Her hand slipped up the leg of Nan's loose shorts and gently stroked the damp mound underneath. Her captive wriggled desperately but after a few moments, started pushing back against her captor's marauding hand. Felicity's freckled cheeks were pink with arousal when she broke off her teasing. She grabbed her friend's trim ankles and pulled her prisoner from the vehicle.

With a feminine grunt, Felicity hoisted Nancy's squirming body across her shoulders and staggered toward the nearest bit of equipment. With a not particularly gentle thump she sat her load on the wide surface. Her prisoner mumbled something that sounded like a complaint but Fliss ignored the furious grunts and dragged the struggling woman into position. Using the restraints already on her victim and others conveniently pre-positioned the budding Mistress stretched her captive friend into a classic spread eagle. With the flair of a stage magician she whipped the blindfold off the reluctant submissive. The bright blue eyes of the victor glittered with triumph as they met to angry brown ones of the vanquished. Vehement growls leaked around the edges of the mouth-filling gag. The muzzled woman might have been saying something like "Let me loose, psycho bitch," but Felicity planned to have her singing a different tune soon.

Nancy's gag came out with a moist sucking sound. She paused to lick her lips before renewing her demands to be released. Felicity spoke as she pulled her knife from its sheath "I'm pretty sure I won our little contest. Wasn't it, whoever manages to capture the other, wins? Lucky for me, the prize is winner gets to use the loser any way she likes for 24 hours. Makes the contract self-enforcing, doesn't it? So much easier than trying to collect money."

Nancy fell silent and eyed the sharp blade nervously. "It was just a joke. I wasn't really serious. Now let me go." She swallowed audibly "OK?"

Felicity shook her head in mock sorrow. "So you were just serious enough to book a suite at the House of Pain and hire some thug to help you out but not serious enough to lose the wager?"

Nancy was speechless at her opponent's good intel and the look on her face made denial useless anyway. Felicity smiled knowingly and extended her blade toward the bound woman. Metal links rattled loudly in the quiet as Nan twisted and jerked frantically at her bonds. Lifting the shirt away from Nancy's body, Felicity leisurely removed the buttons with a series of careful cuts. After all the buttons were flicked away Fliss pushed aside the ruined shirt to bare her captive's chest. The cheerful slasher leaned forward and nuzzled the valley between the perky bra-less breasts. Nancy gasp with pleasure as her tormentor's index finger idly circled one of her nipples then yelped with pain when it was roughly tweaked. Felicity kissed her way up the exposed chest and throat. She brushed the fine strands of jet hair away from the smaller woman's face. The tip on her tongue caressed Nancy's lips before she whispered in her captive's ear "It will get much worse, little one." Strange feelings of power flooded Felicity when Nancy shuddered and moaned in response.

Felicity slashed and tore away the rest of Nancy's clothes and impatiently tossed aside the resultant rags. The strength of her lust was making her light-headed. Her own clothes slipped from her body as she stood staring down at her helpless friend. In one lithe movement she swung onto the table and lowered her sex on the face of her slave-in-training. Nancy clamped her lips together and stubbornly refused the implied command. After a moment's consideration, Felicity leapt to the ground and stalked to the SUV for her bag of toys.

Nancy was glaring her defiance when Felicity returned with her equipment. She reached in the carrier and pulled out an evil looking cat-o-nine tails. The hard leather knots lightly stroked Nan's vulnerable body and distracted her attention while Fliss slipped her other hand unobtrusively in her bag for a second item. The prisoner maintained her silence and her defiant attitude until the whip slashed across her flesh. Her shriek of protest gave Felicity the chance she'd anticipated. Quick as a cat she jammed a new gag deep into Nancy's mouth. A quick fumble and a few pulled hairs later it was buckled snugly in place. A thick rubber penis filled Nancy's mouth as she stared cross-eyed at phallic extension of the double-ended toy protruding from her face. Felicity wrapped her fist around the shaft and gave it and Nancy's head a vigorous shake.

"I think you'll learn to do things my way but the educational process is sooo much fun that I hope you are a slow learner," Felicity laughed.

Felicity climbed gracefully back on the table and straddled her "student's" head. Facing Nancy's feet, she slowly impaled her dripping pussy on the thick rod to the accompaniment of a deep growl of pleasure. She rolled her hips to settle the dildo to her satisfaction then paused to savor the fullness. Muffled protests came from under her but she continued at her own pace. Fliss raised her whip and slashed a diagonal across the helpless woman under her. Nancy's body bucked wildly as parallel lines of red welts appeared from her hip to her navel. The sudden spasm drove the plastic toy deep and hard into Felicity and she moaned throatily with satisfaction.

A flurry of blows fell across Nancy and her desperate attempts to avoid them sent the thick tool sawing rapidly in and out. Felicity panted a stream of moans as her body soared toward her climax. She kept a quick but steady rhythm with her whipping and used her free hand to gently finger her slippery clit. Nancy's squeals added a twisted savor to Fliss's enjoyment. The whip fell from her hand as her orgasm swept through her spasming body.

Slowly Felicity lifted her trembling body off the rod impaling her. Nancy's face was drenched in a mixture of tears, drool, and Felicity's juices. She stared deep in the fearful eyes as she removed the gag and kissed her helpless prisoner. Another surge of powerful feelings filled her, as she tasted the mix of salty tears and her own tangy juices on Nancy's lips. Fliss' knees felt wobbly but she carefully cleaned her friend's face before she buckled the blindfold back in place. Felicity leaned her palms heavily on the platform and was considering her next move when there was a flicker of motion in her peripheral vision.

I moved quietly up the track, alert for detection, but not really expecting it. An earlier scouting trip had given me a good idea of the layout. Nancy had recruited me as muscle for her contest with Felicity and I had found the perverted playground while following the sexy red head. Nancy had laid her plans accordingly but obviously Felicity had "got the drop". Ducking off the path I peered stealthily through the foliage. It was wasted effort. I could have been a brass band and it wouldn't have made any difference. Felicity was riding Nancy's face and whipping her soundly. Neither had attention to spare for anything but their shared moment. My grin spread from ear to ear and my pants tightened severely at the sight. Felicity's orgasmic scream sent birds flying all around the perimeter of the clearing. She looked pretty spent as she slid off her friend. Felicity's nicely toned back was to me as she cleaned up her friend and tried to recover. I decided exploit her moment of vulnerability and pulled a leather mask over my face.

My childhood obsession to be a cowboy had left me with one useful skill. Two paces out of the trees I swung my lariat around my head. Hours of backyard practice paid off when the rope flew straight and smooth from my hand and dropped over Felicity's naked body. Her head snapped up at the last second but a quick jerk closed the loop and pinned her elbows to her ribs. I charged hand over hand up the rope and was on her before she had a chance to react. We crashed together and into the table. Felicity's breathe left her lungs in a rush. Nancy immediately began contributing to the chaos by yelling her head off. Fliss was struggling but I kept her arms trapped using my weight and a foot on the line holding her. I yanked a cloth sack from a pocket and flipped it over her head. The sewn in drawstring I drew snug around her throat. Blind and already partially bound after that it was just a matter of time subduing her completely. I was kicked, scratched and bitten at least twice but she ended hog-tied on the ground at my feet. Panting from the effort, I lifted my mask to wipe the sweat away then I turned my attention to Nancy.

Nancy was quiet now and I took the opportunity to admire her naked figure. It was even better than I'd imagined when I'd seen her walk into the bar. The tiny but perfectly proportioned woman had been a sexy eyeful in her red cocktail dress and elegant heels. I'd been bored waiting at the pub for a friend and was happy to exchange small talk when she first approached me. Since I don't look like money, was years older and am not burdened with movie star looks I had somewhat cynically wondered what she wanted. After she had steered the conversation to pranks and wagers, Nancy had hit me with her henchman proposal backed up with the full wattage of her dark eyes. The unspoken promise of sex had been dangled as she laid out the situation. I'd wondered at the time why she thought I was the sort to help with a kidnapping (I was but didn't think it was that obvious). Finally, I decided she was simply so self confident that she was sure she could control whatever came her way. Looking down at her bound and beaten body, I wondered how that confidence level was fairing.

Nancy gave a gasp of surprise and pulled against her tethers when I stroked my fingers lightly on her skin. Her skin was soft and unbroken but I could feel the raised welts from her whipping as my hand slid over her torso. I leaned forward and dragged a slow stroke of tongue across a nipple. It hardened instantly and Nancy moaned deep in her throat. My teeth captured the pebble of flesh and clamped down harshly. She wailed and her body shuddered in response to the pain. Whether she realized a third party had joined the action wasn't clear. She seemed to be somewhat dazed by Felicity's treatment but started moaning as soon as I reached between her legs. The pain and fear were real but clearly turning her on too. Her sex was dripping and ready so I reached in the handy toy bag and pulled out a truly enormous vibrating dildo. Nancy sobbed once as I inserted the big toy deep inside her but her tone changed dramatically when it came alive on its lowest setting. With Nancy being entertained I returned to my primary target.

Felicity lay on the ground and tried to collect her thoughts. Although the hood didn't shut out all the light or make it particularly difficult to breathe, her claustrophobia was threatening to scatter her usual quick wits. She fought the panic down and felt carefully for some weakness in her bondage. The ground wasn't very hard but random sticks and stones poked distractingly at her soft flesh as she squirmed belly down in the grass. Twenty seconds was long enough to convince her that the ropes and hood were too snug to slip and all the knots were tucked carefully out of reach. Resigned to biding her time Fliss "amused" herself listening to the sounds coming from above her. They were both maddeningly erotic and worrisome. Her mind turned to the idea that Nancy was somehow involved in the surprise turn of events. The efficiently executed ambush suggested careful preparation. That some wandering woodsman was responsible seemed entirely too coincidental. Felicity strained her ears to hear any confirming clues. There were no voices but she heard Nancy's gasp and wail and the rattle of chains then an ominous silence broken by her sob and a low hum. Felicity instantly recognized the sound and a reflexive quiver of excitement shot through her body at the thought of her helpless friend stuffed full of the gargantuan sex toy. The scuff of footsteps approached her while Nancy moaned happily in the background.

Felicity felt her assailant kneel behind her and lean his shoulder against her bound ankles to slacken the ropes. When the knots came loose he gently straightened her cramped legs. A pair of hands gripped her elbows and lifted her to her knees and she wondered if he was idiot enough the place his vulnerable flesh at the mercy of her teeth. However his arms went around her waist and she was lifted to her feet. With her ankles still bound Felicity swayed uncertainly but her attacker waited patiently until she found her footing. To keep her balance Felicity had stand quietly as his wandering hands touched her. Mostly they were brushing away the debris clinging to her sweaty skin from lying on the ground but there was a good deal of unnecessary fondling also. She jerked angrily away from his caresses when her nipples hardened automatically. Fliss heard a low laugh as he stopped her fall and she could feel his warm breath on the bare skin of her shoulders as he pulled her upright.

I enjoyed cuddling Felicity's naked body but was afraid Nancy might be getting too comfortable. Fliss had the good sense not to struggle when I lifted her to one shoulder and carried her to Nancy. The smaller woman was writhing urgently but the low speed of the vibrator wasn't enough stimulation to push her over the edge. I smiled at the note of desperation in her moans.

Felicity got positioned bent over the edge of the table. Her face hovered over Nancy's wet sex and her arms were stretched and bound across Nan's spread thighs. Fliss' ankles I retied so her gorgeous sexy legs were also spread wide. Her most intimate areas were exposed and vulnerable in the late afternoon sun. She jumped involuntarily when I gently jabbed her asshole with my fingertip. Checking that my mask was in place and picking up her cat-o-nine tails, I pulled the bag from Felicity's head. Her blue eyes blinked in the light as she twisted around to get a look at me but a lash on her upturned rump snapped her eyes forward. I grabbed her hair and push her face into her friend's crotch. The strawberry curls hid the action but Nancy's loud reaction told me Felicity understood my wordless order and was busy doing "something" with her tongue. As a reward I stroked the ridged handle of the whip between her legs. Soon the leather grip was glistening with the juices flowing from Fliss' cunt. My own response was straining and throbbing inside my pants but judging by her intensifying moans Nancy was well ahead of us. It was time to even things up.

Being whipped was no new experience to Felicity but the authoritative lash on her rump encouraged her to at least pretend surrender. Her chin rested on the quietly humming dildo as she reached out for pink sex in front of her. Her tongue drew long slow strokes on Nancy's inner lips followed by a quick jab at the sensitized clit. Nancy was lost somewhere in her own head and was undulating nicely under Felicity's sensual assault. Felicity loved the sounds she was forcing from her friend and "Him" was doing things to her that were making her heart race. She sucked at the swollen nub and swirled her tongue in quick circles. Nancy had raised her hips and was frantically pumping in time to the teasing. At that moment, a firm grip on her hair dragged Felicity from her task.

Felicity gasped for air as she looked down at the quivering Nancy. At the sudden interruption the outside world flooded in on her. The discomfort of her severely arched spine, the rough table surface against her nipples and her legs shaking with the strain of maintaining her position all competed for her attention now that she wasn't absorbed in the sex. The hold on her hair hurt and ominously, she could hear him rummaging in the toy bag again. Careful not to turn her head Fliss rolled her eyes to try to catch a glimpse of what was coming.

Even though she wasn't able to see the sex toy, Felicity recognized it instantly as it slid inside her. Not as large as the monster in Nancy it was the most complicated toy she owned. It could twist, turn, vibrate piston, ripple or all the above at once and all by remote control. Felicity had joked that it could do everything a man could do except mow the grass. Clever as it was she had never really been all that excited by it but two things saved it from being discarded. From one side extended a soft but stiff tongue, which covered her clit effectively, and from the other came a smoothly ridged rod as thick as her thumb, which curved perfectly into her asshole when she felt like being extra filled. "Him" inserted it firmly now and Felicity's eyes bulged somewhat at the sudden arrival. Much as she hated to admit it, even to herself, this was the best that vibrator had ever felt. She closed her eyes and braced mentally for the sensation of the little machine firing up but what actually happened was completely unexpected. Her tormentor grasped her hand and laid the control for her toy in her palm. Her fingers closed automatically round it and she looked up at his blank leather face for some clue to his expectations. Fliss recoiled as he reached toward her face but the hand passed under her chin and flipped Nancy's toy to a higher setting. His hand on the back of her head released its grip and his palm pressed her face back down onto Nancy's sex.

Nancy had raised her head in blind inquiry while these preparations were going on but threw it back and arched her spine when the giant toy reactivated. When Felicity's tongue and lips touched her, her whole body began to quiver and her moans came in breathless gasps. It was obvious that Nancy's orgasm was only moments away when the whip crashed down on her breasts. Repeatedly, Nan was teased to near climax where the cat would intervene to drive her back from the edge. Felicity stuck to her task but watched wide-eyed as the whip landed just inches from her nose. Nancy's flesh jiggled under the impacts and her skin was dripping with sweat. She tossed her head from side to side as the opposing forces clawed at her sanity. Felicity was finding the torment of her friend maddeningly erotic and felt her own lust overwhelming her better judgment.

Surreptitiously, she pressed the buttons on the remote. Felicity groaned when her toy rumbled to life and shot waves of pleasure through her body. She could feel her second climax rapidly approaching and fought to suppress the moans that filled her throat. Fliss burrowed busily in Nan's sex to hide her lost control. Servicing Nan went on autopilot as the sensations captured Felicity. "Almost there," she thought to herself. Her body was shaking in eager anticipation of coming when flames of pain exploded across her shoulders and stopped her orgasm's progress instantly. The shock knocked the remote from her hand and out of her reach. "Him" had caught her.

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