tagInterracial LoveFeline and the Mongrels Ch. 03

Feline and the Mongrels Ch. 03


Last we knew, Fe and D had gone to day shift and were working in teams. Fe began avoiding me, probably because I was acting strange. Her mood became irritable and sharp tempered at times. Our trip to the great southern state and the gambling Mecca of the world was behind us. We learned a lot more about those kisses, stuff we could not have ever imagined. Again we tried recording the details, hoping we got them all right this time.

The night when I gave her that last massage I told you about, the one where she started her June period, I had rubbed oil into her arms, and hands, and all the way down to each finger tip so she was very slick. She felt the heat and was using those greasy little fingers of hers slippery sliding them on my tool and nut sack with no mercy as I worked her shoulders and neck.

I said, "You're going to make me break my promise to leave you alone for a month."

That's when she pleaded, "Fuck me."

As I told you, we had a wonderful time I thought, but she started her June period the very next day... again, as I said. That was two months in a row this happened, remember? She had cramps and vomiting, and sever migraines this time. In her mind I had made her have sex again, forgetting her handy work and pleas for fulfillment. I instigated the whole thing when we had just enjoyed sex less then a week earlier. Again I was DIRT!

I lay low for several days. She was miserable and misery loves company. It was early July and I was now resolved to give her her month of no sex, extending well into August.

Her period passed and she was acting calmer. I was feeling horny. This was July the 2nd. I told her I was going to go play with myself. I had agreed not to have sex with her, but thoroughly intended to play with myself in the mean time. She could have her space. This was all said nicely and with no intent to anger. She didn't take it that way either.

She followed me to our room and watched me as I stripped and lay naked on our bed gently playing with my bone. Do you know the song, 'Who let the dogs out?' where it says, 'A dog ain't nothin if he don't have a bone... oh doggy hold the bone, oh doggy hold it." It's so true; all men are just scruffy dogs. Aren't we? LOL!

I was thinking about her in the arms of a shadowy figure in a dark room, or outside, in a closet, then in a weight room, each with her fully visible while her lover was not at all. I pictured her hungrily aggressively biting and sucking on the dark skinned man with no hair. I imagined their bodies undulating against each others desirously. I pictured her rolling her head back as he bites her neck, her eyes role back in ecstasy. All the while my hand slowly stroked the length of my white cock from head to base.

Fe sat at the foot of the bed pretending to do some laundry as she asked me what I was thinking about. I told her I was going over each kiss in detail, picturing her in each situation. Right then I was imagining D sweeping her off her feet and spinning her around the room like a bride, like his bride, he was spinning my bride around the room as they laughed and sucked one another's faces. My dick was so hard and throbbing as I jacked the head and the last couple inches fast while I spoke.

It took about three minutes of this banter I'd guess, of my nasty talk and fist fucking before she stripped and climbed into bed beside me. She had me playing with her pussy too as I stoked my meaty bone and went on with my visions. She said she liked my big white dick and loved the way I played with 'her' mushroom. She was just like a cat curling up and nudging for affection. But a cat as you know can turn and sink a claw in you the moment she grows annoyed or gets distracted.

She asked me if I wanted more and I recalled the promise. I acted like I didn't hear as I kept playing with our sexes. I had to focus on her for a while because I was about to cum very soon. She started telling me how she'd be so jealous if it were me playing around. I assured her I was enjoying this and poked my dick at her to prove it.

She began to beg, "Fuck me with that, please."

I said "Who are you begging?"

She wanted to beg me and said so. I was not going to give in again unless she played my game. I continued my fondling working that g-spot as I had learned so well bringing her to a quaking wet orgasm. For a while there she was speechless. I resumed work on my own tool.

After she caught her breath she rolled on her side and took my cock in her hands so I could relax and enjoy her tender care. She was getting horny and I slipped a couple fingers into her. Again we were both bucking in unison, and again she made her plea.

But if she wanted to get fucked it was going to be D that fucked her and got in trouble for anything that might go wrong. I would just be along for the ride. What a dirty dog I am.

Again I said "Who are you begging?"

She began to beg, "Fuck me, please. Fuck me, please... D."

She was serious, serious enough to beg, serious enough to beg D, to beg him to fuck her, to beg D to fuck her, to fuck her with his big black cock, so she did, and I did, and we did. All the while she continued to beg, "Fuck me D, oh yes fuck me D, I want to feel your black cock D deep deep inside my pussy, ohhh D..."

And then her period started again that very day, and all hell broke loose, and it was all my fault again. DAMN! That Black Dog had slipped the leash and I was the only dirty dog left to take all the blame. Blame for a miserable period that had gone away only to return with a vengeance.

2 days later was the 4th of July and we went to the beach right as soon as I got off work. Her period had stopped again and the world was at peace again.

I stopped and got life-vests after work, and we loaded the boat as soon as I got home. We were off to the Coast with the sun at our backs. The Pacific awaited. I was looking foreword to a full day of fun in the sun in Coos Bay, in summer. If you ever go here any time of year take the Cutter's OFF!

We did have fun and Fe took lots of pictures. Everyone was all smiles and we kissed a lot with those little pecks. You know the ones. I focused on not noticing all the little bathing-suites on hot little bodies. I don't know if she noticed, but she would have if I hadn't. I thought the day went very nice but around 2pm I was getting very tired, so I said I was going home.

She had her van so I loaded the boat in my truck and left with a warm kiss goodbye.

A few hours later she came home too. She asked if I wanted to go out to see fireworks and I declined saying I planned to tune in the TV fireworks specials like we usually did. As we talked I asked her to rub my legs because I'd been walking every night to get into shape, and they ached. I was doing this to give D some competition. I enjoyed her enjoying him, but I wanted her to enjoy me too, and I wanted to enjoy all this with gusto.

She told me as she rubbed my legs, about friends of ours that came to the beach late and got stuck in traffic. The husband got mad and they turned around and went back home. I recalled the traffic when I was leaving and knew I would have been mad too, not at anyone just loud mad.

I wanted to change the subject to something lighter so I told Fe I thought about her while I was showering right before climbing in bed. I said I was thinking about playing with myself but was too tires. I was alluding to the fun we had two days earlier.

She got so pissed and said, "We just did it the other day, and you know how tired I am after preparing for this party, and how bad my period was this time."

Oh yes, how could I ever forget? Again I tried to change the subject. I had written her a letter right after our last love making and it said how wonderful she made me feel and how much I love her. I had also written a letter about an old lover so she could see a bit more of my past and grow more secure in our relationship with me opening up and telling her about myself as I was asking her to do fore me.

She acted like I just threw gas on her fire storm. She acted like I was lower than dirt, more disgusting than a soft wet stinky smoldering pile of freshly deposited fertilizer. She acted like, 'Oh my god, not another crazy damn letter.'

I went down stairs and deleted all I had written making one more promise to myself, never to write another damn letter to her ever again!

She asked where the letter was and I said, "I deleted it."

She then accused me of having a day like our friend, the one who got mad and went home. That flew all over me sense I had had a great day till she came home and copped that bitch attitude. Sorry for the dog term.

I said it was her that had the bad day and I had work in a few hours so I was going to bed.

I gave her the cold shoulder for a couple days and she needed to settle things. Now it had been eight days since our last fuck so it had been more than a week. She wanted to talk. I said I needed to settle a few things too.

I asked her point blank if she wanted me to act normal because nothing in our lives was normal anymore.

She said, "Yes."

I asked her if she thought she was normal. And again she said, "Yes."

I reminded her of how she acted when she was jealous and asked if she wanted me to do all those destructive things I mentioned earlier, in vivid colorful graphic detail.

She didn't need to think about this and quickly said, "NO."

Then I went into the subject of D without preamble. I explained my continuing fascination with Black Dog, using his full name. I was compelled to dig further because every time she told me about the kisses I got new insight into the old stories.

I explained that at first they were just simple nothing kisses, the first two, between friends concerned over family problems that got slightly out of hand while giving a sympathetic hug. Then Fe revealed on the second encounter she had felt his buto.

Then she had another small kiss, only later to be expanded into a story where he twirled her around the room like a bride, his bride. "Around this time you told me," I said calmly, "That he said if he weren't married already he'd want to marry you."

Then the next kiss took place, only later to be revealed as being in a closet. "This was about the time," I said, "you told me you'd like him to touch your tits if you were proud of them."

Finally the last kiss sounded simple at first too, followed later with the information explaining how you sat in his lap and this was when he tried to touch your breasts.

After the trip to California and Vegas Fe said she missed him and thought about him. Around this time she also said if we weren't married, or if she didn't have our family with the kids, or if she didn't have the family she has and my sisters and Aunt Ruth in California who all have such high morals she'd have surely gone to bed with him by now.

I explained that as long as the info develops and grows I am compelled to dig for more.

I also explained that my letters were meant to give her a part of me previously no one not even she was allowed to see. These were meant to let her see that I had lived an adventurous sex life and had learned a lot both good and bad. I had invited her to see a part of me I usually kept hidden.

I was telling her I was open to her living and learning with another expanding her sexual horizons as long as she didn't exclude me or fall in love with Black Dog. I recapped my ten minute scripts to show how far I was willing to let her explore this adventure.

She said it would never happen, not that, and that she has no interest now at all in him.

I recalled her saying a week before that she was worried about when swing shift started up again. I took this to imply she might get caught up in the adventure again if the circumstances are as before. I let it slide but made note of it.

I said I would drop the issue and leave it all in our pasts. I said I would never write her again and we could return to the month to month sex life going so far as to make a schedule for the third weekend of each month for our date.

She started playing with me at this point, squeezing my shaft and tweaking the head thru my underwear. I was hard and wanted to fuck. We apologized and she assured me she didn't want to go for a month without.

I had work soon so I said I needed a nap. I was in bed when she came to me. She locked the doors and took off all her cloths, then slid in beside me. I quickly stripped too and we began to tease again. I took our Astroglide and we made the play slippery slidy. I positioned her so I could look at her flower and she could look at my bird. Those are our pet names as you can surmise.

I began to rub her clit with my left middle finger while sliding my thumb deep inside her working that spongy area. She was letting me fuck her fist and she squeezed my balls. I moved all four fingers of my right hand to stoke her labia with oil on the left and right. I added more oil to both our hands and changed my attack as she began to hump my fingers. I started with one finger my middle finger on my left hand this time probing her depths as my fingers and thumb of my right hand danced upon her clit and all around her labia.

Then she said it felt so good when I pulled them out so I spent some time doing just that, in and out in and all the way out again. Then I slid two in, center and ring fingers. I took time to titillate her button located just behind that spongy area now swollen and hot. She was really rocking now and we were not talking at all. It was just the two of us this time. I had only put two fingers at once in her ever before and she would cry that it was too tight. But this time I don't know if she didn't realize it or if I had her past the point of caring but I pushed the three middle fingers together into Fe's hot slippery wet pussy and finger fucked her as never before.

We did this till she came screaming, and I soaked her fingers with my hot cum at the same time. She had never had me cum in her hands before and we both liked this new experience together. We talked a bit and I said I wanted to know something.

She asked, "What?"

I said she had said every time she felt his buto getting hard she'd drive him away, but in all her telling of the kisses she had only felt him get hard once. This was odd. With the statement 'every time' I would take that to mean she felt it get hard more than two or three times.

She said maybe three or four times. She was adamant about not feeling it while she sat in his lap due to positioning. I then believe she probably felt it every time they stood and kissed, all four times. I didn't pursue it. I kissed her and left for work.

Another time Fe told me about the crew watching a Tom Cruise movie on lunch break. Tom had his wife sleep with a rich man to pay off a debt, she explained. She said the discussion later was critical of Tom's wife.

Fe said, "I felt odd when D said if his wife did that, he'd leave her."

She said other coworkers said the same, as if the wife was sole bad guy in this story. She thought about herself in the position she was in with D, and how I could have reacted. She thought again about D and his reaction, and the double standard between dogs and cats.

A week later the discussion came up again... this time about Tom Cruises part in the story. She said many of her coworkers said that any man who wanted his wife to have sex with another man must be crazy. She remembered our talks, our role playing, and read my ten minute scripts suggesting this very thing. She didn't like the idea that these people, friends of hers might think her husband was crazy.

I on the other hand have read many a story written by you out there and know there is a community of people who would side with me on this. Do you? Am I nuts to feel the way I do about all this? Am I handling it all wrong?

It's odd; my first chapter was in print for but a day and hadn't even reached the 'Interracial Love' when I received my first three critic's replies. 'Divorce you'll feel like a man', 'Quit you can't write and there's no room for two men in any relationship', and finally 'You're sick.'

I know most people in the world think any husband who wants his wife to have sex with another man must be nuts, but I am hopping Fe will become a much more thrilling lover with an expanded reality in the field. I am not pushing her toward a person I picked for her to have sex with. She chose Black Dog to be thrilled by and in this choice I am happy for her to learn from any experience they may share.

I don't want anything to do with divorce. My whole reason for pushing her on is to be part of the blame so she can have me help shoulder the guilt she will feel if and when things do progress. See? I really just never expected to find so morally focused people reading the stories in the web site I chose to publish this story. Only one critic was on my writing skills or lack there of. I will wait for more input before I give up. Thanks.

Summer was ticking by and another month was about to pass. I looked on the World Wide Web and found how to calculate a feline's menstrual cycle. I calculated Fe's period approximately so I could avoid having sex again at that time, and it was due in about two weeks. We hadn't had sex since her last period. We played but there was no actual intercourse since the 2nd of July.

Fe was preoccupied with her painting and house work. I was working a lot of OT at work.

She'd tell me about a text here or there, but all was quiet most of the time. Outwardly all looked like the fling was over. Fe was having head aches and some cramping. It was too early to be her period. A coworker of Fe's told her she might be having morning sickness.

Fe told her that her tubes were tied when our kitten was born. The lady said she had a friend with her tubes tied who still got pregnant.

Fe was now worried she might be pregnant and told me so. I looked at the web-sites on periods & fertility cycles again, and then checked our sex calendar. Remember all these notes I've been keeping? If Fe was pregnant it was not mine.

First, if she was with child, what signs would we notice? I began to wonder about her actions over the last week. She had gone to church, maybe to confess? She said she had errands to run after work, maybe to a hotel with him? She was painting the dining room, and hall, and bathroom, to exhaustion. She said it was therapeutic, maybe therapeutic to busy herself and not think about having sex with D and feeling guilt? She had stopped talking about him but was that because she didn't have anything to talk about or that there was something she was to ashamed to talk about? She was having nausea and vomiting.

On the other hand her tubes have been tied safely for 8 years. Wouldn't her breasts be swollen and tender? She swore they've not done the humpty hump and if it can not be mine and it isn't his, than there probably isn't one. Finally she wasn't going thru great guilt as she did every time there was a kiss.

This is a lot to consider. I went home the next day with a flower and a pregnancy tester. I gave her the flower and told her all my observations. I explained, I wanted her to know no matter what, we'd get thru this together. I said she had her tubes tied and I believe they are still tied. I said her breasts are not swollen or tender, a major sign of pregnancy, also indicating she was not with child.

I said this next part carefully to see her reaction, "The menstrual cycle and the fertility cycle indicate that if you are pregnant the child is not mine since we haven't had sex since your last period."

I then said I saw her yesterday's text to D saying she didn't think so and hoped not. My assumption was this text was hopefully simple concern and not an indication they had done more.

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