tagInterracial LoveFellatio & White Women Pt. 02

Fellatio & White Women Pt. 02


**In previous chapter, Vaughn fucked his married white co-worker, Janet, thoroughly.

Chap. 1

The following Monday morning, Janet's husband, Steve had come home from his inpatient detox stay for heroin. He immediately tore into her about not coming to visit him over the weekend and refusing to sign him out early. Janet, having had the shit fucked out of her for the majority of the weekend by her big-dicked Black co-worker, listened to his childish diatribe then calmly told him that their marriage wasn't working out the way she had envisioned and that she thought they might want to spend some time apart! Vaughn's dick had seemingly opened up more than her pussy!

Steve's mouth fell open as Janet then got up off the couch, brushed past him, and went into the rear of the apartment to the bedroom to finish getting dressed for work. She was looking forward to seeing Vaughn, today. After finishing work on Saturday, she had went home and gotten herself some sleep. She woke up at 11 p.m. that night feeling extremely horny. Steve had apparently left sometime during the evening. She had risked embarrassing herself and called Vaughn. He was awake and invited her over. She had let him fuck her damn near all night! She could not get enough of his big, Black dick stretching and pounding her accommodating pussy!

Janet finished dressing and exited the bedroom. Steve was sitting in the living room. His eyes flashed toward her hoping to see that her disposition had changed. It hadn't.

"Steve, look, our marriage seems to be hitting the skids because you've decided that instead of being a responsible husband you'd rather lay your ass around the house while I work myself into a frenzy. I will not tolerate that shit in my husband! If you want to throw your life away and our marriage by continuing to shoot heroin, I have to leave! I'm going to work and by the time I get back, you had better made up your mind about what you want to do with yourself! If you want to sit on your ass all day and get high, please don't be here when I return!" Janet said evenly yet forcefully. Over the weekend, she had come to the conclusion that she was no longer interested in taking care of a grown man. That's not why she had gotten married! She realized that there were better experiences out in the world...and better dick!

Steve was speechless as she turned and walked out of their apartment, slamming the door behind her. He swore she had called him a 'little dicked motherfucker' just before closing the door.

Chap. 2

Erica, Janet's shapely blonde co-worker, arrived at work a bit early on Monday morning. As she exited her car, she noticed that Vaughn and Janet's car were in the parking lot. It was 7:50a.m. She walked into the building and walked to the administration office, looking for her friend, Janet. She was not there. Erica decided to walk towards the residential part of the building to find Janet before their shift started. She walked on the boy's side and the girl's side. Giving up, she returned the administration office and started her shift.

Janet walked in the office around 8:30 a.m. Her eyes were slightly glassy and her lipstick was smeared. Erica took one look at her and thought her friend was stoned! She quickly walked up to her and asked her to come into the back with her. Janet agreed, while walking on wobbly legs. Once they were out of earshot of the other employees, Erica inquired as to why she looked the way she did. Janet stated that she had not slept well over the weekend. The way she averted her eyes caused Erica to believe that she was lying, but she didn't push the subject. She asked how Steve was. Janet hadn't told her about Steve's latest overdose. Janet answered that she would answer that question later. Erica suggested that her friend go to the bathroom and get herself together.

Erica walked back into the administration office and noticed that Vaughn had entered the office and was sifting through his daily correspondence. As he bent over to retrieve a file, Erica noted that his ass was nice and muscular. She liked that in a man. As he turned towards her, she noticed that he was perspiring lightly.

"Vaughn, are you hot or something? You're sweating," she asked.

"Uh...n-..yeah, I guess so. I didn't really notice," he said as he walked over a grabbed a few tissues from out of a box that was sitting on a desk near him and began to pat his forward. He noticed that Erica was still standing in front of him looking at him. She was 24 years old. Blonde hair. Attention-grabbing blue eyes. She was also petite with a flawless pair of 34C-cups that always seemed to sport hardened nipples under whatever she wore. She was 5'6". She weighed about 130 pounds. She would often rub up against Vaughn or touch him when they talked. Vaughn had noticed her unrevealing work outfits many times on her nicely stacked frame. Unbeknownst to him, she had been attracted to him for months.

Erica had never been with a Black man but if she had to choose one, it would have been Vaughn. He was nonthreatening towards her and all her co-workers, plus he was sexy as all hell. Growing up, many of her friends had sat and discussed the myth of big, Black dick. Erica had often found herself watching the front of Vaughn's slacks to discern the size of his bulge. She sensed that he was equipped with larger than average equipment. She was stuck between wondering if she should approach him (she knew he was involved, but didn't give a fuck) or leave it as an interracial fantasy. She often thought of Vaughn late at night in her apartment when her and her vibrator became engaged in wet, sloppy pussy gymnastics.

Erica smiled at him before walking past him. As she breezed past him, she smelled the undeniable smell of pussy on him! She quickly turned her head and looked at him. Vaughn turned around and looked at her.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing," she said, unconvincingly. The sight of her disheveled friend, Janet, flashed through her brain, but she quickly put that out of her mind. Janet would never cheat on Steve! It wasn't in her nature as far as she and Melinda knew. They considered Janet to be the prude of the three of them. Must be a coincidence, she thought as she turned and began filing papers on her desk. Soon afterward, Melinda called, and reported off with the flu. She told Erica that she would probably not be back for the rest of the week as she had a rock solid doctor's excuse calling for bed rest. Janet told her that if she needed anything, not to hesitate to call her and that she would be over to see her after work.


Throughout the morning, Erica noticed that Janet's husband, Steve, called repeatedly and that Janet had not taken any of his calls. She wondered what was going on with those two. She felt that Janet rushed into marriage with this man because he represented a father figure image to her and for her lack of a relationship with her own father. It seemed like Janet had just met the man and suddenly she was talking about marriage. She never could figure out Steve could ever offer her friend.

At lunch, she found Janet sitting by herself in the cafeteria. She joined her and they began to talk about Janet's weekend. Erica told her about Melinda calling off sick. Janet told Erica about Steve's overdose. Erica was appropriately shocked that her friend was dealing with this disaster and holding up so well! Before she could begin ripping into Janet's worthless husband, Janet surprised her by beating her to the punch. She had never heard Janet use foul language or talk negatively against her husband! This last incident must have pushed her over the edge, Erica concluded. It was quite sad that in addition to being a junkie, Steve had not been providing Janet any dick. Erica knew from her own experiences, she was addicted to dick. She didn't sleep with everybody but she didn't have to be in love with a man to fuck him.

Erica asked Janet what she was going to do about her and Steve's relationship. Janet told her that she was fed up with wasting her time on a sinking ship. She wanted to jump ship. Erica was surprised! She would have thought that Janet would have wanted to play the Tammy Wynette role, once again. Her friend was getting some balls and some common sense. She told her that she would support her no matter the decision she came to. Janet thanked her and excused herself from the table.

Towards the end of the workday, Janet came up to Erica and asked if she would mind her sleeping over, if necessary. Janet told her that would be no problem as she had a two-bedroom apartment. The company would be welcomed. Janet told her it wasn't a definite but that she might have to leave her apartment until if things didn't work out with her husband. Erica admired her resolve.

Janet never called Erica that night. Over the next few days, Erica saw little of Janet, as she always seemed to be busy doing something. On Thursday morning, Erica arrived at work 20 minutes early. She noticed that Janet and Vaughn's car were here, also. As she walked towards the staff lounge to get some coffee, she thought she heard voices. She slowed her pace and cocked her head to see which direction the voices were coming from. Vaughn's office! She walked into the staff snack room and poured herself some coffee. As she was reaching to turn on the television, she thought she heard a moan. She froze and tried to discern where the sound was coming from. She noticed a vent next to the sink. She turned around and closed the door to the snack room and locked it. She then went over to the sink and knelt down. She heard breathing. Heavy breathing. And something else. A rather loud and coarse sucking sound! It was repetitive. Then she heard, faintly...

"Ohh shit! Oh baby! Mmmm...get that dick! Yes! Come on...faster! Oh..Oh..OHHHH!"

Erica recoiled from the wall and stumbled to her feet! She held her hand to her breast, breathing hard, and while walking in a small circle. She knew Vaughn was in there. But Janet, too?! She quickly left the staff snack room and walked to the administration area of the building. She was hoping to find Janet to dispel the unbelievable possibility that her friend was currently in a therapist's office...a black therapist...blowing him! She did not see Janet in the admin. office. She exited the office and began walking towards the residential area of the building. Again, no luck! As she walked down the hallway, she saw Janet enter the bathroom. She waited in the hallway for a few minutes for Janet to exit. When she did, Erica noticed that she had applied new lipstick. Her eyes were still glazed and Erica became aware of something else, also. Her friend was walking as if her ass was hurting! She had been around Janet long enough to recognize that her friend's gait was a little off. And for some reason, her ass looked fuller! Oh my God, it was true! Janet was fucking Vaughn! Her quiet, demure, prudish friend was getting some Black dick on the side!

Erica greeted her friend, warmly. Janet looked tired. Erica asked her how things were going between her and her husband. Janet replied that she had left her apartment, temporarily, and was staying with a friend. Erica didn't bother to ask whom this friend was but let her know that if she still needed to come and stay with her, she was still welcome. Janet reached out and thanked her for her continued support. She asked Erica if she wanted to out on tomorrow night, which would be Friday night. Erica agreed that it would be a good idea to get out. Janet agreed that that would be a good idea, also. Soon afterwards, they parted ways and did not see each other for the rest of the day.


The next day was a Friday, and once again, Erica arrived at work approximately 20-25 minutes early. She had reasoned that she was going to take care of some extra paperwork, but as she exited her car, she noticed that both Vaughn and Janet's car were there, again. She decided to go to the snack room to see if she could hear any thing coming out of Vaughn's office. When she entered the building, she made an attempt to find her friend, Janet, but soon realized that it was fruitless to pretend that she was anywhere but in Vaughn's office getting some early morning dick. Erica still found it hard to believe that Janet was sneaking around on Steve.

Erica entered the snack room and closed the door, then locked it. She kept the light off and walked towards the sink. She bent down to determine if there were any noises coming from Vaughn's office. At first, she heard nothing. After bending over for several minutes, she began to rise when she heard, "Ooooohhhhh...Ewwwwww...that's it, slide that big dick into me, baby! You fuck me sooo good! Yesss! Mmmmm."

"Oh my GOD! It's true! She's in there fucking Vaughn! I can't believe it!" Erica mouthed silently to herself. She listened to her friend's frenzied pleas for five minutes. When she finally stood up, she felt dizzy. Vaughn was in his office fucking the shit out of her girlfriend! She had never heard a woman moan so genuinely and pleadingly while having sex! She had heard Janet orgasm at least twice! To say it had turned her on was an understatement! "Unfuckingbelievable!" she said to herself as she adjusted her clothes before unlocking the door and walking out of the snack room. Her nipples were like beacons on her deliciously bouncy 34C's. Her pussy had also become very moist. She headed to the bathroom to wipe herself.

Ten minutes later, at 8a.m., she saw Janet walking rather unsteadily towards the bathroom. She stayed in the bathroom for 15 minutes. When she came out, she looked presentable but had that glassy look to her eyes. Erica was slightly envious of her friend's good fortune. By the way Janet had carried on in his office, he definitely had a BIG dick...and she wanted some of it!

At 8:30a.m., Vaughn walked into the administration office. His eyes found Erica's looking at him as he went about his business. As he approached her desk, she boldly continued to gaze at him.

"Hello, Erica. How's you're day going?" Vaughn asked, wondering why her fine ass was looking at him like this. Did she know something? He hoped Erica hadn't run her fucking mouth! But what if she did?

"Hello, Vaughn. My day is going well. I haven't really seen much you in the past few days. Huddled up in the office, huh?" Erica asked, while turning up the side of her lips, looking away, and then back at him.

"I guess you could say that. I did let my paperwork get a little bit out of control. How have you been? What's going on in your world?" he asked while taking a seat in the chair next to her desk.

"Not much, really. I told you a few weeks ago that my boyfriend went into the Marines, didn't I?" she asked, knowing damn well she hadn't.

"N-Naw, he went into the Marines? Like, he left for boot camp? In 2003? With all this shit going on with Iraq?" he replied, as he couldn't help asking.

"Yeah, that would be him. Mr. Know-it-All. You're the first person to really come out and say that. Everyone in my family and his skirt around the issue. It's like they don't realize that a 'real' war is happening! And he runs off with his impulsive ass and joins up without ever discussing it with me!" she said, starting to get a lil pissed.

"Men can be like that sometimes," he said as he wondered how dude could leave a beautiful assed woman like this, alone!

"Tell me about it! Anyways, what are you doing this evening?" she asked suddenly.

"N-Nothing. I don't have anything planned, why?" he asked cautiously.

"Well, Janet and I are going out for a few drinks tonight and since we've never socialized after work, I thought it would be cool if you could join us," she said with an impish grin on her face.

"Well, let me get back to you on that. I'll let you know by the end of the day, cool?" he asked.

"Cool, don't forget Vaughn," she said as she turned to the papers on her desk.

"I won't, Erica," he said as stood and walked away from her desk. He went to find Janet to see what the hell was going on!


Vaughn found Erica on the girl's side of the facility facilitating a group. When she was finished, she walked over to Vaughn. He asked her to come into a nearby office. She began smiling and dutifully followed him. Once the door was closed, Vaughn asked her if she had told Erica anything about their recent activities. Janet answered a vehement no as he explained Erica's invitation for drinks, tonight. Janet thought he should accept, seeing as how he had never been out with any of the facility's staff. Vaughn agreed. He bent forward and kissed her full on the lips. She automatically wrapped her arms around his neck. A knock on the door interrupted them. They exited the office having a 'pretend' conversation so as not to raise the interest of their fellow staff members who were milling about in the hallway.

At the end of the day, Vaughn approached Erica's desk and told her he would join them at around 7p.m. Erica told him not to be late. He smiled and told her he would see her later. She replied that she would be waiting. Vaughn noticed the sexy, come-hither twinkle in her eye. He wondered what her lips would feel like wrapped around his thick dick as he boldly gazed at her lips. Vaughn turned away and went to his office to prepare to leave.


As Janet and Erica prepared to leave the office, together, Erica noticed that her friend was still walking as if her ass was tender.

"Janet, are you okay? I've noticed that you seem to be walking with a little tenderly, today," Erica said while fully knowing the truth...her friend's pussy had been stretched out by Vaughn!

"I'm okay, I must have wrenched my back or something while I slept last night," Janet said unconvincingly. This was not a subject she was prepared to talk about, just yet.

"What time are you going to meet me?" Janet said, quickly changing the subject.

"How about 6:30 or 7? I want to go home and shower and change into my week-end clothes," Erica answered as she approached her car and unlocked it.

"Me too. I'll see you there, then" Janet said before climbing into her car and starting the engine.


Janet arrived home to a sulking Steve. Over the course of the last few days, Janet had kept her distance from him. She always found a way to get out of the house, as she did not want to be bothered with him. She had told him that she was staying over at Erica's house for the last few nights. She knew that he knew Erica didn't particularly care for him, so she wasn't worried about him calling her over there. Meanwhile, each night, she had ended up over at Vaughn's town home getting the stuffing rearranged in her pussy by his BIG dick! She didn't feel the least bit guilty as she knew it was a matter of time before she packed her bags and got away from Steve, for good.

Steve followed her around the apartment as she first had a small bite to eat, then showered, and finally as she got herself together to join her friend, Erica. Steve began to get boisterous as she slipped on the only nice dress she had. He told her that she wasn't leaving the house! He also told her that he was tired of her leaving him alone in the house. Janet held up her hand to halt his monologue, and informed him of the things she was tired of: not paying his share of the bills, not coming home for days, other women calling her house looking for him, not giving her regular dick, stealing money out of her purse, etc. By the time she was done, Steve was once again begging for her forgiveness. She gathered her purse and keys and told Steve to get his shit together or get out! Steve didn't have the nerve to say anything to her after that. She left soon afterwards, burning rubber in the parking lot!

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