tagFetishFem Dom Rectal Temperature Taking Ch. 02

Fem Dom Rectal Temperature Taking Ch. 02


I really had to put my foot down to get the hubby agreeable to move our activity from the safety of the house to public places. He was extremely reluctant and worried about being discovered. After trying to coax him along I finally had enough and told him we were going to proceed so he needed to get over it and soon!

For the first few episodes I drove to secluded locations in the country or I would take him to a remote part of a public park near the house. The first time I simply pulled off the main road and proceeded about a mile on a dirt road. Here I had him get out of the car get naked from the waist down and bend over the trunk of the car. There he remained with the thermometer in his butt while I admired the scenery.

On a subsequent visit to the same spot I laid a blanket about 50 feet from the car. I told him to take off all his clothes, then sent him back to the car to fetch the kit with the thermometer and KY jelly. When he came back as I sat in a lawn chair I had him stand in front of me turn around and bend over. After lubing him real good I inserted the glass instrument. I made him time the procedure. Every minute or so I would give the rod a little twist and push it in and out of his bottom a few times. After four minutes I slowly pulled the thermometer out and allowed him to dress.

The first urban location was in a parking garage. He was extremely nervous- worried that security cameras would detect what we were doing. I just laughed.

When parked I had him lower his pants as he sat in the passenger seat. I then had him get on all fours with his butt facing me and his face pointing toward the passenger-side window. I abruptly pulled down his underpants and made him spread his ass cheeks for me. I purposely kept him in this position with the thermometer sticking out for a long time hoping someone would walk by. Eventually two women did but they were not close enough to make out what was going on in our vehicle.

One day I had him come to my office. I closed the door and drew the blinds. It was at that point I announced my intentions. He was very worried someone would walk in. I told him he was being difficult and I was getting tired of him acting like a cranky child.

He reluctantly complied with my request and pulled his pants and underpants down to his ankles. I made him stand that way while I retrieved the thermometer and a jar of KY Jelly. I then had him lay across my knees as I sat at my desk. After inserting the thermometer I made a telephone call keeping him in position throughout the call. I pushed the rod in and out in a playful way and also twisted it around inside of him. When I pulled the thermometer out he practically leaped to his feet to retrieve his clothes.

I planned a subsequent office rectal temperature taking event for a time I had a conference call. When I explained what I intended and what I wanted him to do he started to protest. After listening to his sheepish complaints I announced that if he didn't hop to it I was going to call my secretary in to take his temperature. He knew I was serious.

It wasn't long before he was totaled naked and up on his hands and knees on my conference table. I took the thermometer out of me desk went over to him waiting in position on the table for me and inserted the instrument deep into his anal passage. This is how he remained during most of the conference call. His expression was priceless.

Near the end of the conference call I motioned him to come over to my desk and got the point across I wanted the thermometer to remain inside him. It was hysterical watching him climb off the table while trying desperately to hold the instrument in his bottom. When he finally got over to me I turned him around and gave the rod a good twist. I had him lean over my desk for last few minutes of the call.

By far the most erotic experience to date for me and by far the boldest was in the doctor's office. He was scheduled for a complete physical with my doctor friend....the same doctor from chapter 1 who came to the house to see him that sparked my interest in rectal temperature taking.

She asked me if I wanted to sit in on his exam. When I said yes he was not very thrilled and made a feeble protest that both of us dismissed instantly. As the three of us sat in her office the doctor commented about our rectal temperature taking play. She asked how it was going and if the pointers she and her nurse had given him helped. She went on to say she would pay particular attention to him back there during the exam.

Well, I must say the exam in and of itself was a turn on. Not only did he have to submit to the very attractive female doc, his wife was going to observe the entire proceeding and the doc was assisted by a very young and very attractive nurse. For the initial part of the exam he was permitted to leave on his underpants. It wasn't long into the exam though when she got them off. He remained nude for the remainder of the exam.

I was also surprised at how thorough she was. My interest really piqued when the nurse got him up on the exam table and positioned his legs in stirrups similar to those used for a gyno exam. I almost burst out loud laughing when she told him to scoot down toward the edge of the table- what is good for the goose is good for the gander. His legs were wide open giving the three us an unobstructed view of his genial area and butt hole.

I next got to witness him have to endure the lady doc stick her fingers up his behind after looking the outside of his rear passage over very closely. The look on his face was priceless. He was beat red. Whether she was doing it for my benefit I don't know, but she talked to me through this entire part of the exam and asked him many questions related to our temperature taking that he meekly replied to. At one point she asked the nurse to spread his hind quarters so she could explain to me where he was most sensitive to the thermometer or any other object going in and out.

At the conclusion of the exam the doctor told him to put on his underpants, and then she escorted us back to her office. When we were seated she began going over the results of the exam. During her comments she mentioned there was some redness right at his anal opening. I expressed surprise because I was following her instructions both using a liberal amount of KY jelly and making sure his butt hole was open wide before sticking in the thermometer.

She looked perplexed. With that she had him stand up between us and pull down his underpants. After making him spread his ass cheeks for our inspection, she explained and visually showed me the area that was irritated. She went to the phone and asked the person on the other line to bring in a rectal thermometer. Soon a middle aged nurse entered. She both stared and smiled at the scene of the poor fellow standing between us disrobed except for underpants pulled down to his knees.

When the nurse had gone the doctor asked me the most frequent position I put him in to take his temperature. When I mentioned over my knee she asked if I wanted her to demonstrate. Even if I didn't I wanted to see what she had up her sleeve. I eagerly said by all means. It was priceless. I almost could not believe it when she pulled her chair over and directed him across her lap. He had utter despair on his face as he very sheepishly got in position. She first grabbed his underpants and pulled them completely off handing them to me. She then with one hand spread his cheeks wide to the point he flinched. She proceeded to talk me through the dos and don'ts as she inserted and withdrew the instrument from his behind.

When she was through with him she patted him on the butt and told him he could get up from her lap. I handed him his underpants that he quickly donned. He was then sent back to the examining room to fetch his clothes. I made some additional small talk with the doctor then quickly made my way to the examining room.

Once in the examining room I pulled out a thermometer and smiled at him. He was so humiliated at the time he simply asked what position I wanted him in. I proceeded to take his temperature in three different positions, bent over the exam table, on the exam table with his legs in the stirrups and on all fours. What an incredible experience.

In chapter 3 I will review our experiences when I invited girlfriends to participate in the fun.

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