tagFetishFem Dom Rectal Temperature Taking Ch. 03

Fem Dom Rectal Temperature Taking Ch. 03


As much as I enjoy the excitement, satisfaction and incredible sense of dominance taking my husband's rectal temperature provides, I unmistakably achieved a higher degree of turn on the times I witnessed another female, whether it was his doctor or her nurse, performing the deed. This got me to contemplating a scenario for introducing another female into my temperature taking entertainment. Then an accidental yet highly amusing event transpired.

One afternoon I stopped by the house on my way back to the office. I found hubby lying on the couch idling his time away. When I confronted him he said he wasn't feeling well. Although I surmised he was fine and only said he was not feeling well because I caught him wasting time, I knew just what to do.

Pretending to be concerned, I announced just to be safe I was going to check him to see if he had a fever. When he mumbled something like he wasn't in the mood for that I verbally went off on him saying he had some nerve first whining he didn't feel well and than resisting when I sought to help. My tongue lashing must have caught him off guard and frankly scared him because he immediately changed his demeanor becoming entirely cooperative. Apologizing for being inconsiderate and thanking me for being concerned he asked if I wanted him to go get the thermometer and lubricant.

Continuing to act pissed off, I told him, "NO, I would do that. What I expect from you is that by the time I get back you are waiting for me in position on your stomach on the couch with both your sweatpants and underpants pulled down to the ankles." After issuing the instructions I went to fetch the items.

When I arrived back I could not have been more satisfied for just as I demanded he was on the couch in position waiting for my return. As I lubed the glass instrument I couldn't help but snicker as he lay there with his clothes bunched around his ankles and his exposed bottom waiting to be violated by the trusty thermometer. Spreading his checks wide to the point it made him flinch I thrust the well lubricated rod deep into his waiting hole. Just for good measure I gave him a smart smack across his left buttock and in a firm no-nonsense manner let him know that I did not appreciate his recalcitrance. All he could do was lay there and mumble a feeble apology.

As I was standing over him enjoying the view my cell- phone rang. Answering it I made my way to the staircase and went up a few steps to get away from the sound of the television. Just as I sat on the steps I heard the door open and the voice of my girlfriend Samantha calling me saying she stopped by seeing my car in the driveway. I could tell from the noise her heels were making on the tile floor that she was headed toward the den- where the television noise was emanating from, and where my husband was stretched out in a rather undignified manner with the thermometer sticking out of his ass.

Just as Samantha came into view and I was about to call to her my husband sensing her approach jumped up and did his best to shuffle as fast as he could out of the room. What took place next was priceless. She quickly caught up with him and grabbed his arm to stop his retreat. She asked him what was going on and where was I, and then seeing the thermometer on the floor scolded him for getting up while his temperature was being taken. Her eyes were running up and down the length of his naked torso the entire time. What a comical scene- her in a business suit looking like a corporate executive and him standing there utterly humiliated by the situation, not to mention the fact he was completely exposed to her. He was so flustered he seemed paralyzed and unable to react to her or the predicament he was in.

She immediately took advantage. Wow was I impressed. I knew she was assertive but this was special. I just sat and enjoyed the show. Marching him by the arm back to the couch she pushed him down so he was lying on his stomach. She next reached down and stating these were in the way in one tug separated him from the garments loosely clinging to his ankles. He was now nude from the waist down. She proceeded to push his inside leg upwards towards his chest and stretched his other leg straight out and off of the couch. This, even noticeable from my vantage-point, spread his rear passage but more significantly exposed the back half of hiss testicles to her. As a final indignity, after cleaning the thermometer and re-lubricating it she deliberately eased it into his waiting rectum with one hand as the other spread him even wider. As she sat there she ordered him to remain still or she would have to do the procedure all over again.

I used this juncture to join the two of them. As he lay there red as a beet Samantha and I greeted each other and made small talk. As she began to explain what had happened I stopped her saying I witnessed the whole fiasco. I apologized to her for his immature behavior and thanked her for taking control of the situation. To add to his utter humiliation, I made him apologize to her for acting childish by jumping off the couch and trying to run away so she would not see him getting his temperature taken in his bottom.

The two of us continued to chat as he remained next to us in position. We got so carried away in talking we forgot about him and the fact we were suppose to be keeping track of how long the thermometer was in . At one point we both looked down and pointing to his rear broke out in laughter. Recovering, I asked her if she would like to do the honors of removing the thermometer. She said it would be my pleasure. Once the thermometer was removed the poor fellow jumped up doing his best to cover his privates, and after retrieving his clothing, made a mad dash out of the den. We simply laughed. His temperature was perfectly normal.

When he woke the next morning and came down to the kitchen he said he felt much better. I gave him a look and said to myself there was no way he was getting off that easy, even after his ordeal with Samantha. It was sweatpants and underpants down, and with him bent over the table with the thermometer up his ass, I finished breakfast.

Although his temperature was again normal, I insisted he go see his doctor. When he started to protest I simply put up my hand and told him I didn't want to hear it. I reached for my cell phone and called her office. The receptionist explained his doctor was away for a few days and another doctor was filling in for her. It was clear from her comments while setting the appointment for that afternoon that the replacement doctor was also female. I certainly was not going to miss this opportunity. I told him I would pick him up and take him to the appointment. He knew better than to voice even a mild protest.

When we arrived for his appointment after a brief wait a nurse who I did not remember seeing before took us back to an examining room. She began performing the typical checks such as getting his height/weight, blood pressure, etc. Glancing again at his chart she looked up and with a noticeable smirk on her face announced that his chart indicated his temperature was to be taken rectally. With no discernible change in expression she simply stated, "We can certainly do that."

She immediately turned to him and with an air of confidence told him to go ahead and lean against the examining table and lower his pants and underpants for her. He was use to this but based on his sheepish reaction and the redness in his face it was clear he still found the procedure mortifying. She, much to my delight and I think for her enjoyment, had him reach back and spread his ass checks for her. He remained like this while she retrieved and prepared the thermometer by smearing it with a large glob of lubricant.

After inserting the thermometer she remained directly behind him and asked him questions about the reason for his visit today. It was amusing the way he had to look back over his shoulder when he responded. After a while she reached over and took the thermometer out. He was allowed to pull up his pants and underpants only after she registered his temperature on his chart. He was asked to be seated on the exam table and wait for the doctor.

After about 15 minutes the door opened and in walked the doctor. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Not only did she look around 14, she was an absolute knock-out. I became totally excited at the thought this gorgeous creature was soon, I hoped, going to have her way with the man sitting on the exam table...and best of all, I was going to get to witness every minute of his agony.

Things did not start out well. Her exam was very cursory and she allowed him to remain dressed. She said he appeared fine. Just when I gave up hope for a good show she mentioned that while reviewing his chart she noticed he recently was treated for irritation in the rectal area. She asked him how things were down there, if he had any recurring pain or problems going to the bathroom. She then directed her attention to me and asked if I had taken his rectal temperature since the injury. When I said yes, she asked him if this caused any pain. It was apparent he was quite uncomfortable and embarrassed by the dialogue. Then she hit him with the zinger. I wanted to shout out Yes!

Rising from the stool where she had been writing notes on his chart she announced she wanted to perform a follow-up examination of his rectal area. He immediately began protesting saying an exam was not necessary he was fine. She stepped back, took a deep breath and said rather mockingly, "Why don't you let me be the doctor and you the patient." He was about to make a retort when he stopped and dropped his head in defeat. She next issued the knockout blow. "I am going to step out of the room. When I do I need you to remove everything from the waist down." And then turning to me she said, "I don't know if you want to step out for this portion of his exam." I quickly snapped back, "Thanks for asking but if it is o.k. with you I will stay." She indicated that was fine. She asked me stick my head out of the exam room to let her know when he was ready for her. With that she opened the door and left. I liked this woman!

He fumbled around after she left. In an effort to stoke his misery I coolly suggested he better hurry up and get ready for her because based on what I observed thus far, she was liable to come in here and strip you herself. The poor guy was shell-shocked. I had never seen him this mortified. I couldn't tell if it was because of her youth, her attractiveness, or both, or something else entirely. I was certainly eating it up!

When he finally was ready I swiftly made my way to the door, opened it and summoned the doctor by broadcasting in a voice all in the area could hear that he was ready for her. When she entered she took a good look at him and rather sarcastically said, "I see you are ready for the exam." Shutting the door she proceeded to the exam table and without saying a word very methodically extended the stirrup attachments. When they were extended she turned to him and said, "Hop up on the exam table please and lay on your back."

Head down and red-faced he mounted the exam table as directed. He had no choice but to allow her to hoist his legs in to the stirrups. The doctor positioned the stirrups in a way that raised his legs extremely high and pushed his knees back toward his chest. This spread his bottom very, very wide. Everything he had was fully exposed to the young doctor and me. It was quit a sight.

After positioning herself on the stool between his legs she commented, "Very good, let me take a good look at him down there." She proceeded to visually check the exterior of his rear passage. She then announced, "I'm going to spread your bottom to give me a better view of your opening," she announced. She used a small light to illuminate the area of his bottom she was examining. When she was finished inspecting him outside his rear passage she reported that there was some redness just inside his anal opening.

She then told him to bear down for she was next going to perform a quick digital check of his rectum and prostate. The expression on is face was priceless as the attractive doctor entered him. At one point while she was inside him she must have hit his prostate because his penis came to life. I had to cover my mouth so the doctor wouldn't hear me snickering. Withdrawing her finger she pushed back on the stool and as she peeled off a glove from her hand stated that other than the redness he looked fine down there. She said she would make a note on his chart about the redness. His doctor may want to do a follow-up exam the next time she sees him.

Only after completing notes in his file did she rise and approach the scarlet faced patient. She assisted him in extracting his legs from the stirrups and climbing down off the exam table. He must have been so flustered from the ordeal that he made no effort to conceal himself from either of our view. What a poster for women power this scene would make. A man naked from the waist down with a semi erect penis bobbing as he moved, standing talking with two fully clothed women about a rather personal health issue of his.

After the events of the last 24 hours I could hardly wait for another opportunity. Luckily I didn't have to wait long. My boss, a 56 year old woman, a real dynamo, was over one evening to work on a business proposal. She was aware of my temperature taking activities. I could tell from past discussions the activity excited her. She mentioned many times how she thought it was intriguing, and an excellent way to exert control and foster submissiveness.

During a break, in a not so well veiled strategy she brought up the topic of my temperature taking activities. In the same breath she let me know that she would soon be setting annual bonuses for company officers. It was not too difficult to connect the dots as to the point she was trying to get across. I jumped on the opening...but she would never know not for the reason she suspected. I asked her if she would have an interest in participating in a temperature taking episode. She said, "The topic was very interesting to her and something that would be worthwhile trying."

When I next asked her if she would like to take my husband's temperature she simply stated, "Yes, I think I would very much enjoy that." With that I rose from the table and went to give him the news. He was none too happy. I breezily brushed aside his objections telling him I wanted to get a large bonus and if he did anything to jeopardize me getting it there would be hell to pay. When he tried to respond I simply waved him off and told him to wait for her in the bedroom. I got right in his face and told him he better cooperate with her completely. I went downstairs, collected the implements she would need and brought them to her. I told her he was waiting for her in the upstairs bedroom.

My plan was to give her a few minutes and then sneak upstairs to catch a glimpse of the goings on. When I crept upstairs and got to a point where I could see in the bedroom I was not prepared for what I saw. Oh my god! The poor guy was naked on all fours on the bed with the thermometer sticking out of his ass. She was seated behind him with an un-obstructed view of not only his backside but his testicles hanging low between his legs. To make matters worse for him she had hold of the glass instrument and as I watched she intermittently gave it a twist and pushed it in and out. This made his back end move in rhythm with her movements of the rod which not only caused his testicles to sway but enlisted a stern warning from her that if he didn't remain still she would be forced to start all over again. She had him totally under her control. He just remained in position with his head hung down below his shoulders. I waited for her to extract the thermometer before making my presence known.

She didn't skip a beat. She made him stay in position as she read the instrument. Only after reporting to me his temperature was he allowed to dismount the bed. Grabbing his clothes he hastily made a retreat to the bathroom trying, but mostly unsuccessfully, to hide his privates from our view. My boss had the biggest grin of satisfaction on her face.

The next episode was actually the one I had been contemplating as providing the opportunity to introduce another female into my fun. My niece is in medical school. She was visiting during a break in her studies. She and I were sitting on the patio chatting when I deliberately steered the conversation to the training she was receiving. In a matter of fact way I mentioned that technology must play a big role in her training. As an example I mentioned the new types of thermometers that I heard about and seen advertised. Continuing on this train of thought, I asked her if her training included traditional methods such as oral and rectal temperature taking. When she said no I acted very surprised. I said I was surprised because there could be situations where only old fashioned thermometers are available. She thought about it and said she agreed. She indicated she would bring up the item at school.

When I told her I may be able to assist her with gaining this experience she became quite attentive. I told her I have a practice of taking my husband's temperature rectally. I added that I firmly believed an accurate reading of the body's temperature was a great way to monitor one's health....and it is fun, if you get my drift. She smiled and said I bet it is. I asked her if she would like to practice on him. Without hesitation she said, "I sure would." I called him out to the patio to give him the news. Just as he was coming out the door my niece excused herself saying she wanted to go wash her hands. I told her where the thermometer and lubricant were. She said she would bring them out.

When I told him what was going on it really shook him up. He pleaded with me to not put him through this. I said if the prospect of her taking his temperature in his backside was embarrassing, all he needed to do was think of her as one of the nurses in his doctor's office. Then I said rather sarcastically, "Do I need to remind you how many women in the doctor's office have taken your temperature rectally? By now I would think you were use to having this done by a female."

About this time my niece came back outside with the glass rod and KY Jelly. Speaking to me said she could not find any gloves. I shrugged and said I didn't use them. Not needing any encouragement from me she immediately went to work. She so exuded self-confidence and a sense of command and control that I think it caught the poor fellow was caught off guard. She was so smooth in her approach that I believe before he knew what was happening she had him lying on the lounge with his shorts lowered for her. Boy was I impressed.

She informed him that because there was no glove she would be forced to lubricate his rectal opening with her bare hand. After squirting a thick blob of KY Jelly on her middle finger she said to him as she spread his ass cheeks that he would feel some pressure as she entered him. She expertly stuck her finger up his rectum and moved it in and out smearing the lube. After extracting her finger she re-lubed her finger and again spreading his backside well lubricated the outside rim of his opening. She then told him to remain still for she was going to insert the thermometer. As he lay there she and I continued our previous discussion

I asked her how her medical training was going. She said she really enjoyed the practical parts of it. She explained that a recent internship was particularly noteworthy. While working in a clinic she was tasked with performing screening physicals. She admitted she really enjoyed giving physicals to male patients, and at first it was startling at the authority she possessed in the exam room. She remarked how even at her young age and lack of experience patients followed her direction unquestionably. Almost as if sharing a secret she admitted how surprised she was at the ease of getting patients to undress completely for her. She concluded by volunteering the fact that older the male patient the more readily he was to strip for her, and remain nude in her presence for long periods of time.

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