tagGroup SexFemale Erotic Police Squad Pt. 03

Female Erotic Police Squad Pt. 03


Most of the officers of Female Erotic Police Squad enlist in the service to catch criminals. But there are also some who do it for sex. Physical love is the modern way to fight crime, but it does not necessarily mean that sex should be considered merely a tool. As long as an officer fulfilled her duties properly there was no reason for her not to take additional pleasure from said duties. There were few policewomen who craved for even more sex than the patrol required. After all one did not catch a criminal every day.

Tori was that kind of officer; she was clearly addicted to sex and her superiors and colleagues knew that, but she performed her duty well so no-one complained. The captain had no objections to her officer having a second job either. Tori wanted to get even more sex by working as a stripper/prostitute at a nightclub.

Tori had a slim athletic body on which her firm C cup breasts stood out well. She was 175 centimetres tall, had long wavy auburn hair, blue eyes and a pretty face with a mischievous feeling to it. Her most prominent feature were her legs though. They were longer than those of average woman of Tori's height. The policewoman knew her asset well and showed off her legs at every opportunity.

Because of Tori's extraordinary love for sex she also had an outstanding stamina. It was superior to most of other officers even though they all went through intense training and used the help of high-tech pharmaceuticals. Thanks to her endurance Tori had managed to handle on her own six criminals who all took Viagra-like drugs in order to help them against a FEPS officer.

That night at the club had a theme - pantyhose. All the girls were wearing crotchless pantyhose of various colours and patterns. The strippers and prostitutes (some girls, Tori included, worked as both) had only fifteen centimetres heels to their hose, the barmaids were allowed tops and panties, but no skirts. They had to show their sexy pantyhose-covered booties to the world. Most of the customers were pantyhose lovers so many of them had them on their legs as well. There was a lot of men wearing daisy dukes or mini skirts and pantyhose, some even wore high heels. There were also few fully transitioned crossdressers.

The main lounge of the club was large but dimly lit so its size was not overwhelming. It the middle of it was the stage which was shaped like an octopus. One tentacle went backstage and the other seven stretched out among the tables where the guests sat. The bar was located in the center; it was constructed in a way that allowed the strippers to walk from one tentacle to another, if they chose so. That was a rare occasion but the bar was walkable.

Tori and her stage partner Elena entered the lounge fully dressed. Elena was just three centimetres shorter than Tori with legs nearly as sexy. She also had a fit body of a dancer with breasts enhanced to D cups. Her long black hair was currently tied in a ponytail. She was wearing sheer red pantyhose, black micro skirt, red bra and black fifteen centimetres heels. The policewoman was dressed in a matching outfit only conversely coloured.

Both women walked to the front of the stage, their stride confident but seductive at the same time. It was also perfectly synchronized. Once they reached their destination they began to dance. There was booty shaking, hips wiggling, squatting and bending, all done in ideal unison. During one of the bends, of course hips not knees, when both girls had their backs turned to the audience they took off their skirts. Their shapely buttocks covered in pantyhose and thongs (red for Tori, black for Elena) were stuck out. The girls wiggled them and spanked each other.

Skirtless, the women resumed their dancing routine; it was more arousing for the audience now that they could fully admire the pantyhose-covered buttocks. Both dancers made sure that the pantyhose lovers got a perfect view of their long legs and round booties, from various different angles and in multiple positions.

Next to come off were the bras; the clasps were easy to unfasten and that lingerie items went off almost instantly, but the girls immediately covered the breasts with their hands to tease the audience a bit. They danced like for a while. Then in a quick motion they moved their hands to cover each other's breasts; they groped one another as they continued to gyrate their bodies. Eventually the hands went away and the women faced the audience and shaked their firm breasts for all to admire. Then they again resumed their dancing routine, this time their breasts bouncing freely with every jump or rapid squat.

The last item of the dancer's clothing to be removed were their thongs; both women turned their backs to the audience, bent at their waists and slowly pulled the panties down. Once the thongs were at their ankles both girls stepped out of them, but remained bent. They wiggled their buttocks, as all the man could now admire their naked clitorises. Then the dance resumed once more. It did not last too long, though. Time for dancing was over; now it was time for further interactions between the women.

When Tori was standing with her back to Elena the woman moved closer to her partner and grabbed her breasts from behind. The policewoman made a pleased expression; Elena groped the breasts and played with Tori's nipples to the delight of the audience. After a short while the stripper let go and the policewoman turned around, so they were now facing each other. The women kissed; it was a long sloppy passionate kiss. The audience could not have known that, but the proof that the passion was real were the women's tongues that were battling in their mouth. Both girl's hands roamed over the other's bodies, eventually resting on their buttocks which they both grabbed firmly. Elena raised one of her pantyhose-covered legs and wrapped it around Tori's waist, the policewoman used one of her hands to caress the skin through the sheer fabric.

The kiss eventually broke, but parting of the lips was not the end of stage play. Elena got to her knees before Tori and began caressing policewoman's long legs. She moved her palms up and down touching the soft skin through the thin fabric of pantyhose. Then she bent lower to kiss Tori's foot as her hands held policewoman's ankles. She kissed and licked her way up the whole shapely leg, her palms leading the way the whole time. When she got to the crotch she planted a wet kiss on her partner's clitoris. After that Tori joined the other stipper on the floor of the stage.

The policewoman sat down right next to Elena as the other stipper also changed her position. They were now facing each other and holding one another's foot in their hands. Then they began to suck each other's pantyhose-covered toes. After a while they changed to the other foot and resumed the sucking.

Another pose had Elena on all fours and Tori caressing her body, putting the emphasis on her legs and buttocks. After all that was what the pantyhose lovers wanted to see the most. The policewoman gave few slaps on her partner's round buttocks and groped them, then she knelt on the stage and began to kiss and lick Elena's skin through the sheer red fabric of her pantyhose. She began at the waist and moved downwards towards feet. When she got there she raised the other stripper's legs and suck on the heel of her shoe.

Eventually the caressing ended and both women got up, but that was not the end of the show. Tori turned her back to the audience and bent over with her legs spread wide; she fingered her clitoris while Elena went backstage. She soon returned with a chair and placed it right next to the policewoman. Tori sat on it, raised her legs high into the air and spread them wide, she continued to play with her clitoris in that position, as her partner went out again. This time Elena returned with four dildos, two were penis-shaped and twenty centimetres long, the other two were double sided and half a metre long.

Elena put two of the dildos down and gave the third one to Tori. Then went behind the chair and grabbed policewoman's ankles while the other woman licked and sucked on the dildo. When the toy was sufficiently wet Tori put its tip to entrance to her vagina and slowly pushed it in. She made exaggerated moans and ecstatic facial expressions that the men watching the show enjoyed so much. At the same time Elena began to caress her partner's pantyhose-covered legs. She moved her palms up and down the long limbs, occasionally bending to suck one of the heels that pointed upwards.

Tori began using the dildo on her vagina slowly, but she gradually quickened the pace, her moans were getting louder as well. Men sitting by distant tables could not hear her anyway, but the ones nearer had just the show they came here for. By the time the policewoman was ravaging her womb with the toy Elena was worshipping her legs. She kissed and licked them through the sheer fabric of the hose and did every other thing that all the men in the public would love to do as well.

After few minutes of dildoing and worshipping came time for a change. Elena let go of Tori's legs and moved to her crotch. One dildo remained in the vagina, but another one was added to the anus. The policewoman kept her legs still high and wide and hung her head back, as her partner double penetrated her with two huge penis shaped toys. Tori's moans turned into ecstatic cries and they were no longer faked or exaggerated, the policewoman was enjoying the spectacle even more that the audience.

The double penetration lasted about the same amount of time as the first part of dildoing. Before Elena withdrew the dildos Tori faked a loud orgasm. She could have reached a natural climax if she wanted, but preferred not to. Pleasure was good, but she still had a job to do and needed to focus on it.

After the policewoman's body stopped trembling with the fake but looking truly authentic orgasm and her cries quieted down, Elena took out the toys. It was time for another change.

Both women got on all fours facing away from each other. When they moved their booties close to one another the audience knew what was coming.

- Ass to ass! Ass to ass! - some of the men were chanting.

They got what they wanted and more. One side of the first double sided dildo went into Tori's anus and the other into Elena's. Same thing was done with the second toy, only this time the vaginas were filled. The the girls began to bump their buttocks against each other. They made sure to withdraw as far as possible without letting any of the dildos fall out, they clearly had this well practiced. Every time their buttocks hit each other as the dildos penetrated their holes deeply. Then in perfect unison the girls bent forward until only the tips of the toys remained in. Before the dildos managed to slip out the women would again move their pantyhose-covered buttocks towards each other. They kept a quick pace and made a lot of noise. The audience was delighted.

It was then that Tori noticed an unusual commotion by the bar. These were not ordinary patrons... wait! They had guns! Serving in FEPS meant being an officer twenty four hours a day. The policewoman interrupted the show and walked towards the criminals, still using her stage walk. The pheromones the FEPS officers used had limited range, so she needed to get as close as possible. But they were not a magical potion either, they helped with seduction significantly, but other means were at least helpful, usually necessary. Being dressed in just stockings and stripper heels was advantageous.

There were three men by the bar, two of them had pistols. They were threatening the barmaid and the manager who just came from the stuff room. Tori had no means to call the backup, but hoped the other employees would do that. The guests could not call the police, since they were forbidden to carry phones into the club. What the officer had not known was that these particular muggers were not there by chance. The manager's drug deals had gone wrong and they came to collect their share. The police would not be called any time soon.

Tori swinging her hips profoundly walked onto the bar and struck a seductive pose. She said in a lustful voice:

- You guys prefer to have some fun instead of arguing?

She spread her legs and inserted one of her fingers into her vagina. It was already soaking wet from the attention it was getting from Elena earlier on. The policewoman made sure her finger got sufficiently wet before taking it out. She then licked it clean slowly taking good care the men got a proper view.

That was enough to seduce the men, the adrenaline flowing in their veins caused by stress of committing a crime made them easy targets. They put down their weapons and climbed onto the bar, they pushed Tori towards the stage where there was more place for the four of them to have sex.

The muggers tried to undress while groping policewoman's body at the same time, so it was all really chaotic. When they finally managed to get naked their penises were already hard. Tori assumed position on all fours and was immediately approached by one man from each side. She took a penis into her mouth, while another one was shoved into her wet vagina. But the third man also wanted to have sex right away.

- I want to fuck this bitch, too! I don't want no lousy handjob.

Tori's handjobs were not lousy, but she was not in a place to explain that.

- Okay - agree the second mugger - you fuck her ass, while I fuck her pussy. Move bitch!

He got under the policewoman and she mounted him. The third man got behind her and unceremoniously shoved his penis into her anus.

The whole audience was still there. Most of the patrons have not seen the guns at all and those few who did thought it was all a part of the show. They all just sat in their chairs and enjoyed the spectacle. It might not have been the best sex scene ever, but it was live and the girl was hot, and that made up for all the flaws.

Calling it lovemaking would be a huge overstatement, mating would be more appropriate. It was messy and hectic, but Tori's holes were being filled and the men were grunting with what seemed like sexual satisfaction, so all was going well in a way. The muggers might have been partners in crime, but made poor partners in sex. Each had his own tempo and they could not find a common rhythm. Tori being a professional at that trade did her best to make up for their shortages; she succeeded. Not only because all of the men eventually reached an orgasm, but also because the audience clearly enjoyed the improvised show.

First to climax was the man using Tori's anus. After he shot his load he withdrew his penis and began to caress and grope policewoman's body. Sex with two men was easier. Tori managed to get both of them into common rhythm and synchronize the tempo. With her tight vagina and skillful mouth they both reached orgasms within two minutes after their companion. Tori swallowed one load, the other two eventually leaked out of her holes, some of it soaking into her pantyhose.

That was not the end, though. The policewoman could not let them go right now. With no backup in sight she had to make sure that they were exhausted on her own. She offered the men her body for groping and playing, they grabbed her breasts possessively and played with her nipples, they groped her pantyhose-covered buttocks and thighs and inserted their fingers into her well lubricated holes. One of the muggers turned out to be a leg lover, so he kissed and sucked Tori's toes and then caressed and licked her legs.

The audience was still watching the show, although many patrons already had their penises out and were being taken care of by the girls working in the club. True male pantyhose lovers were as well prepared as the strippers. They also wore crotchless pantyhose with their underwear on top of it. Now their erect penises stuck out proudly from the openings in their hose.

The manager had already taken care of the compromising contents, but saw no reason to call the police. Tori was giving the best possible show and doing that completely for free (although he considered giving her a bonus for that). Why interrupt a good business? The girls in the club already were busier, than usual and the sex spectacle on the stage was not over yet. He would call the police after he earned enough money for the night.

The break before round two did not last long. The mugger who orgasmed first was the quickest to regenerate.

- I want to fuck this bitch's pussy now!

- She's really tight. Not like other whores at all.

And so the men swapped places, but the position remained the same. Tori knelt over one man and guided his penis into her vagina, the other two used her anus and mouth. This time they all managed to find a common rhythm and were gradually quickening the tempo.

Tori knew that this round would last longer, but that was the whole point. She wanted the men to exhaust as much of their energy as possible. If she played it correctly round three might not be necessary.

All three men had penises of average size, so neither penetration nor deepthroating were overly taxing, the policewoman could easily endure it for a much longer period of time. She used all her skill to prolong the intercourse. That was easiest done with a fellatio, Tori could keep the man that was using her mouth from ejaculating for hours. Mainly since he was not forcing it and allowed the policewoman to take initiative. Controlling other holes was trickier, especially during a double penetration. But Tori had the skill and will to regulate the clench of her anal and vaginal muscles during sex and knew what positions to assume. All the minor details that were unnoticeable for a viewer, but did wonders for prolonging intercourse.

The three men were moaning and grunting, they slowed down the pace, but managed to keep the rhythm. The policewoman was aroused as well, but with her training she had enough will to hold back the orgasm.

The monotonous sex continued for nearly an hour. Not much changed except for an occasional smack on Tori's buttock, but the audience seemed to be satisfied. Some men were watching, others were also having sex, while girls spread their pantyhose-covered legs. Close to the stage sat an exceptionally sexy crossdresser and observed the scene with enthusiasm. He was still fully dressed, but a man next to him was caressing his long legs through the sheer black hose. The man himself was also wearing pantyhose and had already taken off everything else, he was currently slowly stroking his penis that stuck out through the opening in the hose.

On the other side of the stage, but equally close, another crossdresser was kneeling in front of his man and sucking his penis. Needless to say the one being sucked was also wearing pantyhose.

Eventually came the moment when Tori decided that the man had had enough. Within less than a minute she finished them all off, they orgasmed almost simultaneously shooting their loads inside of policewoman's holes. She again swallowed the one in her mouth, even though it was the second climax for that mugger his load was equally voluminous. After their orgasms subsided the men lied back onto the stage clearly exhausted. That was when the managed equipped with cuffs climbed up, the club was fitted with wide variety of toys after all. He cuffed all three men and used another device he brought with himself - a microphone.

- Gentlemen! This show might be over, but the party is not!

The crowd applauded.

- In fact, it is just beginning. The wonderful Tori over here and all the other girls in the club will offer their services this night for half of the price. Enjoy yourself!

The crowd went wild. The men were cheering and whistling. All the girls were already busy, but with that news they'd be busy until the morning. Tori might have been a sex addict, but it seemed that she would get more sex this night than she bargained for.

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