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Female Led Relationship


Female led relationship, FLR is becoming the common, accepted life style. Girls are born with a natural instinct to be care givers and mothers which in a way makes them natural leaders.

Boys on the other hand, come into the world as wild animals. They have to be domesticated. In their formidable years their mothers domesticate them by giving them spankings. As the boys mature most of their teachers are women who discipline them. By the time a boy becomes a domesticated man, he is very comfortable being a subordinate to a woman in fact, he has been trained to be subordinate to a woman.

To further my point: Lets take a typical couple, Sue and Jon. They are living in poverty. Sue tells her boyfriend, Jon, that she is pregnant. Jon was never domesticated so he splits. He abandons Sue for he wants nothing to do with pregnant women or babies. He goes off and finds another girl to impregnate and he may do this ten or twelve times. He may father ten or twelve children with each child having a different mother and all of those children grow up fatherless. This is what poor people do.

These girls who have a child with Jon also may have one or two children with other men. Why are these girls, like Sue, so quick to open their legs to such unreliable boys? I say boys because they cannot man up and take responsibility for their child.

The girls who are so quick to open their legs to boys like Jon are living at the poverty level. Girls, if you want to get poor and stay poor, have a baby out of wed lock.

Getting back to Sue, she has her baby and it's a boy. Sue cares for her baby, nurtures it and begins domesticating the boy but when the boy reaches the age of three years, he takes on the characteristics of his father. More and more the boy reminds Sue of the wild animal who abandon her so she begins to resent her son.

Her domesticated spankings are no longer given in love but rather given in frustration and anger. Instead of domesticating her child, her spankings are teaching him that violence is the way to get what you want. Unknowingly, Sue is training the boy to become a vicious, wild animal.

Once these wild animals are let out onto the streets they join into packs or gangs. By the time they reach the age of eighteen some of these wild animals commit horrendous crimes and end up being locked into cages by the government. Some are locked in cages for the rest of their lives while others are in and out of cages for the rest of their lives. Our prisons are overcrowded and overflowing.

Domesticated Males:

As men, when we date a woman for the first time we can't do enough for them. We open doors for them and always let them go first. We pay attention to every word they say and we form a very deep intimate and loving relationship. Then we ruin the relationship by getting married.

When a girl goes on a date with a guy for the first time, she should not touch a door knob or door handle. She should give the guy a chance to open the door for her. If she rides in his car, when they get to their destination, she should sit in the car and give the guy a chance to run around the car and open her door and if he doesn't then she should sit there until he does.

She has to establish from the very beginning of their relationship that she is in charge. That she is very special and he is to serve her. Men love to serve, they can't do enough for a woman, that is, until they get what they want.

So girls, you have to keep the boy wanting. Keep him wanting until you are sure that he's domesticated and if he's not, then it's up to you to domesticate him. If you have any feelings for him then you should domesticate or train him to be the exact type of man that you want. Keep in mind that you are the superior gender and he needs your guidance. He wants you to guide him because he knows that you love him and you know what's good for him.

Always keep the Mommy little boy relationship. The first thing he should learn is obedience. Like any wild animal, you train him with little rewards. After a while he will perform your bidding without even thinking about it.

In the first year of my marriage I was in control of our relationship or my wife let me believe that I was. I was the male and the proud leader of our marriage. I would often prance about nude in front of my wife displaying my penis. It was a symbol of my male superiority. I determined when, where and how we would have sex.

During that first year I was arrogant and obnoxious but after that first year I must have become complacent and took my wife and her sex for granted because she then cuckold me.

I was humbled, shamed and became submissive. I no longer pranced about in front of my wife for I was now ashamed of my male member knowing that it could never compare to her lover's.

When she cuckold me, our marriage suddenly became female led. She took control of her sex and mine. She determined when and if I would have her sex. She was so beautiful and sexually appealing that I knew that I was not worthy of her. She rejected my sexual advances and she demanded absolute fidelity and obedience from me.

When we were dating and the first year of our marriage when we went out to a party my wife would always ask me if she could fix a plate of food for me. I would answer, "Sure Hon. Would you get me a hamburger and some potato salad?"

After she cuckold me, she stopped catering to me. Now when we go to a party, she commands me, "Get me a plate of food. You know what I like and get me a glass of wine."

There is never a please or a thank you. Whenever we are at a party, my wife's girlfriends all know that she has a boyfriend and my wife takes great pride in demonstrating to them my servitude and obedience to her. Her girlfriends admire her, asking, "How do you get him to be so attentive? My husband would never be like that."

Looking back over the years I can now see that she was never in love with me. Her girlfriends had steady boyfriends so she kept me as her steady. A couple of times I protested and tried to end the relationship only to have her masturbate me into submission.

When we started dating neither one of us had any experience with sexual relations so it was easy for us to wait until we were married. This was the time that she learned to keep me calm and submissive by masturbating me. She used masturbation as a means of behavioral modification and after we were married she used it to discipline me.

Her hand jobs are quick with a minimum of physical effort on her part with no passion or emotion. It is a quick way to get me gratified, passive and obedient but her hand jobs leave me feeling remorseful and inadequate because I'm prevented from gratifying her by giving her an orgasm.

When I attempt sexual intercourse, her hand will intervene and render my erection into a flaccid, useless appendage. By denying me sexual intercourse she prevents my male dominate position thus reinforcing her female authority. She has taken complete control of my sex by emasculating me and I probably deserved it.

In an attempt to express my masculinity I began to grow a mustache and a beard. She would have none of that. This one night we were preparing for bed. We both sleep in the nude and I was watching her from across the bed as she was pulling back the covers. I was admiring how beautiful she is and how lucky I am to be getting into bed with her.

She has a beautiful face with deep penetrating brown eyes and when her eyes looked at you, if you're a man, you become aware of your penis and that's because she's not only beautiful but very sexual. Any man working next to her, will brush up against her or touch her in some innocent way and I can't blame them.

To compliment her eyes she has a wide mouth with wet puffy lips that look like they should be sucking a lollypop. She's a full body woman, not fat and not thin with large firm breasts and large nipples. When I look at them, I just want to be like a little boy and nestle between her breasts, suckling on her nipple.

She has full rounded hips and buttocks with a puff of pubic hair between her thighs which is another warm place that I long to nuzzle into.

Getting into bed I reached for her but she rebuffed me by saying, "No! No. Just lie on your back and let me play with you."

She sat up in bed and started putting lotion in her hand. I pleaded, "No! No lotion. Please. Let me make love to you."

"No! Not tonight. I just took my shower and I don't want you jumping all over me. Just lie back," she said as she placed her hand on my chest and pushed me down so I would lie flat on my back.

"You never let me make love to you," I pleaded as she began fondling my erection with the slippery lotion.

She began stroking me and saying, "I'm a woman so I don't require sex like you do. Ahh, now doesn't this feel pleasurable?"

"Yes it does. It feels very pleasurable." I moaned the words.

She continued stroking me while saying, "You always struggle against me but this little peter of yours always gives you away. Once I have it in my hand you surrender completely to me, don't you?"

"Yes I do. I can't help it." I whimpered.

She went on, "You don't have to do anything. Just lie still and let my hand calm you and soothe you. It will help you to sleep."

"Yes it will but I want to fuck you. I never get to fuck you. When we were first married we fucked all the time but now you don't want me anymore. I need to fuck you."

In her authoritarian voice she replied, "You are not going to fuck me and I've told you this before. When we first got married, you'd push this little peter in me and you'd cum before I even got warmed up. Then you'd roll over and go to sleep leaving me wanting."

"That's because we never did it enough. I never got a chance to get use to it. When can I make love to you?" I asked.

"When I decide. Maybe tomorrow. For now, just enjoy my hand. That's the best I can do for you," was her reply.

Out of desperation I said,"I know your boss is fucking you."

"You have no proof of that now do you?" She asked while still stroking me.

I answered, "No. Oh God, I'm going to cum."

She knew that I was on the verge of coming when she pulled her hand away.

"No! No! Don't stop. Oh please don't stop. Not now." I pleaded.

She asked,"Are you going to shave off that stupid mustache and beard?"

"Yes! Yes. I will." I replied with out even thinking about it. She resumed her stroking and I climaxed, filling her hand with my warm semen.

After that first year that I was cuckold, we decided to buy a new car. Every dealership that we visited the salesmen would ignore me and speak directly to my wife. I know that she was beautiful and very sexual and it annoyed me. I was the male. I knew about cars and I was the head of my household. Why would salesmen not recognize me as the head of my marriage? How could a salesman know at the very first moment of seeing us that I was the subordinate and my wife was the dominant one in our marriage? It wasn't just car salesmen, it was all kinds of salespeople.

I knew the make and model car we should buy but my wife had another make in mind. We argued about it but the argument was not so much about an automobile but more about who was the boss. In the end we did buy a car. It was the make, model and color that my wife decided on and in the end, I was happy with her choice.

It took me about ten years before I finally realized my wife's leadership and superiority. Once I became obedient to her, there were no more conflicts and my life became peaceful, orderly and happy.

Unwilling Cuckold:

Yes, I was her unwilling cuckold and I tried not to think about that but it's what she wanted. It was emotionally painful to me, knowing that she was opening her legs for another man while keeping me as her submissive and denying me sexual intercourse. I wanted to end the marriage but I could not break away from her. Sometimes the anxieties were overwhelming and I would seek comfort in her stroking hand or my own but more often it was my own hand.


Married men masturbate at a far greater number of times then single men and that's because we are living with a woman. Just being around a woman keeps us in a constant state of sexual arousal so we masturbate to satisfy our sexual cravings. By masturbating we refrain from making too many sexual demands upon our wives and masturbation gives me a sense of sexual independence.

Masturbation most often occurs in the shower. The penis is hanging there, it has to be washed, the soap is so slippery and it's very pleasurable.

We cuckolds masturbate more frequently then married men, in fact, for some of us, masturbation may be our only form of sexual gratification.


Whenever you want to have an intimate conversation with your husband, wait for the opportunity to present itself. He should be nude with you dressed. This puts you in the dominate position with him in the subordinate or little boy position. Preferably you want him before he takes a shower so that you can be sure that he hasn't recently masturbated. Always try to have your intimate conversations when you know that he hasn't ejaculated in a while.

You also want him in the nude so that you can observe his penis while you are talking with him. If he begins to get an erection then you know that what you're saying is exciting him. He can't control his penis but you can with your words. Hey! You gotta keep your man excited.

When you know that he hasn't ejaculated in a while, you can ask him about his masturbating habits. How often does he do it? You may have to ask him a few times to get a truthful, actual number of times. Although I believe you would get a more truthful answer if you asked him while you're masturbating him.

It could go something like this: He told you that he is going to take a shower. You wait till you think that he is nude and then you enter the room. He is nude and you are dressed. It is the female dominate position and it makes him feel like a little boy. In your soft Mommy Little Boy tone of voice you compliment his penis. Always try to establish a Mommy Little Boy atmosphere.

You say, "Nice penis."

His reply, "Thank you."

Reaching for his penis you ask, "Honey, can I ask you something personal?"

He replies, "Sure. If it's not too personal."

You begin stroking him and saying, "There should be no secrets between us. What I want to know is, do you ever masturbate?"

"Not often but sometimes."

You repeat, "Sometimes? How often is sometimes?"

Your soft voice and your stroking puts him at ease as he says, "Maybe once a month."

You repeat, "Once a month?"

Your stroking is having an effect on him and by you repeating the words that he said, he realizes how flippant his reply was. He admits, "Once a week. Sometimes twice a week."

You continue with your interrogation, "What do you think about when you're masturbating?"

He tells you what you want to hear, "I think of you."

By now you're using lotion on his erection and he is getting excited. You repeat his words, "You think of me?"

"Yes, I do. Every time." His voice is getting excited and his breathing rapid.

You tell him, "It's nice that you think of me but I don't want you masturbating. If you feel the need to do that then come to me and I will help you. If I'm not here and you masturbate then you are to tell me when you do."

He begins to shake saying, "I'm going to cum!"

Your reply, "Here. Do it in this tissue."

Another scenario is to wait until he is taking his shower then go into the bathroom on some pretense and check to see if he is washing himself or pleasuring himself. If you catch him masturbating, it will be embarrassing to him but it will reinforce the Mommy little boy relationship that you seek and give you a deeper level of intimacy.

Over time I started noticing other cuckolds who are in female led marriages. Like me, they don't want anyone to know that they are cuckolds although many of them I feel are willing cuckolds. Being a cuckold is just too shameful so we try to hide it by keeping our wives infidelities secret.

Most of the men in female led marriages are not cuckolds but it seems to me that the wives who do turn their husbands into cuckolds also turn their marriages into female led.

In my limited circle of friends and anonymous email correspondence most men I find are very happy in a female led marriage. They are proud of their wives and they like to point out that this is the woman that I serve and men love to serve.

Most cuckold relationships are encouraged or initiated by the husbands. Most disciplined marriages are initiated by the husbands with the husbands accepting painful spankings across their buttocks administered by their wives.

And here is the kicker; the majority of married men will gladly turn over the control of their sex by allowing their wives to lock their penis in a chastity device where the wife holds the key.

The wife then decides when her husband will have an orgasm.

Now those are some bold statements I made in the last couple of paragraphs but you wives can test these statements. All men are different but I wrote the majority and your husband just might be in that majority. You won't know if you don't explore.

Cuckold Relationship:

Could your husband be a willing cuckold and not know it? Would he let you take a lover? Sometime when your husband is nude and in front of you, make up a story and tell him about a good looking guy who flirted with you and he asked you to meet him for a drink. See what your husbands response will be. Watch to see if he gets an erection while thinking of you with another man. If he does then he is a likely candidate to becoming your cuckold.

Now I'm not saying to go out and take a lover but it is nice to know that you have that option. Once the subject has been raised and your husband begins thinking about it, he may start to encourage you to do just that.

Discipline by Spanking

Men pride themselves on the amount of punishment they can take. It's one of the reasons why they join the Marines or Special Forces. As little boys, their mothers disciplined them with spankings because they would not pay attention. Does your husband pay attention? Would you like him to?

Explore by joking or playing with him. Like saying in jest, "I should pull your pants down and spank your bare bottom for that remark. In fact, pull your pants down and give me your belt."

If he goes along with it? Then give him a few light playful smacks then give him one good hard smack that he won't easily forget.

In about two to three weeks later if he mentions the spanking you gave him, then you will know that he is ready to become your disciplined boy and don't disappoint him. Find a reason to take him over your knee and paddle his bare buttocks till they are a bright red.

Men will endure a harsh spanking from their wives as an expression of love for their Disciplinarian. Men want to be disciplined. Think of all his bad habits that you can now correct and after each spanking, he will thank you and if he doesn't, then tell him he is getting a couple of extra hard spanks, till he does.

Male Chastity Device.

Once again when your husband is nude and you can observe his penis, tell him that you've read about male chastity devices and you would like to lock him in one and keep the key for it hanging around your neck. That you want to own his penis and you want to have complete control of it and his orgasms. See what his reaction would be and if his reaction is positive which I believe it will be, then go for it. You will now be able to restrict his masturbating. Men have many kinks. You'll be amazed.

Girls are reluctant to take over the leadership of their marriage but in this day and age the leadership position is being thrust upon them. If they want their marriage to survive, then they must take control of their men before someone else does.

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