tagToys & MasturbationFemale Masturbation, Japanese Style Ch. 02

Female Masturbation, Japanese Style Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Duel Masturbation

This story is inspired by a series of Japanese videos titled "Female Sexual Esthetique."

Eriko lay in bed, naked, her legs spread wide. She heard her parents come in, going to bed in the other bedroom of their suite. She tried to be quiet, but it was hard. Her fingers were inside her, four fingers stretching her pussy open as they plunged in and out. She couldn't get the image out of her mind, the man standing over her naked body as he masturbated her. Eriko was ashamed that she was so aroused by his touch. Ashamed that he made her cum, her ass and pussy filled with his fingers as she came. She felt her body shudder as the orgasm swept over her body, her nipples tingling as she came, her legs clamped together tightly, trapping her fingers in her wet pussy. Her sleep was fitful that night, masturbating twice more before she finally got out of bed in the morning.

It was easy to convince her parents that she was still sick. After only a few hours of sleep and the multiple orgasms, she looked tired. They were going to visit friends of her Grandmother that night and would be gone until early the next morning, the drive out to see them far. Eriko would be able to sneak out again and still return in plenty of time. All day her pussy was moist as she thought of what she was promised. She even pinched her nipples, imaging how it would feel to have them clamped. She wished she could have got on the Internet, wanting to search out bondage. The hotel had Internet service downstairs in the business office, but she was afraid someone would come by and see what she had on the screen. She had to let her own imagination run free, and did it ever. The thought of lying naked and bound on the table exciting her, yet at the same time frightening her. She would have no control over him. What if he raped her? But the lack of control is what excited her. Her body open and exposed to whatever he desired to do to her.

She took a shower as soon as her parents left, drying off, looking into the mirror at her naked body as she put the towel down. It wouldn't be long before she would be naked in front of strangers again, her pussy juicing up immediately at the thought.

The taxi ride was almost like yesterday, with the driver quizzing her on her motives for her destination. Eriko ignored most of his banter, more adamant today. The taxi pulled up in front of the building, images flashed into Eriko's mind immediately as she paid the driver, and nervously walked to the door. She wondered how she would feel when she left, the fear racing to her brain at the thought of being bound. She opened the door, the bright light blinding her temporarily as she entered. The door closed with such finality, almost as if it were locking behind her, her chance to change her mind gone now. She was surprised, the man behind the counter stood there almost as if he were waiting for her. She glanced at her watch, she was five minutes early.

"Hello Eriko. I'm glad you made it. I wasn't sure if you would." He seemed glad.

"I said I would. I never go back on my word," she said almost adamantly.

He looked at her, liking what he saw. She wore a dark blue skirt that clung to her ass, short, barely covering much, a long expanse of naked leg revealed. The button down blouse was almost too modest for the skirt, buttoned almost all the way up to her neck. But the buttons strained on her pert breasts, barely able to contain them. "As I do also. I promised you an experience tonight. And I intend to exceed your expectations."

She took out the cash, sixty thousand Yen. Almost five hundred dollars, putting it down on the desk. "I think this was the agreed price."

"That will not be necessary. Come with me and I will explain." He hoped he figured her correctly. She was shy, especially when it came to men. He knew it was hard for her to come yesterday and allow him to strip her naked and fondle her body. But he also knew that is what excited her so much about the experience. The loss of control and the humiliation, both powerful aphrodisiacs. That is why she was back tonight, to be bound naked and fondled. He would go one step farther. He would not give her a choice, it being more of a command then a request. It was not how he usually worked, letting the woman decide what they wanted among his services. But Eriko was different.

Eriko was nervous, but followed him. Would he go back on his word? He led her to a different room than yesterday, down at the end of a long hallway. He opened the door, and Eriko looked in. Inside was a table just like yesterday, high up, covered in a white sheet. There was a table next to it, a white sheet covering what lay beneath it, Eriko was sure that it was the rope and nipple clamps that he promised. Her pussy wet her panties instantly when she saw it. "I don't understand." She was puzzled.

He pushed a button and the curtain on the wall opened up to a large window, four men standing behind it in the lighted room. They were all older men, in their sixties, jet black hair, glasses and receding hairlines. "Who are they?" She was shocked. What were they doing here? No, it couldn't be that!

"They paid for your session. In return they will be allowed to watch. And masturbate." It was not a question, it was a statement. "And this is my associate." The other door opened and a Japanese woman came in. "She will join me in your session."

Eriko couldn't believe it. They were going to watch her as she was bound and masturbated. "I couldn't!" She blurted out.

"It is not a choice. You will perform for these men. They will not touch you, only watch. Now begin to take off your clothes. Down to your bra and panties. Then we will begin. As I promised you yesterday, you will enjoy this beyond your expectations." He waited to see what she would do, hoping she would submit. If not, four men would be sorely disappointed and he would be out the money he paid the woman to join him.

Eriko looked over at the woman. She was short, long black hair, longer than hers. She scanned her body, almost ashamed that she did, a nice pair of breasts, wide hips and sexy legs. She was attractive, not sure how she got into this profession. But the more difficult problem was the men behind the glass window, all of them staring at her as if they could already see her naked beneath her clothes. One even had his hand down to his crotch as if he was holding his cock already. They wanted to watch her and masturbate while doing so. They would see her naked and spread, sure that ropes would put her into obscene positions, her most privates parts open to their glaring eyes. And they would masturbate while she was masturbated. She was already humiliated at how they looked at her now. How would it be later once she was naked? She hesitated as she pondered. It wasn't so much a question, but an order. Is this what the session would be about, Eriko forced to submit? But deep down that is what she had already accepted when she agreed to allow him to tie her up.

He was relieved when she bent down and took off her shoes, the look of resignation in her face. "Face the window," he ordered her as she pulled back up, her feet naked. "Take off your blouse."

Her fingers trembled as she moved to the top button, fumbling as if she had never opened a button before. It finally opened, her fingers moving down to the next. She stared at the men's faces, her face turning red in shame as she began to undress. She was going to strip down to her underwear in front of a bunch of strangers. Older Japanese men, older than her father. The next button revealed a bit of her bra, the blouse pulling back, the tension released by the straining button. She fumbled with the next buttons, moving faster now, her eyes still glued to the men watching her as if she expected them to do something. Their eyes were not on hers, but on her fingers. She pulled the blouse from her skirt, pulling it back to the side, standing up tall as if she didn't want them to see her slouching. She slid it down her shoulders and arms, falling down at her side.

The man picked it up, straightening it out before putting it on the chair. "Very lovely," he commented. "Now the skirt please."

She stood in her bra, almost wishing she hadn't picked one so sexy, not expecting for so many men to see it. She could feel her hard nipples pushing out the front, sure they could see them, Eriko confused at why they were already erect. She even arched her back, pushing them out as if she enjoyed showing them, looking down to see her bosom a light pink in embarrassment. She pulled her skirt around until she could reach the button and zipper, unbuttoning the button, the zipper sliding down so noisily. She held it there for a second, looking back at the men behind the window before she released it. At least she had changed her mind at the last minute, replacing the thong for a pair of French bikini panties that clung low to her hips.

He picked up her skirt, his fingers nudging her ankles to lift her legs to pull it out. He folded it neatly on the chair, leaving her standing half naked in the middle of the room. He moved behind her, leaning over her shoulder, gazing down the front of her bra, remembering the luscious set of tits from yesterday. "Spread your legs a bit for them," he whispered rather loudly. "Show them how wet your panties are." This time it was loud enough for all of them to hear.

She looked down, knowing he was right. She could feel the dampness between her legs, sure that they would be able to see the wet spot on her panties. But she obeyed, letting her thighs part, standing in front of them men behind the window in her bra and panties, humiliated at how naked she already looked. What would it be like when she was naked? She looked down at the floor, not wanting to see their faces. She felt his hands on her waist, turning her around.

"Turn around. Show them your ass."

She did as he said, ashamed as she faced him, her back to the men behind the glass, the panties clinging to her ass cheeks like a second skin. The boys always complimented her on her ass yet they had never really seen it. At least not like this, sure that they could make out her crack. She looked at him while she let them men ogle her half naked flesh.

"You're doing very good Eriko. Now lie down on the table. We're ready to begin." He helped her over to the table, watching as she crawled onto it. "On your belly please."

At least she wouldn't have to watch their faces, her head turned sideways onto the pillow. Her legs were pointing straight towards the men, knowing they would have an excellent view between her legs when they were spread. The girl came along side of her head, her hand gently brushing the hair from her face. "It will be okay Eriko. We're going to make you very aroused. You'll be begging to cum. Only then will we let you. But first we are going to inspect your lovely body. Very intimately." Her voice was reassuring to Eriko, almost as if she would protect her.

He looked down at her body spread out on the table, her pert ass cheeks almost pushed up, her sleek back naked except for the bra strap. He picked up the bottle of oil, dropping dollops of oil on her shoulders, moving down the center of her back to her lower back. He started at her shoulders, but first he slipped her bra straps down to leave them naked. He loved her young, sleek skin, his hands rubbing the oil in circles.

She felt so relaxed as she felt the hot oil slowly get massaged into her skin, remembering quickly his expert hands, pushing her pussy into the table as she began a gentle rotation of her hips. She hoped no one would notice, but she needed to touch herself so badly. She began to grind slowly and sensuously on the table as he rubbed her skin with his powerful hands. She began a dreamlike state, quickly forgetting that she was in a room of strangers, concentrating on the quick arousal she was feeling. "Mmmmm," she moaned softly as his hands moved down, rubbing her back, a tingling between her legs when he touched the top of her panties, Eriko almost wishing he would put his hands inside them. She felt the sudden release of her breasts, his fingers expertly unsnapping her bra before she even realized it. The girl slipped it from her, Eriko moving up slightly as it slid out from underneath her, her nipples popping erect as the material rubbed over them as it slid out. She pushed back down again, her breasts crushed beneath her.

His hands moved unobstructed as they massaged her back, rubbing from her neck all the way down to her panties, his fingers teasing along her panty line, seeing her ass almost arching up as if she wanted him to touch her down there. She was purring like a cat, her hips moving gently almost in a fucking motion, up and down, rubbing on the table for stimulation. He moved down to the foot of the table, standing to the side so the men behind the window would have a good look. He carefully dropped dollops of oil on her, her ankles, her calves, her knees, her thighs and just below the ridge of her panties. He moved to one leg, pulling it to the side, her legs parting slightly, the dampness of her panties clearly visible between her legs. He began at her ankle, rubbing the oil into her skin, her leg jerking as he tickled the bottom of her foot. He moved farther up, rubbing her calves, feeling her taut muscles. The girl took his place on Eriko's back, reaching over to gently rub her back, sliding from her neck to her ass in long, gentle strokes.

Eriko thought she would cum if they would only touch her down there. He spread one of her legs, Eriko feeling the breeze blow up between them, knowing the men had a good view of her panty covered crotch, sure that her panties were glued to her skin. They probably had a good view of every wrinkle and crack in her body through her panties, the thought making her wetter. The girl's touch was gentler, but just as demanding. Four hands were rubbing her, the thought of them touching her both at the same time, touching her intimately made her pussy drip with desire. Her body was tense as he moved his hand up to her inner thighs, pulled her leg farther apart, his hand rubbing her smooth, sensitive skin lightly. She shuddered each time his hand moved up towards her crotch, disappointed when it moved away. The hand slid back up to the edge of her panties, two fingers sliding along the ridge to her crotch, teasing her with his touch. She wished he would slide his hand under her and let her hump up and down on it. He deserted her again, leaving her hanging there aroused until she felt him on the other side. Her other leg was pulled unceremoniously to the side, both legs touching the edge of the table, spread wide. The oil was rubbed into her skin, Eriko trembling as she waited for him to slide up her inner thighs, her ass almost arching up to allow him access to her pussy, Eriko fighting the urge to beg him to touch her there.

They both worked over her body for five minutes, rubbing her skin while she purred beneath their hands. He had her legs spread wide, the men behind the window with their eyes glued to her panty covered sex, two of them slowly rubbing their crotches. He moved to the end of the table, pulling both of her legs together. His hands moved up to her waist, slipping under the edge of her panties. He began to pull them down over her ass cheeks, feeling Eriko's body tense up.

She didn't understand when he put her legs together. That is until his hands touched the waist of her panties. NO! She panicked as she felt the panties sliding down over her cheeks. While arousing before, the thought of being stripped naked in front of a bunch of older men embarrassed her. Her body went rigid, pushing down onto the table as if that would stop him from stripping her naked. It wasn't so bad when they took off her bra, her breasts were still covered. This would be different, her ass exposed, suddenly realizing again of the men that were behind the glass window, their eyes glued to her half naked body. They were here to masturbate while watching her.

He was not to be stopped, yanking her panties down hard until they slipped from her body, sliding easily once they got past her hips. He pulled them off her legs, folding them neatly while she shivered in fear on the table. He liked that, the unknown often more exciting. She didn't know what to expect anymore and he intended to keep it that way. He looked at her ass cheeks, her muscle tightened to hide her treasures from their eyes. It wouldn't be long.

The girl next to her stopped rubbing her, Eriko's body frozen, her breathing heavy and ragged as she waited. Her eyes were clenched tight almost as if she could put the whole thing out of her mind if she couldn't see it.

"Turn your head this way. And keep your eyes open at all times." She turned Eriko until she was looking back at the men behind the window. She arranged her head on the pillow so she would be staring directly at them. "Hands at your side." She pulled Eriko's hands until they ran along the edge of the table, her fists clenched tightly.

She was staring directly at the men now, forced to keep her eyes open. Two of them were openly fondling their cocks beneath their pants, their eyes opened wide in lust as they ogled her naked body. They were going to make her watch them, watching her. She would be able to see the looks on their faces as her body was intimately explored and exposed.

The girl handed him the red rope, making sure that she ran it down the edge of Eriko's skin as she did, seeing goose bumps appear on Eriko's skin as the rough rope touched her naked skin. Eriko could see everything that was happening to her, including seeing the men watching her.

The sudden thrill raced through her body when the red rope touched her, the excitement of being bound suddenly so very real. Goose bumps popped out along her body as the harsh rope caressed her body. The man took the rope, Eriko holding her breath as she waited, the table soaking wet beneath her. She would no longer have any control over what happened. That excited her.

He moved to one side of her, her arms drawn along her side. His hands reached under her hips, sliding along her sides, his hands oiled as he slid back and forth, each time his hand sliding under her. The girl was on the other side, duplicating his efforts, four hands stroking Eriko. He nodded to her and they both pushed up, forcing Eriko to raise her ass up. "Higher," he urged her until her ass was thrust up into the air, her cheeks drawn taut as she clenched her thighs together. He pushed down on her back, keeping her bent over while forcing her ass up higher.

It was obscene to be forced into the position, her ass pushed up as if she was begging to be taken from behind, doggy style. She clenched her thighs and ass cheeks together. At least they didn't have much of a view. She still felt the shame as she saw the men watching, all of them gripping their crotches now.

"Hands between her legs. Tie them to her ankles. That way she will be presented nicely." He was talking to the girl, both of them grabbing Eriko's wrists and sliding them under her body, pulling them down, forcing Eriko to arch her ass up higher as her arms were pulled far to her ankles. She was beginning to bend in two, her ass the most prominent part of her body. "Tie her tight."

She thought she would cum when she felt the ropes around her wrists, four powerful hands pulling her arms between her legs. Her ass had no choice but to rise up higher. The rope dug into her skin as they tied her wrists to her ankles, her head pushed into the pillow. She had never felt so powerless as she did now. Her body, naked was open for them to do anything they wanted. And the men behind the glass were watching her with such lust in their eyes, their eyes ogling her young, naked body.

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