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Often on this site we see trolls who berate authors for their use of non-consent and misogyny. Said trolls erroneously determine that the author either A: hates women, or B: hates herself. These assumptions are both faulty on the same grounds. Primarily the reason is because women are more likely to read and enjoy rape fantasies than men due to societal boundaries that are imposed on women both now and throughout history. This paper shall attempt to shed some light on why women are NOT being demeaned in non-consent literature and that women who read it actually require higher self esteem than women who would be uncomfortable reading such works.

I've been a Feminazi. I've taken everything the wrong way and believed women are superior to men. I'm older and wiser, now, and realize that equality is much more favorable. That being said, I don't stand for the mistreatment of women. Friends whose husbands/boyfriends are abusive have always had a shoulder to cry on and a bedroom to use when I strongly encourage them to dump his ass. The problem is, however, I've noticed a sad trend in some of my female friends: they have unrealistic expectations in relationships. They expect to be treated like princesses, but don't bother to treat their men like princes, more like servants.

If a woman mistreats a man, he develops mistrust not only of her, but of all women. It is thereby important that women treat men like they'd like to be treated, and vice versa. This is why I hate the fact that Femdom is lauded when Maledom is demonized. If men can freely fantasize about being dominated then why the double standard for women? HISTORY! Women have been dominated in the patriarchal societies common to today's world. Women's Suffrage, however, has made huge strides in raising the bar for women. It has not been fully realized, but it is so much better than what it used to be.

Opponents of non-consent fantasies fear that this kind of erotica damages the delicate female psyche into accepting poor treatment, thereby backpedaling the equality movement. This, however, is absurd. Anyone who believes that a woman who has fantasies of being dominated by a powerful male against her will would ever actually stand for such a thing in real life is ignorant and vile and undervalues a woman's mental powers. These people still believe in the "weaker sex" needing protection.

Let me put it to you this way: when a woman walks into a bar with her tits half out of her shirt and her skirt climbing up her ass, is she asking to be raped? Nope. She's looking for attention. Women have a long history of pushing men to their breaking points and laughing at them. Flaunting what men can't have. It's a power struggle that we usually win. However, it's also a game, and a dangerous one. Part of the rush you get from playing, is the thought that you might lose. Most women are smart enough not to play, because the risks are too high, but in fantasy, we can do whatever we want.

A woman who reads non-consent must be strong and have high self esteem, otherwise the story would not be erotic; it would be frightening. Knowing it could be her, because she often flaunts herself because she mistakes attention for respect, that's a nightmare. Losing control over her already uncontrollable life would not interest a low self esteem woman. However, a woman who doesn't need the constant attention and doesn't put herself in dangerous situations like that can more fully enjoy the fantasy of losing all control. Or a woman who enjoys the thrill of danger, well, she likes the descriptions of what's at stake without the actual loss.

That's what non-consent is really about: surrendering control. Most women have to fight tooth and nail for control over their lives. Giving it up is something most just won't do, even willingly. In a non-consent fantasy, that choice isn't an issue. They can surrender to the fantasy of what they would never do in real life and not have to face the consequences.

And what would they never do? It's not just "be raped." It goes far deeper than that. Sexuality, for women, is still a challenge. Sexual women are penalized by almost every part of society even today. Allowing themselves to do what men do, sow wild oats, gain experience, learn how to please themselves first, is still strongly taboo. In a rape fantasy, the woman who loses control isn't a slut, she isn't a whore, because she didn't consent, in spite of acting like a loose woman. Even under the barrage of misogynist comments the rapists will undoubtedly use a woman reader will know the difference. She will know not to blame the victim, even if she orgasms. She will know that the woman is still a "good woman" with morals and values.

It is important for women to realize that the responses of their bodies do not always coincide with their thoughts and feelings. I hear all the time that for women sex is more emotional than physical. Sometimes that is true, but most of the time it's bullshit. If a man finds the right buttons and triggers, she won't be able to help getting wet and maybe even orgasming. It's a natural physical response, one that men all over the world are familiar with. Guys know they can close their eyes and it doesn't matter how gross the chick is, so long as she fucks him right. Women are only just realizing that this is normal, and liberating.

So the next time you read a misogynistic non-consent story, stop to ask if you're outraged because you think it hurts women's fragile reputations or because you can't believe a woman can have the same basic responses as a man. Sorry ladies, we're NOT better than men, we're just good at pretending to be.


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by TheronM08/21/18

Grateful for your honesty, fairness and clarity.

Thank you LaSalia! There is already enough shame to heal from past patriarchal, misogynistic or traditionalist cultures. Those cultures serve humanity until modern times liberated large numbers of peoplemore...

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