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She stands puzzled under the shower nozzle. She looks up and her eyebrows knit together. This is Monday morning and she needs to get cleaned up, the postman should be here with her much anticipated letter. The thought that she has become addicted to her Monday letter as sure as a drug addict needs his fix briefly crosses her mind before she brushes it to the back of her overactive imagination. She stamps her foot in the very dry tub and twists the knobs back and forth. There simply is not a single drop of water to be had. She runs her tongue over unbrushed teeth and jumps when she hears the doorbell.

She climbs out of the shower...still very dry and grabs the mouthwash...a quick swish and as the bathrobe slides over her shoulders she quickly makes her way to the door. She cinches the tie tightly around her waist and slowly opens the door...peeking her head around the corner.

Standing on her door step is a man dressed in coveralls, carrying a large toolbox. He waggles his ID badge at her and says simply, "Plumber."

Just that one word which leaves her staring dumbly at him...one hand on the door and one on the tie of her bathrobe. There is a long awkward silence before the word, "And?" tumbles from her lips, her brows knitting together forming a furrow above the bridge of her nose.

He looks at her as if she has spoken in a foreign language and then gives half a smile and says, "We knocked your water out and I need to shut off the valve in the house before we can repair the main. May I please come in?"

She takes a few long moments to consider...and then says, "OK, but can you check my mail for me first?"

She waits until he retrieves her mail before opening the door wide enough to allow him and his enormous toolbox to enter. She takes the mail and flips through it, smiling broadly as she finds the letter she has been waiting for. She grins and with a backward glance at the plumber says, "The main is in the basement, just give a holler if you need anything." With that she flounces away down the hall to her bedroom to savour the letter in private.

She listens until she hears the sound of his boots on the stairs, then tears open the letter and while the envelope flutters to the floor her eyes start scanning the words, devouring the contents. She smiles, then frowns, then shakes her head and starts at the top again.

Dear Purty,

Your two favorite men are getting a break this week. UPS is home with the flu and your mailman has strained his groin muscle. He says he did it at work...we think you are the cause of his man muscle strain. Either way, both are out of commission this Monday. So we pondered about how to keep you busy. It seems there is a plumber with a fetish for back door work, and when given the opportunity to ravish an unsuspecting woman in her own home...well let's just say he jumped at the opportunity.

Enjoy your plumber.

Yours Truly

The Monday Morning Club

After rereading the letter, digesting the aforesaid devoured words, a look of panic crosses her face. She strains to hear sounds of work wafting up from the basement and as the silence builds to a screaming crescendo, she exhales slowly and stares as the doorknob turns silently. There is not a sound as the well oiled door slowly, ever so agonizingly slowly bows inward. All of a sudden he is there, filling the door frame, still carrying the over-sized tool box. The plumber is as naked as the day he was born, grinning from ear to ear as he pronounces, "Happy Monday." His tongue flicks out over his bottom lip as his eyes travel from her bare feet to the throbbing pulse at her neck. He steps inside and kicks the door shut noisily behind him.

She stares at him, taking in his broad shoulders, his strong muscular legs and the tip of his cock as it peeks from behind the toolbox. Her eyes widen in shock, as she realizes that this man is about 6'4" tall with long legs and his cock is hanging flaccid to just above his knee. What must that cock look like in all its erect glory? She is unsure if she wants to know...but knows that she is about to find out. She cannot deny anything the Monday Letter Club suggests, she is totally hooked. She is allowed to be afraid, and that she is...her large eyes and quivering lip a physical testament to the unease welling up inside her belly.

He stands just inside the closed door and smiles, "The water is fixed, you can have your shower soon, but first, a little warm-up." He lets the toolbox move to his side as he approaches the bed where she sits waiting.

Her eyes bugging out at the gentle sway of the cock that must be at least 11 inches, it twitches slightly as she stares. She swallows nervously, wetting suddenly parched lips. He sets the toolbox beside the bed and stands with his hands on his hips, staring at the slight parting of her robe, the sudden thudding of her heart seems to fill the room. He reaches for her hands and pulls her to her feet. His hands swiftly untie the robe and gently pulls it from her shoulders. He runs a warm fingertip over her collarbone as the robe puddles on the floor at her feet.

She pulls in a deep breath and opens her mouth to ask him just what he has in mind, but before the words can reach her lips, he bends his head and captures her lips with his own, swallowing her unspoken words. His gentle touch, the hot touch of his lips, and her legs start to quiver with anticipation. His hands run along her sides and he pulls her hands behind her back, her hardened nipples scraping the soft hair on his chest. She shivers, as one of his hands captures both of her wrists, he nips at her bottom lip before tearing his mouth away, staring deeply into her eyes.

She catches her breath, and asks, "Are you the 'backdoor plumber' my letter warned me about?"

His chuckle sets the hair at the back of her neck on end as he whispers in her ear, "Backdoor plumber...I like that. I guess that's as good a way to describe me as any other. I plan on making good use of your back door."

Realization suddenly dawns on her as the meaning of the backdoor plumber breaks through her fuzzy thoughts. As she stares open mouthed at him, then drops her gaze to his over sized cock, she shakes her head and says, "That cock is not going anywhere near my back door, you'll turn it into a two bay garage."

He pulls her arms back, arching her sharply, her tingling nipples pointed upwards, he leans down and takes the right one in his mouth, teeth sinking in as his tongue flicks across her stiff peak. She moans, and twists ineffectively, trapped in his large hand. With a quick motion, he pulls his head from her nipple and spins her around, she can feel his cock starting to harden as it presses to her ass, reaching down to her thigh.

"No way!" is stifled as he pushes her forward over the bed, still holding her wrists in one hand. She can hear the clasp of the toolbox and soon the soft leather cuffs encircle her wrists and the distinct click of a metal clasp carries to her ears. She is bound and on her belly on her bed, her back door exposed to the plumber. She shivers and contracts her sphincter, and even in her precarious predicament she worries that she didn't get that morning shower.

Her mind is cluttered with thoughts, as she turns her head to allow a deep breath into her lungs. He lifts her middle up and places a pillow under her belly and kicks her legs wide. Her ass stares up at him, that lovely backdoor winking seductively as her body tries to guard the entrance by contracting. At this angle she has no leverage to try to get away, yet still she tries, her legs waving about, scraping his muscular ones, the movements only making her bottom look even more enticing.

He stands and stares at her, watching the frantic movements, enjoying the sight of his captive as she twists and turns, writhing on the bed. He chuckles out loud and brings one large meaty hand down on the right cheek of her ass. The sound rings out loud and delicious as her "Oh!" of surprise joins the fading echo. Her wrists twists and turn in the leather cuffs secured tightly at the small of her back. His eyes rake up and over that expanse of naked flesh, and then he reaches down and grabs the bottle of lube. He squirts a generous amount from her neck to the base of her bottom. His large hands start to massage, gentle and practiced, slow and sensual. Her soft moans music to his ears as he feels her entire body relaxing under his expert fingers.

His hands work the muscles from neck to ass crack...until he is relatively sure that getting up and running is not the first thing that will occur to her and he unclasps the cuffs letting her work the knots out of her shoulders. She brings her arms up and stretches them above her head, then folds them and pillows her cheek on them. He spends long minutes at her shoulders, ensuring the muscles are relaxed. Her closed eye lids and even breathing signal her change of spirit, she is utterly relaxed and thoroughly enjoying the attention of his hands.

He squirts another helping of lube onto her lower back and starts to knead the flesh. His hands work from hip to lower back then they start to slide lower encompassing her ass cheeks. He watches as her eyes fly open, muscles defined as she tenses...but soon his magical fingers have continued to work her into a state of relaxation. She stretches and moans as his fingers slip quickly into her crack, but before she can respond they slip back to her lovely rounded cheeks. His fingers continue darting in and out lower and lower until he is just brushing the edge of her anus. Her breathing has changed, no longer relaxed, but a hitch as she breathes in and a shiver as she exhales. He smiles as he sees her own lube starting to peek out from her fleshy pouty pussy lips.

His hands slippery, well lubed from the massage start to work faster, dipping in and out of her crack, grazing with just a little pressure over her back door. He can feel the tightness as she contracts with each touch. He places one hand firmly on the middle of her back, and without warning pushes his finger at the tiny bud, not penetrating, just creating enough pressure so that she can anticipate his intention. As she starts to protest and wriggle, he presses harder on her back and says, "Relax, it's just a finger...you're going to love it."

He works his finger on her ass, not slipping inside, just teasing the rim, spreading the lube. Her soft moans soon float to his ears and she tries to push back, wants to feel that finger inside. Her clit has made an appearance and peeks wet and pink from its protective hood. Her hips rock back and forth causing his finger to poke at her rim harder. He continues to tease that sensitive door, it relaxes and contracts, inviting him in. He lets off the pressure from her back, but leaves that hand in place as his finger wriggles and breaks past that elastic ring, resting just inside the hot confines of her ass.

Her body stills, as her breath holds briefly and then as she exhales, "Ohhhhhhhhhhh!"

He smiles...and takes his hand off her back...he is relatively convinced that she will not try to get away now. His finger presses deeper, probing inside, her ass grinding back to swallow more of that digit. He strokes her clit with his other finger, feeling it dance under his touch and watches the flush of arousal pinking along the flesh of her back. She is moaning and writhing under his touch. His finger works deeper, his other faster on her clit...her arousal is at full speed ahead and he can feel her heart beating with every contraction of her ass.

His cock twitches, pre-cum oozing up from his balls, when he stops. Her cry now one of disappointment, "Please don't stop. Ohhhhh noooo."

The hand that was so tantalizingly rubbing her clit now comes crashing down on her ass. Her arousal wanes as he says, "Dirty girl. I feel shit in here." He punctuates his words with stabbing thrusts of his finger into her ass.

Her body now flushes red with embarrassment and she once again tries to wriggle out from under his grasp. As she twists he pushes his finger as deep as it will go and slaps her ass several times, hard and fast. "Stay still...I am not done exploring just how dirty your ass is."

Her body slumps under his hands, defeated and embarrassed both by how aroused she had been and by his pronouncement of her shitty ass. His finger continues to probe and she imagines his finger embedded deep in a pile of poop. She shivers with revulsion and horror. He pulls his finger free of her ass and reaches for the cuffs, once again clipping them together. "Stay right there...don't move. I have to go wash my hands. I'll be right back."

With that he bends and retrieves the tools of the trade from his toolbox and makes his way to the bathroom. He washes his hands leaving the door open and waits to hear if she will move, try to get away from him. He loves this part. The embarrassment and the quite often apologetic nature as they try to explain why there is shit in their ass. He is quickly rewarded as he hears her soft foot steps and the soft jingle of the clasps on the cuffs as she first attempts to unhook them and then...yes there it is, the scraping at the door knob.

He strides to the bedroom door and pauses, listening to her futile attempts to get the door open. He pulls the door open quickly and stares down at her widened eyes. He frowns at her and shakes his head from side to side. "Such a dirty, dirty girl. And naughty too. Didn't I tell you to stay still?" He stares at her, awaiting her answer. She gazes silently at him so he says, "Well, what do you have to say?"

"I, well, I, I'm sorry." said with a defeated dropping of her head, her body slumped as her embarrassment reaches its peak. She quivers as he takes hold of her shoulder and says, "Come with me. I can help you with that dirty ass. I am a plumber after all."

He guides her to the bathroom and shuts the door behind them. She continues to stare at his feet. Her mind at odds with her embarrassment and her desire to explore the yearnings in her gut. He lets her stand quietly, watching her until finally she squares her shoulders and stares him in the eye. She opens her mouth to speak but before she can utter a single syllable he crushes her lips with his, swallowing not only her words but her breath as well. While she is trembling under the demanding kiss, he slips her hands up and over the shower rod, securing her upright and extremely available in all ways. His lips tear from hers leaving her wild eyed and trembling.

He runs his hands up and down over her body, making her quiver and quake. He places a blindfold over her eyes and then stands back to watch her reaction. He is silent and it is not long before she starts to twist her wrists in the cuffs, tugging at the shower rod. He chuckles softly, letting her stamp her feet in frustration. Finally he says, "OK, flush time."

"What do you mean flush time? What are you going to do?" her lips pout petulantly under her wrinkled nose.

"Just a little plumbing honey." he whispers in her ear.

He readies the "flush" for her as she wriggles in the bonds, her head turning to hear his movements.

His hand plants a hard slap on her ass, leaving his hand print behind. He then unhooks her cuffs and tells her to kneel on the floor. He guides her downward with gentle but firm pressure on her shoulders. He laughs out loud as she clamps her lips tight anticipating his cock against her lips and then frowns as she realizes he is standing behind her. "No cock for you just yet you dirty girl, gotta clean you up first."

He guides her into a downward dog yoga position and then rubs her ass. "Just stay in this position and relax so that this doesn't hurt you...at least not too much anyway." he says with a hint of laughter in his voice. He reaches forward and pulls her hands to the middle of her back so that her cheek rests on the cool bathroom floor. The distinct click of the clasps pealing through the bathroom make her hold her breath. "Breathe, just breathe." is the only advice he offers as he runs a well lubed finger across her sphincter. He works the finger into her bottom making sure the lube will ease the way of the nozzle. He pulls his finger out with a wet plop.

He allows her a few deep breaths and then he slides the nozzle of the enema bag slowly into her ass. She moans, her back arches and her bottom wiggles in a most enticing way. He smiles as he pats her ass, then stands to hang the bag from the shower rod. He turns the tap and watches the fluid in the see through bulb as it gurgles its way into the depths of her bowels. She moans and wriggles on the floor, her breathing quicker. He reaches under her and feels her belly. Still soft and pliable, she can take more.

He turns off the tap and refills the bag with warm water, then hangs it and opens the valve. This time he lets it flow quicker, watching as she starts to squirm from the pressure. "NO, please stop, it hurts." her voice just above a whisper and not very convincing.

"Does it really hurt or is it just a pressure that you're not used to?" his voice is tinged with concern as he wants her to enjoy this experience. He turns the tap off until she answers.

"It's...it's... I don't know...it's just uncomfortable...like I have to ... you know... go."

"Oh is that all...well then you can take some more." He turns the tap on all the way so that the bag empties quickly before she can protest more. He sits on the side of the tub and reaches down pulling the tube out and quickly slides an inflatable plug into her ass. He pumps it quickly as she pants and protests that it hurts. "Oh no...you already told me it was uncomfortable, like you have to shit...I want to watch you ride your own cramps for a bit so that when I let you empty, you'll be truly empty." He looks at his watch and says, "About 15 minutes ought to do it. The time starts now."

She pants and blows, her ass cheeks rippling as she strains to control her muscles. He plants a foot gently on her back to keep her in position as he sees her start to rise. "Oh no, you want to stay in that position, let the liquid do its job. There's some glycerin working its way through your bowels and you should start to cramp soon."

Within a minute her groans get louder and her body contorts under his foot. "Please, let me go, I need to poop. NOW!" There is panic in her voice and he can imagine how her mind is fighting her embarrassment.

"No, it will take the full 15 minutes for the glycerin to give its full potential to the lining of your bowels." he wriggles his toes on her back. He pumps the plug twice more making her squeal with discomfort. Her bottom lifts and falls and he can see a sheen of sweat glistening along her back. "How does that feel?" he asks with a grin.

"Please take it out...I can't take anymore." her voice wavers as he watches another contraction cramp her body.

"No, it's only been 5 minutes, you can do this. Not that you have any choice. I want your ass nice and empty so that there is room for my cock when I decide to fuck you."

"Oh no, you can't..." her voice trails off as she holds her breath and rides the next cramp while he pumps the plug again. He reaches under her and feels her full belly, hard and distended with the amount of liquid forced into her bowels. Her rubs the taut flesh, feeling the rumble of her protesting insides. He strokes his cock with his free hand anticipating the tightness of her ass, still contracting with the irritation of the glycerin. It'll mold itself to his thick cock like a glove. And then he will hear her squeal and scream and beg ... whether for more or for him to stop...well he will find out soon enough.

"Please, I don't think I can... " Once again as she trembles and quakes through another vicious cramping he rubs her distended belly and pumps the plug making it bigger, holding her ass gaping. He takes advantage of the cramps, stretching her tiny anus to accommodate his cock.

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