tagErotic CouplingsFemale Sexual Response Internship Ch. 01

Female Sexual Response Internship Ch. 01


This story was inspired by the excellent story series "Female Sexual Response" by Kianareeves. Although you do not need to read those stories for this one, I would still recommend it as they are really good.


Kristi raised an eyebrow as she read the email. An internship for the summer, getting paid helping a company do research? With the economy still stuck in neutral, paid internships were increasingly hard to come by. Further, it seemed to fit her to a tee. They were looking for juniors, female, with over a 3.5 GPA and availability from the end of May to the middle of August. The research was a continuation of Dr. Hansen's work, along the lines of the psychology study on female sexual response that had been conducted on campus last semester.

She had been selected, she supposed, because of her temporary involvement in that study at the start of the semester. She had not felt comfortable with the intimate questions raised and had dropped out after the initial question and answer session. Throughout the semester, she had run into a few of the other girls who had interviewed with her and had felt silly for dropping out.

Sex was, of course, an extremely private matter to her, but research needed to be done. Although it could be awkward, she understood that the professors and graduate assistants needed participants, and that they would be as professional as possible.

The email had come through the campus internship office, so it was already vetted. They were also providing room and board, which meant she would be able to bank nearly the entire paycheck to help pay for school. A link was provided at the bottom of the email and Kristi reviewed the webpages thoroughly. They simply repeated most of the information in the email. The interns would be hosted at the company's research facility--on a beach, no less!--with travel to and from the facility provided. The webpage also noted that all major cellphone carriers had excellent coverage in the area. Although she had a few other applications out for internships, she knew the competition was fierce and she submitted her information.

A week later she received an email to report for an interview on Friday. Forty-five minutes before her appointed time, she arrived in her best business suit and joined three other girls in the waiting area. Kristi recognized a few faces from campus, but didn't know anyone.

The door at the end of the room opened and a young woman escorted the latest interviewee out and summoned the next one. Every fifteen minutes or so the process was repeated. Kristi wondered how many interns they would select and how many other schools were being recruited. Two more internships had fallen through in the past week, and this one was starting to look bleak also.

She was called in only a few minutes late and escorted into a conference room where she sat at one end and four older people, two men and two women, sat at the other end. After opening pleasantries were exchanged, they got down to business.

The older woman, Dr. Gaines, explained that this research was designed to develop a database regarding female sexual function and desire. It occurred to Kristi as she listened to the woman drone on that sex had never sounded quite so boring as when it was being described by this woman.

"Women's health issues are legion," she was saying, "and some issues may be related sex. We are looking for women who are willing to help their sisters by generating a robust database of female sexual response. Are you still interested in applying?"

Kristi nodded affirmative immediately.

"We'll need you to speak your agreement," the woman said, motioning to the recorder on the table.

"Yes, I am still interested in applying."

From that point on, the questions came fast and furious, covering a wide range of intimate topics. The woman who had been talking alternated questions with the man sitting to her right, while the other two people scratched out notes as she answered.

"Are you single?"



"Straight. Always."


"I believe in God, but don't attend any organized religion."

"How many sexual partners have you had? By sexual partner, we mean vaginal penetrative intercourse."

"Two," Kristi answered truthfully, amused at the wording they used.

And so it went. Questions about her boyfriends, whether she had ever been assaulted, what kind of pets she had, what kind of underwear she wore, her health status, even her opinions on sexual promiscuity.

Abruptly, they stopped.

"Thank you for your participation, expect an email next Friday telling you whether or not you made the second round. Please do not discuss this question session with others, so that our data remains clean."

With that, she was escorted out, nodding politely to the other girls in the waiting room as she gathered her things and left. Kristi grinned and shook her head as she walked back to her dorm, replaying the interview in her head. "Vaginal penetrative intercourse," she snickered. Sex had never sounded so clinical.

Kristi was elated to find she had made the second round, and the email directed her to schedule a physical with one of several doctors. After the doctor verified that she was healthy, she was asked report to the lab in gym clothes the next day. The lab was a treadmill test, like the ones she had seen athletes take, with monitors all over her and a breathing tube in her mouth as she ran through a light workout. Kristi worked out at least three times a weeks, and her workouts were much more strenuous that the test.

A week later, just before the start of final's week, she received a call on her cell phone from a Dr. Gaines. Dr. Gaines informed her that the internship was hers if she wanted it. Kristi jumped at the opportunity, but Dr. Gaines stopped her.

"We will be sending you a package. Please review it thoroughly, initial each page and sign with your acceptance, and mail it back to us by May fourteenth."

Kristi happily agreed, as this internship paid much more than the other two she had been offered. She called to the other programs to turn down their offers and eagerly awaited the arrival of the package. It was in her mailbox when she returned from the library on Monday, roughly fifty pages thick.

A glossy brochure discussed the research facility, which looked more like a resort to her. Some of it was employment information, such as where she wanted her paychecks deposited. Other papers asked for details of how she planned to get to get to Charleston, South Carolina. She marked the flight option. The final form was the contract itself, a thick stack of pages of single spaced text. She scanned it and found it full of boring technical jargon. She shrugged and initialed each page before signing the last one, placed it into the Fed Ex envelope, and dropped it off in the bin outside of the student center.

Kristi landed in Charleston and called her contact from the baggage area. She was greeted by a lovely, young black haired woman, Megan, who escorted her to a van. Three other women were in the van already, and they picked up two more before Megan started the drive to the facility.

Megan had a method for making the girls meet, and gave them cards of questions to ask each other. Further, margaritas and wine were available. In no time, Kristi and the other five girls were chatting like old friends. Two hours later the girls 'ohhed' and 'ahhed' as they pulled up to their destination, looking around at the paradise they had found.

Kristi decided to room with Erin, a strikingly, lovely freckled face redhead with whom she seemed to share an immediate connection. Megan had warned them that their room was quite small, and she wasn't joking. The rooms were little more than closets off of a main living area. They were so small that the girls' luggage had to be unpacked into the dressers in the common area. The shower and bathroom area was also shared. All in all, it was a lot like living in a dorm, only the fixtures all seemed to be top of the line.

Ten young women were apparently already there, although they were all out exploring. After unpacking, Kristi and the rest of her group started to explore also. The place was amazing, really more a resort than a research facility. A large pool with a waterfall, two hot tubs, a white sand beach leading to ocean. Kristi, Ann, Tracey and Erin walked up a hiking trail to a scenic overlook, giddy from excitement.

By the time they returned, it was dinner time. The kitchen was large, well-stocked, and a chef came in to prepare dinner for them. The last group of interns had arrived, bringing their total to twenty.

The rest of the evening was spent on "get to know each other" games run by Megan and the four other hostesses. They also went on a "get to know the building" tour. Five iMacs were set up for Skyping, and the girls were reminded to check in with their families before turning in. They were also introduced to the video diary computers, where each girl was to record their thoughts every night. Work would start at seven am sharp the next day.

After breakfast with the other girls, they gathered in the conference room. For the rest of the day they received lectures. In fact, the day was just like college, only longer. A stream of professors and doctors came in, lecturing them on everything from databases to physiology.

During the lecture on demographics, the realization struck her: all the girls were beautiful. Really beautiful. She looked around the room and noted the group. There were six blondes, including her. Seven brunettes, six with black hair and Erin, with red hair. Sixteen were white, two were Asian, one black girl and one looked Latino. Most were petite, but one was pretty large, probably well into the teens in size. Kristi made a special note to be extra nice to her in case she felt bad about her size. Even their five hostesses were gorgeous. Kristi knew she was pretty and had a hot body, but nonetheless she felt a little self-conscious as she looked around.

The lectures went on and on, and only seemed to have a passing relationship to anything sexual. Kristi felt a little intimidated as some of the other girls asked technical questions that were way over her head. When they finally gave a lecture that was in her major, business, she was quick to jump in with a question, if only to show she wasn't a dunce.

Before dinner the whole group went for a workout on the beach. After cleaning up and having dinner the lectures continued for a few more hours. The next two days were more of the same. At some point Megan mentioned that they were effectively taking nine credits in the space of three days, minus the papers and exams.

At the start of Day 4, they were introduced to their personal trainer. "You will learn to hate me," he teased, "but you will get incredibly toned."

The girls divided into five workout sessions, and both Erin and Kristi both took the morning session, joined by an Asian girl named Grace, and Lucy. Megan also took the morning session and became their mentor and primary interface for the study. They named themselves Team Dawn.

After the workout, the girls were split up. Kristi was sent to a room where she found Tina, one of their hostesses. Sitting across from her in a comfortable chair and with a spectacular view of the ocean, Tina spent the next few hours asking incredibly detailed questions about Kristi's sexual preferences. Topics ranged from what turned her on to what she noticed first in a man.

After lunch, Kristi met with a different hostess for continued conversation. Talking with Erin before bed, Kristi discovered that she had done the same thing. All the talk about sex had gotten to her, and she was feeling a little horny. She realized that she hadn't been able to masturbate since she left home, something she usually did every night.

Living in a single for the past year, her nightly habits hadn't been an issue, but here it would have been immodest to touch herself with Erin only a few feet away. The next day the Team Dawn girls worked out and then were taken to a hospital where they received a full gynecology exam as well as an MRI.

Over the weekend Megan took her team on a trip to the mall, went on a boat ride, and had a nice picnic on the beach. It was during their trip to the mall that Kristi found herself eyeing up a cute boy. There weren't many males at their resort, just the trainer and a few of the lecturers. She wondered if she would be able to meet some guys while she was here. She also wondered if she would be able to spend a few private moments alone in order to take care of certain tingling nerves.

On Monday, after the morning session workout, Megan's group met up and were taken to the library room. There, each of the four girls picked books of erotica. They spent the rest of the morning giggling as they started reading. One by one Megan escorted a girl out. Kristi was last and found herself alone, horny, and reading a smutty story. She considered using these moments to pleasure herself, but the reading room was too open and too well lit, and she settled for a few pinches of her nipples. Finally, Megan returned for her.

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