tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFemale Sexual Response: Subject 341

Female Sexual Response: Subject 341


Part Four - a college girl signs up to participate in a research project where she is forced to orgasm in public, but when her sorority sisters find out about it, it gets worse. Or does it get better?

Please read Parts 1-3 first (Subject 326, 334 and 337) to get some of the back story. It was hard for me to pick a category for this one, because there are elements of first time, lesbian, nonconsent, erotic coupling and toys. So, I just picked one.


I told myself I hated it. But I knew I couldn't deny it anymore. I loved every minute of it. Dr. Matthias had said that it knew me, it knew what I liked and he was right. How would I be able to enjoy real sex after this? How would I be able to use my favorite rabbit vibrator after this? With my home monitoring device, which I had started calling Wes, after my first boyfriend, I could just lay there as it fucked me, bringing me to orgasm again and again without using my hands or telling it where to lick or suck. It was like it could read my mind, but it wasn't just some mindless robot that always followed orders. No, Wes was cruel. He would tease me, and when I wanted him to fuck me harder, sometimes he would slow down, as I screamed and cursed at him. Sometimes he would just completely turn off before I had reached my climax, leaving me frustrated. But when he did let me come, he always led me to the yummiest of orgasms. Not just 3 or 4, but lately, 9 or 10.

I named it Wes, because Wes was the one who had given me my first orgasm. I was in 7th grade and Wes was older, he was in 8th grade and I loved him, in that naïve puppy love kind of way. After school, he would come over to my house and we would kiss for hours. Strangely, I always felt like I had to pee when we kissed. We would watch MTV together in our family room and just kiss and kiss. It was perfect. He was perfect. All the girls liked him, but he had chosen me. And we spent weeks just kissing. After I sent him home--just before my parents came home from work--I would finally go to the bathroom and my panties would always be wet. Embarrassed, I thought I had leaked a little bit, but now I know that Wes had woken up my body, my sexual desires.

It took him a month to finally venture underneath my shirt as he rubbed my breasts over my bra. I had no idea how sensitive they were, and how there seemed to be a nerve connecting my nipple and my crotch. But the first time he put his mouth on my nipple, I thought I was going to die. Gasping, I had to push his face away, and he apologized. But he didn't understand. I didn't want him to stop. I wanted him to continue but I was too embarrassed to ask for it. It took him another week to do it again. This time I let him. I couldn't help moaning as I squirmed underneath him, wanting to push him away and yet wanting to press his head closer. I could feel his erection pressing against my thigh and I wanted to touch it but I was too afraid. He licked and sucked my nipples for a really long time. My panties were so wet afterwards, I really thought I had peed in my pants.

It was just a week later that I got up the nerve to touch his erection through his jeans. He moaned as I rubbed it up and down while he licked and kissed my breasts. I thought it couldn't get better than this. I smile now when I think how young and innocent I was. Just a month later, I experienced my first orgasm.

We had gotten brave by now and we would strip down to our underwear. I still wouldn't let him look at me though so I covered us with a blanket from my bed while we embraced and kissed in the family room, MTV always playing in the background. His skin felt so good as he rubbed himself all over me and I pressed my breasts into him, loving the way my nipples felt as they grazed his chest. Then one day while I was feeling his cock through his underwear, I decided to slip my hand underneath his boxers and touch him. I stroked his cock up and down, surprised at how hard he was and how hot his skin was. He closed his eyes and stopped kissing me, moaning as I continued rubbing him. I liked knowing that I was making him feel good. A short time later, he let out a loud grunt and my hand was suddenly wet and warm as he humped my hand. I continued rubbing him, it was easier now that his penis was slick and then he asked me to stop. I held his penis in my hand as I felt it twitch. I looked at his face. He was so cute. His eyes were closed and he had a smile on his face.

"Thank you," he said. I just smiled back, hoping we would continue kissing, wanting him to put his mouth back on my nipples but too shy to ask. He kissed me, softly. His cock was still hard as I held it, but it was sticky now. He got up to use the bathroom and I lay there, wondering how much time we had until my parents got home. He came back and got under the blanket and continued kissing me. I reached my hand inside his underwear again, his penis still erect, and he moved down to kiss my breasts. He started rubbing my crotch through my underwear. I wasn't ready for him to touch me there yet, and I was prepared to stop him if he tried putting his hand in my panties. But he didn't. I spread my legs a little, encouraging him to keep going. He just kept rubbing and rubbing and circling his tongue around my nipples. And then it really felt like I needed to pee. I wanted him to stop, but I couldn't talk. I was moaning into the top of his head as he rubbed and rubbed and then I exploded. A warmth spread from my pussy to the rest of my body and I just lay there, tense, unable to stop the noises I was making. I had never experienced anything like it before. He continued rubbing until I had to push his hand away. It was too sensitive. As I lay there panting, he kissed my neck softly. I closed my eyes and we just lay there quietly underneath my pink blanket. He smelled so good.

I told him I loved him. And he told me he loved me. Looking back on it, we were such a cute couple. It took him a few more weeks before he attempted to put his hand in my underwear. He never tried putting his fingers inside me though, he just rubbed his fingers on the outside, which was incredible (little did I know how much better it feels to be penetrated). For months, we would rub each other until we both came while MTV played in the background. Whenever I hear certain songs now, it always takes me back to 7th grade and my afternoons spent with Wes. We never did more than that and we broke up during the summer right before he went to high school. When I finally got to high school, we were both dating other people but we always stayed friends. And he always held an important place in my heart.

We actually go to the same college now. But I hardly ever see him. I'm busy with my sorority and he's on the volleyball team, which is nationally ranked, so he's busy with practice and traveling to games. But I've been thinking about him a lot now, especially since I named my monitor after him.

I've been in the study for almost 3 weeks now, and this week I can wear the monitor whenever I want, and wherever I want and for however long I want. I'm actually wearing it more now. Hours at a time. My favorite time to wear it is at night though. I live in my sorority house and there are four of us sharing a small room. As I listen to my sorority sisters sleeping, Wes quietly pleasures me until I fall asleep. So far they haven't suspected anything.

One night, towards the end of the week, I was dreaming about the beach. I was naked and swimming in the warm clear water and the ocean was caressing me. I moved with the waves as it splashed against my nipples, and then the water was seducing me. It was flowing over my breasts and stimulating me. Everywhere I was being sucked and kissed by the ocean and then it was fucking me. Water flowed in and out rhythmically over my body as the salty water brought me closer. I was surrounded with pleasure, I couldn't escape the tantalizing touch of the water. It was everywhere, bringing me closer to orgasm and then I woke up and realized that Wes was fucking me gently.

"Shhh.... She's having a sex dream," I heard one of my roommates whisper and they giggled.

I pretended I was still asleep as Wes teased me, bringing me closer as I tried to lay still. Without warning--always without warning--he increased the pressure on my g-spot and I heard a moan that I knew had to be me. My roommates giggled and I wanted to die. But Wes wouldn't let me. He continued sucking my nipples while circling his tongue lovingly around my clitoris and the pressure on my g-spot wouldn't stop. I was almost there and I didn't want to be. I dug in my heels, protesting, but Wes just picked me up and carried me. He was reveling in my humiliation as he threw me over the cliff, but he didn't let go. He pulled me back, laughing as I lay there gasping for air. Then he threw me over again, but he still wouldn't let go. He still held on to me until I was begging and pleading with him. Please. Please. Please. And then he let me fall. And I fell hard, so hard. I could feel myself thrashing on my bed, no longer caring if I was quiet or not. He was so ruthless. After a few more powerful orgasms, I slowly floated back to earth.

The room was quiet now. The silence took me by surprise. I expected more giggling or snide comments. But then I heard something. There. I heard the familiar sounds of slurping, the sound of fingers furiously working towards an orgasm. And there was a hum. The quiet hum of a vibrator. Then moaning, and rhythmic sighs. All around me, my roommates were masturbating towards their own orgasms. As I listened to them, Wes fucked me again towards another orgasm. Smaller than before. As I lay there, breathing heavily, I couldn't hear anything else. Then I heard the steady breathing of my sleeping roommates, now fully satiated. I rolled over and took Wes off and pushed him under my bed before falling asleep.

I woke up early the next day. I showered before my roommates woke up and I left. I was too embarrassed to face any of them. I didn't know how I was going to be able to look them in the face ever again. During pledge week, I had to do some humiliating things, but that was nothing like what had happened last night. When I was a pledge, I had to strip and parade around naked with the rest of the pledges as we were poked and prodded. They had written all over our bodies with markers. Slut, bitch, whore. Even on our nipples. They pinched us and paddled us. Later I was embarrassed by how wet I was by the punishment. The next year when it was my turn to punish the new pledges, I didn't really enjoy it as much as I had when I was the one being forced to endure their cruelty. I was surprised that I really wished I was naked, standing in front of the rest of my sisters as they inflicted pain and humiliation on me.

I had to come back to the sorority for dinner though. Today was the mandatory weekly dinner. I got back to the house late, giving myself just a few minutes to get dressed because I didn't want to be in the same room with my roommates as they got ready. I wanted to make sure I would be alone as I got dressed. But I couldn't be late to dinner. I would be punished for that. But I would rather face the consequences for being late than have to see my roommates.

I unlocked my room and was surprised to find my roommates sitting on my bed. They had Wes in front of them and they looked up when I entered. Delia smiled at me as I stood there, horrified. Delia was a senior and was assigned as our room's big sister. I was so happy when I was assigned to her room because she was the nicest girl in the sorority. And she was beautiful and a cheerleader and dating one of the lacrosse players. She had long dark hair that always had that perfect flyaway look, her waves falling perfectly on her shoulders. She was supposed to help the rest of us adjust to living in the house with all of the little, silly rules about hierarchy and respect. She could also tell us what to do, and we had to obey her, although she never abused her rank. Mostly we just had to run to the kitchen to get her a diet coke or something.

"You've been holding out on us," she said, her voice teasing.

"It's for a study," I stammered. "For research, I signed up to--"

"I know what it's for," she interrupted. "I'm a psych major too, remember?"

Then it dawned on me. She had probably participated in the study herself, or knew of someone who had.

"Strip," she said as one of my roommates giggled.

I looked at her and noticed with trepidation that something had changed in her eyes. She was looking at me, her eyes narrowed and I knew I had to obey. I took off my clothes without looking up.

"Put it on," she ordered. I quietly complied. I stood in front of them wearing Wes, waiting for her instructions, humiliated and aroused. "Remember to get your nipples harder," she said. I put my fingers inside the bra and pinched my nipples. "No. Undo the bra so we can see." I unclasped the bra, exposing my hardened nipples. I pinched and pulled them, while they watched me. I could feel my juices lubricating the phallus that was firmly inserted into my wet pussy. "Okay, get dressed now. If you make us all late, you'll be punished later."

I glanced at the clock, I had two minutes. I got dressed as fast as I could but then Wes turned on, sensing my arousal. I had a hard time slipping on my shoes with Wes fucking me, taking me where I didn't want to go yet. I realized with dread it was too late. We were all going to be late. We arrived in the dining room and had to serve dinner, our punishment for being late. As I served my sorority sisters, Wes continued assaulting me and I could feel the eyes of Delia and my other roommates watching me. Delia would bump into me on purpose as I walked by, knowing that any slight touch would send more pressure to my nipples or my clitoris.

Finally, we could sit down to eat. Girls who were late not only had to serve but also had to eat in the kitchen as punishment. By the time we sat down at our small table, Wes had worked me up to a high state of arousal. I was at an 8, bordering on a 9. "What is it doing now?" Delia asked.

"It's--it's sucking my nipples," I said, barely able to get it out.

"Is it fucking you?"

I nodded.

"Is it being gentle, or is it fucking you like the slut that you are?"

One of my roommates gasped. They all looked at me with big eyes, wondering how I would answer.

"It's fucking me like a slut," I whispered, looking down at my plate as Wes brought me closer. I was hoping he would tease me. I didn't want to come in front of them, with all of them watching me. I would rather be teased than have them witness my shame, looking into my eyes as I came.

"Say it," she said and I didn't even have to ask. I knew what she wanted me to say.

"I'm a slut," I whispered as Wes took me to my first orgasm. I gripped the table, knocking my fork to the floor with a loud clatter as I rode my orgasm.

Delia laughed. "You're such a whore." They all sat there eating their dinner, doing their best to ignore me as I came over and over again. Delia told me to raise my hand after each orgasm and I obeyed. I tried to keep quiet, knowing that any loud noises would echo into the dining room where my other sorority sisters were eating. But knowing I couldn't fully let go made my orgasms more intense. I don't know how many I had while I was sitting there, but it was too much. I wanted it to stop but Wes was relentless. Dr. Matthias's words echoed in my mind. "The device knows what you want." And I knew that Delia was right. I was a slut.

After dinner, they walked me up to our room and layed me down on our bed as Wes continued fucking me. Delia explained the research study to my roommates while I continued to climax in front of all of them. She described the device I was wearing and what it felt like, the hungry mouths and inquisitive fingers and the constant hum and vibration on my clitoris and the incessant fucking that caused the delicious pressure circling my g-spot. Finally Wes stopped and Delia noticed. She told me to take it off and I did. She told me to stand in front of her, naked.

"Is Dr. Matthias still studying bondage and pain?" Delia asked me.

"I don't think so. He mentioned something about exhibitionism."

Delia nodded. "They were studying BDSM when I was in the study. I really learned a lot about myself that month." She opened a drawer and brought out a paddle. It was made out of wood and had our sorority's letters burned into the wood. "My big sister gave me this when I became an active," she explained, running her fingers over the shiny surface. "We had a lot of fun using this."

She told me to turn around and bend over my bed. I heard the paddle swish through the air and then make a loud smack as it made contact. It took a fraction of a second for me to realize it had made contact with my ass. She paddled me a few more times and then she told me to stand up and I obeyed, tears streaming down my face.

"When I was in the study, they were researching the connection between pleasure and pain. It's a fine line, you know. Sometimes pain can bring so much pleasure," she said as she pinched my nipple. I let out a cry, and felt some of my juice trickling down my leg. "So, tell me what you've learned about yourself," Delia ordered.

"I learned--I learned," I had a hard time saying the words as sobs caught in my chest.

"I'll make it easier for you," she said, pinching my other nipple. "Just answer yes or no."

My chest heaved up and down as I sobbed uncontrollably, almost hyperventilating.

"Do you like watching other girls come?"

"Y-yes," I whispered.

"Do you like it when the pretty grad assistants suck your nipples?"

I heard one of my other roommates gasp. It sounded so dirty. "Yes."

"Do you like it when they rub your clitoris with their fingers?"

"Yes." I closed my eyes. I wasn't crying anymore. I was even more aroused than ever.

"Do you like it when you orgasm in front of other people?"


"Does it turn you on to get fucked while we're in the room sleeping?"


"Do you like it when we watch you come?"


"Are you attracted to me?"

I wanted to lie. But I knew I couldn't. "Yes."

"Do you want me to finger you right now until you come?"

My eyes shot open. "But--but you can't!"

"Relax. I know the rules. No intercourse and no masturbation. But that doesn't mean you can't lick my pussy."

My eyes grew wide. This was crossing the line. I had never been sexually intimate with another woman before. I wasn't sure I could do it, especially in front of my other sisters. But Delia was already taking off her clothes. She lay back on her bed, propped herself up and spread her legs wide. I was shocked. I had seen her naked before, but not like this. I was completely turned on. I think I was more shocked at my own arousal than the sight of her wet pussy, splayed open for all of us to see.

"Lick me," she said while she pinched her own nipples.

Slowly I walked over to her bed and knelt in front of her. "Oh fuck," I heard one of my roommates say. I closed my eyes and leaned in and took a tentative lick.

"Kiss it deep," she instructed and I kissed her pussy like I kiss a lover, my tongue exploring her pussy. She moaned.

I continued to lick her, circling her clitoris and then frenching her slit, my tongue flicking in and out of her cunt over and over again. She had her hands pressed onto the back of my head and I could tell she was getting close. I attacked her clitoris, circling it with my tongue over and over, just like Wes licks me. I was surprised how badly I wanted to make her come. I took it into my mouth and sucked her clitoris, alternating between sucking and twirling my tongue around it, faster and faster until she squeezed her legs onto my head. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes," she cried over and over again.

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