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Female Soldiers Naked Humiliation


My oldest brother spent 15 years in the army and really enjoyed it. He says that all that camaraderie with the other men was great. They were really supportive of one another in and out of fighting. He says it is something that only a man can appreciate. Recently he had one of his reunion dinners in town and, as always, they remembered all the things that happened to them and they joked and laughed about them. The first part of the reunion is strictly for the soldiers only but at the evening get-together friends and family are allowed to attend.

At this particular reunion we were almost helpless with laughter as the soldiers remembered what happened to two of the female soldiers, Nancy and Jenny. My brother told the story but was frequently interrupred by some of the others with additions to the story. I made a lot of notes as it sounded like a gift of a story for me. Here I tell it in story form after consulting my notes. I tell it from my brother’s angle.

* * * * * * * *

Nancy and Jenny were the only two women on our training camp section. It was clear to us that they were a couple of typical feminists, always cracking on about women’s rights but never mentioning their responsibilities. They seemed to think the world should revolve around them. In short they were a right pain in the arse. On the first day when we were all new recruits, they started telling us how good they were and that anything men could do they could do just as well if not better. In fact they were so sure of themselves that they had made a large bet with Jenny’s brother that they would definitely pass out as qualified soldiers within three months.

We soon discovered that their main interest was not in becoming good soldiers but in proving that they could do what men do. Consequently none of the lads liked them much and tended to avoid their sterile conversation whenever possible.

They were in reasonable physical shape, but with over large boobs. They said they worked out three times a week. Perhaps they did. They wouldn’t have had much else to do as I don’t think they’d have had many dates with guys. They seemed to have difficulty relating to men.

When we went on the firing range they got a bit panicky and didn’t seem to know one end of a rifle from the other. They missed the target completely much to the great amusement of all the men. I remember the sergeant shouting at them, “OK gals. Put the rifles down. Fortunately you don’t have to be a marksman to pass out on this course, so you might still make it.”

Things got worse when they tried to throw a grenade. They were unable to throw it far enough to avoid injuring themselves more than any prospective enemy.

Strangely enough all this didn’t seem to affect them and they still acted as though they were absolutely great at everything they attempted. They were as thick as custard.

During the last week of the course, we all met in a large hut and the sergeant in charge told us that the following day we would be going on the main assault course. It was to test everything we had learned, our initiative and our general fitness. If we did not pass on this course then we would not be allowed to continue our careers as soldiers.

Nancy and Jenny went around assuring everybody that they would get through the assault course with flying colours. They even told the sergeant in charge that there was not the slightest doubt. Afterwards I heard him tell one of the corporals, “If that pair pass out I’d rather be on the enemy side. If they were on ours we’d spend too much time looking after them.”

It was then that all the lads decided to teach these two overbearing and conceited girls a lesson they would not forget. We had a meeting in the men’s barrack room to formulate our plan.

* * * * * * *

The next day was bright and sunny and, after breakfast we all assembled on the parade ground in full battledress, packs and with rifles. After the officer in charge of the camp gave us a short talk, he asked the sergeant responsible for the course to outline what was expected of us. He went through the usual routine of how to recognise the path of the course and said we were not allowed to miss any part out. If we failed on any section of the assault course we were out. There would be jeeps used during the day to take our rifles and kit to another part further along as parts of the course were too demanding to carry full kit and rifles.

There were 22 men and the two girls all lined up when the whistle was blown to start. Nancy and Jenny tried to show off by running ahead of some of the men which was not a wise move.

The land was undulating and wooded and in places very rough. We did all the usual things that we’d been trained to do before, like running across planks, under barbed wire, swinging across ditches and so on. We soon noticed that Nancy and Jenny were running out of steam and were dropping behind the others. Soon there was a gap of several hundred yards between them and the nearest man. Sergeants and corporals were stationed every half mile or so to see that we all kept to the course and they frequently shouted at the girls urging them on to catch up with the rest of us, but it was of little use. Soon we had left them so far behind they were out of sight.

As we ran along the course, we stopped from time to time to take a short breather and we laughed at the thought that soon our plan to deal with the “terrible two”, as they were called, would be put into action.

Soon we came to the toughest part of the course. We arrived at the bank of a river about a hundred yards wide. A jeep stood nearby manned by two soldiers, Mark and Jim, and, as we had to swim across we were allowed to put our packs and rifles in the jeep which would take it around to the other bank for us to pick it up again.

We dived into the river and swam across. It was heavy going in wet uniforms but we eventually emerged the other side. Most of the guys went on to the rest point but four stayed behind the bushes as planned.

Eventually the two girls arrived at the river bank. They were almost done in. “Oh, no,” groaned Jenny. “We don’t have to get across that do we?”

“Yes, Hurry up you two!” bawled the sergeant. “You have to get right across the river to the other bank. You can see there’s a small island in the middle. You are allowed a rest on that if you want it before carrying on to the other bank.” The corporal directed the girls towards the jeep.

“OK,” he said. “Put your stuff on the back seat. Mark and Jim will take it over to the far bank for you to pick up again.”

The two girls thankfully threw their heavy packs and rifles onto the back seat of the jeep, then turned towards the river.

“What do you two think you’re doing?” barked the sergeant.

“Putting our stuff in the jeep like the corporal said, sarge,” panted Jenny.

“Well, get on with it then,” he shouted. “Put the rest in!”

The two girls looked stupidly at each other not knowing what he was getting at.

“We don’t have anything else, sarge,” spluttered Nancy.

“Your uniforms, girl! Your uniforms! Get ‘em off quick. You don’t want to get ‘em wet in the river do you?”

The terrible two looked at one another in panic.

“Of course,” said the sergeant in a kindly voice, “you don’t HAVE to do it. You can stop here if you want to but you’ll fail the course.”

Jenny looked at Nancy. “If that happens we’ll lose our bet with my brother,” she said.

“Make up your minds you two,” yelled the sergeant.

“Do we have to go COMPLETELY naked?” pleaded Nancy.

“Absolutely naked,” replied the sergeant. “You are not allowed to wear a stitch.”

The terrible two went bright red as they started to strip. Soon they were down to their pants and bras. They were hoping they would be let off the final humiliation of taking them off in front of the four men.

“Jump to it then,” yelled the sergeant again. “Don’t leave your clothes on the ground. Put ‘em in the jeep.”

The girls walked over to the jeep and handed their clothes to the widely grinning soldiers who carelessly threw them on the back seat.

The four men were now standing in a circle around the two girls openly laughing.

“Come on girls,” said Jim, “We’ve all seen women’s naughty bits before.”

“You haven’t seen ours,” replied Jenny.

“Well, we’re going to now,” laughed the corporal.

The girls took a deep breath and then found the courage to take off their bras. There was mocking applause all round and the corporal started humming “The Stripper”.

“Just look at those bouncy boobs” laughed one of the soldiers.

“Perhaps they’ll act like water-wings and keep ‘em afloat,” joked the other.

Jenny and Nancy by now were bright red with embarrassment and tried in vain to hide their boobs with their hands. Their hands were rather small for such large boobs.

“Right,” said the sergeant. “Let’s get on with the final unveiling.”

The terrible two knew there was nothing for it but to strip completely naked in front of the four men who stood there watching. They showed everything they had as they took off their pants and then they stood there trying to cover their crotches with their hands.

“At last,” said the sergeant. “Now, you have to jump into the river where it is quite deep off that bit of wooden landing stage. The corporal and I will stand on each side of it. Then, when I call you, you must run down and jump in.”

The two men went down to the river bank. “Now!” yelled the sergeant. And the two girls ran down the sloping bank towards the river. As they ran towards the men their boobs were bobbling in all directions and they could no longer cover their pussies. Then they jumped into the river with a tremendous plosh.

The four men had to hold on to the jeep as they roared with laughter at the obvious embarrassment of the two girls.

“I hope you got some good shots of all that Mark,” the sergeant said.

“Oh, I did sarge,” he replied as he held up a camcorder. “Especially of their two butts bouncing about as they ran towards you.”

“OK,” said the corporal. “Let’s get over to the other side, and don’t forget to hide the jeep in the trees before you get to the rest point. It’s supposed to break down remember. And hide in the trees to get some good shots of them coming out of the water.”

The two girls started swimming towards the island in the middle of the river and by the time they reached it they were almost exhausted.

“We’ll never make it to the other bank,” gasped Jenny.

“Course we will,” replied Nancy. “We’ll have a rest before going on. We can’t spend the rest of our lives naked on this island.” She sat up and looked around. Suddenly her face brightened. “Hey! Jenny. Look over there. There’s a rowing boat. Let’s use that to get over to the other bank.”

They both staggered to their feet and went over to look at the boat. “There’s oars in it too,” said Nancy.

“Great!” enthused Jenny. “All we’ve got to do is row.”

“Ever rowed a boat before?” asked Nancy.

“Nope! But now will be a good time to learn.”

The two naked girls scrambled into the boat and, more by luck than judgement, eventually had their backs facing the far bank. They started to row, hesitantly at first but gaining in confidence as the boat started to move towards the bank of the river.

Ten minutes later they looked behind and were elated to see the river bank about ten yards away. “A couple more pulls and we’ll be there,” yelled Nancy.

As they beached the boat on the mud they were startled to hear a voice behind them. “Oh, yes. Cheating are we?”

They looked behind and saw Alan, Adrian, Dave and Chris who had been hiding behind the bushes looking down at them in the boat.

“That means you’ll fail for certain,” said Alan. “Just wait till we tell the sergeant about this.”

“Oh, please don’t do that,” cried Jenny. “We’ll be thrown out and we’ll lose our bet.”

Suddenly the two girls realised that they were both stark naked but the men were in uniform. They tried vainly to cover themselves. “Wh... wh.. why are you wearing uniforms?” asked Jenny.

“We’ve been up to the jeep to collect them,” returned Dave. “You’d better get out of that boat and go up there and confess to the sergeant what you’ve done.”

“Oh no,” pleaded Nancy, getting out of the boat. “Please don’t make us do that. I couldn’t stand being thrown off the course.” She sat down disconsolately on a bank of grass as the men stood around watching.

Adrian addressed the other three: “OK guys,” he said. “Do we report the terrible two to the sarge, or shall we keep our mouths shut?”

Chris grinned and winked at the others. “Well, I think, if we don’t say anything, the girls should show their appreciation.”

“Oh yes,” cried Nancy. “We’ll be ever so grateful, won’t we Jenny?”

“Oooh yes,” she affirmed.

“OK then,” said Chris, “just stand up on the bank with your hands on your heads so that we can get a good look at you.”

“But we’re naked!” whined Jenny.

“That’s true. So we can get a good look at everything.” The soldiers laughed.

The girls realised there was no way out so they had to stand on the bank while the four men walked around them commenting on their figures.

“Not too bad I suppose,” said Dave.

“Yeah. Butts are a bit on the large side though.”

“Tits would be OK if they were firmer. They look floppy to me.” Chris reached his hand forward towards Jenny and cupped her breasts. “Yeah. They are floppy.” He let them drop. “See what I mean.”

Adrian stooped down to get a good look between Nancy’s legs. “Not keen on your big bush,” he said. “Why don’t you keep it trimmed?”

The terrible two were going bright red with humiliation as the soldiers were falling about with helpless mirth at their predicament.

“Please... can we go and get our uniforms now?” pleaded Nancy.

“Pleeeease!” joined in Jenny.

The soldiers pretended to look serious again. “Well, I’m not terribly pleased with the show we’ve seen.” said Adrian. “I vote we call the sarge and tell him what they’ve done.” The others nodded their assent.

Just at that moment the sergeant appeared out of the trees higher up the bank. “Oh, there he is. Let’s call him. Hi sarge! Can you come down here a moment? We’ve got something to tell you”

“Oh please no,” pleaded both the girls. “Please, please don’t tell him,” they said with tear-filled eyes. “We’ll do anything if you don’t. Anything at all. We really will.”

The sergeant arrived. “What d’you want to tell me?” he asked.

Adrian looked at the two naked and humiliated girls and said, “Well, Jenny and Nancy here got pretty messed up with the mud and so forth. They asked us if we would mind washing them off and make them a bit more respectable by shaving their pussies, didn’t you girls?”

They looked at one another with desperation in their eyes, but they realised there was no way out of this further humiliation.

“Y..eesss. Er um... yes... yes we did,” they stammered.

“You don’t happen to have a battery shaver on you, do you, sarge?” asked Adrian.

The sergeant smiled. “Well, now, it so happens that I do. I always keep it in my pocket so that I can smarten up now and then.” He handed the shaver to Adrian.

“OK girls,” he said. “If you just lie down on the grass, the others can gather some water from the river in those empty bottles and cans on the bank and I’ll start to shave you.” He started on Nancy. “OK doll, Spread those legs” She shut her eyes tightly as she meekly obeyed.

The sergeant bent over to get a closer look. “I should use the beard trimmer to reduce the main bush, and then the shaver to get her really smooth.”

Adrian took his time and engaged in a bit of twat teasing at he shaved Nancy. He held her clit out of the way from time to time and squeezed it. Nancy started to get excited, like any woman would with this sort of attention, and her lips got steadily pink and larger. By the time the soldier had finished, her pussy was completely aroused and wide open and her slit was starting to dribble with juice. Adrian laughed. “You enjoyed that, didn’t you?”

Meanwhile the three other soldiers had made Jenny stand up and poured the cold river water all over her to wash off the mud. Their hands wandered all over her body to wash off the mud as she stood there wet and in complete humiliation. Chris then noticed Nancy’s smooth pussy. “Wow! Just take a look at that. Now isn’t that so much neater than a scruffy beaver?” Then he turned to Jenny. “OK doll. On your back and spread ‘em.” She did exactly as she was told. By the time she had been shaved, both girls were ordered to stand while the men looked at their smooth pussies which were now open, pink, and showed every detail.

The sergeant then addressed them all. “Right. Let’s be getting back up to the resting place. There’s a lot more work to be done before you’re finished. The terrible two groaned. But at least they were going up to the jeep to collect their uniforms.

When they arrived at the resting place all the other soldiers were lying around in their uniforms having a well earned break. When they saw the two naked girls they broke out into laughter and cat-calls.

“Now, that’s what I call two VERY naked babes!”

“That’s a real good twat trim!”

“Like your boobs, doll!”

“Turn around and show us your butts!”

And so it went on.

The two naked and humiliated girls went over to the jeep. “Where are our uniforms?” Nancy asked one of the soldiers.

“Your kit is in the second jeep,” he retorted.

“Well, where is it?” Nancy asked.

The soldier looked in the direction of the sergeant. “Hey, sarge. Where’s the other jeep? It should have been here by now.”

“Course it should,” replied the sergeant impatiently. He took out a mobile phone and made a call.

“Oh no! Don’t tell me that Mark. How did that happen? Well be as quick as you can.”

He looked at Nancy and Jenny. “Sorry girls. The jeep skidded into a ditch and they’ve got a puncture. They say they might be another hour getting it out and repairing the tyre.”

Both girls put their hands up to their heads. “Ooooh Noooo!” they chorused. “What do we do now?”

The sergeant looked at his watch. “Well, one thing’s certain, we can’t wait for them to get here. We’ll have to carry on with the course or eveyone will fail. The last part is the rock climbing.”

“Rock climbing!” echoed Jenny. “Must we do rock climbing like this - naked?”

“Fraid so,” he replied. OK guys and dolls, let’s move on.”

As the group marched off, a corporal emerged from the trees at their back. He held up the video camera and looked at the sergeant. Then he gave the thumbs up sign.

* * * * * *

A ten minute march brought the group to the foot of a rugged rocky cliff face some 40 feet high indented here and there with crevices two or three feet across. One of the corporals instructed the soldiers about the route up and across the rock face. “And don’t forget to go in single file. You can help one another by pushing and pulling one another onto the ledges and by lowering each other onto them by the hands. I shall be watching from the bottom of the cliff to see you keep to the marked route.”

He then arranged them in single file. Five men started, followed by Nancy; then another five men followed by Jenny. As they climbed up, the men in front and behind the two naked girls were more than a little helpful as they pushed their naked butts to help them up and sometimes putting their hands between their legs to give them a great heave.

Then they arrived at the first crevice which was a gap between the two rock faces about three feet wide. The five men in front of Nancy stretched across with one leg while their one hand was being held by a man on the far side and the other hand by a man on the near side. Then it was Nancy’s turn. Her one hand was held by the soldier who had crossed and the other by the soldier behind her. Then she stretched her leg across the gap.

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