tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersFeminine Enough Ch. 02

Feminine Enough Ch. 02


Chris ran her hands down my thighs as she sat back on her heels. I must have looked a little stunned. "Don't worry, it can be our secret," Chris added as she stood up and turned around to pick up her shoes, which she must have kicked off sometime while sucking me off.

Chris was a little taller than I, but slender, and her legs were long and shapely, clad in black silk thigh-highs. As she bent to pick up the shoes, the short tube dress she had on slid up to reveal a peak of a satiny thong nestled between the cleft of her pale, round buttocks. Since I was still seated and she was standing right in front of me, they were right at eye-level, tantalizingly close.

As she slid her toes into the second shoe, Chris glanced back over her shoulder and caught me checking out her ass. "You like what you see?" she bent over farther, causing the dress to ride yet higher up. She wiggled her ass sassily. "I can see that you do." Indeed, even though I'd blown a huge wad moments before, my cock, still glistening with her saliva and which hadn't even gone fully soft, was again swelling noticeably.

Chris slowly bent her knees, lowering those beautiful cheeks until my hardening cock nestled into her satin clad crack. Starting with little circles, Chris began to tease me. The sensation of the slick satin and her warm, soft flesh caused my breathing to quicken with passion. Chris sat fully in my lap and began grinding sensuously. Tentatively, but her voice still thick with desire, Chris asked "You wanna fuck?"

I answered by grabbing her hips and bucking mine up to increase the pressure of her cheeks against my cock. Chris stood up, and wiggled out of the dress, revealing a satiny chemise that matched her panties. I didn't get to admire the outfit long as she quickly slid her panties off and bent at the waist again, fishing under the couch.

She came up with a tube of lube. "Fortune rewards the prepared," she justified with a sassy wink. She applied a generous dollop to my erection, her fingers lingering to stroke it a bit longer than necessary to get it fully slickened.

She turned her back to me, spread her legs and bent at the waist. Peering back over her shoulder to gauge my reaction, she jiggled her ass. Her puckered asshole was right at eye level and I watched in fascination as she slowly slid a lube-slickened finger around its edge and then in up to the first joint, then the second and finally completely in to the knuckle.

"I'm ready, are you?" Chris whispered and positioned the tip of my cock where her finger had just been, and slowly, so slowly began lowering herself onto my cock. The head slid in until it met the resistance of her sphincter. Chris slowly lowered her hips, increasing the pressure until with a soft gasp, her sphincter relaxed and the resistance eased. She slowly lowered herself further until I was completely inside her and the round globes of her buttocks nestled against my pelvis.

"I'm your pussy," Chris sighed with pleasure. She brought her feet up onto the couch beside my thighs and leaned backwards, supporting herself on her arms. I grasped her silk-clad ankles so they wouldn't slide off the couch. Chris began to slide her pelvis up and down, up and down.

None of my girlfriends had been interested in trying anal sex, and I hadn't ever pressed the issue, just happy to have the pussy. I was surprised how hot and tight Chris' ass was. Her muscles gripped my cock in a warm, wet embrace like no pussy ever had. It was so hot, and so tight that I could tell--if i hadn't blown a load ten minutes earlier, I wouldn't have lasted very long at all. As Chris expertly worked the reverse cowgirl, I eventually I wanted to take a more active part. "Stand up sweetie, I want to fuck you doggie style."

Chris stood up eagerly and I got up, bent her over the padded arm of the couch and positioned myself behind her. I slowly slid my cock into her, meeting less resistance now that her muscles were more accustomed to accommodating a cock. My hands grasped her hips as I began to apply long, slow strokes. I enjoyed watching my cock slide in, then out of her ass, stretching its sensitive tissue with each stroke.

As my pace quickened, I caught a glance of us in the mirror across the room. In profile, I could see Chris' long legs, topped with those round buttocks rocking back and forth to meet each thrust. The hair of her bob wig, and her cock and balls swung pendulously in unison with the rhythm of our fucking, her eyes were narrowed in sensuous pleasure and her pink lips were parted in a sensuous "o".

I pulled out, flipped Chris onto her back and put her silk clad legs over my shoulders. As I plunged back into her tight hole, I leaned my weight against her legs and started thrusting, bottoming out with each stroke with an audible slap. "Oh, oh, so full!" Chris gasped as our breathing quickened with the accelerating pace of my thrusting. Soon I was just rutting wildly, with Chris writhing and gasping wantonly below me. With one final thrust I jammed my pelvis against those soft buttocks and shot my pulsing load deep inside her.

As our breathing returned to normal, Chris slid her legs off my shoulders and wrapped them around my waist. Her arms pulled me close "oh, my that was wonderful," she breathed in my ear "you can fuck me any time you want." As I slowly slid my softening cock out, her arms and sphincter tightened suddenly, causing me to gasp with pleasure. "Anytime."

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