tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersFeminine Enough Ch. 03

Feminine Enough Ch. 03


For the next few weeks, Chris would dress up and we'd fuck whenever the opportunity arose. Most of the time this happened while Dustin was at work. We'd make sure we knew his schedule, by heart. It was a lazy summer, and we were young and the sex was very good.

Several times during those weeks, I'd wake up in the middle of the night, with Chris' mouth wrapped around my cock. She'd slip across the hall into my room and try to suck me off without waking me. It never worked, mostly because after the first time, I would listen for her tiptoeing steps across the hall to my room.

I would feign sleep and I'd have to keep silent, while we kept movement to a minimum, because my bed creaked like crazy. Actually, I loved laying still in the dark as Chris' lips and tongue worked my cock and balls. I'd concentrate on the warm, wet sensation while trying not to moan while she worked her magic. The more I'd hold back, the harder she'd try to work me up. Frankly,it was almost as hot as when we had the place to ourselves and we could fuck at will.

One day, while Dustin was at work and after we'd sated ourselves, I asked Chris what had happened between them that had almost wrecked their friendship. Chris curled up next to me and absently ran her hand through my chest hair, "Honey, you're easy. You know what you want, and you know what you don't, and you don't fret about it. Dustin, he doesn't know what he wants. And he frets about it a lot. But, he's also very easy." I let it go after she refused to elaborate and forgot about it altogether when she slid down and started kissing my soft cock back to attention.

A few days later, Dustin had left for work at 11, and Chris was showing off her new set of fishnet stockings by noon. I had just bent her over the padded arm of our sofa and plunged my cock into her receptive ass when we heard the back door open.

We heard Dustin toss his keys on the counter and walk toward the living room, "the cooler apparently stopped working overnight, so all the meat was spoiled so they closed up and sent everybody ho-"... Dustin turned the corner and caught sight of Chris and I fucking. "oh, I uh, didn't realize you had a girl here!" Dustin started backing out of the room and, getting a closer look at the girl, paused.

I had been on an out-stroke when we heard the back door open, and Chris and I had both frozen in dismay. The head of my cock and just enough shaft were in to prevent a pop-out (nobody likes pop-outs), and when Dustin turned the corner, Chris tensed up in apprehension.

"Chris?" Dustin asked in shock, "David? What are you two doing?"

There was no explanation for why I had my cock in Chris' ass, or why she was dolled up in fishnets and wig, bent over the arm of the sofa. "I'm enjoying a very hot piece of ass," I offered, punctuating my statement with a thrust that solicited a gasp from Chris.

"Why don't you come over here and enjoy a hot mouth?" Chris recovered, patting the sofa in front of her.

"Wha- You-...?" Dustin's eyes darted from me, to Chris, to my cock sliding in and out of Chris' ass, to her semi-erect penis swinging with each stroke. Unconsciously, his feet crossed to stand near the sofa.

Chris reached a hand out and stroked his crotch through his work khakis, "you know you want it," she purred. Dustin's eyes were glazing over with desire and his breathing quickening. "I can see you want it," she added, and pressing her fingers, tightened the fabric to reveal the outline of his hardened cock, "I feel it too." She patted the sofa cushion again. "Now, let me taste it."

Dustin's hands shook as he quickly unbuttoned and pulled down his pants and boxers and sat where Chris had indicated. She bent down and took his cock in her mouth. I shifted my feet to adjust for the altered angle of her pelvis, and also to get a better view.

Dustin's cock was a bit longer than mine, but not as thick. Chris had no problem with the extra length, though, as she could take it all. I enjoyed watching her lips slide up and down the shaft and adjusted my rhythm to match.

Dustin moaned, a sheen of perspiration glistened on his forehead and his breathing was ragged. "Ohhh, god!" he shuddered convulsively and came in Chris' mouth. Kinda quick, in my view, but Chris really is an amazing cocksucker. Chris put a hand on Dustin's chest and leaned in to give him a deep french kiss, to share his load with him. That wasn't really my cup of tea, but Dustin apparently loved it, moaning in pleasure as their tongues entwined.

Chris stood up and put a hand on my hip, indicating she wanted to switch positions. I pulled out and she walked to the front of the sofa, grabbed Dustin's knees and pulled until he was sitting on the floor with his back to the sofa. Chris planted a foot on each side of his hips and her cock hung right in front of his upturned face. She bent over, lowering it to just above his lips and placed her hands on the sofa cushion.

Dustin eagerly took her in his mouth and began sucking. I stepped up behind Chris again and placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her so invitingly positioned hole. Chris moaned with delight as Dustin's mouth worked her cock, while mine plunged in and out of her ass.

We soon found a rhythm. Sometimes Chris would lean back to meet my thrusts, others, she'd plunge forward with my thrust. Dustin, his back against the sofa, had nowhere to go and had to take these double thrusts. He invariably gagged, and the sound--along with his ragged breathing as he tried to control his retching was a bit alarming. Chris looked back over her shoulder at me and smiled, "don't worry, he's enjoying it." She punctuated that with another thrust that set off an additional round of gagging from Dustin.

I was dubious, but then caught sight of us in the mirror across the room. His mouth was open wide to receive Chris' cock, his eyes closed with pleasure, while saliva dribbled down his chin. Meanwhile, his fist pumped furiously at his cock.

Chris soon gasped, "here it comes baby!" As she shot her load in Dustin's mouth, her muscles tensed in waves as her orgasm washed over her. That pushed me over the edge and I grabbed her hips and plunged in one last time, shooting my load deep inside her with long, shuddering spurts.

I slowly pulled out and stepped back from the couch. Chris stepped back from Dustin, whose chin glistened with saliva and the part of Chris' load he couldn't handle. His shirt was clotted with his own load as he'd clearly shot it up on his chest while sucking Chris off.

Chris turned around and planted her ass squarely in Dustin's face. Seeing the look on my face, "don't worry, he's enjoying it." Her eyes widened and she gasped as Dustin's tongue plunged into her tender, dripping hole. "He's finally starting to realize what he really wants--and to not fret about it."

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