Feminized by My Girlfriend Ch. 02


One guy who had been talking with my Mistress stood up and asked me who I was. I had to shout for him to hear me and just the the music stopped for a moment. I think everyone in the room stopped and looked at me as I yelled, "I am Sissy Amita and I belong to Mistress Brook. In the Hindu language Amita means, without limits. He just smiled and said, "I guess I will just have to find out how true that is. It looks like your enjoying the drinks. Tell me the name of it and how much you would like another one".

I said, "I would love nothing more than another mouth full of cum". He smiled at me and then walked away as the music started back up, Mistress Linda stood up, poured another drink down my throat and said if I like to flirt so much I should give them a show. She then lifted my dress above my waist and tucked it into the cleavage of the dress so the only thing that was not exposed was my breast. This made my clit strain so hard against the cage and my head get real hot. The fact I was being shown off and starting to feel drunk, this was all making me feel loose and slutty. Mistress Brook released my chains and led me to the stage. As I walk led up the stairs on the stage I heard people compliment me on my tramp stamp. I looked into Mistress Linda's eyes and she said it was a bunch of flowers surrounding the words "Without limits, anything goes."

My dress was removed and as I stood on the stage in just heels, a thong and a bra I could not imagine what was about to happen next. I was handed a large dildo and Mistress Brook shouted from the booth, Sissy Amita, show everyone how talented you have become with your mouth and throat. At this point all of my insecurities were gone and I grabbed the dildo and started to tease it like a girl giving a blow job in a porn flick. I was licking it up and down and kissing the head until I finally opened my mouth and slid my lips over the head. My heart started pounding as I slid my lips down the thick long shaft. If I had been able to get hard I think I would have cum right on the spot. I picked up the pace sliding the shaft halfway in and out of my mouth. In no time I was completely deep throating the dildo holding it all the way in for fifteen to twenty seconds at a time. My head was spinning and I started to piston the whole thing in and out of my throat. Saliva was dripping off the dildo and streamed from my lips to the head when I would pull it completely out to catch my breath. As I was doing this Mistress Brook walked onto the stage wearing a strap-on guided me to my knees. She removed the plug from my ass and started to ease the head into me. This took my head and emotions to a whole new level and I lost all control. I pulled the dildo out and started begging her to fuck me like the sissy I am. As she started working in and out of my ass I went back to working the shaft of the dildo to the back of my throat. I did not even notice that Mistress Linda had walked onto stage also wearing a harness. She took the dlldo out of my hands and filled my mouth with her strap-on. I did not realize I was on a part of the stage that could rotate until we started to move. There I was getting pounded from both ends in front of a crowd of strangers and it was total ecstasy.

Finally they both pulled out and I collapsed on the ground. Because of the cage I never got hard and never came but my body felt like I had cum multiple times. As the crowd applauded and my heart rate got back to normal, I was re-secured and led back off the stage. My legs were still shaking to the point I needed help walking. I was taken back stage and was aloud to lay down and I actually feel asleep. When I woke up, I saw Mistress Kaitlyn talking the Mistress Linda and Mistress Brook. She was telling them the squirting strap-ons she brought for them would make the second show even better. I did not know if I could handle another show but the thought of going back out there started waking me up and getting me excited again. I moved a bit which brought attention to me. Mistress Brook looked at me and said, "Oh, hi Amita, I did not know you were awake. did you by any chance hear what we were talking about?"

I addressed her properly and advised her I did hear about the second show with the squirting strap-ons. She said that even though I did not have a choice, she wanted to know what I thought about it. I advised her that i was not sure if my body could handle it but my mind was all for it. She smiled and walked over with another mouth full of cum and had me shoot it. I guess because I was so drunk, the coconut flavour was getting less and the saltiness was increasing but I was not really sure.

My make-up was touched up and I was led back onto the stage. This time my bra and thong was removed and I was secured to a saw horse so I was stand but partially bent over. A set of steps was in front of the saw horse so the dildo going in and out of my mouth would be perfect height for which ever one of them was fucking my throat. I was then blind folded and gagged. I felt a slap on the ass which made my tits bounce up and down. The spanking continued and I heard people commenting about my tits, how good I looked and how they wish they were on stage with me instead of the Mistresses. I would not have cared at all if another girl wanted to come up there but even with all of the feminization, I still did not want to have sex with a guy.

The spanking stopped and I felt one of my Mistresses stand between my legs, The dildo eased into my ass and this one was a little bigger that the one used earlier and probably was more expensive because it felt nicer. As the dildo started to pound me I not only loved the feel of getting fuck, I loved the feel of my tits bouncing to the rhythm. Mistress Kaitlyn whispered into my ear, "Tell everyone watching how much you loved being fucked and how much you love swallowing mouths full of cum. The dildos have been filled with mouth full of cum so I want to hear you beg for more until you are told otherwise. I have brought multiple dildos and we are gonna pull a train on your ass and throat. If you give a great performance, the cage will be removed and you will finally be allowed to cum."

A few second later the gag was removed and I felt a dildo touch my lips. I opened up to let it work it's way in and I was in heaven. I never dreamed I would love being used and abused for the public in this way but I did. Mistress Brook was right, she knew me better than I knew myself. My body was pouring out with sweat and my head was hot as hell. I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest with each thrust into my ass and throat. My tits were swinging back and forth but were so secure they felt to me like they were real. The dildo in my mouth shot a mouth full of cum inside of me and pulled out, luckily I only had to wait for a short time for it to be replaced with another one. Each dildo was different in size and with each one, they used a different rhythm and force to make it feel like it was a different person. When the last load was shot into my mouth I was still begging for more. Mistress Brook told me and the crowd that since I loved this so much, we would be back for an encore event.

I was then led back off the stage and my blind fold was remove. Mistress Brook told me the next show would be very easy on me but to get more rest before it starts. I laid back down and fell asleep again. I have no idea how long I was out for but it felt like awhile because I felt more refreshed. I was not even allowed to tough up my make up this time.

I was led on stage completely naked looking like the slut I had become that had bee completely fucked multiple times. This time I was secured on my knees with my hands secured behind my back and a ball gag placed in my mouth. I was on the right side on the stage facing the left side. A large TV screen dropped down from the ceiling along the back of the stage. I figured this way I would also see what ever the crowd watched. Mistress Brook then removed my clit from it's cage and it sprung to life. It was rock hard and all I could think of is that I will finally get to cum. The lights dimmed in the crowd and the screen came on to she Mistress Brook dressed in a Dominatrix outfit. She opened her mouth and I could not believe what transpired next.

"Hello, I am Mistress Brook and I am here to show you how I found a regular guy and in around six months, I turned him into the complete Sissy Slave Slut named Amita that has performed twice this evening and is now kneeling on stage in next to the screen of the first showing of this film." At that moment my heart sank. As She narrated I saw she had a camera in her bag and recorded the first time she spoke to me in the gym. She had been recording me the whole time and I had no clue. I started to get mad as hell but there was absolutely nothing i could do about it. She continued to narrate the story.

"The reason it did not take long before he was putty in my hands and I was able to change him as because I could tell from the first time I saw him this is what he really wanted to be but was to afraid to see it. As you will see, I guided him to break down his own barriers until he could finally be happy as Amita. The meaning of Amita is without limits in the Hindu Language. Amita has found out deep inside her that she obviously has no limits and will be extremely happy not that she has learned that."

At that point she was no longer on the screen and I watch the past six months flash across the screen. Not only was she showing my most intimate moments and feeling I saw what she had done to transform me that I never knew about. I saw when she made me her slave at her house and I realised when she had me waiting to go on this trip she was probably collecting what she had just filmed. When I was waiting to be fucked by Mistress Brook and Mistress Linda in the dungeon Mistress Linda had just been fucked and her pussy filled with cum. That's why she was thicker and tasted so different. through out the film all three Mistresses would make comments on how much of a natural sissy I was and how happy this seemed to make me. As I was watching all of this I noticed that I never lost my erection and while it pissed me off, the humiliation was still turning me on. At this point I should not have been shocked by anything but I was when I realized the mouth full of cum shooters that I drank was different from the ones everyone else drank. My actually did have men's cum in them and as the night went on, more cum was added to each shooter. I thought that was bad enough but the last performance I did was not squirting dildos, the Mistresses stayed on stage just so I would hear their voices to think it was them I watched with amazement watching myself getting fucked hard in the ass and mouth my a lot of different men. One of course was the guy who talked to me while I was chained to the pole next to the booth. Both performances were shown in their entirety. I watched for so long I realized that was actually having the best time of my life when I was being used by the men loved it when men came in my mouth.

The movie ended and everyone started clapping. I noticed my dick stayed rock hard through out the whole time and Mistress Brook mentioned that to everyone. She walked up to me, gave me a real mouth full of cum shooter and asked if I wanted the real thing and if I was ready to finally cum. I kissed her back and said. "yes, thank you and I love you." She then unchained me and stood me up and the saw horse was brought back on the stage. As we walked to the saw horse, she turned to the crowd and said I am going to give Amita the best blow job she has ever had but I want all of the men to join us on stage and finish the transformation of Amita. Amita and I want you to once again fuck his brains out while I make she cum hard than she has even come in her life.

As Mistress Brook climbed under the saw horse and started to tease my clit with her mouth. Men started pouring up on to the stage and removing their clothes. I actually started salivating as I saw the cock coming my way. This time I got to actually play with them and touch them with my hands. The was even better than earlier. As the first cock started working it way into my ass, my heart jumped with joy. I reached out and lightly caressed the first cock that was in front of my face. I kissed the head and swirled my tongue around it loving the feel of it on my lips. I was all tingly as I slide my mouth down his shaft taking the whole thing in. I was so in tune with the cock in my mouth I actually made him cum in no time. I asked that everyone that was fucking my ass to pull out and cum on my face or in my mouth. I had emotions that were more sensual and more erotic than ever before. I thought I would cum in seconds but the blow job I was receiving was so masterful she held me off. Whenever I was close she just pulled off and let my cock twitch. once it calmed down she would work up and down sending my to new heights. I was even doing things to the cocks in my mouth that she was doing to me except I did not let them off the hook I would suck them for all they were worth.

After multiple cocks Mistress Brook had me shoot my load in her mouth while I had a huge cock buried deep in my ass and another one deep in my throat. My body started convulsing and my hands and legs started trembling. I saw flashes of light and almost lost conciseness. She was right, I came harder than I had even in my life I agreed I am a natural siisy slut and proud to be one.

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