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Femme Night Fuckery


You really are a beautiful man. You take great pride in your masculinity. You have a jaw that could cut glass. Your chest is chiseled and forms that perfect arrow to your slim, muscular hips and thighs. I think that is why I was so surprised when my Alpha Male texted his fantasy of being fucked by me whilst dressed femme. My mind skittered to a complete standstill while my pussy released a veritable fountain of arousal. This was going to take some serious planning, but I had to make it happen.

I hadn't referred to your fantasy since you sent that first message many months ago. I patiently bided my time until my preparations were complete. You had a three day weekend coming up, so I know you would have time available to play. I messaged you a week beforehand letting you know I required your services and escort to a semi-formal work function. I required you clean-shaven, in your best black dress slacks, white button down, and tie. You grumbled a bit about being a trained monkey on display, but I wisely ignored your petty pouting. You would feel far differently soon.

You arrived at the appointed time. You know I will not tolerate tardiness. I was blown away again at how breathtakingly beautiful you are. The laugh lines that only appear when you genuinely smile make my knees go week. It's been almost a month since I've seen you. You are so deliciously MALE. You smirk at me, as I am obviously not dressed to go out in public. Your eyes sweep up me, from the tips of my pointed leather boots, up the split-thigh, black velvet skirt, pausing for a moment on the red vinyl corset cinching my waist, forcing my black lace-clad breasts up and out, until you note the mischievous glint in my bright blue eyes, and dancing smile about my full, red lips. Your eyes widen momentarily as you adjust yourself to new expectations for this weekend.

I grab you by the silver and black striped tie wrapped around your lovely neck and pull you in for a deep kiss. Your hands immediately move to position behind your back, even though the action tips you further into me. I lean you back into balance, and never releasing the tie, lead you into my apartment.

I have already prepared so much for this evening. A steaming bath already fills the air with moisture. I bring you down the hall to the bathroom, and you look at me questioningly. You have yet to say a word to me; because you know I have not given you leave to speak. You move to help me undress, but I place on hand on your chest, clasp that beautiful jaw with the other, and finally say only one word, "You".

It is at that moment you notice the shaving supplies. A variety of oils and creams are arrayed for us to sample as the desired scent for this intimate experience. You know I don't care for floral scents, but still I insist you test each, waiting for you to give me the reaction I am looking for. It is when you breathe in the conditioner I use in my hair that I see it: a slight widening in your eyes of arousal. I remove the other bottles and turn to start undressing you.

Attempting not to arouse the two of us too much, I try to make swift work of the clothing that separates you from the world. I hang your shirt, as I have need of it for later, but the rest of your clothes a quickly a pile on the floor, until only your cock stands at attention between us. I guide you and lower you into the tub, enjoying the hiss of initial shock of heat turns into a sigh of appreciation. I kneel to the edge of the tub and take the cloth I laid out to start gently washing your body. I use soft, gentle movements, no real friction or flirtation, just giving you time to adjust to the sensation of being bathed by someone else.

Your legs are almost as long as the entire tub. I caress down your right thigh, over your calf, and gently grip your heel to lift your leg out of the water. I move to pass the conditioner bottle over your leg and liberally massage it into you. I pick up the razor I have laid out and set metal to skin. I look at you, amazed at the trust you are placing in ME. I take a deep breath, and turn my focus to the strong, slippery leg in front of me. The hair falls away with each pass of my razor. I repeat my ministrations on your other leg. I finish, and have you stand while I rinse you with the shower head. I take great delight in toweling you dry. I pull my lotion down and soothe skin unused to such abuse. Your eyes, already heavy with desire, drift shut allowing your other senses to take over. Your cock slowly stirs to life as the heat of the bath dissipates. I grab your clothes and you pad silently behind me as move to the bedroom.

Finally, you see your surprise. I have laid out all of my purchases for you on the bed. All have been freshly laundered, lovingly, by my female submissive. I lay your shirt carefully on top of the skirt, and you r eyes fasten on the only dark items on the bed. My black harness and pegging dildo stand starkly against the pale blankets. Your erection bobs up and down, as if it is bouncing with a combination of excitement and terror. A throaty laugh escapes me, and I can't help but look you in the eyes as I hoarsely whisper, "Oh my sweet boy, I cannot wait to meet the sweet girl inside you."

At my words, your cock releases the smallest bead of moisture. I reach forward, and with my finger, remove it from your engorged head and taste you. "I am so excited; I've had to change my panties twice today!" I take your hand and bring your fingers to the juncture of my thighs, where your strong fingers rub the wet fabric, making me moan. I release you and turn around, but not before I see you bring your fingers to face and inhale the scent of me. I grab the bra/ panties set and hold them up to you. "They match your eyes, my sweet." I bend and have you step into the panties, sliding them up your smooth legs, ensuring the satin glides along your newly-sensitized, shaved skin. I lift them up and over your erection, lifting your heavy sack up to press against your shaft. The satin strains, but manages to cover the sizeable bulge. I smooth the soft fabric against your impossibly tight ass, sighing with appreciation before giving a gentle smack to those perfect cheeks.

I take delight in clasping the bralette around your chest, ensuring the rough lace scratches against your nipples. Your breathing hitches and the panties darken noticeably with moisture. Next comes your thigh highs and garter belt. I clasp the belt around your oh-so-narrow waist. Finally, looking at you, I kneel before you. I have never done this. I am the dominant, but it allows me the pleasure of enjoying the full length of your legs. I pull first one, then the other up over your toes, tickling the arch of your foot, grazing every inch of flesh before it is covered with the soft, silky fabric. I attach them to the dangling garters, ensuring the bows are sweetly centered above your knees. I have you step into the skirt, and stand, bringing the skirt with me. I zip your skirt and then ease your shirt back over those beautiful shoulders, peppering kisses along the bra straps. I can clearly see the blue noticeable through the thin cotton. No undershirt this time! But oh, those damnable buttons!

I step back to admire my handiwork. You stand, hands lightly clasped behind you, head down, eyes almost closed from processing these new sensations. I take my finger and gently press your chin up until your eyes meet mine. "So beautiful, my sweet." A blush suffuses through your body at my quiet praise. "Now help me strap in." You kneel in front of me, the skirt brushing against your legs. You pull my skirt down, revealing my own fishnets and garter belt. You ready the straps and I step into the harness. I tighten it about my hips and thighs, and have you slide the black dildo into position. I adjust it tightly against my pussy so that as I am driving into your sweet ass, my clit will get an excellent pounding.

I lead you out of the bedroom and stand you in front of my couch. I noted the height of the rolled arm earlier was perfect for me. I gently press on you back until your body folds over the arm and your head and chest rest against the pillows I have placed there. The lube rests on the table next to me and I take a moment to apply a generous amount to my narrow black cock jutting from my crotch. With my other hand, I skim up your thighs, cupping your sweet tight ass with appreciation under your skirt. Gently, I flip up the skirt over your back and ease those sweet blue panties back down until they are entangled with the garter straps. All of this is the most erotic prison. You cannot spread your legs too far, and your groans of appreciation at every move I make tell me you are in heaven.

I gently move my lubricated fingers to that sweet pucker this position has opened to my view. Slowly, I slide one finger inside you, making you moan so sweetly. I work a second finger into you, stretching and lubricating that tight ring of muscle. Already your breathing is so ragged, I know you will come long before I do. But that is the beauty of this night, this position. You are imprisoned. You can only sit there and take what I give you. I press the blunt edge of my dildo against your shining ass, and slowly flex into you. This is no finger anymore. You tighten reflexively, and I remind you to breathe. A deep, shuddering breath fills your lungs, and you bravely attempt to press back into me. "Still, my sweet. Let me take you." I ease deeper, until I am fully sheathed, your hungry ass completely engulfing my cock. I pull back slightly and you attempt to shift, but you are still impaled upon me. I groan at the juxtaposition of the black darkness against the light blue clothing and pale, sweet smelling skin. I move in again, my pussy grinding against the flat disc of silicone at the base of the dildo. We both moan this time as I move harder and faster. Finally, I am pounding into you, slamming myself against your, and you against the couch. You beg "Mistress, please! I'm going to come!"

"My sweet, do so! My good girl! My sweet, good girl!" You explode even as I keep grinding against your ass, never stopping, never pausing as I reach for my own release. You have collapsed nothing but the couch and cock holding you in position as I keep going. Finally, I thrust one last time and my clit can handle no more. I come, juices long past being held back by my panties, dripping down my thighs. Our scents mingle in the air as I drop over you, my body still pulsing with my release. "Mmm, what a good girl you are, my sweet."

"Thank you, my Mistress. Thank you."

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