As I looked over the damage to my house and yard from the recent hurricane, I was reminded of a Japanese haiku written by a man who had lost the roof to his house. In the haiku he finds that with the roof gone he has a much better view of the moon. I guess I need to look at the damage to my fence the same way. Now that my fence is damaged I have a much better view, a much better view of my neighbor's house, more specifically my neighbor's master bedroom window.

It's a funny thing about fences, while they typically aren't built tall enough, or strong enough to keep people out, once a fence is built a boundary is defined and people generally respect that boundary. Certainly most people could climb a 6' fence, but they typically don't, they simply go around it. For the owner of the fence, the fact that people don't encroach through the fence enables them to feel a sense of security and privacy once they have a fence.

Strangely, it seems some people who've grown accustomed to the privacy and security may not immediately realize all the repercussions when their fence is blown down in a hurricane. Well, at least my neighbors don't seem to have absorbed it completely. I realized this as I watched Bill, my neighbor, walk into his bedroom taking a last sip of coffee, step into the bathroom to place the cup on the counter and return to kiss his wife goodbye for the day.

I don't want to imply that my neighbor's are completely stupid, you see, all of the fence did not go down in the storm, just a small part, where a tree broke out a section of boards in the corner. It just happens to be a convenient corner to set up a lawn chair next to my bush and lean forward a bit to watch. Anyway, after the kiss goodbye, Bill headed to his car and his wife, Candice, disappeared into the bathroom to take a shower.

Today Candice's departure reminded me that I needed my binoculars, so I quickly scrambled back to my garage, grabbed the binoculars and moved back to my lawn chair. Sure enough, after a few minutes wait I found myself adjusting the focus as she finished drying off her shoulders and then wrapped the towel around her head. It's so sexy how the women do that.

The first few days after the hurricane, when Candice didn't have power, I really enjoyed how she shivered and hopped about as she stepped out of the shower. And her nipples, damn I've never seen nipples stand up so hard. Of course back then she'd dive into her bed and I'd only get to watch her body move beneath the blankets. I knew what she was doing, and it was a turn on, but now, after a hot shower, I enjoy her more languid movements as she dries and prepares herself for pleasure.

This morning, like most mornings, Candice took a moment in front of her dresser, staring down into an open drawer. As she tried to decide exactly what toy she would use, I took a moment to gaze at her magnificent, magnified body. I began at her head, the towel wrapped around her hair let just a few strands of blondish red hair trickle down her neck before running up and pulling her forehead tight.

Her eyebrows were a bit darker than her hair, the red tint a bit heavier here. There were a few wrinkles at the corners of her beautiful, steel blue eyes and I let my gaze slip quickly past the slight hint of darkness beneath her lower lids. Her nose is small, kind of turned up a bit which accentuates her full lips. Even without make up, the lips seemed deep red as they quivered while she debated which vibrator she might use today.

Candice's breasts sagged some, as any forty-something woman's would, but they strangely seem to turn as her nipples don't point to the ground, but almost point upward. I quickly unzipped my pants and slipped out my erection as I pondered sucking those upturned nipples. Down from her breasts I curved over the slight paunch in her stomach to the dark patch of hair between her legs, not nearly as reddish blonde as the hair on her head.

Oh but I forgave the woman for coloring her hair as I began stroking my cock, picturing it sliding through those gentle curls. She had made her decision, a cock shaped dildo that vibrates, one I've particularly enjoyed seeing covered in her juices. I continued stroking my cock as she moved onto the bed, reached to a nightstand drawer and brought out a small vial of lubricant.

Adjusting the binoculars while continuing to stroke myself, I watched as the vibrating cock slowly moved down between her legs and then began to disappear into the soft folds of skin. Feeling a wave of pleasure forming in my balls, I stopped stroking, wanting to hold off, wanting to match her rhythm as she began thrusting that cock into herself, but my cock kept tingling.

Her pussy lips stretched outward, sliding down the length of the plastic cock as I felt it happening and I began stroking wildly, feeling the electric sensations spasm through my body and I watched the white cum spurt from me, arching out onto the dirt in splotchy puddles here and there. Continuing to stroke myself, I looked back through the binoculars as Candice began to slowly move her hips.

Fuck, the last drops of my cum dripped onto my pants as Candice was just getting started. I slipped my soft cock back into my pants and watched as she moved adjusted the vibration on the dildo and then continued moving it in and out, but it just wasn't the same. She moved alone now, without me. It was a moment we no longer shared as I became a voyeur, a peeping tom. I wasn't her distant lover anymore, I was just a fat fuck ogling her as she completed a very private act.

I did wait for her to finish, but then I grabbed my lawn chair and headed back toward my house. While walking along the undamaged portion of my fence I heard a splashing next door. Curiously I moved to a well worn portion of my lawn and leaned down, adjusting my height so I could peek though a knothole in the fence, but noticed it had broken away here too. Julie, my next door neighbor was relaxing on a chaise lounge while her kids swam in the pool.

"Ah," I whispered to myself, "Today is soccer day." Sometime after lunch Julie's husband would take the kids to soccer, leaving Julie alone to relax by the pool. I set down the lawn chair and headed inside to set my alarm. Once inside I grabbed a bottle of my light blue pills and set one out. After doing a bit of math, I set my alarm and then went inside to get cleaned up. I had a date on my side of the fence and I didn't want to be late. Yep, these fences really do make great neighbors, even when they've been blown down.

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