tagNonHumanFeral Ch. 02

Feral Ch. 02


Tianna stumbled through the trees, tears streaming down her face. She could almost hear them behind her. She could surely smell them. She went faster, as fast as her bruised and battered body would allow. She was only half loup garu, her blood dilute. Her vision wasn't as keen, her senses less attuned. She couldn't muster the strength to call up her abilities, sharpen her senses. She couldn't see and the woods around her felt ominous. Branches tore at her hair and whipped at her face. The very tree roots seemed to raise up and trip her.

She felt like she was trapped in some B movie slasher flick and like any heroine she faced the inevitable fall. She didn't see the tree root and she most certainly didn't see the ravine that followed.

She screamed and tumbled headfirst down the slope, pulling, attempting to grasp roots, grasses, anything to slow her fall.

She hit the bottom hard and rolled to a halt. She screamed in pain. She couldn't help it. She couldn't move as new waves of pain ripped agonizingly through her body.

Snick, snap, snick. The stars sang out in tiny voices above her head through the canopy of the trees. She tried to move but her body protested fiercely.

Change. If she could just change. She could heal more quickly, possibly keep running. She lay still, silent, trying to focus. She felt the tiniest twinge of muscles, the slightest shifting of bone but nothing more. She was too weak, too damaged. She lay silently staring up at the stars, tears blurring her vision.

The darkness began to creep in at the edges of her vision and then her breathing slowed. And then her vision went back and she knew nothing.

Ethan halted suddenly as her scream ripped through the trees. Her cry frightened him. Her cry was sharp and agonized. The scent of blood was growing stronger and he was sure any carnivore around could smell it.

As if to confirm the thought, he heard the piercing cry of a puma ring out. And considering the condition he figured the girl was in, there was no way she would be able to defend herself.

He quickened his pace, closely following her haphazard trail. He could smell Nick and Trent close behind him. He had to stop himself short before he shared to girl's fate and tumbled down the ravine.

The smell of the puma became overwhelming. It was right below him. With a jolt, he realized, so was the girl.

He slid down the ravine, landing crouched. His eyes fixed on the puma crouched low over the prone figure of the girl. The puma fixed Ethan with it's yellow gaze. It smelled wolf, wolves.

Ethan straightened to his full height. Blood rushed through his veins, the possibility of a fight calling to the wolf in him. He felt his nails lengthening, felt his muscles expanding, his canines growing. His eyes took on a feral glow. A growl started low in his gut, working up through his chest. The sound bore no semblance of his humanity.

The puma crouched low over its unconscious prey. Ethan stepped forward and growled again full of menace. The sounds of more growls sounded from the lip of the ravine above.

The puma flinched and darted into the woods. Ethan relaxed feeling his wolf features retreat. He stepped forward and knelt quickly by Tianna's side, "Christ," he murmured.

She was pretty banged up. He pretty face was scratched and bruised and there was no telling what broken bones or injuries the leather biker suit might be hiding. He was afraid to move her.

He surveyed her face. There were many tiny cuts. He winced, a twinge of worry tugging at him. She should be healing faster than this. Was it possible she was beyond healing herself.

He heard Trent and Nick slide down the slope beyond him.

"Is she alright?" Trent asked uncertainly.

Ethan sighed. He slowly ran his hands over her small body, searching for broken bones. "We keep her right here 'til morning until she heals a bit. We can't move her before then."

Trent protested, "We don't have the supplies for her here. We can't--"

"Then go get them," Ethan snarled. "Both of you. Return to Thornehall. Get the supplies and bring them back to this spot."


"Now!" Ethan nearly shouted. "And tell Aaron what's happened."

Nick and Trent turned and slowly made their way up the ravine.

Ethan stared down at the girl. He had a long night ahead of him.


Tianna opened her eyes to gaze up through the tree tops at the starlit sky. She groaned as she attempted to shift. God, it hurt.

She realized suddenly that she was not alone. The tall blonde man from the bar was with her. He was carefully tending a small blaze that he was attempting to coax larger.

The amber light of the flames flickered over her his features. Lord, he was handsome and built to make a woman actually want to be a sex slave.

Tianna gave a mental shake. She was not one of those women.

Feeling eyes upon him, Ethan lifted his head and found the girl awake and staring right at him. He stood and watched her eyes widen and become frightened.

Ethan walked over to where she lay and crouched down beside her. He watched her try to shrink away from him and wince in pain. He gave an answering grimace at her discomfort. He reached out to sooth her and stroked her dark silken hair. He pulled a leaf from her now tangled locks.

The motion seemed only to agitate her further. She gave a small whimper and tears filled her eyes.

Ethan drew back. "Sorry," he said softly as he lifted his hands and managed a small smile. She didn't seem convinced. He tried again. "I'm Ethan."

She narrowed her eyes at him but still didn't speak. The name sparked a memory. Good God she hoped this wasn't the Ethan her father had told her about.

He sighed heavily and dropped to his knees beside her. "Look," he said. "I'm sorry about the bar, and chasing you and your accident. But we don't want to hurt you."

She glared at him. "I wouldn't be hurt if your had just left me alone."

His mouth pressed into a thin line. His voice was low. "We had planned to take you before you needed to be chased. We were informed that you would be difficult."

Tianna gritted her death. Her dark eyes blazed with rage. "Fuck you," she growled.

Ethan smiled again. "That can be arranged darlin'," he drawled.

Tianna wanted to smack him.

Behind him two men were sliding down the slope, packs slung over their shoulders. They came to stand beside Ethan.

They all grinned down at her and Tianna felt like a bug under a microscope.

The dark-haired one smiled down at her. He was kind of pretty, Tianna noted. "How is she?" he asked, glancing at Ethan.

Ethan's jaw tightened. "Difficult."

Tianna sneered at him. "Go to hell."

Trent, the smaller red-headed male laughed and smacked Ethan on the back. "Well I can tell she's taken a liking to you Ethan."

"She needs that mouth washed out with soap," Ethan growled low in his throat, turned on his heel and began to go through the Packs. Trent went to join him.

The dark-haired werewolf, Nick, bent beside her. His smile seemed genuine.

She gazed back at him warily.

"Are you in much pain?" he asked softly.

Tianna pressed her lips together and nodded her head.

"Is anything broken."

Tianna nodded again. She blinked back tears. "My ribs," she said quietly. "My ribs are broken, I think."

Worry entered his dark gaze. "Does it hurt to move?"

"Immensely," she answered.,

The man bit his lip. "Aaron's going to kill us."

She frowned. "Who's Aaron? Aaron Thorne?"

"Head of the Pack," Nick answered.

Tianna's mind was racing. The Pack? A group of werewolves, purebloods, not mutts. whose bloodlines went back to ancient times. She decided to say nothing and fixed a blank confused look on her face. She'd visited the Pack when she was a child but she had no contact them for years. She wanted no part of them.

Nick noticed the blank expression and dismissed it. Instead he focused on her injuries. He met her gaze and nodded at the fitted black motorcycle jacket. "May I take a look?"

A look of panic flitted over her pretty features. She threw a glance towards the others. They were busy pitching tents and paying her no attention. She shifted her attention to Nick and met his gentle gaze. She nodded silently.

Tentatively he reached for the zipper and pulled it down slowly, doing his best not to hurt her. A black lacey camisole was revealed against golden brown skin. Nick tried to ignore the generous swell of her breasts and instead his fingertips grazed the bottom of her top.

"I'm just going to check your ribs," he said softly.

She nodded and seemed to be holding his breath.

He lifted the camisole to reveal dark purple bruises all along her right ribcage. Watching her face, he gently glided his fingertips over her side. She hissed in a breath and squeezed her eyes shut.

Nick withdrew his hand. He sighed. "You're banged up pretty good."

She exhaled slowly as he lowered her top. "No kidding," she mumbled. The bike suit had had protected her from cuts and scratches but not the breaks and bruises.

"Anything else?" Nick asked.

"As if this weren't enough?" she hissed.

He had the courtesy to look chagrinned.

She shook her head, no. "Just bruised and achy."

"Do you think you can move?"

Tianna snorted. "Not likely." She stopped short. Should she be admitting that she was completely helpless.

Ethan came to stand beside Nick. "How is she?" he asked softly.

"Broken ribs," Nick supplied.

"Why can't you just let me go?" Tianna demanded.

Both men looked at her skeptically.

"Do you know who my parents are? If you're Pack, you know who my father is." She hissed at them.

Ethan and Nick exchanged glances.

"We're going to move you now," Ethan said quietly. "We'll be as careful as we can not to hurt you."

Tianna's jaw tightened and she steeled herself. The two men got on either side of her; Ethan by her upper half on her left and Nick by her legs on her right. Both men slid their arms under her and lifted her.

Tianna stifled a whimper of pain as they carried her across the ground an gently deposited her inside of the tents. After seeing that she was settled upon one of the pallets, they withdrew closing the flap of the tent behind them.

Tianna sighed. She knew she wasn't going anywhere tonight. There was no way her body was going to let her. But tomorrow would be different.

Musing to herself, she lengthened her nails. She felt her canines growing longer. She traced their sharp tips with her tongue.

She smiled to herself. Soon.

She allowed herself to close her eyes and give in to the darkness and the sounds of the woods around her.

She fell asleep, a contented smile upon her face.

"That smile worries me," Ethan growled as he peeked into the tent in which the girl lay sleeping. "She's planning something. I know it."

Trent looked in on her. "Ah, Ethan, she looks peaceful. Where's she gonna go anyway?"

Ethan straightened and crossed his arms over his chest. "I'll stay with her tonight."

Trent grinned. "Why do you get to share a tent with that luscious little piece."

"Exactly," Nick mirrored Ethan's posture.

Ethan's brows drew together as he surveyed his Pack brothers. "If she tries to run...she'll be stronger tomorrow. She'll fight. Are either of you willing to take her on?"

Both Trent and Nick shifted uncomfortably under Ethan's glare.

"We have to get her to Thornehall even if we have to knock her around a little before. She'll thank us later." He surveyed each man in turn. "I'm going to bed. Any other arguments."

Trent shrugged and looked sheepish. Nick simply turned on his heel and stalked into his own tent.

Ethan nodded goodnight to Trent and then ducked into the girl's tent. He gazed down at her. She looked so peaceful; her face relaxed and serene, her hair was a dark cloud around her head. He could almost forget that she would gleefully rip him into tiny pieces if she were at full strength and given the chance.

He gazed at her a moment before he settled down onto the pallet next to her, pulled his t-shirt over his head, and determinedly fixed his attention on the ceiling of the tent. This girl was going to get him in trouble. He was sure of that.


Tianna's eyes snapped open. It was near dawn. She lifted a hand to her face. It felt grimy and dirty. She wrinkled her nose. But there was no trace of the scratches or bruises that had been there the night before.

Gritting her teeth, she pushed herself to sitting position. Her ribs were still sore and bruised but she could tell the bones had fused together nicely.

It was then that she noticed the sleeping male werewolf at her side, the one called Ethan. He looked like Michelangelo's 'David' but even in sleep he was something fierce.

His heavily lashed lids slowly lifted and his dark blue eyes stared at her. Tianna froze. They held each other's gaze and something crackled in the air between them.

Ethan stared at the girl. Christ, she was beautiful. Her dark eyes were heavy lidded with sleep. Her full pink lips were slightly parted. Her raven hair tumbled wildly around her shoulders, but his gaze was drawn back to her lips. Before he could stop himself he felt his tongue sweep over his own lips.

Tianna's eyes widened. If he didn't look like the big bad wolf, she didn't know what did. She dove for the entrance of the tent. She was fast but not fast enough. He caught her around the waist. She twisted in his grasp and raked her nails across his chest, drawing blood.

He barely flinched. He gripped both of her wrists and pinned her beneath him. She writhed frantically beneath him but it was useless. He was too strong, to heavy, and she was still too weak. A frustrated sob escaped her throat and she lay still.

They stared at one another, breathing hard, their faces mere inches apart. Both pairs of eyes had taken on a feral glow and parted lips revealed sharpened teeth.

Tianna met Ethan's smoldering gaze. A tear slipped down her cheek and she watched as his gaze changed. Some of the feral glow left them, but still they smoldered. He bent his head and she could feel his gently breath warm against her cheek, and then his mouth moved to cover hers.

She tasted like honey and salt. He wanted more. He deepened the kiss, letting his mouth crush hers slightly. She parted her lips and he thought he might lose his mind if he didn't take her right now. He slipped his arms around her, mindful of her injuries. Slowly he explored her mouth with his tongue. She tensed slightly and he held her more tightly, letting her know that she was safe and protected and he was in control. She relaxed in his arms and combed her fingers through his hair.

A voice in the back of Ethan's mind whispered, 'If she's this good at kissing, what will it feel like to have her naked under you? To slide into her welcoming body, feel her nails dig into your back?" Ethan shivered. His tenuous hold on his desire was beginning to give away, and he wanted to let it go.

'Get a hold of yourself!' Tianna's logical mind reached to regain control.

Tianna dropped her head back, thinking that looking into those cool cobalt eyes would snap her quickly back to reality. But Ethan's eyes were soft cerulean, igniting her veins.

When he lowered his lips once more, Tianna knew she was lost. She never wanted anything as much as she wanted to feel this man beside her, his skin bared to her touch. She wanted him to take her in his arms and tell her how much he loved and wanted her. And, God help her, she wanted him inside her.

He began ravishing her mouth with his tongue, invading, claiming completely. The spasms inside her body startled her and she tensed. The solid wall formed by his tightening arms let her know she had nothing to fear, that he was there to protect her. Her mind was whirling, part of her knowing that this was not right, the other part only caring about the sensations coursing through her body. He fell between her thighs, his hard maleness pressing intimately against her. He gently rocked his hips against her mound and Tianna thought she would die of pleasure. She arched up against him.

His hand found the bottom of her camisole and he slid his fingers inside, reaching for the soft mound of flesh hidden beneath the scant protection of the black lace.

Tianna held her breath knowing, that the touch of his hand would send her spiraling out of control.

A shadow fell over them from outside the tent, "Hey Ethan." It was Trent. "What's going on in there? We can smell the heat out here."

At the first word, the fragile spell was broken. Tianna felt the words sink in and realized what she almost let happen. She pushed on Ethan's shoulders and pulled her mouth away from his caressing lips. He pulled his back and she watched his eyes actually change color, going from light cerulean to hard dark blue.

He stood, pulling her with him. She was happy to find that her legs didn't turn traitor and let her crumble to the ground. He pulled her after him as he stepped through the opening in the tent.

"What's going on Ethan?" Nick stood not far away, looking decidedly angry but attempting to mask it with a stoic expression. His dark eyes swept over Tianna. Tianna flushed and looked at the ground.

Ethan stretched and yawned languidly. "Morning wood," he shrugged and smirked. "Couldn't help it."

Nick seemed to relax, soothed by whatever he saw in Ethan's eyes. Trent simply grinned.

"Come on," Ethan said, "Let's get out of here."

Tianna watched as they quickly Packed up. When Ethan reached for her arm she wrenched away, ignoring the pain in her side. Her eyes were spitting black ice. "You've got morning wood?! You son-of-a-bitch, is that was? Just wanting to get rid of a hard on?"

Ethan smirked and shrugged again. "What did you think is was, sweetheart? True love?"

That smirk was too much. He'd made a fool of her. And worse, she had let him. She would have smacked a lesser man. This wasn't a man though. Putting all her rage into the action, Tianna caught Ethan with a hard right hook.

Tianna immediately cried out and fell to her hands in knees. The movement had caused her ribs a fair amount of pain but it was worth it.

Ethan stumbled, off balance. He then stood stiffly. He stood perfectly still as the girl rose to her feet. There was a shallow cut on his cheek made by her ring. Nick and Trent stood, shocked expressions on their faces.

His eyes told her of impending doom. In a move faster than her eye could follow, his hands shot out and clamped down on her upper arms. He yanked her towards him, pulling her against his immobile frame so hard she was certain she had fractured her ribs once more.

With a cry she gritted her teeth and her head dropped forward to his chest as she gasped for breath.

His whisper stirred the hair at her temples. "You're either very stupid or very brave," he said softly. He lifted a hand to her face and gently stroked her cheek before e let her go and pushed her away from him. She backpedaled and compressed her side, grimacing.

He perused her dispassionately. "Don't do that again. Nobody hits me and lives. Since you're a female and there are plans for you, I'll let it slide this time. But don't press your luck, girl."

It took all of Tianna's courage to hold her head high and follow the men through the forest instead of giving into her first instinct which was to run like hell.

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