New England, 1596

It was almost sunrise...and he was beginning to become extremely impatient. He had to find food, quickly! The hunger was building and building as every second passed.

"He" whom I am referring to, is Arin...who is one of the eternal creatures of the night. A vampire. Cold, with no beating heart, he crushes almost everything in his past ultimately. Brown hair, Green eyes, and a swimmers body, he can tempt anyone he pleases to.

He wears black clothes all the time and always has an air of animousity about him (like most vamps) This particular vampire, unknown to him, was about to have the most important moment in his 239 years...anyway, we return to our "hero". Arin walked down the dark and dangy street, looking with renewed desperation, breathing heavily as is perfect vision became red.

Damn. The blood frenzy would begin soon...if he didn't get some food. Arin could not control himself in a frenzy and would kill any man, woman, child, or whatever other beast would dare cross his path. Arin sniffed the air hungrily, looking for decent prey.

"Ahhhh..." he sighed to himself...a drunk...he would not be missed. He followed the stench of beer and cheer cologne and found a pot-bellied pig sitting at a wooden door laughing his drunken head off. "Stupid Hore.." the drunk mumered. The drunk finally spotted him and flashed his yellow, grimy teeth.

"Well hello prettyboy, what are staring at??? Oh, your lookin' at a real man, huh?" he laughed at his little joke and went back to mumbling to himself. The drunk would not escape his fate tonight...as dreaded a fate as it was. "Little man, dont you have somewhere to go?" The man said, actually sounding a bit nervous.

"Damn, stop looking at me like that." he said looking quite bit nervous now. Too late. "Please...no!!!" were the last words that came out of the drunks mouth before Arin's teeth sunk into his neck.


Fern was a normal household woman for her mistress, Lady Tiana, the bitch. She was a beautiful young woman, who would only be pretty if her spirit wasn't so wild.

She was more than charming to most people and had many heavy burdens put upon her slender, white shoulders. She had big dreams, short choppy blonde hair, (uncommon for most english woman at that time) and violet eyes...midnight eyes.

The only thing that was in her beautiful eyes as she walked through the one of the most filthy and crime-wridden bowels of New England...was fear. Afraid she was of many dangers, mugging, rape , killed...or vampires.

She had heard many rumors of vampires in this part of England. But the only thing that kept her going was the threat of a whipping for not listening to lady Tiana's order to pick up her new dress. Lady Tiana's dress, straight from Paris, like she had been ordered by the lady herself to do.

She was making her way down the street when she saw two men, one seemed to be completely drunk and was limp in the others arm. While the other, a hansome brown-haired man was dragging him. As she watched she couldn't help but feel sorry for both of them and turned to leave quickly...as she began to run down the street, she didn't see a bloody face and green eyes snap up to catch a glance at her.


He still felt the blood flowing through his veins and almost ran to attack the small woman, he could only see the back of her head and back walking slowly down the alley accross from him, he didn't think she saw anything...but...he had to make certain.

He searched her mind to see what she knew and found nothing of the incident. He also found that her name was Fern...what a lovely name.

He was inthralled by the womans mind though, it seemed as if the knowledge and memories never ended. It entertained him and he began to follow her unconciously.

After about 30 minutes, they arrived at a dreaded dress shop. Figures, he thought as he saw her come out with a god-awful dress. He was beginning to get ready to dissappear back into the shadows from which he came, when he saw her face...the most beautiful face he had ever seen.

Not the shape or structure or anything...but she seemed to radiate from every pore a light that he could never touch....and he loved it.

He couldn't move...or back away...it was as if he was 23 again...the age in which he had been turned into one of the creatures of enternal night...the day he cursed.


Ferns mind was elsewhere as Arin watched her and she did not even feel his presense. Many people said that she knew to much for a woman...and talked too little.

Fern spent most of her free time in the book study, reading. Most of her friends and even her mistress said that was the reason that they could not sell her off to the closest thing to a husband, because she was such a bookworm.

She sighed as she tried to keep the dress from just dropping and wondered if the drunk man and handsome one ever worked out o.k.

She didn't know why but she felt close to the handsome man for some odd reason...he just seemed like he enjoyed danger...oozing it form every pore in his perfect body. She also thought that he radiated pain, loneless, and arrogance.

Then she felt it...it felt like a person was behind her. She turned around and tried to focus her violet eyes in the dark...damn she hated being out this bloody late. She began to slightly trot as she felt eyes all over her body.


She knew he was there...she had to know. He had been trying to make her aware of his presence for about 5 minutes.

Besides the fact that that she kept turning around and flashing her violet eyes in his direction....she was scared...he felt a slight pang of regret but quickly brushed it away as she began trotting faster.

His hunting instincts told him she was prey...his prey...but his mind said the exact opposite. She was a very different lady. He could tell that from going through all of that knowledge in her pretty little head.

He was very curious about her hair though....many woman did not wear it so short unless they were punished by their masters cutting their hair off. Womens hair were supposibly their pride.

And hers was cut so short he thought to himself. I wonder who owns her. He had decided early on that he would have her. He had not ever seen anyone like her in all of his years.

He was quite young for a vampire though...but compared to human years immortal. He continued to follow her home, until she was safely there, making sure nobody hurt his angel...his...this was going to be a long night.


"WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG SERVANT???" Lady Tiana shouted at Fern as she came through the door. "Someone attempted to rob me, madame." she lied as she carried the dress upstairs, to put on the ladies bed.

Lady Tiana followed her and grabbed her by her short hair. "Dont be late again." she said in a menacing voice. She then let go of her as if she was diseased and wiped her hands on her beautiful skirts. "Idiot," she mumbled as she left the room.

Fern was grateful she had left as tears began to snake down her small cheek...she ran to her small room under the staircase and began to cry like a child. Then she felt it.

It was a gentle kissing at her temple and then lowered to her lips. Yet, she could see no one. She kissed the phantom back eagerly and was rewarded by a massaging of her breasts through her thin gown.

She had never felt a mans hand on her like this before, though she had no idea how she knew how it was a man. She opened her eyes again and nobody was there, at all.

Just her breasts moving to even suggest that anybody was there at all. She moaned again and begin to kiss harder when she felt a small prick on her lip and saw blood floating in mid-air. It was erotic to say the least and she leaned into the phantom.

Her nightgown began to come up her hips and there was an imprint of fingers where her phantom touched. She moaned as her went under her gown and touched her buttocks. It felt so good. Then he reached to her prize.

She could feel the wetness and knew the phantom did too. He groaned and fulled her skirt up. She felt something moist on her hole...pushing...when the door opened.

It was Lady Taina. Lady Taina just looked for a moment and started laughing at her...this was the last thing she had expected. "Well my little servant you have to touch yourself because no man will." she said with obnoxious pleasure.

Then the lady slapped her face and left. She got up, put her head in her lap, rocked back and forth and wondered what had just happened to her....


Arin felt so frustrated. When the little bitch had opened the door on them, he could have killed her on the spot without one thought of remourse. He remembered the way the little girl had arched her hips up and how wet she had been...what a poor child....she couldn't satisfy her hunger with him tonight, for he needed to hunt and he figured she was slightly frightened at being fingered by something she could not see with her eyes.

He couldn't help to think about her lithe body and his need for his cock to be in any hole that her body would give him.

He imagined her body taking him, engulfing him in her sweet moist tunnel and taking him to places he had been some times before, but not as splendid and special.

Hell, he could imagine him doing a lot of things with her, such as pumping into her as he drank of her blood and spilled his seed into her snatch.

God. The little witch had caught him! He stood outside her house and ground his back into a tree as he pulled his cock out of his pants and began to massage it , pretending it was her little slit he was fucking.

He began pumping faster, and faster until the only sounds in the wind were Arin's moans and the sound of cum shooting on the ground. Then he slowly raised his eyes to the house where his angel was.

He would have her. And it had to be soon.


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