tagRomanceFerret Girl Ch. 04

Ferret Girl Ch. 04


***This is the final chapter. I hope it hasn't been too hard to follow. With everything in place for Kate and Jürgen, I can now take the reader to the ending in one hopefully enjoyable go. This was never meant to be a long romancy thing. Rather, It's more of a little tale where two people find a lot for themselves in a very short time, so I've kept it a little brief, since there was too much deep stuff in the first chapter, I think. 0_o


Their attention was drawn by other things during the drive and before long; they were grinding up the rise to their quarters.

"Your little motor seems to be struggling a little, Jürgen," she smiled, "I can get out and walk from here. I don't mind."

He shook his head and selected a lower gear like lightning, "No, Kate, I was just pre-occupied with something. The fault lies with the idiot driver; not with the car and certainly not you. I think that I have made the wrong impression on my new boss over this."

"Forget it," she laughed as she shook her head, "As I told you in our discussions earlier, the gearshift on a Ferret is just a little different from even this. It's more of a pre-select than a proper gearshift, so you need to be thinking a bit ahead. The number of times when I've stalled because I was daydreaming aren't worth remembering.

And by the way," she smiled over at him, "I'm expecting to feel just a little satisfaction when you do stall out a few times, so please be sure not to disappoint me too much."

Corinne's surprise turned out to be a large polyethylene children's wading pool which had been tossed over her courtyard fence and there was a box of Antiguan beer in front of her door.

While Jürgen puzzled over the manual that she'd handed him, Kate wasted no time in getting the box inside and into her little fridge. Right after that, she ran out to her little courtyard and dragged the pool out of the plants where it had landed and over to the shade of the single large tree there.

Then she found the hose to begin filling it in a little glee just to have something nice to sit in and cool off later.


While Jürgen sat in the driver's position inside Farley and tried to get a feel for the layout of everything while reading the manual which Kate had provided, he looked back when she climbed aboard rather carefully.

"Here," she said, handing him a notebook computer, "This goes over there where you can see it now and then, and you'll find the power connector already there along with the USB plug for the GPS antenna there next to the right side port. I'm also trying to decide on just how much the roles of the crew ought to be split up.

In service with the Royal Army, it was always the commander who dictated where they ought to go and when, since he was the one who had the radio. But since we're not looking to go bumping into the Russian Army anywhere out here, I've been thinking of just allowing the driver to do all the navigation. That leaves less of a commander in the back seat and more of just a gunner- slash-radio man, in case it ever gets to that. What do you think?"

"I see it," he said, "but I do not know yet how busy I will be driving, so I can't say with any certainty."

The only thing that she didn't like about the layout of the crew positions --and it had never occurred to her before now was that she couldn't see his face from where she sat.

"Well that's fair," she nodded, "And I think we'll need a little time to figure that out, so hook up the notebook and start up so that it gets a little power and then we'll wait until the GPS has a chance to acquire signals. We'll take the notebook inside tonight so you'll have lots of time to get used to the software."

He had it booted in a minute and was looking at a dot in the Caribbean in another minute. She told him how to zoom the map a little and then how to open the GPS dialog. While she'd been doing this, Kate was keenly aware of her position in leaning forward like this to reach past him and the way that it brought her breasts forward to press against his back.

She didn't say a word to him, and he said nothing of it, though she knew that there was really no way around it and she could even admit to herself just how much she liked how it felt to her. She even wondered at herself for the way that she had to fight off the urge to kiss his cheek or something.

It was absurd, she thought, but it was there all the same.

"Alright Jürgen," she smiled, "Take us for a little spin around the yard. I don't mean to sound like a right twit right now, but try to bear in mind that a speedy and incorrect turn here could adversely affect the property value, a five tonne Ferret being what it is and all."

He nodded and selected first gear and then kicking the actuation pedal just as the manual said, they were off and grinding along slowly.

"Try for second," she said quietly and he nodded.

There was a bit of a lurch, but they were fine for the most part and with her gentle words to him, they rumbled their way down the road to where they could turn around. As they whined a little on the way back up, Jürgen felt the hair rising a little on his neck to hear Kate's voice from right beside his ear.

"Take us home, Jürgen. It's a little early, but as far as I know, this must be breakfast time for you for the past while. I can't offer anything much other than frozen dinners, but I think my new driver and I have earned at least another meal together."

He nodded, feeling the way that she was bent over to be able to speak to him like this. A couple of times, a little bump or a slight jog would bring her cheek against his and neither of them wanted it to stop as he looked ahead at the road.

"I can do a little better for you, I think, Kate," he said quietly just so that her cheek had to remain there to hear him, "I do not know about you, but I have trouble living on that stuff -- other than as a snack. I have a grille and if it is not being presumptuous with my new boss, I would like the honor of cooking a dinner for you.

I have potatoes, green beans and some sausages -- if it is not too much of a stereotype. That is about all that I have to make a proper meal out of until I go to market again.

Oh," he smiled and she felt it against her cheek, "and I have an onion. I could fry that up as well."

Kate sighed. A real meal and not only something that some food factory had thought might sell in little amounts that might be fine for people just a little thicker than twigs but not for people like them. She wasn't fat -- and even she could say that to herself a lot of the time. But she wasn't five-two either, not even close.

She'd had two at a time before and wondered why she felt guilty afterward AND was still a little peckish.

"Jürgen, you fine piece of Germanic horseflesh," she grinned and actually gave in to her desire to kiss his cheek for the briefest moment, "Take us home. I'd absolutely kill for a meal like that."

She sat back up and looked around them to be sure that he allowed enough room for the mirrors that she'd mounted. "There's no shame in admitting what we are, my friend. I think we're almost related in some ways. My ancestors were Saxons, you know. That's not far off at all, is it?"

"No," he grinned, "Unless it is wartime. Then I am related to a Hun or something like that, if not a cavebear, maybe."

"Not to me," she said as she reached down and patted his shoulder, "not to me."

Given the way that they'd spent the day, it was almost unspoken between them and the first thing order of business was their showers, each in their own little cottage. They met again as Jürgen was getting the grille hot and keeping an eye through the doorway on the pots sitting on the stove.


Kate didn't think that there would have been any way that Jürgen could have possibly improved on the admittedly simple meal, but he did.

He'd mashed the potatoes and laid the fried and unbattered onion rings over top of them.

She was sure that to him, it hadn't been a thought, but to her it was just a really nice touch and the sausages ...

Kate was in heaven over something so simple.

He was still sounding rather cautious every once in a while, though overall, he'd opened up a lot to her and wasn't anywhere as stand-offish as he had been at the outset. There still was some of it, though.

"Listen," she smiled over her plate at him, "I want to get something straight between us, Jürgen."

He looked over and sat up a little, setting his utensils aside as he prepared to listen to her.

"It's that," she said, pointing just a little impolitely, "You're even impeccable in the way that you're sitting there right now. I do appreciate it, Jürgen. Don't think for a minute that I don't, but, ..."

She sighed heavily, "I'd like for you to know something. Whether or not you're aware of it, you've made a friend in me today. I like you quite a bit and it's a gift that we seem to get along so well together. I know that you're often painfully polite in your dealings with other people because I guess that's just the way that you were raised."

He blinked at her.

She nodded, "And my considered opinion is that you were raised very well, I might add.

I just, ..." she sighed again, "I'd just like to see you without the starch every now and then, Jürgen. I'm sure that you didn't have the starch when you were with your friends back home all the time, did you?"

He shook his head and shrugged, "But here, I am with my superior and --"

"And nothing," Kate smiled, "This isn't a staff dinner. I know that we've got our roles down. When we're on the clock, I'm your boss - as ill-suited and inept as I feel to be the boss of a professional soldier like you, Jürgen. While you've been trying to find the roles and loosening up enough to make me laugh, I've been struggling over my words to you because I'd never want to insult you.

Christ, the best that I've done is play at being a soldier and a grease monkey. It's far from the KPK or XYZ or whatever you were, and I --"

"KSK," he smiled, "but I understand, I think."

"Well good," Kate growled a little, "Because we're not on the clock now," she said as she got up and stepped over to her refrigerator. "When we're on our own time, I'd much rather spend time with you as a friend than a boss, alright?"

She had her head in the fridge and she knew that he was looking at her cut-off covered ass and that was far past fine with her. She just couldn't think of a way to use it as an illustration with which to drive her point home any better without sounding crude or she would have.

His eyebrows rose when she placed a bottle in front of him -- just at the right side of his plate in the perfect place for formality.

"There," she said as she turned to search for an opener until she heard the hiss as he twisted the cap off.

"Oh," she said in surprise, "I didn't know it was one of the twist-off sort."

"It wasn't," Jürgen said as he inspected his palm, "I thought that it was as well."

She chuckled once she saw that he wasn't injured, "I suppose that they're all twist--off for someone like you."

"More or less," he smiled, "and thank you."

"Do you want a glass?" she asked.

"I thought that you were telling me in your way to be less formal," he said.

"Well I was," she began, "but -- "

"Then I do not need a glass," he smiled, "or a coaster, since there is no tablecloth and the tabletop is plastic -- or even a tablecloth, correct?"

"Yes," she nodded as sternly as possible, in as close as she could come to his way of speaking, "Nott eefen a tablecloss, mein Herr."

Then she laughed as she found herself sitting on his knee.

"Thank you," she sighed, "this is much more like the way that I am with my friends."

He took her bottle and ripped the cap off that one too.

"So," he said as they looked at each other, "I think that you are trying to tell me that you have the same struggle as I have -- where I find that I have made a friend and yet I have no wish to ruin something over how to behave."

She nodded, "I've been having the same fight all day, Jürgen. Could we please just find a place for us in this to be what we want to be? I'd really like that. I so love to spend time with you."

He nodded, smiling shyly in that way that seemed to be able to melt her and she kissed him for it.

"So when we're on our own time," she said, "I don't want to be the 'Ferret Lady' or 'Red Sonja'.

I just want to be Kate. And I don't want to think of you as Jürgen the mighty warrior or --"

"Jürgen the what?" He laughed, "What am I?"

"Bloody hell," Kate muttered appreciatively, "this beer's not half-bad, is it?"

He knew that she was trying to tell him to ignore what she now thought to have been a stupid thing to say to him, which it wasn't, he considered as he tried to see things from her side of it. It had been more of an uncomfortable compliment which she now regretted having said, so he pulled her a little closer to him and waited while she drew another sip from her bottle.

He watched her eyes looking over toward him as she did and when she lowered the bottle, she looked at him in a little uncertainty,

"What?" she asked.

"Put the bottle down, please, Kate," he said very quietly.

Her eyes never left his as she attempted it but he could see that she was going to miss the table, so he helped, and then they looked at each other.

"May I say something?" he asked and Kate nodded.

It took him several seconds to compose his thoughts and then he pulled her slowly so that their cheeks touched and he was looking over her shoulder. It gave him a view without her in it and that gave him the separation that he needed to speak as he enjoyed the very soft bristle of the side of her head against his own.

"Please remain like this for a moment," he whispered. "It feels so good to me to hold you this way. I wanted to say that I agree with everything that you said about the horses that we saw. I feel so strongly about the little bit of sadness which I heard in your voice because I often feel it too."

He lifted his head and kissed her ear softly for a moment before he put his head back where it had been and sighed.

"But, ..." Kate began, "but I think that a man your size must get a lot more chances, Jürgen," she whispered, "Don't you?"

He exhaled and settled against her with a very satisfied little groan. "You might be correct, but I have never felt comfortable with most women. To me, it feels like I am -- at best and to use your little movie -- only the stallion which they want for a time, and I always feel out of place.

Here with you, I have found a friend in a mare who is closer to my size and has the same feelings which I have. I am almost paralyzed most of the time because there is always the feeling that I am about to overstep the fence, and --"

He felt Kate begin to pull her head back, but he just held her and asked to be allowed to finish, so he felt her relax against him again with a soft sigh.

"Also," he almost whispered, "I am a little terrified at what I see that could be, and I do not want to ruin what might be a chance."

He felt her arms tighten around his neck as she squeezed him more for a moment and then she relaxed a little.

"I don't think that you could ruin anything right now, Jürgen," She whispered, "I might talk a good game about our roles, but I feel just like you do. My only advantage is that we're both facing our struggles in my language."

She kissed the side of his throat softly and then she drew her head back.

"I hear you. We both know what we are, and I hear you. I've never had a boyfriend who was taller than I am. Even the one who was the same height as me was lighter -- well, if you subtracted his stomach. But you don't have that and you're taller than I am, and there's no bloody way that we're even close in our weights. For the first time in my life, I'm with a man who is heavier than me and not fat at all.

I know what you are, Jürgen. Since we're here like this, I'll admit to having a hope that I've found my stallion in you, so I'm every bit as frightened that we've gotten a little close and I'm just as terrified for the same reasons."

She shook the feeling off then and drew her head back.

Jürgen was looking at a more confident-looking Kate now, though he was aware that some of it at least was a front.

"So," she smiled very slowly as she looked up and he watched her eyes as they made the trip up his face to rest on the hair on his head.

"Please Jürgen, can I rub it a little?"

He nodded with a smile and waited as she moved her arm, but it never made the trip to his head and he gasped for a brief moment and then relaxed as she reached against the material of his shorts and began.

Kate wasn't surprised at all at the first glance that she'd gotten of his shorts earlier. It had been something that she'd kept as an internal reaction, but she'd wanted to roll her eyes then. Even here, after-hours and in a freaking tropical paradise, Jürgen was wearing fucking khaki shorts - which even had belt loops -- and a zipper and everything. It had caused her to look toward his feet and she was at least a little relieved then to see him barefooted.

She hadn't been absolutely certain at the time, but she had a thought that if he'd been there in socks and sandals out of ...

Well, that might have been the only deal-breaker that she could imagine and it would be temporary, lasting only long enough for the time that she would need to get them off him and to extract a promise that he never wear anything like that unless he was going to a tropical funeral or a bank.

She kissed him and put quite a lot into it because it was the way that she felt for him. As she sighed and tried to keep the moans out of her voice that she felt, she kept thinking of the lonely man who she'd watched for several enchanting minutes as he'd worked himself in a moment of lonely need. She gently pushed the scene from her mind as she opened her mouth and teased his open with her tongue.

From the instant that their tongues touched, Kate found herself with another distraction. She was now thinking of the horses in the pasture. She could see that large shaft on the stallion as it slid powerfully into and out of his mare while he slapped against her haunches and it made holding onto and caressing the shaft there in her own hand such a joy to her. She remembered the moment when she'd seen the mare turn her head to look back at her male and Kate would have sworn on a stack of bibles right then that she could attest to feeling what was spoken in that look.

That big girl was happy and thankful and Kate knew it. It was something that she'd longed to feel all of her adult life -- to have a male her own size -- one that was the same sort of creature that she was. It was a moment of joy, to be sure, but Kate knew that it was so much more as well because she could feel it in her own breast right now. It was knowing that she had her stallion, and not for only the moment.

Kate pushed that thought from her a little reluctantly, and then the lonely and beautiful man was back in the sunset scene.

Well this was that man.

Kate finished up that one kiss and pulled back to look into the gray eyes for a moment. Jürgen blinked at her and they smiled so slowly at each other that Kate wanted to lunge at the handsome face all over again with a whimper that she knew was just ... just there waiting to be let out.

He watched her smile turn just a little mischievous then and she spoke so softly to him.

"Smell my face, Jürgen. Tell me what you smell."

He wondered about it, but he did move his face forward and begin to sniff as he dragged those sweet lips against hers.

"What, ... oh fucking hell," Kate groaned, "What do you smell, Jürgen, and be very, ... honest with me."

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