Ferrezoth Ch. 01


"What do you mean? Is it somehow difficult for elves?"

"I suppose you might say that. Most of us, in all our long lives, will only be blessed with one child. Sometimes some lucky ones will have a strong enough spirit bond to bear a second, but this is rare..."

"Spirit bond?"

She paused a moment. "I'm sorry; I forget sometimes that that trait is unique to us elves. In order for us to bear children, two elves must form a spirit bond. It is a spiritual and mental link between them that will continue for as long as both live, and some believe even beyond."

"And how do they do this?"

"Oh, it isn't done..." she paused, mumbling something in elven with a perplexed look. "What's the word you use? When you do something because you want to, or you choose it..."


"Yes, thank you. Spirit bonds aren't formed voluntarily. They just seem to happen. It seems to occur at some moment when the two are in close proximity to each other, usually while making direct eye contact. Quite often, in fact, the bond is formed during the very joining from which the child is made. No one knows exactly how it happens; most simply credit it to 'the will of the forest.'"

"So elves simply marry whoever this link happens with?"

"My people have no formal marriage ceremonies," she said. "When a spirit bond is formed, the two are mated for life, and that is enough. That is why I've always wondered about humans, and all of these rules you seem to have about love and joining, because these are such simple things among my people."

"So then... do elves continue to sleep with... or to use your words, join with others even after forming a spirit bond?"

"Of course, why not?" she smiled. "Simply because you are mated for life to one, why should that prevent you from showing love and affection to others? You and Jevanna love each other, don't you?"

"Of course."

"And yet you continue to join with others without regret, because you know that your hearts belong to each other. To us it is the same."

Kalan looked hard at her, feeling the corner's of his mouth curling into a tiny smile. He thought about Jevanna, and about the beautiful elf woman sitting in front of him. "Forgive me," he said, putting a gentle hand on hers. "From your earlier questions, I had begun to think you unwise. I was wrong. Still, I wish things were as simple in the human world as they are in yours."

Xeres smiled back at him, and slowly arose from her seat, unstrapping her knife from her leg and laying it down on the table. She walked up to Kalan and seated herself on his lap, putting her hands on his shoulders and gazing straight at him with her huge green eyes. "Let me tell you something. I followed you today because you intrigued me. You were the first human who spoke to us as equals, and not as though we were above you in some way. I've learned much about you today, Kalan. I can understand why Jevanna loves you, and I do not think it would be difficult for me to love you as well."

"You speak of love as if it's something that can simply be poured and served like a glass of wine."

"That is how I see it. You think love is complicated; let me show you how the elves love."

With that she leaned forward, and Kalan felt the tender press of her lips. Her hands moved along his shoulders, taking hold of the back of his neck and head as the kiss slowly deepened. His hands took hold of her sides and began moving upward, feeling the shape of her petite frame. Her elven body was small and lightweight, but he felt no weakness in it. Every part of her he touched felt toned and firm and supple. It was a body built for life in her forest home, and for right now it was his.

She pulled her mouth away from him, and they both looked down to where she was proceeding to undo the lacings at the front of her deerskin top. Two pairs of hands parted her top, and a small but shapely pair of breasts capped by dark nipples spilled into view. As Kalan took hold of them, he felt her suddenly shift on his lap at the feel of the bulge that had started to rise. She gazed down at the lump beneath his tunic, and put her hand down to feel it through the fabric—and her already huge eyes actually got bigger. "Zugass!" she gasped.

"You've felt one before, haven't you?"

"Many," she said, breathing hard, "but never a human's! I never imagined it would be so... suddenly I am nervous!"

The elf was intimidated by him. A crude, clumsy, short-lived human, and a simple farm boy no less, had made this elegant woodland being nervous. Kalan didn't know whether to feel proud or ashamed. He searched for something to say, and ultimately came up with, "I will try to be gentle."

"A 'gentle man?'"

"Yes," he smiled. He wrapped an arm around her torso and pulled her closer, while his other hand reached down and began to rub between her legs through the cloth of her tiny breeches. The response was instantaneous. Xeres gasped and arched her back, her eyes fluttering shut. Kalan also noticed that the fabric of her breeches was already considerably wetter than he'd expected. "Nilo zomna," she moaned, and her fingers went to grasp the lacings of her shorts. She wanted to feel what he was doing without the deerskin fabric in the way. He could tell.

He decided to oblige her.

He lifted her as he stood up from the chair and laid her down across the table. From there he proceeded to complete the task she had begun, unlacing her little breeches and sliding them slowly away, uncovering a smooth, hairless pubic mound. He discarded her shorts, followed swiftly by her little boots being removed from her tiny four-toed feet.

He paused a moment to admire the lithe, nubile form of the naked elf that lay spread before him, before proceeding to lean over her, running his fingers along the inner side of her right leg as he slowly bent forward, and suckling her right nipple into his mouth once his fingers made contact with the tiny nub at the top of her slit. Xeres moaned beneath him, and he heard the scratching sound of her fingernails clawing at the wood of the table beneath her. Her left foot came up on the table, pointing her knee to the ceiling, and she cupped her breast with her hand, as if trying to feed her nipple into his mouth.

He slipped his finger into the warm, moist depth of her folds, and though he knew she was an elf and was small in all save a few respects, he was still surprised by how tight she was. Suddenly he understood her intimidation; he was not totally sure himself that he would fit inside her. But as he probed deeper and felt how wet and slick her tunnel was, that notion was swiftly dispelled.

"Nilo zomna," she mumbled again.

Kalan looked up at her, removing her breast from his lips. Her big eyes looked back down at him with a hunger. She suddenly removed his finger from her, and with a grace and agility Kalan had never seen, she sprang into a crouching position on the table, perched on the balls of her feet, leaning forward, her body aimed at the buckle of his belt. Just below it, a great blue tent had formed in his tunic, and she wanted to see what was under it now. It took a few seconds for her ministering fingers to figure out how his buckle worked—it differed somewhat from how clothing was fastened in her land—but figure it out she did, and in a moment his belt was gone, freeing Kalan to pull his tunic off.

And once again, her already huge eyes went wide. "You are massive, human!" she gasped, staring at the erect organ that jutted out before her face. Then she looked up at him with a smile and added, "And hairy like a beast!"

"Growl," Kalan responded with a grin.

And how appropriate was her response to that: she pounced on him like a wild cat. Before he knew what was happening, she had leapt from the table, her hands were on his shoulders, her feet were on his abs, and by the time he hit the straw mat floor her lips were locked with his. "I think you are far more beast-like than I, my lady," he mused once her lips were free, before noticing the feel of her smooth, cool fingers grasping his manhood.

"A child of the forest cannot help but be wild," she grinned. "I'll show you just how."

He felt moistness at the tip of his organ, and knew that she had poised him right at her opening. Slowly he felt her labia parting as she lowered herself down, attempting to ease him into her. Her big green eyes remained steadfastly locked to his as she did this, but her jaw began to tremble as her breath became short and sharp. Kalan's own mouth was hanging open as well; her tightness was beyond belief. They were both quite impressed that she managed to take nearly all of his length into her.

From there she began a slow back and forth motion with her hips, trying to adjust to his sheer size. For all her bravado about showing him how the deed was done, and as many of her tribesmen as she'd bedded in the past, she was still feeling like a child being schooled in lovemaking now. She'd certainly thought when she left Quirdell about the possibility of joining with a human while she had the opportunity, and when she'd first met Kalan in that tavern she knew this was going to happen, but she was realizing now that despite all that she hadn't really prepared herself mentally for this. It was all a bit much.

But that wasn't going to stop her. Xeres had never shied away from a challenge before. They joined hands, and her four fingers intertwined with his five. Gradually the discomfort faded, and only the pleasure of feeling the huge thing moving inside her remained. Her hips began churning at a steadier, more comfortable pace, and her head rolled back, letting a long, low moan out of her mouth.

As if on cue, Kalan picked that moment to sit up, wrapping his arms around her and suckling her breast into his mouth. She moaned loudly in response, clutching his head to her body. They remained that way for as long as he could hold himself upright; then he slowly laid back down, pulling her upper body down with him. Her breast dislodged from his mouth as his back returned to the floor, and was quickly replaced by her lips and tongue. At this point he took over control, thrusting up and down beneath her, with his hands on the curve of her rump moving her back and forth on him.

"Nugalio zomna!" she cried, bringing her head up and allowing his hungry lips access to her neck. He kept his lips there, kissing and tenderly biting the flesh of her neck and shoulder as he rolled them over. Now mounted on top of her, it took only a few hard thrusts before her walls started clamping down hard on him and she shrieked out another expletive in elven. Her arms and legs held him in a death grip. And still he continued relentlessly pounding into her.

It was hard to tell exactly when her orgasm subsided, for she seemed to get no less excited after it passed. She still continued to scream and thrash with his thrusts. As she promised, this child of the forest was in fact showing him just how wild she could be. And she was about to drive him to release. "I'm going to..." he grunted, failing to finish his sentence.

He didn't need to. "Let me feel it, Kalan," she grunted back. "Give me your human seed! Yes!"

And a moment later, he did. He released his flood into her womb, and she screamed almost as loud as when she came herself. She felt each jet he shot into her, and she loved it. Her elven lovers never released so much; they didn't need to, after all. He remained virtually stiff until he released his last shot, which seemed to her to take forever. Every time she thought he was finished he surprised her with another jet, until finally a second after the last little burst, he sighed and collapsed on her. And still she held him to her and would not let go.

They simply lay there panting for a moment, before she finally said, "I believe you have spoiled me, human. I don't know if my tribesmen in Quirdell will ever be enough to satisfy me now."

"Will you have to stay here forever then?" Kalan joked.

"I fear not," she smiled. "But we still have plenty of time. It will be several more days before Lesgar and my brother return for me."

"Jevanna will return the day after tomorrow," Kalan said. "I'm sure she'll be delighted to meet you."

"I definitely look forward to that," Xeres said with an undertone of what sounded like lust in her voice. "We can take our time and enjoy ourselves, Kalan. Besides, you're not tired yet, are you?"

His flaccid organ swelling back to full hardness inside her provided her answer.

To Be Continued...

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