Chapter 1

Beth swung her bare leg over her husbands and pressed her bare pussy into his boxer shorts.

Max looked at her distractedly "What, now?"

"I'm ovulating," She explained.

"Alright," he sighed.

He poked his four inch cock through the flies in his boxers and stroked it.

"Ready?" She asked.

"Wait..." he despondently tried to get hard.

He finally got it semi erect and she tried to mount him.

"Ouch," she complained.

"Use the lube."

A tube of lube sat on the bedside table. It had been more and more necessary in recent times. She squoze a glob into her hand and rubbed it into herself.

She sat on her husbands cock unceremoniously.

"I really think we should visit that clinic," she pressed her pussy into him joylessly.

"What?" he asked.

She rocked her body from side to side, trying to get some pressure against her pussy walls but it felt as if her husbands cock was lost in there.

"The Hardy's went there and she got pregnant within a week," She stopped her pumping, "they'd been trying to get pregnant for longer than us."

"Look," his face was grumpy, "this isn't really doing it for me."

She felt his semi-hardness go completely soft inside her.

She lifted off him and he rolled over away from her.

"I'm sorry," he said as he bunched into a foetal position and stared grimly at the wall.

"I need a piss," she stated flatly.

She left the room.

Beth sat on the toilet seat and edged forward so she could touch herself. Unbeknownst to her husband, this had become part of their nightly ritual. Baby making sex was important but ultimately mechanical.

She tried to visualize Colin Farrell or Brad Pitt making love to her as she rubbed her pussy lips. Usually this could get her off. But tonight all she could think was that neither Farrell nor Pitt were getting her pregnant. Lacking the concentration to reach orgasm she flushed the toilet in a half hearted attempt at subterfuge and went back to bed. Has it really come to this? She wondered as she drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 2

The next day they made an appointment for the private Fertility clinic they had been recommended. Within days of the phone call they were asked to come in to take a look around.

"I know it was short notice," the doctor formed a triangle with his elbows on the desk and his hands in front of his chin, "but we like our prospective mothers to feel absolutely comfortable with the place before committing to treatment."

Beth and her husband Max sat in the plush leather chairs in the head doctors¡¯ office.

Beth had dark black hair and sparkling blue eyes. She was five foot and slightly chubby, but she wore her weight well on her child-baring hips and cute round cheeks.

"That's quite alright," Beth smiled warmly.

"Now Lee will guide you around the clinic and tell you everything you need to know," the doctor moved his hands from under his chin and tapped a biro in the table, "You'll find him in the clinic's gym facilities along with most of our clients."

Beth and Max entered the gym. It was filled with various young women of every type. All of them were on machines, pulling weights.

Beth looked at their faces and recognized their expressions. Every single one was the picture of lust. She followed their eye line to see a tall black gentleman on a rowing machine.

Max hadn't seemed to notice the female¡¯s reactions, "That must be Lee," he said.

Lee's muscles were bulging and unbulging as he worked the machine. He was wearing shorts and trainers and a sleeveless tee-shirt.

"That's it," Lee pulled the row rope, "just a few more Mrs. Brady..."

Beth looked at the woman Lee was training. Her eyes were fixed on his crotch area as she pulled the weights in front of her chest. Beth followed the woman's gaze and saw the trainer's red shorts had ridden down and the top of his pubic hair was visible. Underneath that was a huge bulge. Her eyebrows rose in shock; she did not know they could get that big.

Despite Beth's cheeky and sometimes laddish behaviour she was actually rather sexually inexperienced. She had met Max at university in the Beer-tasting society and lost her virginity to him. She had not seen any other cocks but his, except in her imagination of course.

Lee spotted their presence.

"I'll be with you in a moment," he flashed a charming smile.

"Just one more push Mrs. Brady." Lee pulled on his machine too.

Mrs. Brady gave it her all then collapsed.

"Very good," he released the machines handle.

Lee stood from the machine and dabbed the sweat off his forehead with a towel.

"I usually train at the same time as our clients to help their motivation," he explained.

"You're a personal trainer?" asked Max.

"Well yes and no." Lee stretched his arm across his front, warming down, "My family own this hospital. Old money, don't ask. I'm training to be a doctor but I don't like the idea of getting my family to pay for my tuition so I work here to pay off the fees."

"That's very admirable," Max nodded in approval.

"They also let me perform some nurses duties, as I'm in medical school," Lee threw the towel into a corner.

"What kind of doctor?" Beth wondered.

"Oh, a heart surgeon," Lee fixed her with a professional look. "As you can see we encourage our women to keep up a daily exercise regimen, as a healthy woman is a fertile woman. Come on; let me show you the rooms."

He led the couple upstairs.

The room was very luxurious. Beth looked around.

"Basically the client stays here for one week," Lee showed her the room, "During that time we control her food intake and exercise, and we take nightly fertility tests to add to our conclusions."

"A week?" Max raised his eyebrows.

"I know it's a long time," Lee explained, "but you must realize although there are no guarantees, we have a 98% success rate."

"98%? Wow, that's high," Beth couldn't hold back a smile. "What do you think, Max?"

"I have to admit," Max nodded, "it does seem like the best way forward."

"Good," Lee smiled. "I'll take you back through to Doctor Craig."

Chapter 3

Maybe it was the thought of finally getting pregnant driving Beth's hormones wild. Beth didn't know what it was but something was making her very horny since she had visited the clinic.

She started picking out her sexier clothes which she hadn't worn since her clubbing days, and found herself thinking about sex almost constantly.

The evening of the day before, she had got all ready to seduce her husband. She put on her sexiest lingerie, shaved her legs and puffed perfume on her breasts. But when she got into bed next to her oblivious husband, something strange happened. She felt that she didn't want to have sex with him - instead she felt like skipping the foreplay, and going straight into the toilet to touch herself.

So there she sat in high-heels and lingerie, with no-one to admire her, running her fingers through her own bush.

She tried to get into one of her normal fantasies. Brad Pitt the Mechanic, Colin Farrell the life guard. What about Colin Farrell the personal trainer? She envisioned him there on a rowing machine, muscles bulging more than they ever had on film, the huge meat in his shorts straining against the thin red fabric.

She imagined herself as she was dressed now standing over him, whilst he admired her figure as the sexiest he had ever seen. She looked down at his washboard stomach which was dripping beads of sweat down onto his pubic hair visible above his low slung shorts.

His skin seemed unusually dark as she straddled him and impaled herself and sank down on his massive member.

As it bottomed out in her fantasy, her shaking orgasm came across her in real life. It was the best she'd had in years.

"Wow" she thought, "that was strange".

Chapter 4

They were in the clinic. Beth unpacked her clothes into the closet. If this was to be her home for the next week she might as well settle in.

"You're going to be okay?" Max asked.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine," Beth refolded some underwear that had become crumpled in transit.

"I'll be going to London for a few days while you're in here," Max worried, "so if you need me..."

"Call your mobile," she took out her suspender belt, not sure why she'd brought it, "yes you've already told me several times. I'll be fine."

After her husband had left Beth climbed out of her clothes and slipped on the provided gown. As she got into bed, she realised that she had the privacy to do anything she wanted without having to pop to the bathroom. Thoughts of Colin Farrell popped into her head, only this time somehow his face was blurred, indistinct. Only the dark bulging muscles, and tight red shorts were in sharp focus.

Her fingers slipped down towards her belly. "No harm in it" she thought.

Just then there was a knock at the door and Lee entered.

"Sorry to bother you Mrs. Clifton, but its time for your first test."

"Oh, right," Beth felt redness enter her cheeks.

"Would you mind opening your legs for me Mrs. Clifton?" Lee approached her

"Are you going to do it?" Beth was surprised.

"Is that a problem?" He paused mid approach.

"No... that's okay."

She moved her feet apart. Lee held her thigh in his hand.

It was the first time in her memory she had been touched by a black person, skin on skin. Her thigh tingled.

He gently put a swab to her sex.

"Oh!" Beth's pussy was eager to be touched, and she let out the gasp by mistake.

Beth silently prayed he couldn't tell she had been so recently aroused.

"Is it cold?" Lee caught her eye.

"No, you're very... its not so bad," she relaxed a bit.

"Right," he screwed the swab into a bottle. "We'll just send that to the lab for testing. Then I'll be back tomorrow for another sample."

As soon as he left the room she rubbed her pussy till she came hard.

She didn't see Lee or any of the doctors the next day. She was too shy to speak to any of the other patients so she spent the day in her room watching day-time TV repeats of Jerry Springer.

As she stepped out of the shower, her thoughts drifted back to last night¡¯s examination. If she was going to have a load of doctors peering at her pussy over the next week, she was going to have it looking its best. She started off with a trim of her pubic hair, but once it was so short, she thought she might as well shave it off completely. She had never done this before but she understood that this was what men found most appealing.

That night Lee came back. As he peered between her legs it was his turn for a surprise.

"Oh!" he said towards her pussy.

"What is it?" she lifted her head from the pillow.

"It's just you¡¯re... er..." he trailed off embarrassed.

"Oh that, yes," she smiled at his shyness. "I shaved it because, well, if you were going to be down there a lot I thought it might as well be, you know, presentable."

"Well yes, it looks very... erm... so you did this for... me?" He looked at her face.

"I suppose so," she laid her head back on the pillow. "I'm surprised you remembered my pussy so well that you noticed!"

"Well, I did..." he smiled.

Lee finished the examination and suddenly Beth became embarrassed. Maybe it was because there was a division in her mind between examination and exposure, and once the examination had finished, the line had been crossed. So she pulled the gown down to cover herself.

The next day she met Lee in the Gym for scheduled exercise. He had his gym clothes on again and she had put on her provided workout gear. Sweat pants and sports bra.

"Try that one for size," He lifted her body easily onto a machine.

She giggled despite herself as he lifted her as if she was feather-light. In fact to his 6 foot bulky frame, her pixie-ish 5 foot did look very light.

During that day, Lee and Beth became close. He had a certain way about him that made Beth feel comfortable. He obviously found her company easy too, as he even told her at one point that she had become like a sister to him in that short amount of time.

Beth hadn't really known many black people to talk to and as they were so comfortable with each other he let her experiment by feeling his hair and skin. When she felt his flesh she closed her eyes and tried to tell if it was different from touching a white persons skin, for example her husbands. But even after Lee let her feel him for a good long while she could not tell if it was the same or different. She was also very curious about his muscles. She had never felt a ripped washboard stomach against hers before. Lee laughed as he lifted up his tee-shirt to offer it to her. She was glad that he found her curiosity cute. His stomach was way harder than her husbands and it made her tummy skin tingle in a strange way. But soon it was time for them to separate as he had to spend some time with the other clients and had already spent way too much time with her. She didn't see him again until that evening when it was time for here nightly test.

Chapter 5

Lee entered her room that night.

"I'm sorry I was just working out," Lee tugged his sweaty tee-shirt with a massive fist, "I had no time to change. The tests are very accurately timed. I hope you don't mind."

"That's alright," Beth scootched over on the bed.

"In fact you've had quite a good look at me, it's about time we evened up the score," she flirted.

"Well, I'm sorry all the same. It's not very professional looking."

"I'm sure you'd look just as dignified naked as with a white coat on!" She teased.

"Don't you think dignity is important in a doctor?"

"I don't feel very dignified here," she parted his feet, "legs spread, pussy gaping in front of a stranger..."

"What would make you feel more comfortable?" Lee sat on the edge of the bed.

"Well, I couldn't ask..." Beth stopped herself.

"Yes?" He raised one eyebrow quizzically.

"It wouldn't be allowed," she tried to dismiss him.

"Just ask then we'll find out," he wasn't going to let it drop.

"Well," she brushed hair from her cheek, "if you were in the same boat, then there would be nothing to be ashamed of."


"Okay?" Beth's eyes widened with surprise.

"Okay, but don't breathe a word of this to anyone. I could loose my job, get kicked off my course."

"Mum's the word," she smiled at the unintentional pun.

Lee took the elastic waist band in his thumbs and lowered his shorts over his cock.

Beth couldn't help giving a quick burst of air.

It was 8 inches when flaccid and almost as thick as her wrist.

"Yes, I know; it's a monster," Lee was almost ashamed.

Beth caught her breath, "What's wrong with that?"

"Well," he shrugged, "most girls are scared of it."

"Well I think it¡¯s very..." she trailed off to a whisper.

"They think it won¡¯t fit inside them," he sat on the bed.

"But it will?" She lifted herself onto her elbows so she could see it.

"Yeah it will, if you try..."

"I don't think I could fit that up me..." She shook her head; eye's sizing up the monster, "I mean, I've never even seen one that big."

Lee looked at her pussy.

"Looking at you," he seemed to be sizing up the area between her clitoris and her belly button, "based on my knowledge I'd bet you could."

"No way!" She giggled, "It would stretch me to pieces!"

"Oh there would be some stretching," he looked back at his own member, "but I'm sure I could get it in."

"And that's you're medical opinion, is it?" She spoke through her giggles.

"That's my opinion," he nodded, "but until we test it out, it's just conjecture."

"Well, I guess we'll have to see."

It was Lee's turn to be surprised, "Are you serious?"

"Just as a medical experiment," she shrugged, "just see if it will go in, then pull it out again, right?"

"If you're sure about this..." he turned to face her.

"Come on, we're both adults," she winked, "it¡¯s not like it¡¯s an affair. We're not going to fuck, just see if it fits."

"Okay," Lee acquiesced.

Lee climbed further onto the bed between her legs as his cock rose to attention.

"Now don't get too excited," Beth said a little worried as she saw the already huge member grow even larger, "We don't want you're precome getting me pregnant!"

"The chances of getting pregnant from precome are minimal," he reassured.

"Good... look," she put her hand on his muscular chest, stopping him, "before you stretch me, it will go back, right?"

"I think so, if I only put it in and take it out," he looked her in the eye. "Ready?"

She blew out a jet of air, trying to calm her nerves, "Okay, go."

Beth felt the head of his cock part her labia. He pushed in an inch but then got stuck.

"Ooh, ouch" her face scrunched with the pain. This was a different pain from her husband trying to enter her when she wasn't wet; she was very wet, she realised - it was a pain only comparable to when she first lost her virginity.

"Sorry," Lee paused.

He pulled out half an inch, then went back in a whole inch.

"Ah!" she panted.

"Sorry," Lee looked at her.

"No, it just feels so..." she struggled to find an appropriate adjective, "big! Okay, go."

He worked it into her body by pulling out a bit, then thrusting it a little deeper in. Pretty soon it was at the depth her husband had reached.

"This is the deepest I've ever had one..." She told him.

She had realised that Lee's cock would go in further than any before, but she hadn't realised how it would feel emotionally.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked

"No, god no..." she implored, "keep going."

Another eight inches deeper and he bottomed out on her cervix. At the exact point his balls pressed to her labia. It occurred to her then it was exactly the right size.

Beth's body shook unintentionally.

As he reached his cock in deep as it could go he didn't stop the rhythm of rocking back and forth on her. And she realised it had gone way beyond a playful experiment and he had lost control into full sex.

A great worry overtook her. She was sure her husband would have hated this man penetrating her, but she knew in herself that this wasn't really cheating. Just putting two parts of bodies together. But now with him rubbing his shaft on her insides, repeatedly kissing her cervix with the tip of his cock she knew this was wrong.

"I can't do this!" her body went rigid as the hard cock inside her.


"I'm serious," she pushed at his shoulders, "pull out! Someone could find out; everyone will think I'm some kind of slut."

"You're not a slut," he gently thrust back into her. "No one will know."

"I'm serious..." her face was determined, "this has gone way too far."

"Okay," he said sadly.

He pulled out of her. It was all she could do not shuffling down to keep him inside her. Her body screamed for her to keep him inside but her mind and heart told her it was wrong.

The head plopped out of her wet pussy.

She panted.

"You want me to leave?" Lee was apologetic.

"No, but you'd better do the rest of the examination then leave."

"If that's what you want," he nodded.

"What I want is..." his invasion of her body had set her emotions into a confused whirl, "look I'm here trying for a baby with my husband. I'm sorry."

"No, I'm sorry," he hung his head. "This was completely wrong. I'm sorry."

"It wasn't completely wrong," she tried not to show a smile, "but we'll have to leave it at that."

Chapter 6

Doctor Craig flipped through Beth's charts. Could it be he'd got the figures wrong? He looked again at the dates and then the oestrogen levels. No, he wasn't wrong, it all made perfect sense even if it was an unusual scenario. He looked at his watch. If he was correct, and he knew he was he'd better talk to Mrs. Clifton as quickly as possible. He left his office and found her room.

"Mrs. Clifton?" he opened the door.

"Yes?" she sat on the end of the bed.

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