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Fertility Goddess


Doctor Katia Alexandrov took a chair by the kidney shaped pool. Dozens of people lounged about it, families with young children, beautiful young women working upon their tans and buff young men, who were the object of her interests. But not for the usual reason. Looking over the edge of the e-reader, she scanned the area. Was he even here? Her target, Naval Lieutenant Zane Rogers. Tension drained from Katia's neck and shoulders when she saw him chatting with two of his roommates at the far side of the pool.

It was time for a test, a small test of her latest theory. Like so much of Russian science it took established and sometimes mundane theories and pushed it to the extreme. In her case, the experiment built upon the recent scientific confirmation that men described fertile women as more appealing, even their voices. This though would test the bounds of that.

Of course, Katia really should have used one of their regular female agents, women who were already beautiful. But from a personal perspective, she wanted to see just how far this new method of mind control could be pushed. It would be no real experiment to send in an agent, whom most men would bed anyway. No, much more challenging when the test subject was a mousy brunette with too wide hips and too small tits. A pear. Her babushka had always told her that she had a pear-shape, perfecting for having babies. But Katia had no interest in breeding babies. No, she wanted to use her mind.

She chuckled, was it odd that in using her brilliant mind, she had been brought back to the same point. She was going to discover just how attractive a fertility goddess was to men. And in this experiment she would play that role. Shy, mousy, too-smart little Katia was for this single day Mata Hari. She adjusted the tiny scrap of white material that covered her left breast. It seemed to keep slipping lower and lower, threatening to reveal her taut nipple.

Damned drugs, she thought. Her whole body felt both violently ill and incredibly horny. It was an odd combination. But considering the strength of the fertility drug cocktail that she had been taking since the beginning of her cycle it was not doubt that the side effects were unpleasant. Although the unusual tightness and fullness in her A-cup breasts was not exactly unpleasant, just distracting. But not nearly as much as the almost constant itching between her legs that begged for a different kind of scratching. Then again if things went well with this experiment, that itch would be well scratched soon.

She watched the men high-five and her prey stood up, stretching. Muscle rippled seductively from toe to head. From a purely eugenics standpoint, she had to admire the Lieutenant as a specimen. At over six foot three inches, he towered over her by more than a foot. His body too was in top shape; it would have to be for his role a SEAL. But what intrigued her most about the man was his intelligence. Her research showed that the man had an IQ equal to her own one-hundred and fifty-one. She shook her head, why would he waste such a gift? Why would this man choose killing over the pursuit of knowledge?

But she did not have time to ponder this mystery that had been bothering her for weeks, her prey was on the move, separating from his friends and leaving the pool area. It was the opportunity that Katia had been waiting for. She grabbed her towel and headed for the gate at this end of the pool. It was most likely that the man was heading back to the apartment he shared with his friends. If so, then he would be follow the path back this way. Katia peeked around the bush to see the man approaching. She drew in a deep breath. She cursed herself for not following orders and sending Natasha or Anya, they would know what to do. Not poor plain Katia, who had never really had a boyfriend, let alone tried to seduce a man like this one. But it was too late now.

She stepped from between the bushes and directly into him. From the tangle of their legs and feet that nearly sent Katia sprawling to the ground up to the way her small breasts tightened even more as they brushed against his abdomen, their bodies melded against one another. Katia swallowed hard as his smell hit her. It was dark, rich and completely masculine. She wondered if he could smell her. Of course, he could. Consciously or sub-consciously it was her smell that would act upon his brain, weakening his usual mental prowess, allowing her to extract the information she needed.

"Excuse me, ma'am," his voice rolled over her skin like the gentlest breeze, clearing the air on a hot summer day.

"No, was my fault. I should look where I go," she offered. She hoped she was doing this right. She kept her eyes low, glancing up when she could to gage her subjects reactions. She smiled a bit at the odd almost pained look on his handsome face. It was as if he was concentrating very hard upon something.

"Do I know you?"

She shook her head, wishing for long blonde waves rather than a functional short brown bob that made her look considerably younger than her twenty-two years. "I do not think so. Perhaps we have seen one another around the complex?" She struggled with the proper American wording. She had studied English in the United Kingdom, at Oxford, where she did her undergraduate studies in chemistry. The two versions of the same language differed significantly.

He nodded slowly, still studying her. "That must be it. Zane. Zane Rogers," he said holding out his large hand.

Katia returned his smile and placed her tiny hand in his. But rather than shake it as she had anticipated, he drew it to his lips, kissing first the back of it and then staring deep into her brown eyes, he turned her hand over and placed another soft kiss in the center of her palm. "Forgive me," he apologized. "I'm not usually this forward with a woman I have just met." He shook his head, harder this time, as if trying to clear it. "I don't know what has come over me."

Katia thought of her friends Anya and Natasha. What would they say? What would these women who used their bodies to seduce men everyday reply to this vulnerable man? "Whatever it is, I like it, Mister Rogers." She hoped that and the soft batting of her short lashes was close enough.

"No, please, Zane," he said. "I really should get going. I lost the beat with my friends so I have to make the drinks. They are expecting me back soon."

She nodded and bit her lower lip. It was obvious that she was having some kind of effect on the man, but it was not enough. What should she do? How could she augment it effects? "Would you mind me walking with you? My apartment is not far from here."

His smile broadened at her words, "I'd like that very much. Miss? What did you say you name was?"

Katia had not considered something even this simple. Should she tell the man the truth? it was not like he would ever come looking for the mystery woman that he casually fucked one hot summer afternoon. In these modern ages, casual sex was much too common, well for others at least.

"Kate, Kate Alexander," she replied, choosing to Americanize her name. It was not an outright lie, but the slight deception should be sufficient for this purpose.

"Kate. It suits you," he said as he placed his hand at the small of her back and turned her lead her down the path.

"So what do you do, Miss Kate?" he asked.

"I'm a student, Norfolk State," again she kept close to the truth. Her cover as a visiting lecturer hardly qualified as a student though.

"What are you studying?" he asked.

This time, Katia thought it best to lie outright, "Art."

He lifted her hand for a moment, she realized then that he had never let it go. Walking along the pathway hand-in-hand like young lovers, the experiment was most definitely having its effects on the subject. On Zane.

"Your hands are so small, so delicate," his voice was deep, his own eyes lowered. She noted the rapid pounding of his pulse at his temples, the tightness in his forehead. She thought perhaps there was even a slight pinking of his ears, a blush, but it was hard to tell with his deep tan. "Perfect," he almost moaned as he lifted them to his lips.

Katia knew that if this experiment was to succeed, she would have to act more boldly, more like Natasha or Anya would. What would they do? How would they reel their prey in? She stepped forward once more. This time their bodies did not touch, but with just centimeters between them, it would be enough for his senses to be overloaded with her essence. Of course, that was if the experiment was successful.

His mouth covered her. His fingers squeezed tighter about her hers where they were laced together. Then suddenly her body was pressed tightly against his. His other hand laced through her short hair, trapping her, using it to angle her head as he took the kiss deeper still. It was as if he was tasting her, feasting upon her mouth.

But suddenly something went terribly wrong with the experiment. Suddenly, it was Katia that was on fire. Her body pumped full of the drug cocktail had only one thought…procreate. Her free hand clutched at his broad shoulder, urging him closer. She groaned into his mouth as his tongue speared deep into hers. They kissed until Katia feared she would explode with unfulfilled desire.

He drew back slowly, his forehead still resting against hers, his fingers still laced through her hair. "I'm not usually like this, Kate. I swear." He apologized. The words were tight and clipped as if pushed forth with the greatest of control.

"Me either," she whispered with honesty. "But I like it. Like you." She knew those words were the right thing to say. Something her friends would use to lower a man's resistance. But this was beyond that now. Something more than a simple experiment to test the limits of a scientific theory. This was about something much more foreign to Katia than science. This was about desire. Sex. Things she knew little about. Things she wanted to discover. With this man. "Please," she whispered against his lips.

"Oh god, I can't believe I'm doing this. Kate, promise me you'll go to dinner with me," he whispered as he nibbled at the corner of her mouth.

"Dinner?" she whispered in confusion as she licked at his bottom lip.

"Yeah, I want to take you out. Date you. Fuck, I want to marry you and make babies with you. I want white picket fences, the whole fucking thing. But right now, the only thing I can think about is being inside of you. It's like my brain and all reason is overpowered by you. Damn it, Kate, I'm thinking with my cock right now," he groaned. "And all he wants is to be buried inside you."

Katia's heart pounded even faster at the honesty of this man's reaction. She was torn. The scientist knew that it was just the drugs, the experiment was a success. Beyond anything she had hoped. She should be ecstatic, and she was. But poor plain Katia, the woman, the virgin, was disappointed. The fact that it took a combination of the world's most powerful fertility drugs to get a man to even look at her was revolting. She wanted to run and hide in shame.

She had never meant to go all the way through with this experiment. That was why she had selected such a low value target as Lieutenant Zane Rogers. The amount of intelligence that the man had to offer was not worth the attention of trained specialist like Anya and Natasha. But he would prove a perfect test subject for her little experiment.

If it were still just an experiment, she would call it a success, walk away and record her observation carefully in her notebook. But it was not just an experiment, not anymore, not to her. She stepped forward, "Then do it," she whispered. If this was too be her only chance to taste passion, to be that thing that all woman want most, a sex goddess, then so be it. She wanted to know what it felt like. With this man.

She watched as his Adam's apple moved up an down convulsively in his throat. She felt his fingers in hers tighten until it was almost painful, "Are you sure, Kate? I swear, somehow I'll find a way to walk away. To court you. To do this thing right. I don’t want to screw this up."

Her vision blurred at his words. If only he knew the truth. None of what he felt for her was genuine. It was all the drugs. His body's evolutionary response to the need to spread his seed, to impregnate the fertile of mates. That was what the earlier study had shown, unconsciously men selected the most fertile women as the most attractive. She had just manipulated that Darwinian adaptation for her own purposes, for her country's. But this man would never know that.

She pressed her fingers to his lips, "I'm sure, Zane. Please."

He studied her face for a long moment, then he nodded, "My apartment is right over there. If you are sure, Kate."

She smiled and pressed a soft kiss to his mouth, "Yes, please."

This time he did not hesitate, his fingers squeezed hers reassuringly as he drug her up the path and stairs to the second floor apartment he shared with his friends. He fumbled with the key. She smiled, wondering the last time this man had fumbled with anything. Then the door swung open and he stared up at her. She saw uncertainty in his face or perhaps that was simply her projecting her own emotions onto this man.

She stepped inside. The sunlight spilled through the sliding glass doors to the patio, illuminating the living room. She turned and he was right behind her. "My bedroom is," he began.

Her hands brushed over the tanned muscles of his bare chest, "Too far," she whispered as they trailed across his taut abdominals. She gloried in the quick intake of breath that told of his reaction to her new found boldness. Her fingers found the waistband of his swim trunks. They trailed along the edge as she stared into his eyes, baby blue took on new meaning to the young scientist. She found the drawstring that secured them about his waist and pulled. Her hand slipped inside them to cup his hard cock, her first.

"God woman," he hissed through clinched teeth. "Do that again and I won't even make it inside of you before I come." He gathered her small hands in one of his large ones as he pushed her back towards the leather sofa against the far room, "We'll make it to my room for round two," he promised.

She felt the cool leather against the back of her knees as she toppled backwards. The comfortable softness cushioned her fall, she landed with arms spread wide against it. She looked up as he pushed the cotton material down his strong thighs. He stepped out of its dampness as he stared down at her. She swallowed when she noticed him fisting his hard cock. Her eye grew large, in desire and a bit of trepidation. His cock was not meant for first timers. But she was not about to let that stop her now.

"Please," she whimpered as she met his gaze.

"You are still overdressed, sweetheart," he stared down at her. "Take off your top. I want to suck those sweet titties."

Kate's fingers were trembling now as she arched up to untie the string at her neck. She let the tiny triangles of white almost translucent material fall slowly down her stomach. She blushed, knowing that they were to small.

He knelt on the floor between her legs as he used one hand to continue stroking his cock and the other to squeeze and knead her bare breast. Then he bent his head and drew the distended nipple of her other breast deep into her mouth. More than just her nipple disappeared between his pink lips as he sucked almost half of her breast into his mouth. His tongue circled the nipple until she arched up with a loud moan.

"I'm sorry, baby. I can't wait," he whispered as he bit at the peak. She felt the fingers of his other hand brushing the material of her bottoms aside. Warm air caressed her exposed mound. Something was wrong, she had forgotten something. But in this extreme state of arousal, even her intelligent mind was non-functional.

She cried out as she felt him rub against her wet opening. He was brushing against something. Her clitoris of course, she finally managed to make sense of that much at least. She thought of all the times that she had stroked it, bringing herself to orgasm. Never had that felt as delicious as the soft, spongy tip of his cock. He rubbed against it again, trying to find what he truly sought. She felt the wetness of their natural lubricants spread with each stroke, intensifying the sensations.

"Baby, I need to stop. We need to take this to my bedroom," he whispered against the side of her neck as he suckled. But his hand between her legs continued to stroke the broad head of his cock up and down her wet slit from the wet depths of her virgin pussy that begged to be filled to the hard nub that needed just one more stroke to send her spiraling out of control.

"No," she cried, clutching at his shoulders. "Need more. Please," she whimpered as she arched up. She felt the tip slip just inside. Instincts warred inside of her. One was to draw back, she knew that pain awaited her down this path. But the fear was overcome with the aching need to feel this man inside of her. She arched up again, this time she could feel the burning fullness as the head fully breached her. She bite down at the uncomfortable fullness. "Zane," she whimpered.

"Oh fuck that feels so damned good," his hips made slow circles that stretched her. Pain and pleasure melded together. "Are you safe, baby?" he asked through deep pants.

Kate nodded, he would discover in a moment just how safe she was. Virgins need not worry about sexually transmitted disease. Of course, perhaps she should be more concerned. But then again she knew that his job would require him to be tested regularly. "Yes," she whispered as her hands encircled his waist, drawing him just a bit deeper. She bit the inside of her cheek to keep from crying out as the pain intensified.

"God, I really shouldn't do this," he muttered as his hand cupped the back of neck. "Damn woman, what have you done to me? I've never felt like this. Never needed someone this fucking bad."

Guilt assailed her and she looked down. What she saw caused her breath to freeze in her lungs. Her legs were spread wide. Her pussy that she had shaved just for this mission was bright pink and puffy. But what held her attention was the thick length of him that rose proudly from the tuft of dark blond hair between his thighs. Its tip disappeared inside of her. Was joined with her. They melted together into one.

It was the most erotic thing she had ever seen. Did it matter if she had tricked him? If none of this was real to this man? Right now, she needed to pretend, needed to believe for this single moment in time that a man like this really could feel that way about her. She lifted her hips off the couch, moved closer to him. Her short nails dug deep into the warm skin on his sides as she impaled herself on him. She bite her lower lip until it bled, but even that could not stop the low groan of pain that escaped her throat.

His hand at the back of her neck forced her head up, "God, baby. Why didn't you tell me? I would have taken it slower. Eaten your sweet pussy, stretched you with my fingers."

She whimpered at the erotic words and the unnamed intense look in his eyes, but the pain was starting to reside. Oh, it still stung, burned a bit from the unfamiliar fullness. The problem was that she was not full enough. She looked back to where they were joined, barely half of his cock inside of her. "Don’t want slow now. Want more," she panted as she looked up at him. "Please. More."

"We are talking when this over, Kate. I have lots of questions," he gritted as he pushed slowly into her.

She saw him tense once more, the muscles in his temples jumping reflexively as he tried to hold back. "No. No holding back. I want it all."

He shook his blond head, "No, baby. It's better this way. Nice and slow. We'll work up to hard and fast. Later." He smiled as he bent to kiss her softly.

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