Festival Ch. 1


He thanked Dorian again for Natalia, and silently vowed to make her as happy as she made him, and devote his life to her and her children, whether they were his or not.

Then, satisfied that she was enjoying herself, he grabbed Deegie from behind and hefted her off the ground. His stiff organ rubbed against her back and buttocks. She laughed and squirmed against him, not trying to get free, just increasing the tantalizing sensations.

He shifted Deegie to one arm, feeling a bit like a Nordseen raider making off with all the tastiest village girls, and attempted to sweep Iduna up in the other. Her feet didn't budge, he nearly threw his shoulder out of joint, and almost dropped Deegie back in the pool.

Iduna laughed and waved her finger at him. "Forgot, didn't you?"

He had indeed. Despite her short stature, she weighed close to what he did himself. The legends said that dwarven bones were laced with iron, and now he believed it.

Still carrying Deegie, he let Iduna lead the way to a place where the cavern wall sloped to the floor at a reclining, comfortable angle. Some previous revelers had left the spot padded with mats and blankets, so it was an easy matter to deposit Deegie comfortably on the makeshift bed.

The redhead rolled onto her back and stretched sinuously. She raised her arms to Rick and spread her legs invitingly.

Never one to refuse an invitation of that nature, Rick knelt and began caressing her inner thighs. As he did so, Iduna stepped behind him and embraced him, pressing her body against his back and shoulders. Deegie writhed on the blankets, almost a dance in slow motion. His fingers brushed her mound, combing gently through the sparse hair, and moved lower to the gates of her pleasure. She rolled her hips, stroking and squeezing her own breasts.

Iduna reached around and grasped him with both hands. He shifted, laying half on his side, and ran his tongue up Deegie's leg to her sweet center. Surprisingly sweet. He raised his head. She saw his expression and giggled.

"Before a festival, I always tuck a chocolate or other treat in there," she explained. "A little offering to Dorian, if you will."

He grinned hugely and dipped his head to her again. Yes, chocolate, she tasted of chocolate and berries. Soon she was gasping, her hands in constant motion over her body, spreading her inner lips so that his tongue could delve her depths.

Iduna took just the tip of his rod in her mouth, then rained nibbling kisses along the length of it. Her firm breasts pushed against his thighs. He groaned low in his throat.

Deegie's hips rolled. Her head flung from side to side, her breath coming in ragged pants. She was on the edge of a tremendous climax.

As much as he was enjoying Iduna's teasing mouth, Rick gently nudged her away and rose to position himself between Deegie's legs. She clasped his shoulders, trembling from the nearness of her release.

"Oh, Dorian, yes! Fill me!"

"Glad to," he said, and in one long smooth thrust drove into her. She couldn't take all of him, but he was careful and only gave as much as she could.

Her pealing cry echoed, mingling with the sounds of others' pleasures. She quivered beneath him like a lute string. He began moving within her, quick but controlled, gritting his teeth against spending too soon. But no sooner did he think of how long it had been since he'd spilled his seed inside a woman than the sensation of irrevocable orgasm overtook him. He added his voice to Deegie's, calling out to Dorian.

"Ooh," Deegie whimpered. Her arms fell limp to her sides. Her heels, which had been drumming his buttocks, slid off. "Ooh, you are quite a man!"

Now that he was no longer fully engorged, but still somewhat stiff, he slowly eased his entire rod into her, eliciting another sigh from them both. He relaxed as much as he dared without crushing her, letting his breathing and pulse return to normal. As he did so, he heard another voice, Natalia's low wordless cry. Just the sound of that, knowing that she was finding as much pleasure as he was, caused him to begin to rise anew.

"Oh, no!" Deegie wailed in mock despair as she felt him begin to swell, turning wide bleary eyes to him. "I think I need a rest!"

"You deserve one." He nodded and withdrew, his rod slick with their mingled juices. His own limbs were in that curious state of quivery leadenness, ready to collapse. He would have done so, but for the impatient throbbing of his organ.

"Hammer or anvil?" Iduna breathed hotly into his ear.


"Which do you want to be? The hammer, or the anvil?"

He understood. "Oh, I think this time I'd better be the anvil." He reclined on a sloped pile of rocks covered with cushions, so that he was half-sitting and half-laying. Then, making sure he was braced and ready, he wrapped his hands around Iduna's sturdy waist and hauled her bodily into his lap.

She gasped at his strength and settled her bottom firmly onto his legs. His manhood stuck straight up between her thighs, rubbing against her solid little mound which was covered with wiry, tightly-coiled brown hair.

"Here is the miner before the gold mine," she said, rolling her thumbs over the tip of his rod.

He moaned at her touch. "And is this the gold mine?" he asked, spreadng her thick folds with his fingers, feeling her heat and dampness. Her button, the center of her pleasure, was the size of an acorn. He flicked it gently and felt her shudder.

"It is," she replied, shifting until he was positioned at her opening.

Rick thrust upward as Iduna came down, and cried out as he was engulfed. She was almost too hot, volcanic. He fancied he could see the steam rising from their locked bodies, heat ripples blurring around them.

He grasped her hips and held on as she began a slow, purposeful rocking. He could actually feel the coolness of the air on his skin as his rod slid out, then renewed heat as they joined again. Had he not taken the edge off his passion with his previous encounter with Deegie, he would not have lasted more than a moment with Iduna. Even so, he knew he wouldn't last long.

"Good prospecting," Iduna said hoarsely. "I think you're about to ... oh, yes! find the mother lode!" Her steady rocking quickened into a rapid bounce, and then she stopped moving altogether as her insides closed about him tight as an oiled fist, crushing him pleasurably.

He uttered a cry of mingled surprise and delight as he felt that strong constriction surrounding his rod. He could no longer move within her, but did not need to as the walls of her tunnel squeezed and released rhythmically.

A gruff voice spoke in his ear. "We call it the collapsing mine shaft."

He managed to turn his head and found a dwarven male nearby, gold-bearded and handsome, with a slender human woman snuggled at his side. She, a young and dark-haired beauty, gave Rick an inviting smile as she massaged the dwarf's huge erection.

"Don't distract him, Berego," Iduna said, eyes closed, head thrown back, motionless except for the flexing of her inner muscles and the involuntary spasming of her own ongoing release.

Rick felt his climax building. Iduna's juices, molten gold in her pleasure, drenched him. He drove up far as he could, arching his back, and his voice rang again to the ceiling as he emptied himself into her.

Continued in Ch. 2

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