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Fetishes': Catgirl


Charlie was wondering the about the mall looking for something to make his second anniversary special. He new he could not top last year, he could not afford another Euro-trip. But there just had to be something special he could do...

After an hour of browsing and gift buying he was about to head out when he noticed a new shop, it looked like a Fredrick's of Hollywood or Victoria's Secret, and yet not. The place was called "Fetishes". Ah, the mall what a wonderful place to take the family.

Not thinking twice Charlie went inside. The store featured costumes, lotions, oils, and bed sheets, in fact it seemed to feature everything to make the pastime of sex more fun. What struck him was that it was not blatantly trying to be a sex shop, it was all done quite tastefully.

"Can I help you?" he turned around to a buxom blond dressed like an elf girl off a fantasy show. Her skin tight out-fit clung to the entirety of her flesh but showed no skin and was done in delightful greens and blues. It did nothing to hide very generous curves and at least a pair of DDs. She even seemed to sport a pair of synthetic ears, Charlie could not even tell they where fake. She politely smiled waiting for his response.

"Um just looking around...." He stammered, " Got my anniversary coming up."

"Oh, congratulations, Sir!" She bubbled and hopped "So you are looking for something for the two of you?"


"Do you have anything in mind? A game, a nice new outfit, or even a toy" she said her smile becoming rye. Her body seemed to slide and jiggle with every syllable, her breasts moving in ways that defied gravity.

"Something nice and sensual I would say." He managed to say reminding himself that he was happily married man.

"Oh I can help you sir, increased sensuality coming right up!" she turned and undulated away, that women was all curves as she moved across the shop, hips swaying in a hypnotic rhythm. Something about the way she said that made a shiver up his spine. She approached a manikin dressed in a classic cat girl motif: mitten sleeves, printed bra, and a flashy thong with a built in tail. Capping off the outfit was a pair of stylized ears like those of cat.

The sales lady plucked the ears from the manikin. "You should like these." She winked, "they are made from real fur, the head band is light and laced with silk, plus they are part of the "passion" collection.

"I can see that, all right I'll bite." The sales girl bounced happily with joy over her sale. She ran the card Charlie handed her and places the ears in a small gift bag.

"Remember to come back now, and here is our card if you have any questions." She made sure to bounce strategically to distract him from the $80 dollar price tag.

Charlie left the mall debating which wine to go best with the special night he was as planning.

The day arrived, Charlie spent the day out his wife seeing a show and enjoying fine dining. Once they arrived home he led her via vintage wine into the bedroom. Charlie passed her the bag from Fetishes'.

"What is this?" she asked looking at the name on the bag. "Just a little something to make the night interesting..." she opened the bag and pulled out the cat ear head band. "Ow how cute, so what you want me to be a little sex kitten for you?" "Well, that is one idea..." he said bringing his lips to hers. After what was little more than a peck he pulled back to see she had downed the ears. "Worth a try" she said. Gods he missed this, alone time to be lovers, not workers, homeowners or shoppers. Just man and women.

He pressed down on her shoulders running his hands along her sides down along her breasts to the bottom of her shirt. And pulled it up and over her head, trying very carefuly not to nock loose the headband, it was kind of working for him.

"Mow" She Said tying out the word in her mouth. Poor Tam she had always been a horrible actor. But the commitment to her role was encouriging.

Charlie kissed her lips caressing and her breasts. Moving lower on her body gently massaging her figure. He could have sworn he heard her per. Reaching down he took a free grope on her ass, cupping it firmly and than running his fingers between her thighs.

"ehhh, more.." she said sighing

What happened next though was unexpected. She took the lead. Pushed him down and ran her hands along his shirt and with a forceful, rowel tore it open. Damn she was into this!

She pulled back up keeping his body forced down. Lust burning in her eyes. She reached around herself caressing her body moaning in pleasure, while straddling him. She pushed down her satin bra. Her tits seemed to jump out seeking attention, her nipples fully erect and pointing out prominently. Charlie liked the new view, her breasts seemed fuller and creamier from this angle.

She cupped her breasts, god they felt good, she had not felt like this since college! But this was not enough! She looked down at her man. Her man. Her Man! God he was sexy! She pressed her thighs together in need for him. It burned, all of her burned! She must have him, Her Mate!

She dived back down, straight for his lips. But instead of her standard smooches is was all tongue straight down his thought. She pressed her breasts into him. More Gods she wanted more

Charlie was amazed, she was never been this physical! Well except that one time with the margaritas. But Tam was really into this, she was like an animal. He ran her hands along her back. And firmly grouped that shapely booty he loved. She than started thrusting into his body harder and harder. He pulled her skirt higher up on her body to join her bra around her midsection. Soon each thrust was accompanied by the digging her nails into his back. Her breasts slapping into his chest, her clothes sliding about wildly. Her breathing becoming more and more a primal pant to the rhythm of her body. Her musk beginning to permeate the room.

Charlie could stand no more. His wife was the most passionate she been since their honey-moon and if this continued much longer, his pants would have all the fun. Exercising an extreme effort of will. Charlie rolled over and attempted to stand. After a little self correction he could actually do so. Crouched on the bed was Tam. Charlie looked at his wife. Wow those ears really worked on her!

First she just looked shapelier, maybe that extra pair of curves on the top of her head brought out the rest. Her breast seemed fuller and rounder, topped with nipples the longest he had ever see them get. Her waist still narrow but her legs silkier, her ass even more luscious. Best of all her expression was one of clear intelligible lust. Maybe there was something to be said for the "fetish" thing.

As Charlie went to undo his belt Tam grew a wicked smile, she crawled across the bed, letting her garmention fall of her body, leaving only the thong Charlie had bought her for Christmas. Suddenly, she had bounced out the bed and was on her knees before him. Looking up she gave a mischievous grin, the way the candle light played off her eyes made it looked like her pupils were slit

She rubbed her cheek into his thoroughly stiffened crotch and ran her hands along his thighs. Than with a delicate moan she slowly pulled out his belt. Once she was done she blew him up a kiss and pulled down his pants. Next, reaching in to his boxers she finally pulled out his fully stiffened cock. Giving a short "tee hee" she than slowly ran her tongue along the shaft, wile ticking his balls. The warm sinews of her tongue sending shivers up his spine.

God she never given him head before this was great!

She than took his full length in her mouth and began a quick rhythm, her head moving back and forth along his shaft. Looking down Charlie could tell it was not long before he new he was going to cum. Even as he said so she pulled back and sat up as he shot his load across her ample chest. She than thrust her chest forward around his softening cock and began to bounce up a down using his own spunk and her sweat as lubrication as she titty fucked new life into his member. And with a final up thrust she stood and passionately kissed her husband leaving her underwear upon the floor. Reaching down she guided his pick in to her inviting wet pussy and than rapped her body around his and began to once again feverishly grind agents his body.

He took her to the bed and began to pound her to the best of his ability, harder and deeper, with each thrust she screamed in passion and pleasure. Her pussy was sopping wet and gripped him tightly with each stroke. Each thrust enlisting a louder call of passion. She pushed back in perfect rhythm and held on tighter, her nails digging in to flesh. With a final thrust she grabbed him all the tighter and let a final scream and low whimper as she climaxed.

Rolling over she pulled the bed sheet over themselves, placed her mans hands around him and curled into him. Then retiring into a blissful slumber wile playing a little footsy.

When Charlie felt something furry tickle his toes.

When Charlie peeked beneath the sheets he saw that his wife had indeed transformed. She had a long cat's tail!

She looked up at him, with a look of curiosity, "meow?" as reached down and began to stoke him back to an erection.

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