tagIncest/TabooFever, 2011

Fever, 2011


So much had been happening in the world, events no one could have predicted. Sakura woke up in the middle of the night, a bit anxious, and coming back from the bathroom she heard her father moaning from the dark of his bedroom.

She was only wearing her little babydoll nightie that hung loosely over her, the one her boyfriend bought for her that only came down to just below her bottom. The one he told her made her look so hot and sexy he wanted to fuck her every chance they could. She wasn't wearing panties either, just like he liked. She felt a little wash of horniness float through her thinking about him, his cock, how she'd sucked him the week before in the car after class.

The nightie was so lightweight and thin it sort of tented out around her, airily swaying with her movements her so aware of her full jostling breasts which made her feel especially naked. As quietly as she could barefoot she made her way down the dimly lit hall to her father's open door to check on him, just to peek into be sure he was alright.

Leaning into the darkness Sakura couldn't see a thing. She was worried about him with her mother off with relatives, her siblings all asleep and her the oldest at nineteen she wasn't sure what she would do if her father was sick. It was two o'clock in the morning, who could she call. Her father moaned again.

Peering in, the room was so dark even squinting she still couldn't see a thing. Her eyes played tricks on her, a hazy optical bright spot as she strained into the darkness.

She heard what sounded like her father's legs sliding around under the covers, him moaning softly; she thought he must be feverish, worried he'd gotten the same flu her grandparents had gotten after the terrible tsunami months earlier.

She could hear him breathing loudly from the direction of the bed, and that's when she heard him say her name.

He was speaking very quietly, whispering really, murmuring softly "Mmmmm, Sakura, babyyy, good girl."

Her father called her his lil baby all the time, and she admittedly loved it when he called her his good girl, feeling lighter and charmed. She wasn't sure what he was dreaming, but he was talking in his sleep and given that the flu was going around, her immediate thought was he must have a fever.

She wanted to check on him to be sure he was all right, but she didn't want to turn on the overhead light. Afraid she might trip over something, or run into the bedside table, she very quietly took that first step into the dark of her parents bedroom and tiptoed toward where she knew the bed was by memory.

She was aware of how soft the pile carpet was under her bare feet, the cool air under her nightie, her bare sex, her nipples tingling being touched almost fondled by the thin fabric she thought to herself, thinking of how her boyfriend had touched her, her breasts tingling and hot.

Taking small pensive steps, her hands out in front of her feeling her way into her father's room she thought he was really breathing hard just as Sakura heard him whisper her name again under his breath.

She heard him say, "Mmm, Sakura, lil baby, yessss, Daddy's ... " and then inaudible, his words infused with his shuddering breaths.

She imagined he must be sweaty hot with fever to be talking in his sleep, and dreaming of her, calling her his good girl in his sleep, he must need her.

She softly bumped into the bed with a little "oh" and heard her father startle. The room was suddenly so quiet.

"Daddy?" Sakura asked as softly as she could, "are you awake? Are, are you, okay?"

There was a long pause before he answered, his voice sounding as if he'd been asleep, as if he was out of breath.

"Sakura? Um, yes, baby. What are you doing up, baby?"

Sakura could hear her own voice outside herself in the total darkness.

"I got up to use the bathroom. Do you have a fever, Daddy? I came to check on you, I heard you moaning. You ... you were saying my name."

There was another long pause.

"Uhm yes, baby. Daddy has a little fever, but it's okay, baby. Go back to bed, sweetie, thank you for checking on me though, baby."

"Can I help, Daddy?" Sakura asked a little more urgently than she intended into the darkness. Her father just a few feet away, suddenly feeling so intimate she put one knee on the bed and reached out feeling for him in the dark, to feel his forehead.

When her fingertips touched her father's warmth, she thought he did feel a little feverish. He was sweaty.

"Daddy, I think you have a fever. Can I help you feel better, Daddy?" she asked worried as she crawled further onto her parents bed so self-consciously naked under her nightie. She was glad it was so dark in the room.

She felt her way to her father, in the middle of the big bed and kneeled next to him, her knee touching his side, and turned toward his voice in the dark. "Can I bring you some water, or something, Daddy?"

"That's okay, baby" her father whispered also feeling for his daughter in the dark. "Thank you for thinking of Daddy though, baby" patting her leg.

His voice was so different being right there but not being able to see him. There was something so secretive, so gentle, just the two of them whispering in the pitch dark of the room, and being in the middle of the night, just the two of them the only ones awake, her mother away, made it even more so.

"I should stay with you, just to be sure you're okay, Papa." She didn't want to go back to her room. She wasn't sure why exactly. With her mother gone she liked spending time with her father. She felt more grown up, more his friend than his daughter.

Sitting there with her father, her naked under her babydoll nightie, she felt practically naked just as he lifted his arm to touch her shoulder and assure her, and by accident his hand grazed the underside of her breast, both of her breasts swaying under her thin little nightie, and Sakura sucked in a breath at the electric touch.

Her father's sudden touch made Sakura hold her breath for a second the surprise and feeling reverberating through her, her father's hand touching her there, so unexpected, on her breasts, the feeling of his touch, steamy, warm, tingling through her.

"Are you sure, Daddy? Should we take your temperature, or something?" She did worry, her grandparents had gotten very ill, enough so her mother had gone to stay with them.

Her father rubbed her bare thigh, his hand so warm on her skin, thanking her for being so concerned about him.

"I love you, Daddy, I want to be sure you're okay, if there's anything I can do" she paused, "to help." Even as she said "to help" Sakura wanted to feel her father accidentally touch her breasts through her nightie again. She didn't want to go back down the hall to her room. She wanted to feel that feeling again, the one already spreading through her, that warm buttery feeling she got when she touched herself at night alone in her bed. That shivery nice tingling sensation she got when her boyfriend first kissed her.

"I love you, too, baby" her father's voice resonating through her from the dark, "I'm okay sweetie, but if you want to lay here for a while with me you can" his hand again accidentally brushing across her full swelling hot breasts, and again, a few times, before he rested his hand on her arm as if he couldn't see her in the dark.

Sakura reasoned he didn't know he touched her breasts, and thought, maybe if she leaned forward he'd do it again by accident not being able to see her.

She felt her nipples tingle and harden there in the almost silent dark of the room, naked under her nightie right next to her father her rationalizing he didn't realize what he was doing, that he wouldn't touch her like that, there, not on purpose, that she'd have to lean forward, by accident too.

She felt excited being in the total darkness of the room with him like this. The dark, not being able to see each other made her feel uninhibited, thinking how her father had accidentally touched her breasts, how he couldn't see she was naked under her nightie. He didn't know it was making her feel so sexual, that it was making her breasts tingle and ache.

"You were talking in your dream, and breathing really hard, Daddy" Sakura whispered out suddenly needing to fill that space between them laying her hand on her father's chest to see if he was sweaty there, too. She felt him react to her touch, tighten, and then relax. She was expecting to feel his pajamas, and instead her hand touched his bare chest, and Sakura felt a quivering heat between her legs. She felt the touch run through her, right up her arm into her breasts, her nipples hardening. Her warm hand on her father's broad naked chest, skin on skin, his chest rising and falling like he was out of breath. His heart was still beating fast. His chest hair between her fingers was so soft, his heat under her light touch in the total darkness felt so tender. It was so dark they couldn't see each other, so Sakura left her hand resting lightly on her father's chest; it was like a lifeline in the dark, her hand on her father's bare skin.

Feeling his heartbeat reassured her. It made his voice closer, made her feel more connected to his presence there in the dark. Without being able to see him but hearing his whispering voice made Sakura feel special kneeling there with her father on his bed in the dark. She felt a tingling warmth between her legs, in her belly, and she wanted him more and more to accidentally touch her breasts again.

He told her he must have been dreaming in his sleep, that he must have gotten feverish after he'd gone to bed. He laid his arm on her lap, and Sakura loved the feeling of his bare skin on her bare thigh. He moved his arm as he talked, and the back of his wrist and hand again softly bumped and touched her swollen hot breasts.

Sakura closed her eyes, her mouth hanging open, letting him.

This time it seemed like his hand was purposefully touching just her nipples, the way the backs of his fingers so delicately touched her there. It had to be by accident, she thought. She knew her father wasn't touching her breasts on purpose. She knew he couldn't see her in the dark, either, so again she leaned forward on purpose, his hand brushing her breasts again, pushing into her soft full swollen breasts, and again each time by accident as he talked.

The constant touching made Sakura breathe a little harder. Her eyes closed, her head slightly back and to one side, it felt so good; she knew it was wrong to let it feel so good, but it did.

"Are you okay, baby?" her father asked so gently in a soft quiet voice it made her nipples hum.

Sakura couldn't tell him where he was touching her. She didn't want him to feel embarrassed.

"I'm, I'm okay, Daddy" her voice was so soft, and quiet, so sweet too, the back of of her father's hand touching, bumping, brushing the undersides of her large full breasts, grazing over them so softly the sensations made her lean toward him even more, his hand pushing against her round full breasts even more.

When her father's hand and wrist moved between her breasts subtly pressing into her nightie, his wrist between them, she involuntarily felt herself move her shoulders together, her breasts together, around his wrist without really meaning to.

Sakura realized she was reacting to the fluttery hot sensations sweeping through her from her father's accidental touches and was clenching the covers in her one hand, her finger's ever so lightly opening and closing sliding on her father's chest, feeling his warmth, his chest hair.

"Can, can I help you, get back to sleep, Daddy?" She wasn't even sure what she meant.

Her father paused, his arm on her lap. "Maybe, you could just lay here with me for a little while, until we both go back to sleep, baby. Here, climb under the covers, baby, it's cold in the house tonight."

Her breasts tingling Sakura felt her way back to the edge of the bed as her father lifted the covers for her. She felt the warm slipperiness between her legs, the tinging exciting thoughts of getting in bed with her father, her half naked under her thin little nightie, her bare naked underneath.

"Do you want me to tickle your back, or something Daddy, like you do for me?" she asked as she climbed under the covers; it was so warm where she had been sitting, where her father had scooted over, where her father had been laying.

He didn't answer for a long moment, and pulled the covers over her.

Sakura laid down in the crook of her father's arm, his warmth delighting her.

"You know what might help, baby" he finally answered, "is, if you'd lay on top of me, keep me warm until we fall asleep."

A ripple of excitement hummed through her. She knew something delicious was happening. She loved laying on her father after he'd awaken after his naps on the couch in front of the T.V. He'd told her so many times before how she felt weightless laying on him, and she loved how she felt like she was floating on his breaths, her arms around his broad shoulders. She felt so safe and at one with him in those moments much like this. One time she remembered laying in front of him on their sides, and how she could barely stop herself from pushing her bottom into him, barely able to even concentrate on the movie. She remembered a fleeting fantasy in her minds eye, of her father reaching around in front of her, wrapping his hand around her breasts, touching her, feeling them, pulling her back against him, her letting him, her pushing her bottom against his hardening cock. It excited her her to think she could make her father hard like she did her boyfriend. That she could arouse her handsome father that way, his own daughter.

"Okay, Daddy" she whispered into the dark, She turned and put her hand on her father's bare chest again and then carefully in the dark swung her leg over him and straddled his waist.

She was a little self-conscious that she wasn't wearing panties. When she first laid down on him, her sense of naughtiness though and that he was so warm, felt so nice. She rationalized because it was so dark, he wouldn't know she was naked under her thin little nightie just like he didn't know he'd been accidentally touching her breasts. Or that she'd fantasized about him, that day on the couch as she straddled his waist. Her knees tucked up under her, she relaxed into his warmth between her legs, her bare bottom touching her father's bare thighs. He was so warm under her even through his pajama shorts.

She liked how hot her bare legs were on his, and the smooth hot feeling of her bare inner thighs touching his bare skin along his sides. She laid her head on her father's shoulder and he wrapped his arms around her, rubbing her back. He was so warm. He felt good. She sank on top of him and she felt so light.

"Nnn, Daddy, I like laying on you, Papa" she murmured into her father's chest.

Sakura loved her father's smell, and settled in on top of him as his fingers made small light circles over her back, his hands sliding up under her nightie virtually leaving Sakura almost naked on top of her father. It felt so lovely though, his fingers tickling her back, his chest so hot on her breasts she moved back and forth to get comfortable which rubbed her swollen hot nipples across her father's furry chest, and Sakura felt herself almost purr like a kitten under her father's light touches.

When his hand tickled down her lower back he suddenly stopped for a second. He moved a little lower, until his fingers tickled down to her bare bottom, and stopped again. He drew in a breath.

Sakura knew Daddy just realized she wasn't wearing panties, and that's why he'd stopped. She felt a little embarrassed. Flushing hot in the dark, she whispered apologetically right next to his ear, "I ... don't have panties on Daddy. That's okay, isn't it?" Admitting it, made her feel wet between her legs, realizing the seductive potential of her without panties on laying on top of her father.

She felt him draw in a breath, and then breath out. "Yes, baby, it's okay, I was, ... I was just surprised, baby, but in a good way, that's all."

As if nothing had happened he continued and tickled over her thighs, her kneeling, laying on him, then onto her calves, and then over her bare bottom again where his fingers moved all around so lightly it gave her shivers.

When her father moved both hands at the same time under her bottom, at the tops of her thighs, his fingers tickling, Sakura felt a new flushing sensation; she felt her father's touches deep inside her, and her pussy began throbbing. Her skin tickled each time he traced his fingers over her soft hips, sending little electric bursts through her that felt so good. He traced along her sides, almost to her shoulders which pushed her nightie up further and made her feel it right through her breasts again without her father even touching them.

"Nnnnnn, that feels so good, Daddy. I love it when you tickle my back." Sakura melted into her father on top of him. Listened to his heart beating, raising and lowering on his rising and falling bare warm chest.

"Mmmm, Daddy loves you, lil baby. You're so soft and warm, you feel good to Daddy, too, baby."

Sakura smiled inside and shifted a little, suddenly feeling her father's cock hard under her, between her legs, on her bare skin; kneeling over him, sitting right on his waist, it was pulsing through his cotton pajamas. It was getting bigger. She felt it lift up. She felt it push up on its own touching between her bare legs and on her bare little pussy through Daddy's pajamas. Sakura sat up slowly in the dark on her father's legs, her bare bottom and her pussy so warm and deliciously naked under the blankets with her handsome father.

"Daddy, does tickling my back make you .... feel good?" she smiled secretively into the dark.

"I'm, I'm sorry, baby. That happens when Daddy has a fever" they both smiled not able to see the other. This was a little game they often played, hints at something but not saying or acknowledging what really. They felt each other smiling, colluding in this very new game.

"It's Daddy's" he paused, he didn't know what to say. "It helps Daddy know when Daddy has a fever."

Sakura almost giggled out loud at her father's answer. She didn't say anything, but let him know she liked it by sinking down on him even more.

"It's okay, baby. Daddy got hard because you're so warm, too" he said, pushing his hips up, his cock touching full against Sakura's equally damp little pussy.

Sakura slid back a little onto his bare legs, and reached down between her legs to feel him. She almost gasped. It was really hard now, and was pushing up under his shorts. She touched it and it jumped, bumping her fingers. "Daddy, it moved again" she whispered breathily, "and it's so, big Daddy, and hard" she breathed out, squeezing her father's cock, "... and hot, Papa."

She continued to feel it, using all five of her fingertips around the top of it, moved her fingers to feel the rounded head, drawing her fingers up over the rib and where it tapered off.

It was so hot, even through his thin cotton pajama shorts. She moved her fingertips down until the head touched into her palm, and then up, feeling the tip of it again, over and over. She heard and felt her father breathe in deeply, him start to stop her, then him raise his hips, push his throbbing rigid hard cock into his daughter's little hand. Sakura knew she was making her Daddy feel better, she smiled to herself.

"It's so hard Daddy" she breathed out, "it's so, warm and soft" she whispered breathily, exciting herself, her father lying under her in the pitch darkness.

Sakura wrapped her fingers loosely around her father's erection through his pajamas, and it slid through her loose little fist as he raised his hips, his thick hard cock pushing up over her palm, sliding up over her wrist.

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