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Oh how you give me a burning fever that burns throughout my body from your touch, kisses, the longing that I know that you can deliver to me. When you wrap those loving arms around my waist, I know my fever is going to rise. My body moves with you to a seductive slow bump and grind as your hands are running up and down my waist and back over the black tight dress that is exposing my large breast that you have not taken your eyes off of.

There is smoke floating in the room full of people sitting and drinking as sensual music fills the air. Our eyes are now penetrating each others and I feel your hand slide slowly down onto my rounded full ass, a slight smirk is all the reaction you receive from me.

You roughly pull me tighter to your body digging your fingers into the middle of my back and the pain is exciting to my flesh and my pussy. My hips begin moving more loosely and so seductively as I feel your cock growing against me and my eyes sparkle from the start of this sexual adventure and wondering where it will end. I feel your hand on my right thigh and now the left one. The black fishnets have my flesh tingling, my heart is beating, a fear of being caught darts through my eyes as I look back into the crowd and I feel my dress rising. I am now up in your arms with my legs wrapped so tightly around you.

People are clapping, and you drop me to my feet to continue our dance of seduction with sizzling seductive body movements, you graze my breast with your hand running slowly down my waist sending goose bumps to rise on my flesh and my panties are becoming so damp from the longing of your body. I long for your kisses down my throat, feeling you biting so lovingly sending chills throughout my body and a moistness that seeps from my hot pussy.

My ass and thighs are moving back and forth as you pull and push my body away. I am your lady on this dance floor and you're my prince that I have longed for deep into the night, I seek your arms for a safe harbor and this night I want you to take me where I have never been.

We leave heading for passion that is burning hot and deep within our bodies, we cannot turn back and forgive us for those whom it might hurt. I lay back on the blanket in the cool green grass, we look deep into each others eyes as our lips touch softly, your finger tips trace the out line of my face. Tears burn in my eyes for I have been longing for this moment for so long. I feel your hand under my dress and your fingers find my wet panties, you moan softly looking deep in my eyes placing your fingers between my wet pussy lips and feeling my juices. My breast arches up toward the sky and I feel my panties coming off, I watch you suck my juices from your fingers and sniff the scent of my panties as you release your cock from your pants and now you are on top of my body, caressing my breast, and then you rip my dress off of me. Fear and excitement runs through me, I am now naked under your body as you enter my pussy. Oh baby, baby you feel so good, so hard, your driving me crazy as you dig your finger tips into my thighs and bite my nipples. The sound of my moan makes your look so intense. You are biting my neck and driving me so crazy. Oh please don't take this desire away that you are sending throughout my very being. Your cock rams my pussy hard, and I dig my fingers into your back. Our kisses and actions are turning hot, wild, and exotic and you turn me over on my belly as I take your cock willingly and wantonly into my ass. You tell me "Beg for it"

"Please, please, give me your big hard cock up my tight asshole. I want you to hurt me!"I cry out as your slide your cock into my ass.

Your cock feels as if it is going to rip me open and my fingers find the spot that needs to be massaged, because the pain is driving me crazy with wild hot lust. Our bodies are so into each other, we move as if we are one. Smooth even strokes of your cock meeting my asshole and then it happens. You place me on my back ramming your hard cock deep into my pussy once again claiming me as your whore between the sheets as you spill you're cum deep into my tight wet pussy, as my juices, run over your cock and my cries of pleasure are muffled by your kisses.

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